Saturday, July 28, 2012

Butterfly Suicide

Butterfly mass grave
Monarchs of freedom
Commit a bizarre suicide
Internal corrosive hara-kiri
Cocoon woven riddle
Lonely coffin saga

Truth lies in metaphor
Chameleon avarice plague
Humanity rues the confirmation
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil the pyre to light
A red dawn...

Crow suicide devotion
Onyx sky murder outbreak
Ravens dedicated to seppuku
Altruism lost to harmony
Death's lonely saga
An urban coffin

Greed geared hearts
Ruining all earth's homes
God lies a promise absolve you
Humanity watches world(s) die
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil Christ & all of you

Butterfly Slow suicide
Evolutionary toxic skin
Harakiri epidermis rebirth
Rebirth to wear a death trap
Genetically modified food cocoon
All predator's white over black signs
Appealing warning tag of suicide target

Emotionally sates hearts
Ruining all earth's kingdom homes
God lies a promise absolve your crimes
Humanity watches world(s) people die
Prepare a coffin for multiples of two
Imaginary oil Christ & all of you

Draft II

Butterfly mass grave
Monarchs of freedom
Commit a bizarre suicide
Internal corrosive hara-kiri
Cocoon woven riddle
Lonely coffin saga

Truth lies in metaphor
Chameleon avarice plague
Humanity rues the confirmation
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil the pyre to light
A red dawn...

Crow suicide devotion
Onyx sky murder outbreak
Ravens dedicated to seppuku
Altruism lost to harmony
Death's lonely saga
An urban coffin

Honesty lies in hiding
Contempt to cocoon babylon
Quarantine plague compromise
Night weave a silk coffin
Oil the pyre for two
Humanity & Earth
Greed in flames

Bizarre moth suicide
Evolution parasite fangs
Corrosive hara-kiri cocoon
Toxic silk woven catastrophe
Genetically modified riddle
Self annihilating predator
Appealing to the onyx
No coffin warning
For silent fodder

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Death Waste

Landmine ghost children
3rd world apparitions eternal
Weeping parents tongue's taste the bitter pain
Left over warfare syndrome
Death waste

Weaponry one wish
Disarm the deadly invisible
Earth cries as the mine trap shook
Tiny feet stutter forward
Crawling blood blind
Hand and bone

Toxic water nourished
Dehydrated skin & soul
Human condition on the edge
Children we've allowed to slip away
No bidding them back from death's door
Escape to appease or amnesty our selfish pride

Weaponry one wish
Disarm the deadly invisible
Earth cries as the mine trap shook
Tiny feet stutter forward
Crawling blood blind
Hand and bone

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time Circuit!

Tying time into closed loop,A doublethink circuit retest,Next generation reoccurring daily attempt at status,Failed to be socially accepted!

Living to die leave an invisible unsought mark behind,Onset of clarity's swelling impact too deep to seek,Apply doublethink like the weak!

Apocalypse of feelings in the heart,Compassion an abnormal remix of our broken self unto others acceptance,Rewrite our veil of tolerance.

Blue collar underground addict,Habitual labour force scar canvass of skin in the aftermath of contaminated land mines blowing in the wind...

Painful experience facilitated for cum contaminated energy,Flux my orifice a witness to a sexual attack,Illegitimate devious orgasm was won.

Refried brain wall splatter,Wisdom on hold in the aftermath of a million hours of convened conformity of senses to appease clique tombs!

Don't need a hook about a girl,Sex,Money or cars to like a song,Musical slave endorsing propaganda for corporate profit not wages of artists

Conflicted death adder strike pattern,Thought her emotionless venom crucified alive her petrified prey,Cocoon style zombie dinner plated!

Sorry my tank's odd mobility causes melee dps to weep,Healers beseech me 'stand still' with threats of a 'life's grip,'Prot leap off a cliff

Requesting fossilized children to be silent,Only chaos extorts in illogical reasoning,Asking archaeological sites to yield perfect specimens

Is being honestly advocative of your equality or compassion too much to exist amongst others? Must I roam f(r)iendless amidst humanity's sea

Coughing to truth against terrorist serum accepted along with cancer cell chemo murder,Mental illness chemical imbalance,Not just spiritual!

Honesty is incompatible of friendship,Surrender yourself to silent clique conformity or lose all the f(r)iends you think you've ever had!

Roll my beliefs behind an invisibility cloak,The tolerance you daily display is purely disguised malnourished ignorant form of disregard!

