Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Collapse

Complicated existence in which breaths lies
A future foretold from heavenly bold outlines
Screaming 'if I were you'..... I'd break upon you all
I can't remember for the life of me
The words of truth revealed
Now by science are controlled inconsistencies
Rumors of theories bound by deep subconscious hate

I desire my own collapse
I won't defend myself
Please enslave off my hands
Plague out my unlit eyes
As I await my own desperate demise
In this time when no hope remains

I rejoice as the wounds relapse
Blood flows anew into open diseased oblivion
I forget the chosen saving words
I collapse at the solitude of infected impasse
Of time where I truly began and my desire took an end

Please steal my violent hands
Defile my bleeding ears
Stomp out my vacant eyes
Radio edit my tone def voice
But beware my evil smile
It will exist always in your mind
Each day you wake it will greet you

Wash me away
To sink into hopeless death
The Christ fucked me over
Rejoicing at my souls hunting down
Left alone to choose without a map
Or a light left to show the way
Evil labels of society
Constantly torment the lidless eye
Behind my venomously swollen mind

No bandages left to apply
Open wounds fester in the sun
Alone without the great companion
To acknowledge my pain
Or guide my disillusioned way
Meandering aimlessly
Now you watch me as I suffer

But then I came unto here
And saw anew my blackened heart
With no hope given or left in association
All my labels as disclaimers fell away
Now I turn the tables on my own grave
The purifying means are in my own hands
As God's sits enthroned and laughs beyond time

Today I realized my desire for stability in security
Exists to break my will into unchanging conformity
And create a recycled vision of an empty destiny
Soon I'll choose to turn away into my own hopeless future
A chosen destiny from my soul's last passionate wish
If God exists my will is the right way
To see my life lived solo without the great companion
Alone with myself
My heart
To break my own dismay
I remember now these words

"When your energy is by all finally broken
Sink to your knees in solitude.... meditate or pray"
And when I wake I will conform my dreams
To that destiny of the God's endless endurance
My will has no place in labels that made the rest of you
My fools hope is to sink
Into the realm of history with every trace
As the guy who fought for equality
For all to see, live, and embrace
Against the damage of structured madness
Welcome to the death of my soul

Monday, October 13, 2008


Forget these words
Run ahead
Into the hour of defiance
Against the beuatiful blue sky
Run away into torment
The darkness of this world
Torment in your mind
Forms itself again

Forget the paintings
The beauty of nature around you
Plunge the future forward faster
Into the darkness of living to die
Purge all beauty of identity
No one will ever again have a purpose
We will all die
Hideous and deformed
None of us will or could ever walk away
There is no more victory for kindness
Virtue has been killed by corporate affiliates
So easily we forget the beauty
Of what now will never come

Forget corporate whoring management
Their unwisely investing
For an unstable global reality
Swallowing nature for equity
Life based in tragic conformity
To a future eating itself
When will we notice the beauty
That our secure utopia of stability will never come

All love has lost its purpose
Equality is now a delirium
Where no one will ever again dwell
So just forget love
Toss it into the depths of hell
Forget all poetry
Fuck words of natural beauty
Magazines will silently approve new imagery
Subconsciously deforming your memory
You'll soon never remember
The destiny into life for which you have come

Fuck ignorant conformity
Fuck magazine beauty
Fuck state-media equality
And fuck the whor-able labels in your mind
From images on TV

Just forget me
Forget life's purpose
Forget a destiny
You were just dreaming
Just forget every part of me
Soon you'll realize your predestined future
From your beliefs will never come

Children of the Black Tide

Mortified as we continue to stand by
I saw them die choking beneath the full moon
Children petrified from engine oil and coal soot
We abide on the side of an gas burning time
While the children mummify
In their mother's arms
At her fatherless bed side

Work tools in hand
Slave masters whipless crack on demand
Weather rusted work tools in hand
Will eventually command their own death
Their own death ...Rawh!

