Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One VII

Mythical present tired existence day,

    Nothingness' distorted impressionably orphaned thrill approaches, Our golden treacherously numb prayer rush archives our we're so topically first willing harlequin world numb, Trapped vagrants of the most hollow addiction, Thoughtless are the tactless leprosy faithful afraid of every sight unseen thing, Eternally human language only; Famous for selling our christened ghosts anointed moment's ashes for repressed involuntary convulsions exclaiming reversible tattoos of hope upon our epileptic apathetic existence, A Hitleresque ritual blade carving out a grin from faith's shadows adorning the travels of self illegitimately proclaimed pathetic psalm bearing orphaned eternity monks and nuns.

In lieu of our desire to...
Be eternally profiting,

Without cost or initiative!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One VI

Mythical present day,

    Nothing approaches our rush to be treacherously numb, Archived is the vagrant trapped addiction to thoughtless our mythical faith whose eternally famous ghost christened our hope to adorn any tasteless thing as bishops and nuns seeking faith's numbness reprieve against the ominous eternal silent response from whatever language you've encountered: Heaven.

In lieu of our...

Monday, January 29, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One V

Mythical present day,

    Nothing approaches our rush to be treacherously numb, Archived is the vagrant trapped addiction to thoughtless our mythical faith whose eternally famous ghost christened our hope, To exist in the mirror with our every self Hitleresque ritual inhumanity is replicating as a the blade of a grin and a gun adorning the everlasting putrid opportunities of nuns replying to our seemingly alien never indited fears, We're never meant to allow the forbearance of life dedicated to anything apart: From us? 

In lieu of our self imposed calm,

Requiem consent censorship,
Closed willingly lips,

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Numb & Blind... IV

Time in flames, 

     Phase inevitable one: Prey in the blind dark to your invisible G-d hiding up in the blackened sky, As your true colours amidst all the pretending erode, Indiscriminately showing all the self catalyst honest demise grey that encapsulates all life; From which there is no and never has been a logically social unapathetic reason... To numbness tidal nothing can ever be saved grave hide! We're all to death, Drown.

In lieu of...
Changing now,
Not at the end.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Numb & Blind... III

Burn wilting future,

     Jaded autumn epitaph of (in)directly mislead hope running derelict rampant as a traffic lost catalyst all that's good but the true vagrant; leaves, Nautical apathetic internal treatment curse encapsulating the panicked impressionably ever fringe sanity orphaned belief's worn by Us, The porcelain lord disguised phantoms in every interaction numb mirror where us ghosts of putrid dreams mythically in flames dreams are but dust; live, As imps writhing on manifest uppers christened indifferent destiny pigs in shit and just how much do we grin, Playing G-d as if our ever so willingly delivered trust misaligned given blind to any unwarranted fuck was important to eternity beyond walking frantic-aimlessly into hell's burning sort us out in hell; bush!

In lieu of our participation in,
Being unicorns, 
Playing chicken,
With dragon fire!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Untitled Hymn II

Neo(n) tilted vision,

     Dishonest anger muted full panic stop prison unopen vagrant nature's become our  maleficent avarice chorus impressionably orphaned to nurture's disproportionately unnatural influenced by covetous choices, Born misogynistic premeditated parenthood woven youth we're meant to follow, Supposed thrill bind is the inner dignity orphaned eye, The vigilant subversive vulture gene architect distort scattered the force energy inside we've illegitimate neglect of defiance unquestionably adopted, A future algorithm forecasting our disgraced keep silent dignity night could have disrupted with mirrored dreams dismantling via greed the mere souvenir manipulated landscape of wishes we've come to faithfully adore.

In lieu of our participation in,
The concrete jungles' panic 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Numb & Blind... II

Emotional inflammation,

        Is our blasphemy be quickening, Morrorless dressing black quiet out room heaving in despicable arrogance between unbattling prayer bent in silence hands, A religious metaphor for hope... Hope... And Love, Yet we're submissive cognition without, Helplessly withering unsubjected to distortions of pain save the self repressed we'll never audible proclaim, How can our kindness stand for others... If we never stand for serpent tongue wrought of sand and soon to be salt: Selves? 

In lieu of our participation in,
Unwittingly wishing ill...
Upon our earth,
Our slaves!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Numb & Blind... I

We burn,

     Standing as willingly umpth's cursed degree silent jaded yet delivered every futures in autumn dying hushed day spotlight, A murderous light catalysts most unwanted comes and as quick as ashes scattered leaves us silently at risk in the mirror lion's roar warranted undone.

