Saturday, March 22, 2008

Right in front...

I am all forms of verbal violence
The infinite army against me
Vivid with their warfare
Right in front of your eyes!

Don't act surprised
Your mind is part of the decease
A wasteland of radiation
I tried to treat your wounds
But all you gave me back,
Was tormented words
Of an unformulated belief
Don't say I didn't try
Right in front of your eyes!

So glad I met you all
I love the lies I deny
I form my everlasting complication
In every moment I now see clearly
Breathed from the silence, I came
To free your mind from the circuit
A complex of lies
Right in front of your eyes!

I am all forms of violence
The infinite army against me
Vivid with their warfare
Right in front of your eyes!

Today like every day
I create my own
Not from lack of attention
But for a new invention
I suppose I'll do it alone
You fight me on every side
Right in front of my eyes
Your beliefs are part of the lie!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Once was David

Parental Advisory, this poem may move you. It is one I've been working on for a number of years, and here is the first ever sighting of any formate of its revision by anyone. It is not the final cut, but it is, what it is.

Once was David

Once was David
His unborn life
Is now my anger
On the tip of this pen

You never knew the light
Yet I'm still burdened
By your breathing
By your life!

Free me
The rest of my life
Is enough (stress)
But that I repress
The feelings of loss
At the actions of your death!

How can I live
When I know you'll never be
Your unborn breath on my neck
Tortures all of my inner me
You'll never see as I confess
My hate, but not for you! Me!
Please I beg set me free

My will is broken
As I close my eyes
And see yours
Staring deep into me
As in my mind
You create the depths of me

Can I see your face
When I close my eyes again
To sing amazing grace
Or at the end of all things?

David I've got another now
But she doesn't take your place
Thirteen years its been now
She's 4 years of age
And I've tried to be bold

But here I sit again
She's asleep on my knees
I'm still writting you letters
And I'm coming daily more undone
Release me I plead
From what I've been

I'm down to my last
And my beliefs won't hold
The God of Jacob never foretold
All the pain in me
After the actions of your end
I'm dying inside David
It goes rough for me

I need to be, what I said I would be
For her now David, as I should have been
But never quite came out to be
I want to be, what I could have been
Should I have been, thirteen years
Of life unborn to live, I now give
My all to be!

My first poem

This is dying
Culture, I'm a part of this decease
The foolish rich in me
Celebrities impart lust upon these
Money, self, sex, dugs, and me!
Follow us, the rich, as we are sinking
Into these

Fire your counter measures
Reveals secrets as smoke clears
Your enemy culture still standing free
Brace yourself for its counterstrike
Its self assisted, suicide
You'll end up dead

A fire in the systems heart is set
Stand ablaze and renew
Feed the fire inside
Walk the social void unscathed
This culture its at a loss
As you stood in its face
All in flames!

Now your the 'it' they're talking bout
Create a new freedom in words
Don't begin to doubt, do it alone
You are the system
Every magazine with your face

Culture is a system of greed
Preaching lust in these
Money, self, sex, drugs, and then
There was me, the unbreakable
Those who give up are killing me
Don't feed on leftovers
Forget the following of rich
Sinking with them into these
An option for regret I see!


I am worth Shit
I hope thats still something
Who was I meant to be
Storming across the screen
You didn't even notice

I am the sober dream
Of black irrelevance
A truth lying in wait
Quaking in anticipation
Infecting the inner walls
Of your precious prison

I am worth Shit
I know thats something
I'll give more
Than you ever will
In your self absorbed
World view!
I feel like Shit
At least I feel

You believe
As all my warnings fade
That what you believe
Is a system against greed
But you act like all the blessings
Are ours to take

Comfort in darkness
Devoid of taking part
Off to the races
I'll take Shit place
Do my chaotic part
Division, on my own
absolution of matters in words
A new vision of art

Monday, March 17, 2008

My poem

The wait is over
Flowing in instincts
I go,and the waste is over
All I seem to know (is real now)
My life has become
A secret
Left above the grave

Flowing with instincts
The waste is over
Flowing in the open

Look into the light
Its not green or red
I'm not in your head
Don't lie to yourself
I'll Reveal why I'm open
I'm a your secret
Left above the grave

All said, once said
I can't control the view
Choose a new channel
And check your pulse (today)
Searching, you'll never find
All the secrets on a screen
(- of this life-)

Jacob's poem 2

My words, deadly sketches
A virus with(in) control
Spreading rue full villination
By pressures realized in circles
My design, conform to this
In time.

