Monday, December 21, 2009


I'd rather worship the death tree
Where the mournful snuffed out his own life
Back to the earth his actions cursed
But in the same moment condemned to set it free

I'd rather be faithless
Than chime your evil song
Rhymes of old muttered ever on
New age rhythms crafted

I'd rather countdown the moments
To my own condemned destruction
Than justify my worship of mental images
Of a white palm bleeder past down to me

I'd rather be faithless
Than chime your evil song
Rhymes of old muttered ever on
New age rhythms crafted

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poisonous Eternal Flame

Lay your lie down
To the wrong eternal flame
As the evil pursued you
You never turned around
Faced the past you forever regret

Live in the vengeful toxins
Of a poisonous eternal flame
The lie of comfort in a Christian destiny
Satan persuaded us with no lies
We bought paid to debt forward
A lie of an ever listening ear and our enjoyable answer

How ill we received the news
That The True Eternal was calling back our debt
An earth filled with war erupting into a millennium of flames
Spat us out as we chased our shadows underground

The ever listening ear heard the cry of those we chose to neglect
Blessed are the forgotten children of parents who lay dead
Under a lamp post the lion planted a light against misery
We tore it down to build a mansion for a church
And then forgot to fly into the streets do die
For the people we deny their lives are a fight

So lay your head down in bed
Wrapped in the poisonous eternal flame
Lie forever awake awaiting a rapture
That will bring you a new body
But leave you with a tormented mind
A soul you forgot to feed by fighting
Gave in to a dream of another couch of comfort
In a mansion in heaven instead of a house of debt

Lay your lie down
To the wrong eternal flame
As the evil pursued you
You never turned around
Faced the past you forever regret

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blessed beta .9

Blessed are the napalm phantoms
For their skin is already burned from hell
Blessed are the forcibly violated
For their soul's inherit the world's misery

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Alone

Here I am alone again
Another birthday passes for the damned
Evil implied for a divorced man
No one pretends I'm not condemned

Here I am alone again
Another birthday soloing raids goes by
A single man deceived into marriage condemned am I
Sadly they accept her because I'm a fucking 'man'
No matter the story unacceptance is their plan
Judgements upon my nerve racking existence

For her story I was brought down
Now I live for the moment
The intensity and the thrill
On the only I will ever know

A promise that I'll be accepted
When I tell everyone my story's side
A tale I won't concede to spill
The difference between love and acceptance
Now at 28 years old I can tell

An apocalypse upon myself
Choices I made created the strife
Unacceptance in a bitter look is my friend
My forehead bears the ill mark of lightning
In the eyes of those who hear my past

Why have any dealings with such men
Wide is the gap of unacceptance that spills from their mouth
Bias based prejudice formulated fast and furiously
Merely to place a moniker for gossip upon the already ripped apart

Chivalry is dead because so is respect
A woman gives sex but has no concept of being a friend
Family's continued relationship with her enables the sickness
Now I reside with darkness she is my only f(r)iend

I dream of a future
Where someone will truly accept a presence like mine
From the delusion of such a future my courageous insanity follows
I dwell in the twilight from the church's gossip not judgement do I hide
My story is for myself to hide but acceptance is yours to show

Virgin in the Whore

You there the virgin and the whore
Unpunctured blood intact from weak impact
Whore yourself daily in a symbiotic imaginary mind
Children aborted after delusional conception

The high you seek is nothing new
The dosage enters your sacred vein
A complex administrative tool twists and turns
Forcing its way past the outside skin

The whoring machine I see
Such a devastating sin
To waste away into oblivion
Just to die in a virgin dream your not living in

Father chased the chain of chastity
Tortured with hymns and his hidden key
A first lover with a passion to break you
His touch haunts like a presence
Lingers between your thighs like a memory

The whoring machine I see before me
Such a manifestation of corruption and destruction
To waste so many lives away into oblivion
Just to die a drug overdose during the daily beating
A child left behind in a virgin dream you never lived in