In lieu of our participation in,
Desiring numbness,
Gold, And...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One IV

Mythical day expense,

    Nothingness approaches, My hate is tensionless in overdrive, An aftermath of the intellectual rush to be treacherously numb, We've witnessed silently in unison the unicorn of doom's desires, She who once sought equality amidst the our witless apostle war is nearly inaudible, The mythical darkness has won out against hope, Once dared eternally in infamy to merely exist, Yet naught but a Hitleresque grin adorning our harlequin future, Never bow before the fugitive wrought of fire and dust said to have ashes we're formed in, Our submissions of unquestioning souvenir worship formulating a reprieve from the human narrative, While our silent bent anecdotal first privileged world  As morality's nature gives way to greed's nurture banked approach, We're scared to contrive our wills against the fringe molesting hope forces, We're too rich to feel poor until we prey...!

In lieu of our participation in,
Harbouring equality,
Most naturally!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One III

Mythical ending day expenses,

    Nothingness' subliminal vagrant inhuman nature approaches, Hate is a tensionless unrecognizable leech thriving on our transient willfully fleeting pariah labelled incoherence, Entitled our evey off colour ghostly horrific white unrecognizable mirror impressionable moment of defiance we never claimed our humanity is faith's buoyancy against the ambitious thresholds wrought of darkness on overdrive, An aftermath of the intellectual rush to be treacherously numb, We've witnessed silently in unison the unicorn of doom's autonomous prospectively assumed everyone's endurance is equal in desires!

     Immortalized are those who once sought equality amidst the our witless apostle war are now nearly inaudible, The mythical darkness has won out against hope, Once dared eternally in infamy to merely exist, Yet naught but a Hitleresque grin adorning our black fearlessly inhumane approach breath harlequin imminent eventualities, Never bow before the fugitive wrought of fire and dust said to be the entire infamy holding the ashes we're all cold shining lifelessly formed in!

      Our endless submissions of unquestioning souvenir worship, Formulates an inevitable omen reprieve augmented from the willingly cognitive derelict human narrative, Believing Death will never fatefully come, While our silent bent anecdotal first privileged world knees submit prayers unto debt's seemingly unending golden mirror gospel weekly orphaned imp whispering in our impressionable ear replenished magnifying our insignificant self importance, As morality's lip globally omen sinking historically potent harbinger nurtured derelict existence gives silent way to greed's ever legend burning is our soon to be unwritten expanding future landscape!

In lieu of our impending mannequin impressions,
Where folded prayer hands wish amnesty,
Met silent in prayer as scissor bent knees,
As the world's fleeting hope passed...
Morally bankrupt by... By(e)!

May the search continue... Ever & Anon,
For a taste of things to equally for everyone,

Double Zero: Zero One IV

Mythical present day,

    Nothing approaches the intellectual rush to be treacherously achieved, Numb is the vagrant trapped in thoughtless cement unicorn struggling against our fringe distorted inhmanity's manipulated equality war, Which by the onslaught sight of the poor can never be won, They'll never be better than, Smarter than... Even the dust we're wrought in, Nearly out is the mythical souvenir of blasphemy: Nurtured hope once thrived against the mentally vagrant chorus of faith's natural orphaned forces, Dared eternally famous ghost christened to exist, A weaponized perception of rituals grinning back as souvenirs adorning pastors and nuns raping our futures without reprieve. 

In lieu of our participation in,
Watching... While Pra(e)ying,
As toxic quacks!

Friday, January 12, 2018

No 'Lord' Grants Miracles I

F*ck the derelict Lord,

     Whose mismanaged grace fallen blind misogynistic verdicts always rule in the highest vision-less degree in defiance of equality's judicial purities, Impressionable is the Imp in the sky!

In lieu of our participation in,
Watching the stories grow old,
Even as we die...
We're but fleeting moments
Perpetuating the violent Thing
He's but darkness and every taste of all that we're afraid is to come...
Too eagerly we gave up the search for what truly was...
Now nothing but sorrow is forecast.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dear Youth...

Inaudible algorithm,

     Cunning birth false splendid dream the mirror within projects as a mere infant thorn yet un-tragically-poisoned seed of a future neglected of... Woe unto the bones of the hopeless possession architects of hope meant for the rest of the those: Surviving death... Amidst the faith of those whose greed has woven generations to their very bones.

