Thursday, August 17, 2017

Conceptual Faith Algorithm, 

      Potent omni search pacifist light existence, Watch silent orbiting space tower hiding beyond sight, The acknowledged broken amongst the decadent portrayal of faithfulness transcribe every lonely dark wept tear as a query unto You... Nought more than... Seemingly; Dust, For Your very silence in each moment is empowers our ongoing disaster, For which none are born or nurtured to be ready, To stand against Your painfully stacked yet disintegrating nature...!

     For Your portrayal of the first Eternal that wrote upon each ghost a single, significant, all purpose be unto it's discovery, no need for an answer question... What about us...? Why are you only watching... The monetary first faithfully abandoned empathy rich unto atrophy of debt or made upon the backs of debtors are blind ever so willingly to the entire world near entirely bled slit prayer knocking at the end of hope's broken happiness' disaster ever heart bleeding off the wrist after... 

       We've given every breath to the annihilation of that interwoven question... What about us. The awakened to... Breath, Why must some of us starve, be extinguished by darkness' more horrific trials of anarchy within a sexual encounter... What about... The rest of us... Whose curfew is proclaimed by a debt our very breath did accrue...?! 

     Equality is but a voice nature no longer nurtures, An epidemic yet the very answer less than half the empowered earth transcribe to, Because apathy is a sickness, Not the most necessary... Appointment of acknowledgement that possibly won't come before the end... Of us...!

In lieu of our first harbinger world participation in,
Watching as G-d does...
In silence  

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Infinite: Chorus I

Our infinite ocean
Is both a black & blue sea
Bruised by unkindly metaphors
Like the faces of transgender
Half mortal... 
Half light hidden consequence...
Threatened... Is...
Every woman under potential suicide 
Living under threat of shadow
By a masculine hyper scene
Glorifying her sexuality
Plotting her rape
Is a storm

Saturday, July 1, 2017

'Home Day... Isn't Home Anymore...'

Dying behind this seat,

     Exo-long-dead-skeleton writing because of love's daily metaphor for light, Thriving upon the face whose only wish is for death's unimpeded hopefully accepted in... Door. If all I've been is a serpent, So be all this poetry, If something more... May those who read be... More than me...!

In lieu of,

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Amnesty shelter,

     Tolerance consciousness bunker harbouring a dreadnought existence, Thriving in the silence...

In lieu of,

An age of change
For all equality!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Writing against time's grain,

      Every second is a battle self holocaust un-esteemed anorexic game not-very-well-shakenly played, Poetry is my outlet and it is my shame, I write to share that which extinguishes my unauthentic hope to continue existing, Day by nearly dying day... For I am nothing if not a serpent striving to love; You!

In lieu of our participation of,
Many hopeful tomorrows,
In your ignorance,
Ride the waves,
Of bliss,

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Who She Loves: 'Leave the Label Blank...'

My religion don't like you,
      and she likes everyone... 
Except the demons who only love themselves
Those who exile all positive emotions
Evaluating only to enslave
Harnessing hearts
Only to leave

Always on the roam
Leaving craters of negative impact
Timing moments of solace right
Never looking behind...

In lieu...
Of the Serpent

The G-d...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I... She... We...

  Based pet love name ever given, Because we're aware of the discrimination and violently thriving subversive metaphor shaking the LGBT and any unto all striving for stability couple once two wishing to become... The relevant storm that shall always be an everlasting autumn's battle against which hope never transcribed us wings!

In lieu of,
The storm
That shakes 'we.'