Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If Childhood Magic Were True (Draft I)

If Childhood magic were true,
Our fingers would be guns
Shooting Star Wars lasers
Or invisible bullets
That could never kill

If childhood magic were true
Our ability dodge would be based on words
Whisper ninjas lip sinking missed me
Even though we'd totally been shot
And then carrying on returning fire

If Childhood Magic were true
We could teleport candy into our hands
Dinner plates would beam in sweets
Or our wishes would change flavours
Greens would taste of chocolates

If Childhood Magic were true
Our best friends would be Justin Bieber
Or a lesser known celebrity in C.S Lewis
Invisible mates would eventually become real
Most of all, our

If Childhood Magic were true
We'd never see road kill and think of lost pets
Rascal your favourite cat would've come back to life
In fact none of our furry friends would ever die
Just like our grand parents forever in our lives

If Childhood Magic were true
I'd have developed a way to end poverty by now
Corporations would all be ethical

In your case maybe... Just maybe (smile big, pause)
If Childhood Magic were true
Your choice football club would never lose
We'd all be able to play our favourite instrument
But for me I'd wish to take over the world
Or just the heart of a special one
In the end

If Childhood Magic were true
And all our prayers would get answered
Or maybe even just one
We'd all find that epic someone
And never be lonely again

If Childhood Magic were tree
We'd look forever young in the mirror
As we grew old together