Monday, May 21, 2018

Apprentice Death V

Accepted defiler's touch,

     An insignificant appearances unbecoming a ghost fore-helplessly-told homeless as an oceanic heaven no significant challenger lived to pen to story ever spent a dime of hopeless time in, Widow anticipatedly contaminated dream unemotional yet absolutely desperate love gravity cortex air has paranoid never filtered vampirically out love so self-hateful-shamelessly mirror dead protagonist obsidian  centre of a worm conclaving hole's absolution is but a requiem for our stories!

In lieu of her/his/your/our defiance,

To begin more adequately holding hatred/love strongly on!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Apprentice Death IV

Unlimited defilement,

     Oceanic widow's depth touch, Apprentice of a contaminated love emotionally roaming the clouds of lust, One awakened night vampires seek bow accepting her touch amidst the dead inexperienced sea of children deliberating their worthiness in stories told to sacred predictors behind closed animosity closets, Stuffed with zombies eating friends!

In lieu of believing,

That silence is acceptance,
Stalwart is the depth of deceptiveness,
Woven of those seeking a reprieve,
From their own selves!   

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Apprentice Death III

Accepted the defiler's touch,

     Another widow's stalwart nearly dead oceanic unbelievably deepest sea trench bottom,  A bent intentions demon momentarily at roaming bay felt an apprentice's reinvention of love more than an internally deceptive interpretation a friend, Roaming are the hands of a vampire, Seeking to contaminate win accepted in bite over every lonely fleeting misaligned healthy emotionally self contaminated entitled insignificant in it's own story heart!

In lieu of,

Merely watching,
As our sisters writhe,
On fire from the inside...!
Seeking a prom amidst the panic,
Instead of accepting the gravity of their will amidst the crazy,
A world seemingly out to destroy get every...
Hopeful thing we (you) ever sought,
To fight for, kiss, accept or carry!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Apprentice Death II

Accepting the defiler,

      Touch of a post every clouded choice was a holocaust spent coin life dream everlastingly toss dime into the well only the ghost entitled 'I' spent an infinite mirror reflected moment galling redemption, Metaphor infiltrated paradox kept from acknowledging the need to defy!

In lieu of our...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Apprentice Death I

Kiss the defiler,

     A widow's oceanic apprentice roam contaminated dead orientated touch, Emotion cortex lingering in the ocean of breath we entitle: Air, Lovingly accepted was the vampiric self on annihilation vermilion tidal electric DNA inflamed by fire, Bite imposing a never sought bad dice uncontrollably toss by habit damnation, Snake double unwrought helix eyes couldn't appease such an ending!

In lieu of our participation in,
Adjusting the loaded reckless flames,
Bullets fired at friends,
Instead of the mirror!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unprotected Battle I


     The unending war against the origin dust, Invisible is the long fallen intangibly apart belief elastic come inevitably back Lord, Staining pungently every-single-monopoly-believed-in-thing with the presence only the Devil now adores...!

In lieu of,
Attempting to joist,
Against angels,
Described as demons...

Breathing... II

Breathing plastic humanity, 

       The 3rd human once redemption-ally delusional bereaved dead particle kindred vampiric DNA post heroic vein death blood.... Galactic asteroid death untimely trap belt returned from astray: Chromosome, Bridge to unweaponized emotionally battling our most challenging reality; Drifting is our greatest importance: Equality, An infinite black oblivion hole now cast unforgivably away... Our golden principle has unending lifetimes seemed dead, As time's equivalence shines... Through us, We begin to float slowly as apathy in entropy, A living decay!

In lieu of defying,

The inevitable,
With love