Sniffles from our spreading sickness
Whilst wrapped to her mother's chest
Embraced by family living in a dunguen
Where oil is uncleanable from our created mess
Starving and suffocated by our malicious self intent
Children dying caught in the never ending nets
Of our mass murdering self blindeddebt

Child rest your weary oil filled head
Your almost gone yet lingering on the verge of death
With minor infected workplace lacerations
A multi-cultural deadly toxic combination

Black tide
Spreading oil over the burning of lives
Children lost for our sociatal costs
Stable economy for ourselves above all
Welcome the rip-tide
Claiming mineral richness
In exchange for 3rd world life

Children of the black tide
Welcome to our sick fucking ride
Inaudible red lips constantly licked cry
Invisible wounds infect your insides
Children of the black tide
Welcome to everlasting slavery
For all of your short life time

Beautiful wasted life
That no eyes will ever see
Is our society
Afflicions upon others
We breed

Black tide rip the children from our souls
We seek vengance against the digging
But our enemy is deep inside the dust
Or is it the ignorant west so desperate to fill its lust
Embrace the black tide
Urban calamity how unatural is our forced ending
Our blue screen infection spreading fatal error
Welcome the black tide
Our wide spread unrelenting terror

A gruesome daily ignored picture
Of our rich destructively unnatural nature
Lustfully setup to decompose the past
We aren't ashamed of due to our disclaimer
"Shade your eyes block out the truth, cover it with ignorance and lies"
Grossly exploiting the poor
Our greed responsible for its creation
Welcome to the past the black tide
Of rich imposing death as a coverup resolution

Beautiful wasted life
That no eyes will ever see
Is our society
Afflicions upon others
We breed

Children of the black tide
Welcome to our sick fucking ride
Inaudible red lips constantly licked cry
Invisible wounds infect your insides
Children of the black tide
Welcome to everlasting slavery
For all of your short life time

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Wounds

I didn't recognize
The illegitimate love
Hidden deep behind your starlit eyes
Now you hold me ransom by a vow
Standing still tormented by visions
You have no desire to know who I am
To keep me yours you'd lie
Straight into the depths of my soul

This vow will be my demise
It keeps my soul and destiny apart
It binds me to a being of unbalance
Not interested in who I want to be
I find myself alone in a perilous time
My skin is bound forever to betrayal
While my spirit seeks repair

You let his hands touch your soul
His lips now know your hidden moles
I was a fool to speak loving words unto your face
Now I day dream of him calling out your name
It fucks with my harmony of mind
Hearing you scream out as he penetrates to fuck out

Tragic crime you were the villain this whole time
Fuck you and your new friend spooning behind you
Fuck your justifiable life defining moments
Fuck yourself a new seduced slave
I'm not falling into your corroding sea of your lies
Your acidic breath creeps in and I begin to weaken
The venom beacons me to cum
But I'd avoid you now forever
Even if I have to begin by betraying angels
I won't speak love unto you
I have no more interest in revolting
Against my inner self

I stand here on the edge of insanity
Viewing these images acts of seduction
Dragged through a millions miles of hell
In my mind I harbour disgrace beyond measurement
I desire a time of infinite isolation
To help recover from this mourning of my bereavement

I just want my past to be washed away
Everything you threw against me
I see you've summoned your will to betray me once again
Someday maybe I'll start to live once more
Learning from viewing this horrifying time
Over and over again in my soul's now consciouse mind

I'm falling away into the grave
And I rather like the view
Fuck myself a new revelation
As I from wounds destruct

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fear Machinery

All free will surrendered and gone
To my labeled unholy knowledge
The ancient tactics of fear
Were silently unleashed upon you
Broadcast from machines that whither away
The imaginative dreams of your soul

Fear machinery

It is the unharmonic structure

Against mother nature's peace

It is the death of us all

The ancient newly formatted machinery

Fear so cleanly broadcast from a media center

Fear machinery on the Radio or TV

Welcome the the age of deadly fear machinery
Where your will is its energy
Forcing your freedom into its open mouth grave
The media crafted words to fuel its systems
Dictated by those face down in government office
Pushing buttons to grant fear access
To a new age beginning the end of salvation
The rich man is now the social west
There is no pin hole for us to fit in

My own soul condemned
By those who like ants breath conformity
Realise you are the beginning and end
All along your fear structured society
Was the death and dream of the 3rd world's hope

Entertained by its visual madness
From this fear machinery comes your comfort
Your dreams forced like pills into open mouth graves
Welcome to the everlasting night
Your willing freedom sacrifice fuels the system

Fear machinery
It is the unharmonic structure
Against mother nature's peace
It is the death of us all
The ancient newly formated machinery
Fear so cleanly broadcast from a media center
Fear machinery on the Radio or TV

All hope died in your sleep
You gave it up with the passage of time
Before you could wake the fear took you
Into the everlasting invention
Our wills were gripped as one we came undone