Too much imaginary tomorrow subject on the mind,Weighs an anchor upon today,Invisible tomorrow poisonous day dreams infect our today(s)!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dry Responses

Leaked every ounce of self upon a concrete introduction to truth serum floor,Bled incoherent anit-logic history until my mouth clotted up!

Societal tolerance is a rampant lust for ignorance guised in disregard,So let the classification of every form of comparison begin,War veil!

Relentless propaganda broke the damn of compassion,Open arms now embrace disregard,Willingly closed eyes to casualties upon their door step!

Oddity of the human condition,Every single digit lifted fist against prejudice via my poetic Tweet messages was crafted from my villain mind

Anti depressant drugs like pain killers cause chemical reactions,Faith you prescribe to resounds your verbiage into madness as you're dying!

Faith is not an absolute,Cure for every shadow regime of our human condition symptoms of death,Construct of spirituality has come undone...!

Faith isn't like drugs,Not a habitual intoxication crutch,Resolve next to nothing save a momentary artistic revelation,Forgot to write down!

Continue to walk this earth with a stammer in my poetic step broken anti hero mental state,Until I bleed every last word out & I'm dead.

Reattach myself to soul,Spiritual sober to comprehend the chemical scientific diagnosis of my bleed out & the faith I keep to persevere...

Didn't purchase awareness,Never wanted a conscience,Diet of guiltless selfishness bound by no blood loss for my comfort's casualties of war!

If tomorrow falls face forward on the failures of compassion's context for casualties we ignored,Then line me up for slave mentality murder!

Brought into conscious life only to request to die,Living with love's virtue is a grievance in a selfish world of corporate comfort slaves?!

Buyout compromise,Lives lost like land,Face of Mother Earth scrapped away as ashes & dust for corporate projected  wall street veil gains!

Either shut up & die or dedicate yourself,Open arms to embrace ignorance or compassion imbued every moment awareness you must be relentless!

Un-uniquely alone,Return for Atrayu from grace,Stance dance to resolve faith,Spell reflect the self freak on a leash half blind mirror image

Defy to become exempt,A bitter scene realization,Arch your dreams to star gaze for all human eyes equality,Sadly transparent to society now!

My voice in dreams matters somewhere,Inspiring compassion to consider saving self or other souls,Closer to nothing 'matter' than ever before

Nightmarish sleep reverie discontent,Silence amidst this halloween human condition my tragic crime,Floor myself to the metal,Knife penetrates my final thoughts,Sound calls me.

Forever push for destiny whilst you waited for a sunshine surprise miracles of a perfectly fashioned debt free life,Casualties never avoided

If God exists in the vast empty void of the universe,She's rooting for us whilst eaves dropping on our solar system,Red right hand reach out

Trapped in the power of music,Classical crescendos adorn my complex at eves drop,Sound byte pulses confirming I'm awake,Alive & uninvisible!

Final chance before Im closer to death than ever before,Dreamscape vision of music infused conscience,Crescendo compassion over the universe

Stay for forever,Or at least until tomorrow,Even if she never comes again,Solitude's unbearable sounds craft a silent prison I cannot escape

Laugh through the cold steal,Immortal bars of steal never crumble,Grey colourless puppets of long forgotten masters,Hide my words in a tomb!

Permanent hell alive,Distorted self mirror version,Inaudible words projected into the void,Invisible wonderer devoid of laughter's mortality

Gardens of transmutation butterfly flowers,Cocoons adorn the hue of grey,Worth is in the foliage,Even if they never blossom,Cold beauty!

Just require another human being to smile at me once in a while,Vacant I wonder the streets flushing out the coffin's toxins,Barely survivie

Feed the crow's corpse dreams amidst my vacant white eyes,No chalk outline in the haze,Reverse societal bomb shell,Self explosion I die..?

Rewind my own self shed blood history,Take back my existence,1st 25 years of Wall Street propaganda via media lies,Betray myself to truth...

Canvas conveys my temperament,Wailing amidst warfare,Landmine amputees poisoned future for our debt quality of life,For  casualties I weep!

Hammer head childhood tomb canvas upon my skull,Alien quadrilogy conveys my dome scope for past mental apathy,Heart now pulses for 'fire...'

Single Digit Fist adorns my stump wrist comparison to un-amputee debt victims,Diagnosis relieved to notice my blue pill enslavement is over.

All humanity live forever in Equality Universal,I'll exist the villain saying 'I've aligned myself with Satan,'Scapegoat for neglected play.

