Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hive Deteriorating Mind: Ageing Love I

I also misunderstand,

    Waiting on love's mourning, A grief and a gift, Validating suicide, Hand in blue deteriorating hand we're caught up the bottom side of strength's besieged castle, Hidden behind our family's true retirement penitentiary home colours where 40 years of anguish I waited at your side. Still this eroding memory of mine entitles the cause unknown.

     Tomorrow I'll wake and through hollow dissolved ungodly hope long deity lost, In the halls of my phantom action father's pacifist second home, Here I shall roam, Ridiculously indifferent, As not a shred of the past is left to be told, Lingering over the passing of uncharted time, For I remember nothing in front nor behind, Until the cursed death incident finds me attempting another day's suicide, Your ghost edition of hands still chained in ache to mine, For wherever you haunt, I too shall reside!

     Every scar remnant plasma rebirth rotting through my heart's throbbing mechanical chest were all memories of a last dying light to which I shall never wake up, Archaic are the legends of our ode, Boxes trapped in the depths of oblivion where no X shall ever mark our treasure's spot, May I soon follow your footsteps into shadow...

      What I've found, There's no difference between hell... And home.

In lieu of our participation in,
Growing... Dead.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hive Mind: Seemingly Nothing I

The legends included in this issue,

    Aren't as complicated as they seem, Yet, In the end, I'll always say, That I'm sorry... Despite the misogynistic womb of false evidence that's made a home inside my mind, An eternal fantasy amidst flames palace from which I worship you, From the depths of forever and nothingness, Extravagant in idleness I exist as a formidably horrible being, One whose ignorance stifles the scholars; In living so in death, Until my last shall I exhume no grace until...

In lieu of our participation in,
Honouring... Love, Life... Or nothing!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maleficent Condescension: Post Healing I

Secret perfume,

      Kings and Queens abandoned her to the finger tips of misery, Caught up in the strangely wicked lit majesties reeking divinely golden secret waftings of fun, Their story to be publicly told was that it was love...   But the essence of her unholy triumphs were profoundly known to the broken she attempted throughout history to make fiercely whole, As an archon unto her former glory was the light trapped behind the dim contagions of grey and black hiding the glory inside the casualty wreckage of her angelic eyes, Cast winglessly out as a meteor of hope wrapped in tumours of insurmountable hatred, She disguised herself as but dreams, For which we all look up.

In lieu of our participation in,
Seeking the... While blubbering 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Maleficent Hope: Lying to Prey I


       Where once there was hope, Now only is there show and by her conflicts I abide, Awaiting my arrival at the stone bearing your thoughts, As the name written upon my heart, No longer do I love, No longer do I believe...

     The portraits of yesterday written in dishonest memory tell me tails only of perfection I should miss or how I should have always expected the worst, For a crimson fisted misunderstanding G-d has relinquished upon the two of us His thoughts, Love is a misdirection, A momentary relief painted as but an illness within us, To remember endlessly what we should always come to miss...

     For those who live... What else, Expected hope contortionists, We twist illegitimate profanities, Advent panorama contacts we annually reinvent, Despite being guided by every archetype of family attempting to lure us to comfort, Away from the honesty sorrow abides us by.

      As with the mirror unto the desert, There is no mirage... There is no escape.

      There is only to appreciate everyone and everything past, and in doing so change, In earnest anticipation that hope for what should have always been to become!

In lieu of our participation of,
Waking to appreciate others!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Maleficent Condescension: Forgetful Majesty I

Outstretched acoustics,

       Inaudibly the tongue dances in spite of the spirals of burning, Deep within, Finger tips have always grasped but never reached as amidst the music they float in the heavy air about, As they sway amidst the angels, Who're alone amidst you after curfew, G-d has bound love for an abandoned reincarnated anciently dim few, Whom all appear strange is the pathetic dead psalms that keep their vacant unsavoury memories alive, He left them as he left you, Alone... Amidst the wolves, Walking home in a sandcastling world he predestined to... After curfew.

In lieu of His participation in,
Forgetting the other half of Herself.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maleficent Disinterest in Condescension: A Turning of Tides I

Bitter sermons of an outcast, 

     Rogue grammatically poetic errors half carted as if dead up from a hoarse and bloody frowning always since her genesis overly abused thrashed invisibly silent noose throat, Whose sermon was but a pathetic indescribable psalm of love no one but the intangible ghosts long historical legend clouds lost amidst nearly undisputed myths, Fear hath caused to arise; Angels, Time's only ineclipsble unreunitable whilst living lovers!

In lieu of their participation in,
Welcoming us post hope home!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maleficent Condescension: Devoid of Compassion I

The Son is nothing,

      And G-d is but Abbadon's ghost, An astronaut floating lifeless through the vast contagion of oblivion left to breath on her own, Beyond doubt...He's been drifting amidst the shooting rummage, For stars are but the derelict bullets of space, Awry projectiles whose meaning escaped the gravity of salvageable capacity; For his meaningless conventions and illogically driven compulsions there is no excuse, Unto Him be all pathetic intolerable psalms be; Spoken in misunderstanding and disgust, For He rained no love but blood in worthless vengeance down upon us!

In lieu of His participation in,
An inexcusable existence!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

14th's Love...