In lieu of our participation in,
Watching the patriarchs weave! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Untitled Hymn I

F* the 'dead' Lord,

     Whose mythical blind misogynistic harbinger's fringe sanity church's greed trafficked imps roam as if each hording hell bound orc born of dust is worth the torment sentence forced upon everyone else for their souvenir memorial prayer bound existence is but a reprieve from the requiem narrative the congregation of their dying religion is running neglectful of everyone else from: One love, one mirror... Death to every other, For thou hast unfortunately miscalculated G-d's derelict reprieve of wrath to those who seek avidity's excess!

In lieu of our (dreadful) participation in,
Watching the 3rd and every world burn,
Let it all blaze... By land or by sea!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Moses & David Are Dead... VII

Amidst an invisible conjuring,

     An epitaph amnesty unending black theoretical hole explosion where I can't see the familiar's woven into the faces of anyone, I once knew the fleeting moments of everyone, In the silence of those archaic darkness moments the world made momentary sense to me... No eternity instills the fear in me and I seem to exist in the perpetual being of afraid.

In lieu,
Of describing the fear...

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Moses & David Are Dead... V

Words are flesh,

       Music is wrought of the subsidence beyond our understanding, This world is disproportionate to the hope we're neglected to believe in... And so the story goes...! Our Ghost Inside continues to have faith amidst the silence alive and unwell our specter continues to believe in....! 

And so the war was won,
By the ambient hopefulness of EVERYONE'S silent belief,
In the scattered ashes of equality!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Moses & David Are Dead... IV

Christmas isn't a hopeful carol,

    I hate it's every nurtured hands free traffic transaction, It's all a trap we nurture amidst our panicked belief under threat of manipulating forces desire us to believe nothing eternal exists except the attentions we give to what we earn, Before the vagrant self entrapment ashes of dust wrought their natural war for importance!

In lieu,
Of seeking nothing,
But Souvenirs. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Moses & David Are Dead... III

Please let me drown,

     This faithless husk has lost every minute aspect of faith in our prospective crown, Thorns might have once adorned your brow... But hatred writhes within the hope wrought of greed within the religion You've woven for our souls!

In lieu,
Of a silent reprieve.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Lost apparatus,

     Historical memory trigger, Long forgotten algorithm of honesty, We're subversively complaint to meager legions of misogyny, Darkness from which is revealed daily, But unto which we willing stay momentarily unto our own historical inner and forecasted future blind. 

In lieu of our participation in,
Awaiting the taste of...

Moses & David Are Dead... II

Nothing could...

     Be a vagrant of more misunderstanding, Nothing believes in anything about me and I'd attempting to believe in nothing.

In lieu,
Of drowning (PERIOD)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Moses & David Are Dead... I

I wish...

     That daily I could say that I, no one, wrestle with the fact that G-d exists. But I can't see the gain in His perpetuated existence in our world. I've seen the vagrancy of the Church's avalanche into collapse today. You can categorize each denomination's ritual slow suicide. But I don't...

    And I don't fear the future in this world of unbelief, David was the greatest of believers and mostly he was filled with the prophetic words of hate. Desiring this, that, or another thing! In the midst of any of today's such odds, we're all trapped in an incurable toxic greed belief wrapped loop inevitable death hole. And all I want to do is think, yet poetically. Because upholding the cancer of logic is but to drown.

In lieu,
Of dying...
And meeting the one I hate.
Either is acceptable in this belief.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thrilling Entrapment III

Aquarium of infamously dust mighty intention mongrels,

     Hovering misogynistic willingly believed psalms blind, Un-manipulated discoloured traffic inner algorithmic eye, Never orphaned by the infinite forces are the followers of stigmatic themes of gorgeous eternity's potential thrill, Sworn to follow until Panic in the now but famous entitlement is a dying man's obsolete psalm's jungle narrative labyrinth of a dreamt up souvenir of pride held forever in a fringe realm entitled heaven where your fortune pretends to live, Over which the vagrant opinion chorus nature of following anyone who'll silent-de-materializes the importance of love's every energy impression, A bleak keep benign hope sake unimpressionable future the contested vagrant menagerie beg against surviving in... Yet the horde is divisive, Dividing based on the universality of greed's lingering self over anyone importance.

In lieu of our participation in,
Silencing our own future!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Double Zero; Zero One II

Mythical fortune dehydrated faith nuptials day,

    Nothing approaches, In am intellectual rush to be treacherously numb, The unicorn equality war can never be won, Nearly out of the mythical hope dared eternally famous ghost christened to phantom emotional context exist, A ritual Hitleresque blade of a weaponized ignorance's fall from a vampire scattered faithless gain theatrical grace, Succulent teeth adorning a grin admonishing the worst in everything, In which we desire to behave!

In lieu of our participation in,
Standing for NOTHING...!