Are you able to neglect
A spreading message
Worlds out from your mind
Decide, learn in time
My words, the formation
A way to channel bliss

You are the sound that drugs me
Control lost in grief
I can't wake up, or make a sound
You are my enemy

I want to be
What I said I would be
You're blocking me
From what I said,I would be
So I'll strive to be
What I said, I was me

Lord Onimous

Lord Ominous

I bow my knee
To the Ominous
Void creating obliteration
Couldn't find myself for a good cause
Sometimes I am in doubt
But no one gets a rerun
All yesterdays are done!

Trying to be heroic
I'll treat the world
To what I can manage
Not waiting for no rerun
Tilt your head, see a new view
A dark auspiciousness
Isn't in the eyes to neglect
The future, won't be a remake
Your yesterdays are gone

I've been granted torment
I'd hoped it was for you
Is it really mine to take
But I'd rather
I'd rather not

Infinite Name

Carve my name in stone
Am I dying
Chosen to long ago
See truth in the grave
Was I ever alive

What faith is there to comfort
When you are dying!
When you realize all choice is gone
Your will is crying out
Let me keep striving!

Resting in my resisting
Temptation kept my spirit alive
Watch me now, as I give in!
As my eyes begin to blur
I know my faith in death
Was well placed
It wasn't lying!

So here I go
Watch me fade away

Carve my name in stone
Am I dying
Chosen to long ago
See truth in the grave
Was I ever alive

How can I keep my views
Come faith undying
Any reason to take me
From my inner self
Peace is not my home

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jacob's Poem

Testing your mentality
A furious path to walk

Resist the urge to think
Don't pull yourself together
Wrapped in bitterness
Make silhouettes fade

Could it be that I see
The new light, hope failing
My eyes of a different world
All sight renewed to reflect
New solutions offering
To you I subject

You can't resist the new light
But my eyes of a different world
All I do, is learn to deny
Time seeks its blame on me
The new solution was all my fault
Can you hear it, are you begging
Then don't hold me back!

Pardon me is that your hand
Holding me back
You push me in the wrong direction
Pulling me apart to do me over
I don't need your remake
All my mistakes made me the I
I never quite lost in me.

Limitless fear, with no way out
The world I see eats away at me
Once again the quicksand swallows
My mind, I'm not lost nor blind

So don't hold us back
We are a future of our imagination
Creatively enduring the blind
Who believe the lie, and are held back

I want to be
What I said I was me
I want to see
What I thought I could see
I wish I was me
Instead of your creation of me!

That makes my life such a waste
Being made to serve the opposite
So I go, and your weight seems to be over
My life was such a waste for you!

Kim's Poem

They bleed me
Yes, they are all over me
Skin bent, My bones exposed
Am I dead?
Yes, they cover me!

Free me
The lie controls me
Fed through the system of time
Dragging me along for the ride.

Formulate a new lie
Breathe it into words, poetry
Its so uncomfortable
But its really true
Feed it to everyone
Now they all know
I have freedom to give up
And let go.

Its all in your mind
Wake up and see
All the truth in lies
It surrounds
It kills

Harry's Poem

Could I find that place
It feels so much like home?
Guess I've died
Forgotten and lost inside
Gotta find my place to rest
All my hope is dead
Yet I strive not to fret!

Can I come back to life
Its torment, I'd rather not!
I'd rather not!

Don't like who I've become
Life I must renew
All tides that bind have left me
Now Its my time too choose

There's no need to hate
The right choices we must
Control our time
In the here and now!
For the higher power