The Red River

I see the stars fly by

As the clouds separate for me

On my way home

Opening my eyes

I stair into the light from a midnight sky

Above the cities and strongholds

I asked myself the meaning of being

No one can tell me.... how or why

You'll simply have to remain alive

I'd follow the red river against the pier pressure

Until I reached its unbridled raging oceanic end

Left and around a bend to view its insanity

Opinionated waives claim the weakened

Ensuring our time will be wasted

While we search for ourselves

In the casualties amongst the ships wreckage

The storm we've created will never be over

Their lives are so easily wasted

Right out in the open

An over easily looked point of unclear view

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled

The end, a vast expanse of ocean opens

A sea of hell, were children sit upon the shore

As we sit idly by and watch as their lives bleed in

To the everlasting river of disgraced red

The formation of tormenting viole(n)t waves

They fulfill our pleasures with their lives

They are our gallant heroes

Sitting astride our mighty death steeds

While the galloping tears their flesh from bone

And like ghosts without names to us they become

They arrive in vacant guilt lead conversations

That like our dreams never appear

There is nothing we won't let go
No shelter were we will spend our precious time
Leave the weakened 3rd world civilians behind
Follow the path of blaming others to its bitter end
In this way we'll find our past reoccurring forever
We've left wisdom above all so far and unlearned behind
Seeking the red rivers bloody end

Building its waters day and night

Unforeseen it ripped into your mind

A peaceful forever new tide pool view

Came piercing cleanly through

All the various colors of skin

Are more than just by your label 'all right'

Equality is broken in the mentality of the host

An invented costs

They won't dare approach or let go

There is no future for them

Ditch them into the oblivion road side

Spend less time worrying about the rivers ever lasting decent

And seek a selfish future in the moment

Claim your right to know the pleasures

Forsaking to help children of the world

Your family f(r)iends forgot

Follow this path to its end

Then you'll see true pleasures

Don't cause the creation of world starvation

And the everlasting bloody river of red

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled

Friday, October 10, 2008

God Test

I gave up everything
To find my consciousness whole
The God test broke the mold
I alone can make sense of who I am
No past emotional memory can tell me
I had to loose it all to hear myself
In amongst the treachery of inaudible noise
Speak in peace my own unholy name

I past the God Test
My breath is my own energy
Pieces of my soul in my will enable
My hands to grasp dreams so very vast
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

I no longer want to hear God
Please no one call me a child of His name
I want to pass the God test
To find myself living my soul's dreams
I don't care for what you'll have to say
After you spoke so many times your condemnation
Backed by your selective Biblical texts
So many times against my destiny

You will never be free
Mentally blocked by passages
Filling your minds with greed
Visions of gold and mansions that aren't real
These words are the lie with everything to hide
They were chosen to trap fairness inside
This is how the KKK and slavery came to bear
From unconfirmed visions and books
That prophets like whores raped the holy light
To bring fear and control from the written text

I past the God Test
I'm breathing my own energy
The pieces of my soul in my will enabled
My dreams are vast and desire me to grasp
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

Which so easily you should see
This evil ignorant mentality
Bound so easily from birth three fold in thee
The still sleeping Sunday going church-E
To which I raise my middle finger
To provoke you all to question what is right

With raised voices and Biblical text
You condemned to gain my conformity
But the holy book doesn't omit words
To meet your version of god or enable your control

When you see your own face
Do you know your really you
Are you who you think you are
Or are you a puppet of manipulation
From the front of the auditorium
And methods of simple subliminal control
So easily you follow a ransomed morsal soul
Will you blend in like text without meaning

Your close minded perception
Of words never consciously heard
Just like you read words written on a public toilet room wall
Or take a stand for your destiny may be at hand

I past the God Test
I'm breathing my own energy
My will under my mental control
My dreams consciously sought to be whole
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

I, the Condemned

I am the condemned
Embraced in acceptance by none
My family desires my last breath
The claim of love upon me
Is for their broken memories
Of who I've never been

To become conformity
And never again be whole
Or deny my past emotional attachments
And possibly break my own soul
No one will never again call my name
Or ever find my handsome soul
Maybe once more just to call me a whore-able human
Fucked in the head, hope I'm dying on some bed

By my family condemned
I am thier evil in the closet
Too close to in total flames
To embrace a self conformist suicide end
If they only knew
Or had interest in me
They'd rather throw my whole life away
Pictures and memories into the trash
Just like my condemned soul to decay