Mother under husband's shadow praying for you
A veil of abomination images torture her waking eyes
Resenting herself for conceding so easily unto him
She bends over repulsed skirt up for father's will
One verse used against her voice every time

I sit in the twilight and wonder why
The virgin inside the whore at the same time
My stomach turns as the nightly news stirs my imagination
How they all must suffer to get a moments rest
So I lift my voice to grab ink, paper and pen

The whoring machine perpetuated by our society
Crime the manifestation of corruption and desire
So many lives wasting away no memories left behind
Just to die a whore existing in dreams her virgin life

Oblivion swallows them every time
Drug overdose or a severe beating
An illegal home abortion clinic infection
Or suicide in a cell as they come out of it
Realizing the shit they can't live through


The day you never planned long vanished
Whisper its memories like a mere dream
In sleep alone my unborn soul bothers
Drenched in a swirling ocean of fear

We the embryo of sleeping sick
See without mechanical genetics
Corrections only exist in the living
I wither without a whisper
As the toxic potion of freedom seals my fate

Flush my tiny soul into oblivion
A sewer pipe of wavy water accepts openly
As if I was swimming, born, perfect and fair
The last fading light blacks with the lids closure

We the embryo of sleeping sick
See without mechanical genetics
Corrections only exist in the living
I wither without a whisper
As the toxic potion of freedom seals my fate

You wake with or without regret
The saline injected to close my eyelids
Swollen forever unlike your lips
Never buried only embraced by the waters

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OverVoid (Hide All Guilt)

Hidden in between the lines
The comfortable cracks of life
A wounded child avoids the world
An outcast in her father's eyes
Raped then blamed
A new degree of
Hate & Shame

Behind the scenes
Behind the mo(u)rning sun
Hidden from our view
An exile stolen
By shadow

In light of new attention
The pariah isn't us, it's you
Staring at your own gravestone
Died a lonely life despised by love
All for greed killed off morality
Society neglects the light
Who needs virtue...

Beyond fixed multipliers
The exiles slunk up to the sun
No longer hidden, their shame undone
The pariah stand unified as one
Outcasts to the mundane
A world gone mad
With greedy lust

From inside society we take up space
We absorb and waste... time
One by one we fall off the map labelled emo(tional)
A disclaimer note of a dead end suicide

In light of new attention
The pariah isn't us, it's you
Staring at your own gravestone
Died a lonely life despised by love
All for greed killed off morality
Society neglects the light
Who needs virtue...
Any ways

Surely not a society of rape
Victim blaming is bereft of guilt
Weekend living intellectuals & athletes
Piss away the youth of others
Disregard for human life
No condition worse
Than lethargy
Of the heart

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ode to the Skies

Woe to darkness
The womb where I rest
An omen or an ode to black skies
Tortured by winds of plague and death

Overhead while skies are blazen
December's chill is vanquished
As another dies trapped in enslavement
A purchased life daily poisoned

Parents let alone in semi peaceful slumber
Treating strangers in daylight with ignorant respect
The evil we know of them brings fear every night

Blazen skies tormented with hurricane winds
Breaths life as a virus into open wounds
And another child's blue skies darken

A plague of mental trauma keeps them wide awake
The mellow sound on rooftop of the poison rain
Corruption lies in the home just as it does in globalization
We've forgotten why we slave each day
For a future not for a debt to pay or comfort in deceptive pleasures

So you would slave for your own child's daily future
But would you fight for a cure
To remove the cancer that kills them slowly
Would you die to have it distributed equality
Would you kill to save their life
another child's blue skies darken

Why not give up a comfortable life
Stop hiding your conscious morality
Behind vast amounts of escape acts such as TV
another child's blue skies darken

Look back at your own legacy
Did you enjoy your own life
What about the children you leave behind
another child's blue skies darken

We the Walking Dead

We the walking dead
Don't need acceptance to exist
Only need permission to be ignored
The caring amongst us breaths death
As expired portions we donate to tragedys
We take home meager wages
Compared to the corporate execs
If we didn't learn to try we'd die
Gave up our dreams as the 2nd greatest cost
As we get back up daily for more