Derelict worthiness displayed,Unimaginable state of lich decay,No memory of the living I used to be,Betrayed for a sake beyond capacity...?

No one shall ever scream or even say 'come back' a beckoning call after my eulogy for a chalk outline body on display,Debt word of life paid

Metal double fist digits,No Single Digit fist anger display to avoid agitation,Relinquish myself invisible,No part in the deception of debt.

Renegade alienated xenomorph,Cold toxic blood stain upon my own solace soul,Statement of my solitude mine craft projectile sent every day.

Forlorn,Bully to damage done self-esteem,Get the F*ck down bombshell of digital troll manifested bullying chaos unavoidable incoming daily!

                                                                  (failure of odds)
Damage equated too deep,Failed odds to overcome,Eclectic romantic aftermath with school yard date personality rape drugs socially accepted!

Anorexic-x-anti-hero watching invisible from a digital IP path in the sky,Network link to Zelda's Tri-Force,Mario painted me back to life...

The Villain's humanity is bound to his truth personality,To detach either is to achieve death,Want a husk comfort f(r)iend,Buy a mannequin!

Reawaken into the debt manifesto of Wall Street is our daily crime,No needles to intoxicate necessary,Our dreams of comfort all they need.

Cut my tongue off as I beseech the zerg to desist debt propaganda of our comfort society,Kerrigan smiled,Hydralisks spawned to bleed me dry!

Equinox of guilt,Second birth disgust for my past avid apathy of ignorant acceptance,Shameful debt existence indulgence I...Now loathe thee

Xenomorph body dismorphia next generation star to earth trek apocalypse,Prometheus salvage a saviour mission endorsed,Impending earth death!

Don't ask don't tell government issued distorted apology for a persistent hate to ignorance filled resistance to stars aligning for equality

Mortar fire vampire taste for inequality's rampant in vogue magazine to teli-add blood,Take our Human Rights from debt propaganda back!

Existing behind a veil of pain,No one ever asks,So I shan't tell of the grim solitude & invisibility of my dialogue to humanity on display!

Taste the blood behind my lip as its flowing,Rage stole my secondary jaw's fangs  to destroy the mirror behind which my human mask resides!

Avail myself white curtain stained amputee of soul parts red,Rights belief blood clot must end in order to exist in peace in this society.

Too far a dust cloud drifting aloft from any of you,I got laid in death,The last time in dreams as heaven swept me behind its burning bushes

Knock again & again,Reformat the digital door via voted manifest but I'm not home,Caught adrift behind the dreams of equality in the stars.

Beseech my body to come back,Pray for a ticket that doesn't exist,Faith is equal to nothing against 'God's' destiny,Even in my car crash...?

Half Trance Infused Metal, Inspiring Equality in me! I rage a single digit fist into the air for the sake of the shunned, the abused, the raped the amputees of mortar fire & mine fields left over from our debt to wake world wars!

I shall hide my truth of self awareness for soul destiny's sake behind no stone!

Glad a 'Zombie' came back,I'd never survive a second in hell behind a closed tomb stone,For equality He contained death as was foretold...?

Death called chants spell bound my soul for... Amidst a trance to metal infusion of progressive self awareness lyrics,Therein I found life.

I'm a contaminated version of what lay three days behind the stone,Message me amidst the grumblings of the final eclipse,Apocalypse is metal

I'm a contaminated version of what lay three days behind the stone,Controversial human three logical digression path to explain existence...

Jillian smiled @ Juton as he tanked the final message,Toxic debt swarm of propaganda,Zerg infested corpse explosion overwhelming my humanity

I bear no marionette puppeteer or perspective personality gain mask,A poetic guitar to piano intoxicated musical hero blessed with solitude?

Double metal rage pummel snare pedal,Hate myself as you hate me,Not easy being a villain playing wizards of debt vs warriors for equality!

Walk half blind before the end into a cave,Bury myself without eulogy,Last effort rolled myself in behind a stone,Tomb as if made in Rome!

Raise the signal digit to Satanic metal infused fist,Last sign of the red dawn stained day,Not our rage but debt's warfare worldwide,A shame

Hide behind your burning bush 'god' claim to fame & I'm continue to prescribe equality universal on behalf of the amputees & victims of...!

Wake me up when Im dead,Succumb to the succubus' final temptation,My final act a choice free willed choice to end my solitude,She's my crime

Uneasy,As I thought,Too uncomfortable to read let alone respond,Villain of truth more like villain of solitude,Inspire yourself to survive?!