I am the condemned
Too enthralled with dreams
To embrace a medicated suicide end
A destiny in place should I have courage to grasp
But I must hear my own muddled words
My family got me put in a phyc-ward first
And now I call my own peaceful name repeatedly
I'm finally out and conform to thier every whim

I am the condemned
I no longer have a face
Only memories set in my destiny's place
I am mentaly in pieces
Setup by my family's boughten control
Never again will I be the condemned by them
At least thats fucking over
Now I guess I'll crawl into my padded cell
Where ever my waking dreams will well
While my consciousness exists
In a fucking drugged up force fed medicated hell


If I were truly me
I'd hate myself
For 24 years of conformity
To a fucked up suburban destiny

I want to be washed away
Into the open sea without a trace

Soul torn against myself in duality
Constantly my consciousness is under the surface
Churning as a child's unborn breathing
Existence is not quite mine yet

Glorify the unending dreams
Of sinking into society's stable hopes
Stepping into oblivion conformity
No destiny no story nothing left to trace

This is my final vow
I swear I'll turn away in disgrace
To break the unimaginative mold
My only hope is to embrace time
Which means I must change

I want to be washed away
Into the open sea without a trace
Soul torn against myself in duality
Constantly my consciousness is under the surface
Churning as a child's unborn breathing
Existence is not quite mine yet

And then I'll come back

With extreme compassion

And charred breath I'll great you

Await my return from hell

On the greatest solo adventure

I delved into my unrepentant destiny

With only a fools hope

That any shred of me will remain

I came back truly me

Hating more myself

For 10 years of loneliness

Left all desire for acceptance behind

Conqured that fucked up suburban destiny

Piece by piece I reformed myself with timeless glue

Who I was and have become should you look twice

You'd never have a clue

Becuase you'll realize the me I was you never really knew

Beautiful adventure of misery I embrace my tragic destiny

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suburban Destiny

Unified unconformity
We can't all be the same
Embrace the reality of time
Which means you must change

As God's reflection
Ditch the comfortable ride
I hate the things I see
Conformity to whats on TV
A desire for things that deny isonomy
That as one bind you'll never see
And keep your soul buried deep
Embed in Satan's suburban destiny

Your children will betray you in its name
For just one minute for the label of fame
The media told them hollywood equals acceptance
The one thing a parent always claim
But you deny them the most basic interest
Soon they'll reach for the door go looking
For the suburban destiny you imbued

You wonn't ever wake to see
Your living blind in suburban conformity
In days of mourning you might see the signs
On rare occasions when you begin to deeply feel
Until there is interest on your side
I'll just have to extol the changing
That comes with embracing time

A grand white picket fence suburban destiny
Only enough time to fill the simplest quota
Two cars 2.5 kids and a half stable career
Embrace the toxic mindset to forget your woes
And the next 25 years of slavery
To appease a suburban dream
Driven by a collective fear
That you could have or ever been something more

A selfsish suburban destiny
Brings conformity to the most selfish quialites
Swallowed so long ago the total social pill
A balancing act you'll never fulfill
Look again at the table and take the blue pill

Welcome to ground zero
A new nuclear halacuast dimension
Where a toxic equality is our reality
Breath the air of everlasting suburban impurity
Turn back to nature's weakened revolution
Eclipse society's hate in her peaceful vines
Let the anti-suburban future begin
Global warming's affects are not a figmant of your mind
You've trapped the right choices deep inside

Afraid of the hidden matrix mindset

Avoid the blue pill and the fear of becoming more

Abandon all momentum bind your hands with weakness

And leave your dreams for the everlasting slavery

of a Monday to Friday suburban destiny

Watch as I approach the throne
The establishment where the pills begin
Leaders of our time honor qualities of control
They put our future and voices on hold
To grasp at a conglamorate corporate equality

Build upon our backs thier riches through our taxes
Welcome to a suburban fearful landscape of slavery
Soon it will cover every media state and our minds
Fear is not a new invention
It spans the gulf of time
Take up your vocal arms
Demonstrate our ancient equality designs
And leave the suburban slavery destiny behind

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So easily a stranger
Standing firm in equality and love
Found a way into my heart
A mother she might forever be
I know in her reality she accepts me

I go numb as she sings her uplifting words
My knees begin to sink the earth
Again her words raise my moral
Each time I begin to fall