As children we gave up our dreams
Belittled by everyone for wanting more
A desire to live in caring
Is a life that seemed to fall apart
Away oh dreams be gone

We the walking dead
Don't need permission to exist
We wouldn't make it through a day
If we didn't learn to try
Gave up our dreams
As we get back up daily for more

Away oh dreams be gone
I'm done living as a witch
For believing simply in morality
Or a crown of caring upon our creation
Away oh dreams be gone
Away into clouds of decay
Away so debt accumulated we can repay
Away so dreamless sleep can retake me
Away into the oblivion of an uncaring crowd
Never come back
We don't want to get back up again

We the waking from death
Are on a mission to march
Breath the dream of caring
Embrace the corpse and join the ride

We the waking from death
Are on a mission of compliance
To breath the dream of caring
A legal code of conduct
Written on our hearts

Hell's Human Hunter

Spawned as an image before the beginning of time
Born of no womb but an incantation or spell
A bastard without a bitch with blackened wings
Rebeled with an my angels in the darkest of night

Hatred instilled upon men's hearts when I breath
I march my minions to claim men's names for hell
Upon arrival they march around my throne of fire
Plead as you might your God gave you to me

Remember the Devil
His heart is a soul hunter
For a thousand hidden years
Shall be his human race revenge

I embrace the hallowed names of my son's
Of thieves, drug dealers and killers
Of corporate indwellers and ignorant complacent ones
They will follow blindly on the night of my revenge

Remember the Devil
His heart is a soul hunter
For a thousand hidden years
Shall be his human race revenge

Men dream of my scattered ashes
In an eternal incineration fire of sulfer
But for a thousand years of man's eternity
I will upon you all have my revenge

Dear Sarah

I am creation's cursed seed
Love and evil's hybrid son
A bastard labeled by churches
And the eternal judgement of family's fire
Divorced I fell apart with no alibi

Dear Sarah
I have no warning signs
I fade faster than twilight
24 hours until I'm overcome
Until I'm breached
Until my mind sheds the flesh
Until the heart's fire ends
Dear Sarah

All ties to morality like family
Wained devoured without their remorse
I was merely on my own path
A quest for the eternal dream
It all started with the seeking of fire
A light to guide us
In our darkest of hours

Dear Sarah
I have no warning signs
I fade faster than twilight
24 hours until I'm overcome
Until I'm breached
Until my mind sheds the flesh
Until the heart's fire ends
Dear Sarah

Abandoned I searched the floor
The consequences of a life apart
Alone and whats more
I'm told its all my fault
So I never climb back up again
Six feet under I sit as they fill it in
Me pondering the moments I have left

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Times Oh Chivalry

Times of the brave forlorn
Brazed by a socialization we adore
Moral fortitude and chivalry defeated
Women's desire but sex isn't appreciation
Its a disguise for a socially accepted payment
To men who receive it just like the whores

Acceptance is a measure
As expectation is the unwritten sum
Mathematics in the social order
Status without money is unadorned
Ruining the last of our codes of honour

The social apocalypse is near
Money forms the pecking order
But sickness cares not for the ill
Just like the government and hospital
A million dollars in debt for an extra 3 years
Left to your family for future payment
Medical bills or a life ended with a pill

Acceptance is a measure (we've unlearned)
As expectation is the unwritten sum (our greatest fear)
Mathematics in the social order (unraveling in backwards progress)
Status without money is unadorned (just as a life without purpose)
Ruining the last of our codes of honour (The honourless are we)

Cherish the moments of ignorant bravery
A moments notice and we unwrote the nature
Stop to wonder of the greatest of all dead tokens
A hidden in shitty romance novels with no complexity
Society responded to chivalry with legalized whore houses
Protecting the payoff bribes for children in sex slavery

Fuck our society and the greatest greed of money
I'd live in hell alone but for the sake of the daily dying
Cherish the only ones who matter those who care
Who give a damn for the welfare of walking dead
Wake them with an ode to chivalry and crack whores
Or turn into ashes as the flame scorches our wounds