Equality was arised from the three digit day of hell stone,Sadly this is not the case,Hatred dominates humanity forever more,Oh 'Zombie...'

pPppeople play games with the villain,Until logic & grammar to spelling set in,Then they desire to be left alone,Truth is dead like chivalry

Suicide escape,Walk away from the world,Hate empassions them to discard all moral codes for greed's sake the transpose their conscience dead

Curve:The grandest distance between two lines,Breasts or buttox no vigilante of chivalry men survive,New moral code for desire above all...?

Sapphire to ocean blue sprays the landscape as I reach for her,Chrono Trigger inside your pocket,Beautiful please hand over the luminous!?!

Villainous insanity burn truth on the back of my tongue,Silence is all I've ever known,Accept the propaganda & get out of jail free secrets?

Where for art thee oh majestic maiden,See you in the sea of memories tomorrow,Alas my fate prescription is solace in solitude's crescendo!

Too far into invisible's view for an anonymous transaction,Dreamscape I no longer hide behind,Survival instinct bound to equality via poetry

Don't ask...I'll have you know 'the tell,'Invisible war of inequality & rape to molestation cover up on foreign grounds of again & again...!

Not a living cell shall contest my demise,Don't describe the poetic metaphors for symbols I transcribed,Comfortably denied alive & in death

Bunny f*ck hug my profile picture via an uploaded polaroid on facebook,Lust yourself off via vulgar blind eye phone calls for sexual motions

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grazing (Tweets)

25 years I grazed away on fields of debt following in the upward flow of the monetary mould,Woke up not for self but inequality universal.

Virtue of love is not the disease,Though we're inspired to long after said qualities,We aspire to follow a heart of hatred greed ladder.

Offer this apology for the first 25 years of my socialized demonic intoxicated bullied half offended nearly deranged lifestyle that enslaved

Dedicate to the unknown every moment,Writing until sleep doth impart,Even in sleep I struggle to survive,My words never heard,Is it a crime?

Too many work place uncovered job security threatened injuries,Now I walk stammer in my step,Not a hood wink thug swagger,A half spine death

Why would the bullied join the more than half hypocritical in post secondary institutions,Not cyber to face f*cked enough in school...?

Social disorder inflicted on my well of obsidian unfairly treated soul,Barely spared from cyber bullying mentalities,Yet still mocked by God

Life on a debt transaction hold,Awaiting the family soul sell off,Quicken the greed hand written company cheques to political endorsements!

It's the nerd in me to say,'At this point sarcasm / off,'Support the inequality land sold out from under feet victim surviving on refuse!

Follow me oh wall street rapists to the gallows where whilst still living I shall ignite for fire of equality you denied so peachy greedily!

Near death appendix suggests no early signs to seek shelter from the corporate casket cast by oil casualties I was blind until I saw banks!

Wave my arms wide open as single fire musket style rocket launchers tear my orchre charred flesh away,A brilliant tragic display of dying!

The solar flare of my undisclosed self affliction ignition has begun,Too long waved my arms abruptly air born as targets for the cartels!

Double digit crime uninterrupted by desire,Thought convicted mind monitored for equality's truth which is now viewed as corruption,Sad days!

Began the assault on destiny,Too long plagued by uncivilized romance with deception of ungotten virtue,Unfaithful raid boss assail positions

My consciousness sings to me,Drops pins & needle bombs upon my soul,Fate is unjust or fixed in a twilight age of destiny's forgotten choices

An invisible poet who knew it,periodic damage tolled the dismantling of hand bell,Disengaged the prose to rearranged all that I can be...!

When you find me unalive,Tell the truth already known to my x-wife,Anorexia-x-man mental illness stole all I ever wanted & dismantled me...

Inbox is full & the phone rung off the hook,Social media interaction compliance consumes me,LIES:No one ever wonders if I'ma robot or alive!

Stars availed beyond my window,Hands on neck face down & dry penetration without pillow leverage is tragic,Deep inside me justice is furious

Starve my soul,Closest friend I feigned ignorance of you far too long until you faded & I walked selfishly willing from your shallow grave.

Cast the spell of unadulterated acceptance love over this anorexic-x soul,All I ever wanted,Didn't even get caught up in social fun,Lonely.

Have I forgotten the truth cause,Has injustice been unfairly blinded by cursed selfish vision of Sargeras,Dreamless defy my intoxicated mind

Soul sings of the end of the world as ochre flame flickers to ash in my eyes,Maybe this last time I'll sleep dreamless,Injustice riddles me!