So God bless her whole life
And anyone who touched her soul
For the hope through tears and joy
She granted unto us

I go numb as the tears swell in my eyes
As she sings a loving punishment lullaby
My knees begin to sink the earth
And I begin to cry as I learn to live my life
Again her words eclipse the darkness
Like the sun from her beautiful heart
Each time I begin to fall
She adapts to fulfill our needs

Her strength to persevere
Is so strange and marvelous to us
Its not an easy lullaby to sing
Her life breathed out upon us
We are the children of acceptance
Only by our own unequal treatment of others
Will she allow us to be blown away

So God bless her whole life
And anyone who touched her soul
For the hope through tears and joy
She granted unto us

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Reason is my Treason

The reason I remain this way
Is enable you to see the beauty in me
But the truth is sadly hard to admit
I'm really just trying to change you
Against all odds I should just let you go

I don't really love but I do truly know
I semi-despise 85% of your whole soul
But you empowered me by means of rage
To endure a future reign of myself in pain

I wish you weren't my vowed one
I could so easily pillage your faith
Deconstruction of yourself into days of the new
Built up in a realm of self pity and shame
With eyes to see how meaningless you are to me
Like the love you once claimed to believe
But couldn't live towards anyone even me

You stole my tragic love
And bread my desire for isolation
From your ever apparent lack of balance
With a false disclaimer of ignorance vowed
To obediently follow pulpit bound superiors
In the end you'll call me your greatest sin
Amongst your hatred I'm at peace within

Your every lack of reason equates to treason
I can't remember love for any sight of you
My heart is estranged vacant and gray
Our story should have ended years ago
Before this hatred reign became our tragic life flow

Forget your vows and become a selfish hero of fate
For yourself and those who beg to touch you
A dream filled destiny is your tomorrow
If you can breath through the pain of today


I wish you weren't my blood
Then with my excellent words I'd pillage
Deconstruct your fiend like deformity
Your pity for my hurt is my shame
My situation you created
But you gave me the blame

Blood abandoned me so long ago
Terror fiends spit their selfish feelings into my soul
They desire my flesh to cherish ancient memories
Of hugs and kisses I've forgotten long ago
I can live each day without their vacant light
Save thy breath I hate your souls too much

If you ever loved me beyond feelings
I don't desire your telling me tomorrow
You drown my heart against caring anymore
When you sold my soul to save comfortable self
You drank my love and like blood spat me into a vacant well

Selfishness is a camouflage
For the rage and hurt within
Run away into pungent fiction reality
Display the feelings your eyes raped me with
Humble my hate into a well or perseverance set you against
I'll break myself upon the walls of feelings attached to blood
Angels bound in strangers showed love to me
Like you a fiend family never did and won't ever know

Blood abandoned me so long ago
Terror fiends spit their selfish feelings into my soul
They desire my flesh to cherish ancient memories
Of hugs and kisses I've forgotten long ago
I can live each day without their vacant light
Save thy breath I hate your souls too much

Your passionate intolerance suffocated my smile
Bury all your secrets within my decaying skin
Remember the curses you imbued deep in me
Like demons with angelic names you call me home
Your dark tainted blood desires my control
With Biblical words you claim I should obey
In the mourning I could see the rape of equality
Your ignorance created and your lies tried to hide
Don't worry I was embittered from you long ago
Betraying verses to fit your ignorant bloodhood claims
Demonic eyes spoke of my unholy overthrow
Energy against your dark brooding from me was enough
With my banishment I took your ignorance onto death row
Your faced now with choice the reign of freedom pains
Or selling every truth and everyone out to remain unchanged

Your history won't repeat itself with me
All your ignorance, secrets, and curses
Will enter the tragic oblivion with you
As I speak light against your life of dark
I know what it is I am trying to find
Its the everlasting equality breathed like love
Out from the centerfold of perfection in my mind

My love for your was tarnished so long ago
If you claim any love for me
Best for tomorrow just let me go

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fists of Submission

I love the revolution
Of our near sighted future
The past brought to us into visions of hate
Verbalized fear words building terror
From censored state pictures

No time to regenerate
Forced into a hallow metallic grave
Our hope died with a broadcast
A vision of silent obedient consent
It fuels the democratic system
That demands we abdicate free will

Anything that died must rise
Beyond the passage of time
We are not bound to this conscious hell
Recognize the fear toggled on both sides
before its too late and we've give in to their passing bills
In the end our silence was the end of our freedom