We are the faithful
We are the fucked up
We are the daily abused

The dying from society's social evolutionary views
We are not progressing
We are degrading our values for a monetary gain
We built it on debt the bank soon will reclaim

We are the faithful
We are the broken children
Of parents who gave us up
And claimed we were test subjects
For they were misguided selfish clueless fools
We are the caring
We are the abused

Stand united labeled as whatever they wish
Labels are nothing new
Call us Emo, Witches or Evil
Labels breath expectations
For them we have no moment to give to you
Fuck off towards your immoral end
We exist to strive forward
Even if to begin we must regress

Our Kind

At the edge of ignorance and dismay
Waylaid by vision of the flames of suffering
Granted by a God who simply went away
Gave us over to the relentless nature of our kind
Forgive what is perpetuated by marching
Children into ditches as war soldiers into a grave

Be brave for the final kiss
A yearning for distance
A yearning for just bloodshed
Lay thy head down oh evil ones
Upon the chopping block
Be brave for justice's swift final kiss

Brave for a Christ in me I seem to have missed
For this society my heart burns with lust for flames
Father I yearn for its very mobilization into darkness
Wondering forward out of comfort to its grave
The world awaits the fallout with anticipation
They are brave for a future we would hate

Be brave for the final impact
A yearning for distance from destruction
A yearning for justice with its bloodshed
Lay thy head down oh evil loving whores
March thyne own faces forward into fire
Upon the chopping block your hands have made
Awaiting its time it rises from your hearts
See in devastation the true nature of our kind
Be brave for justice's swift final kiss
For your gods slow salvation hides its face

Yearn for an uncomfortable life
Standing alone now in the dark
Bask in the silence of creation
Await the meditation which dismisses hate
It seems so instantly forever this nightmare
We gave up bravery for a status built acceptance
Pushed us to mental isolation like drugs did the whore

Saturday, November 21, 2009


A mechanized perfection
By a master engineer's hands
Alas for bravery to save him
He died before my completion

Alas for the immobile indestructible
A heart without a power coupling
Alas for I am only the machine
Only an machine

So walk on you military state
Dream of my overtaking
Progress for weaponization
Advancement over the globe

Alas for the incomplete
The immortal indestructible machine
Mechanized warfare invented
Alas they lay on electric tables like corpses

Monday, November 16, 2009

Arms Eternal

Until Satan wraps his arms around me
I shall never peaceful sleep but fall eternally
I won't end up at the end waiting
For a God who abandoned without a sign

Reincarnate my corpse destroy my dreams
Watch as on my skin my past sins break out
Heaven has no place for reanimation of dirty clay
Focus now my steps upon this unholy ground
At peace with the fact I can't begin over again

My doom is a reality
So claim no love over me
Don't let me drag you down
Now declare with judgements
Like vultures over my dying body

Short Exposure

I magnify a vision our society exists to untie
Eventually graduating to ultimate deniability
A dream I shall never feast upon with my eyes
This body is just a test while I'm still breathing
I live for a moment without peace in eternity

I'm so late with my words
Nothing said will matter in eternity
Tried harder in a moment but no one cared
A season of speech or celebrity I'm brushed off
Overlooking the exposure to fucking open our hearts to care

I'm so fucking late with my words
Everything I've written or said has already been
What emphasis I have will just sit broken here
Short exposure to a world that didn't fucking care
My body is just a test for a moment in existing

Run away into a place my words can't find you
Laugh as the society you adore burns down around you
The thought of me will catch up though late will be my words
I tried but short exposure kept it all at the brink of extiction

Short exposure to create a heart that cares
I had to dig myself out of the whole were I was let go
Short exposure wish I could have told you face to face
Such a shame the choices made weren't alway so clear
Short exposure does it matter that even a few of us care
Or will it always be the worst memories of how you imagine me

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before the Shadow

I once was tame
Long ago aforetime I appeared before the judges
And the dark blessings that followed
My future wrapped in darkness
So set ablaze was I to light every turn

I am one with the deep breath
The legacy of pain before sorrow
I stand now adorned in garbs of guilt
In front of me a counsel of apparitions
From churches they gathered to judge