Orange snow plagues my face,Skyward glance resumed battle stance,Conglomerate cartels own All Streets,Casualty adorn earth for my society.

Farm not bio-fuel off my living slumber corpse,But blood be the vampire corporate cartel cold soul,Cage me a rat then enslave,Awaken one day

Sa'll right,I paper personality faked my life parade for meaningless experiences of fun away,Purchase anything to portray or comfort's sake!

Don't own our homes or even where our corpse will rest,Everything is debt bent rented for profit's sake,Double cross system,Ditch bury me!

Post ironic lightning rod of riddles ever verbally spent to confuse & dread fill the damned,Those who pretend their saved&tolerate injustice

Are we depraved of our human nature,First memory signals are of fairness,Yet we grow into adulthood burning equality alive,Pretend lives!

Take care to dissolve our instincts,Life is better when the inner demons of equality's survival swells of compassion snivel away near death

No need for sympathy,Our comfort hearts have atrophy from a contagion we induced ourselves with,A mentality of willingly intoxicated apathy!

Scratch my pen to digital paper,A finger key blood prick awakens liberation,Call my poetry discord or a disorder,I arise to write riddles...

A million mile world wide wind,Portal attention deficit time divided travel,Admit my insanity to walk straight,Appease no comfort solutions!

Forever uninvited to the party,Revere of echoed gossip propaganda as seen on TV,Heart beats don't equality you're alive,Unconscious slaves?!

No prayer restores what isn't hiding,Purpose filled mentality of denying,Origin of...Haunts us one & all,Yet love of virtue we neglect!Why?

Xenomorph gestation chest trauma,Dense cavities cultivate the contagion we voluntarily injected,We're already evil drones who'll not wake up

Next generation an enterprise of media propaganda depravity,Mission to graft illusions of comfort in debt grandeur into their hearts & minds

In death no heaven awaits,Elysium's untampered with solitary confinement eternity finds me,So I cradle my poetic dawning final voice moments

Hell mind as well take my hand,Final moments of fire light wherein I breath again,So far away from heaven's peer pressure humanity odometer.

Strangle an apocalypse upon my own eyes,Twin torment individual gauge out,Appease the eternal darkness of equality to finally breath again!

When I'm vanished will appeasement of comfort cover my scribble to riddle scribe written poetic vision work up,Then I return avidly to dust!

Was my life worthwhile at all,For a single wished for contortion of wicked complexion to smile have I held my breath too tightly,I'm mortal!

I offer nothing but a consciousness ever self unraveling,No contempt to rebuild an image,No personality but what's momentarily necessary!

Armada of unobtainable red,Sand infused crimson,Illegitimate donations of blood,Child sex traffic apprehension gone wrong,Never questioned!

Whatever it is they shall say I am,Certainly an enigma of riddles imbued with something...More than image or gain am I infused,God what am I

Sometimes I dream that I walk al lich alive in the apocalypse aftermath,Alone but satisfied lives contrived to impart an image are gone.

Invisible uncomfortable character unworthy of friends,Self afflicted from traumatic nearly dead anorexic experiences to equality's calling!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wherever destiny once had light its distance is availed of future by darkness,Smothered by illegitimate systems on misbehaving ave we endure

Fear not the lethal storm on overload from proc off RNG corporate endorsed political violence,No light at the end of our grave tunnels!

What did the shotgun sedated double barrels say to silence my head,Void the noise to redevelop the quiet,Comfort after shockwaves appeases!

Please find yourself amidst the struggle surviving by friends, family & love,I'll be walking single file as one amidst a melody until death.

I'm unrecognisably invisible,Solitude deter my human condition truth movement not,Villainous is my mental push through loneliness' aching(s)

Imagine the action of the trinity of my insane heart, mind & spirit if I were blind sided by empowerment by someone who believed in me...

Tamper with my mental parade,Ochre dollar fire of invisible algorithms of unmeetable targets of monetary projected profits,Sedate me violent

Comprehensive eloquent denial packages on  a supreme court stage,Beings denying justice for victims of military overseas insubordinate rape.

No consequences only denial for those who pledge allegiance to the system,Ode to truthful vows now gimmicks of once sacred virtues are dead!

Another class born,Children of labels & youth built by comparison,Ignorantly believing their bullying terms don't crucify or deny equality.