Fists risen against submission
Fasting with beautiful ethical reasons
Obtaining attention on a political date
While a manifesto of lies blisters with hate
Duality of principles begin to mentally infuriate
Allowing my soul's demensions to diteriorate

Your Anger desires my normality
My infinite anomally denied
I become a FB, TV crack whore
Brain fried from lack of interest in my own life
Don't acknowledge my personal identity
Normalicy is an all too frequented mental state
Killing off the last dream of our soul's destiny

Lilith to Orthus

Voice from an angelic demon's throat
A sermon of beautiful holy words
She adapts her nouns to please our eyes
Welcome Lilith the most spectacular angelic lie
A vocal adaptation of verbs to coincide
To place herself the victim in your mind

Lilith feeds our souls to Orthus
2nd Leutenant to his brother Cerberus
Serve us with words of sweet nothings
Quicken my soul into Hades undertow
On a silver platter into the mouth of Hell

Lilith come back please
Bear me forth giants and demons
To carve anew this destitute culture
Then blame depart from self to me
Crave a future reality where no men can hide
Responsibility for their own consciousness
Totat ignorance they can no longer deny
In a comfortable choice a total depravity lie
Don't begin to swim embrace the terror torrent
Your weak character against inferno's undertow

His terror puts our backs against the shore
Swells from open oceans where we as lemmings die
Or the mouth of horror where satan lies in wait
An ancient choice we for too long ignored

Don't tell my soul
Where its destined to end
The more you spit forth
The less I seem to know
Embracing charity ignorance
I see you greet each new day
Don't worry its another perfect ten
Until my reality in death caves in

Into an inferno we can't escape
It adapts to swallow
Our simple self souls design
Finding us amongst a cheap reality
Where we embrace a seemingly beautiful face
Lilith's kisses of comfort entise
Breath life into ancient terrors from our past
We deny these secrets to create a mask
Keep our subconscious alternate reality
Oh so peach-e fucking keen

The more she speaks
The less we come to know

She lies down and plays the victim
Claiming your soul to be a ghost
Nothing more than mere myst
Until your consciousness if far away
Into the depths of Hades we go
She'll feed us to Orthus
Leutanient to his ancient brother
Mind as well jump into his throat
In the mouth of Cerberus
We might finally see clearly

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eternal Fury

Won't give up anything for the rest
Conform to society and break bullshit equality
Embrace an eternity of material wealth
You've got that impending hateful heart
Beating furiously inside your chest

Don't you feel any shame
Angels like demons strive to let you know
But your mind is too closed to ever grow
Deliver yourself into your inner rage
Fulfill your destiny of hate

You say you know how to fight
But your love just isn't very clear
Equal treatment for your lover isn't love
The order of equality is bound up inside
Deep in the swelling motion
Lingering thought you have at the well of hate
My love and image you tarnished long ago
In order to find equality you'll have to surrender
Make the choice at the apex moment
Between possessions and the mouth of Cerberus
Or the children who slave to make all you own
I gave up my material dreams to find shame
I tore my life apart deconstruction of myself
What I found was my own hero I'd love to grasp at
To find equality in melting your society away

Lets find an anti-isolation equality dream
Until this war is over I won't fuck myself over today
I beg you burn my life away or let me stay
I won't be your subordinate hero to lose myself again
Uniform unconformity is in my vision
Its not a consolation price or a lie
You cannot deny this society's reality can't be justified
Its time for Absolution lets make the right choice

Into the mouth of Cerberus
With all we own in tow
We made the children across the seas our slaves
Because we wanted more to call our own
The rich man through the needles eye
Is soon to be a reality consistent with your lies
This isn't about numbers of dollars and change
Its about your mentality towards your fucking shit
The material bullshit you call possessions and stuff

Fill your homes with ancient pictures
But don't learn their lessons
You'll have to give up your so called peace
In your social tomorrow to find equality today
Its a battle fought between yourself and family
But its worth it all at the end of that 3rd world child's day
Instead of slaving they got to educate their minds

You bless the future with your 30$ a month gift
Believe yourself at peace but you know the inner lie
You know the question you'll never ask yourself
What would Equality lived and breathed do
You've let this possession's bound societal lie build
Deep inside you desire its comfortable feelings
But soon you'll be in the mouth of Cerberus
With all your stuff at your side
They didn't save you
But they allowed you to be first in line
At least in your minds eye