Saturday, May 19, 2018

Apprentice Death III

Accepted the defiler's touch,

     Another widow's stalwart nearly dead oceanic unbelievably deepest sea trench bottom,  A bent intentions demon momentarily at roaming bay felt an apprentice's reinvention of love more than an internally deceptive interpretation a friend, Roaming are the hands of a vampire, Seeking to contaminate win accepted in bite over every lonely fleeting misaligned healthy emotionally self contaminated entitled insignificant in it's own story heart!

In lieu of,

Merely watching,
As our sisters writhe,
On fire from the inside...!
Seeking a prom amidst the panic,
Instead of accepting the gravity of their will amidst the crazy,
A world seemingly out to destroy get every...
Hopeful thing we (you) ever sought,
To fight for, kiss, accept or carry!