In search of my own name,Beyond the razor blade self induced grave,Break the mould of time that binds my soul,Alive light me a pyre in dark!

Committed to unscientific logical practices to prove a long lost comfort theory,Evolution of social intoxication with self,Redefining human?

'Free Thinker' The new scientific traffic of social evolution,Implanting children with lust & wrath,CoD3/4 verbal rampage accepted,Logic not

Cut the unconvincing silence of past years spent as slaves to monetary debt dust,The less you strive for the less you suffer,Torment banks!

One foot inside the bank's debt doors,Won't walk where vigilance for hypocrisy stands for tolerance of victimization a contagion for profit.

No room left for our father's corporate enslavement manifested work dreams,Fired 89 days in as they hire new blood recruits as debt victims!

Arise within me a wicked hope,Transmit the sword from my own eye into the digital manifested of a blue pill comfort conscience free matrix.

Often ignored,Nearly devoured by the void,Compromise is to stand in the mental order line,Await my illogical place in comfort's subscription

Slept while awake,80% of my lifetime,25 year self analysis recall,Soul deframed of body & bones,Sat in a waking coma until...Breaking chains

Democratic freedom is a paper plate serving of corporate funding in a 1% politically endorsed package in the aftermath of monetary bail(s).

Emoticon breech the rapidly evolving lech appeasing societal silence,Desperate to turn  unholy broken into renewed truth,Inequality must die

Soul atrophy is our compassion apathy,We're living addiction slugs in a shotgun double barrel shell to our own intellect, head & heart!Ugly.

By the debt hook to mouth manifest am I still bleeding,Hollow vulture circles my shark infested water worthless life,Return to the dust I am

Burning waste pit of morality instead of an orchre pyre of green dollar backs,Transcripts of our lives we fail to write,Complying with debt!

One day I'll wake up & someone may have noticed the work of my mental quickness imbued by hand, a million followers or even just one reply..

Collapse my uncompliant lividity black dress killjoy on a velvet leash,Equilibrium outsourced to a blind leading blind invisible interactor!

Equivalence in a heart beat like a newly awoken amputee,Never regret inconceivable dreams,Not even in manifestation of dreadful body morphs!

Face hugger turn my body over to the alien womb,Xenomorph villain hybrid is a symbiote over my flesh,I'm venom in control of rage & regret!

Necromancer's evil smile greets my post secondary life,Socialization contrived me intoxicated to appease,Comfort is an ignorant killer,Today

Write to live,Each word to die,Worth only a metaphor convinced it's a symbol fading out in the darkness of obsidian black,Night swallows me!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SyStem Requirements

Discord accredited to internal unrest,Too long adapted to dream abandonment,Portraits of deception adorn your mental walls,Comfort a truth escape method

Melodic alienation silent cell,Soul stuck in a single sound byte,Musical exception to a system requirement to survive,No escape methods left

Lifeline to pride addicts,An invisible entity,Before you're a ghost,End your apathy to compassion willing inaudible subscription slavery

Should be repenting for our desires & striving to give away all but what we need to survive another day from the graves self spoken eulogy!

Represent the 1st world faithful few,Not by perfect pride actions or grace infused salvation prayers,But by living a journey of compassion.

Stomach the white floor stained by blood,Sympathy is a path for serial unsedated victims of courage to live a nearly dead overcast heroism.

Alienate myself for a self induced half accidental onslaught of spoken word poetic page written eulogy of a broken soul to wrist apocalypse!

Pacify this unabridged awakened life,Plastic robot infused action figurine smashed into smithereens,Unwilling do adapt to society's views.

Soldier O.D'd on a sunset,Intoxicated as he lowered his head to the razor blade,Neck wound plasticine evidence mould,Gone before her time...

Beauty steals all breath to hold onto a smile,Selfish rain sways fate from that vantage point,Frowns alienate humanity from one another.

Pray because I'm prey,Debt calculating targets unmet keep me ever afraid of oil baron predators seeking subsidy for projected target losses!

Heavy dosage of paid for personalty on Pender street,Overdose the onlooker to take her home,Advantage paper human whose dead inside.

High pay grade speeches keep the board room stable with lies,Truth is a thorn which pricks fear(s),Dictate my front line debt drone life.

Company exchange of hierarchy,Vote to upload purchased prolific contacts or offline residual profiles,Accepting facade ladder climbers.

Tattoo my skin canvas with the madness of eclectic momentary status,Whale & shreek in horrific memory of...misplaced scar tissue    recall