Wednesday, November 11, 2020


    Silent and unread...

In lieu,
Not long,

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Finality definition,

    All can sparkle, Hope's most invalued contagion must, (but all viruses) Thrive amongst the threat of our dire admittance to the be afterlife accepted die... We're beyond any-everything responsible to inspire, Despite an imbued shame, which is the most honest crime!

In lieu of our attendance,
In watching the world burn...
Listening to the sirens...
Pretending it will...
All pass away...!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Ever Fallible... IX

Inexcusable legends,

    Vocalized gasp mouth escaping vicious ambition twisted selfish sell anything mischief stumbling, Falsely towards the scalping paid for rumbling voice of indoctrinated fucked everyone without being labelled rich and dangerous: Ignored and laughing!

In lieu of,
Empathy existing,
As a paraplegic...
Under thumb of,
Inept ruling(s)!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Ever Fallible... VIII

Inexcusably calm,

    Vicious mischief ambition choke, False unminded fucked tick to time's derelict tock, Rumbling voices drone as invisible piano unheard ghosts, Everything the magnitude of delinquent preset timely perfected unmatterable of phantom facts we chain oblivion drunken smoked stared into oblivion's unthinking meme reflected anything sad mirror to ignore!

In lieu of,
Only looking,
Backwards to regret,
All the drives of greed...
Murder the drink consumption,
Of our indoctrinated inheritance,
Striving for all that is... Money!
All presence be, In hopes of...
Unto the death of class,
The unspeaking preset,
All that is monetary!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Ever Fallible... VII

Inexcusable death,

    A viciously delinquent independent willing hatred calm inherited prejudice, Scoundrel induced hunger for the murder of any map to equality's any century victory, How rare... How special... Is the capacity to act on empathy!

In lieu of,
Ape shit!

Ever Fallible... VI

Inexcusable (Bastard bank of hope) legends,

    Viciously mischief twisted ambitions, Falsely rumbling voices of unstable hope's a crying in the corner vapor escaping faith under foot of paid villains we self kaleidoscope hoopla lobotomy ignored, Halleluh brilliant adopted child of or language, Exchanging the unbreakable adaptation of our inner forever inherit unspoken mapped dialogue of empathy!

In lieu of,
Watching victory,
The all greedy end,
Deservedly baptized die!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Ever Fallible... V

Inexcusable hate,

      Packaged in every altercation as justified inheritance; Prejudice is an indoctrinated program of intolerance, Breaching our faith in any future for a dying requiem in hell past.

In lieu of,
Our (in)humanity,
Of inequalities!