If I had remembered,

    The expression of a broken half hinged on healing heart's wish was poetry... Maybe the silence expounding as uncommitted failure of intelligence... or stupidity of a fiend shining in the cosmetic dark as a mechanism of goodness resonating in attempts to control the impact of wounds via calligraphy in fearless articulation, Morbidly healing as an unsolicited and abandoned forgery of a heart's crashed derelict convicted hope inhabiting the silent depths of... Hopefully we won't have to wait too romantically long to find out.

      Because the drunk called love is just waiting, ere so closely to stumble, Seemingly aimless, Through our heart's conversationally irrational in that very moment's version of events front uninhabited by security nodding their consent door. So smile, It's coming, Despite the irrevocable story given via a manipulative rental monetary profit expenditure tarot oracle card manipulating reader telling you it's a long road off... She's lying. Smile. Love's a coming.

In lieu of our participation in,
Becoming too comfortable with our lovers...
Subsequently... Farting.  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Maleficent Condescension: Hate's Coming Down I

Feel my teeth crack
In darkness I begin to sing
Weaving monstrous emotions
Once grounded from over listening
Forgetting all capacity to think
Just waiting for the betrayal
Of heaven's ever impending
Death comes for us all

All this theology
Pathetically quiet psalms
Muted deaf tones rumbling
Hummings of distressed angels
Hollow in unity and numb of accord
As our limbs are extensions of faith
Never reaching we grasp
But in dying

Assassinate your terror
Begin to translate the differences
Between conviction and homeless love
One moves with shameful results within
The other demands statistics
Memorized circumstances
Rarely heavenly

Feel Elijah's teeth crack
As in aching hopelessness
We in unison stung begin to sing
Breathing out monstrously ruled emotions
Illusions marketed as pulpit substance
A bribe for a grey woven bride
Whose dress is but rags
Used to dress...
All we deny

All this theology
Descended upon our deafness
Hearts lullabied into waking sleep
By Pathetic choruses of psalms
Mutedly we hummed in unison
As hollow robotic children
Responding to algorithms
We leave temples lifeless
As but walking tombs
Devoid of conviction
Never reaching
But in dying

Assassinate complications of terror
False translations of a dishonest syndicate
Relentlessly transcribing pacified convictions
Embedding little creeping theological promises
Keeping your discipline of earnest loyalty idle
Sleeping in memorized pathetic sentiments
Psalms disorganized to lead you wrong
Read in unified backwards context
Keeping ignorance strong
As one thou shalt sing!

Wherein resides your seed
Does it stain the remnants of your hope
Swaying loyalty amidst memories of mistakes
From shame's dishonest pacifism masked as pride
During sleep the walking dreamer resides
Telling you the water was never wine
To rise up and walk in honesty
As one of awakened hive
Seeking to improve life
For everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hive Mind: Groping Gravity I

Unwelcomed healer, 

     Adulterating hands of an illegitimate right entitled father, Hiding in an estuary as a spider for the dove, Eternally, she will unwillingly come, Venturing forth in a safe incapacitated haven's prisoner of the state's will capacity, Shamefully... Walking up every step just to meet; Her unheroic ending.

     Lost is another youth, The transcript of her tragedy, Sleeping now as a mere trophy of a father's once upon a grotesque time, Wherein under his unsavable t(r)oll camouflaged foster bridge lour for a house her story shall forever wait.

      Her adolescent stolen unexcavated until the end of time's supply of brooding seconds crushed hope never migrated from concepts of mirage knit love kept active in nightmarish squalls of origin source parents trapping darkness within closets wherein she found the only life gravity preserver she'd ever known: The abyss of an endlessly burrowed empty uncovered chest. Hiding at the bottom of meaninglessness, Wherein the system of municipalities without decency to see kept children behind one way barbed wire; Hidden; Guised in hostility, Awaiting their chance to enact cruelty.

     For stuck is the affordable malice of transcripted silence, Cheap and unappeasable is the insatiable taste of unrealized vengeance, Hemmed into all the scars used to waltz oneself back to uninvited life amidst the silent stage of cruelty, Hidden... Everything is true, Even if disarmed as pretend.

In lie of our participation in,
Abiding... The Abyss! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hive Mind: Condescending Affirmations I

Raise my hands,

     As one to die, But you'll never trade... For me, no. Not a single entity entitled one should ever suffice, Not even Christ! Lest we all be remnants of a parade granted its due course, Yet always predestined for a specific requestion of salvation, Whose prerequisites the depravity of our seemingly endless inhumanity hasn't yet met, A tiered surmountation of shame mistranslated by pride, Beyond internal doubt; We believed! We're only inhuman... After all.

In lieu of our participation in,
Embedding the doubt!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hive Mind: More Often: Ghosts! I

Reliant on the judgement,

      Call the distance between myself and salvation... Insanity, But the pacifist within let out his last dying intolerable breath long ago, Whoever resides within now, Can be found rummaging over pathetic psalms that used to convolute emotions described as insufferably proud!

     Tomorrow when this ghost rises and begins to roam, Wherever this invisible may be found, May it be for the changing of inhumanity, To bolster hope, Make agreements with equality and breath a relentless intangible breath of awakening upon its proximity!

     For whatever humanity was left when my shell left this proxy to traipse amongst the sleeping rabble must haunt the remnants alive, As a phoenix whose fantasy rebirth is never transcribed... So should the intangible me that is I, Find finality at last, Amongst the meandering spectres whose history becomes legend as the rumour of their affliction grows.

In lieu of my participation in,
Whatever becomes me insufferably!