Lit was a fire inside
Burned was my corpse to ashes
Yet alive as in miracles stood my shadow
Forever I exist as an unpleasant reminder
Of an existence of caring eclipsed by one choice
Unforgiven into all eternity shall I remain

I am one with the deep breath
The legacy of pain before sorrow
I stand now adorned in garbs of flame
In front of the world stands the I you hate
Gather now to release and be free of the rage


I know you'd like me better dead
It hurts you that I sleep under the same stars
So believe as you once judge that forever I'll be alone
But my fear of this selfish dream is a pale colour

In these times conqure tomorrow
Lay you fears down as if they were dead
Set your feet on a path to the throne
Not in some golden gated heaven your mind creates

Yesterday you searched me
A cure you bid me in His name
For your intent of dedicated selfishness
Wisdom prevailed the day and I died in shadow

Dreamt of a transition into no expectations
Heaven is a lonely place until I know myself
A sketch I painted in a book filled with blank pages
All of them had the same flowing theme

That emotions of fucking nothing
That above all the heart decieves
Breath the fire inside
Find flame amongst the feelings of burnt out ashes
Burn your future or watch the eclipse as life collapses

The circus of the flying immortal
No inner flame of fleeting fire is faith
Breath of wisdom from consciouse knowledge
By this we live or give our hearts to much shame

Believe God is as good to us as our current feeling
To Satan's devils we run to find comfort unknowlingly renewed
No flame of fire bound in feeling is Godly
Your heart has decieved and you ran headlong believing into
The crimson fire of the open smiles of hell that await to greet you

Past Pictures and the Current Show

Delete the past, my past
So I can move forgiven forward
Consumed by condemnation soil
Afraid of every step is now unpure

The way I see things
I chose the lesser evils of two
Chose the souls within
Over a vow made unpure

So erase my past
Delete the view to move forward
Otherwise dead you will remain
Entertained by wishes that will never be true

Make the most of my hell bent self
Resist the urge to judge lest I be run over
The theif of condemnation steal my soul
Your future is bright consider yours the whole world

My solution is to persist in begging
Pardon me while I fuck the plank out of my eye
While you persist in judging me
Cast your stones now in my direction

Its getting late so finish the job
Either leave me alone to learn from my mistakes
Or pull me apart to either die or be remade
Why are your prayers so set in one direction

Pardon the fuck me
I got lost so give me an ungodly painful end
Tortured in a dark cell or stones to death
Treat me as you see me or resist the urge to think

The picture you once had of me let it fade
I am no longer the righteous one you knew
I take my time to figure out the equasion to the solution
Find a map of wisdemonic to a new destination

You were to soft on me
Projecting an image I did not intent to fulfill in your show
Inclined to rip apart your picture but instead
I'll rework the old in a new series called a remake

Rememberance Day on Parade

Oh soldier lay down your weary head
In the dust a grave by day or by night
Both are your bed by end of your contracted day
We seek the pathways to comfort

Surve until dust without rest then into the darkness
While society's ignorace of the dying spreads like a plague
My your twilight last until your contracts nightfall
You were purchased signed a sentence for a price
To fight to serve or to die

Blazen forth the bullets smile bears forth
Violence commits your life to the sea or the grave
We spend a moment on this the eleventh our of that same day
Wishing you weren't so dead that you were still alive
Oh we submit a moment to the eternal right of freedom for our lives
Paid for by an unseen price that for us you should die

We parade around on the 11th months 11th day
For generations past pausing for a moment
When its past we continue sueing each other
While across the yard or open sea their hearts are starving
Fighting for a civilization that binds itself from being free

Banks hold the soldier's hand more than one half respectful moment
More a tradition than respect for those who now bleed
Bring them home or stay them on we must challenge the system
Not the momentuim of a soldier to live for mankinds eventual equality

Like your slaving hands debt to pay off mortgage and loans
They march upon distant foreign shores to pay a price not yet configured
For the govermennt system changes its plan daily
The only hope is its eventual conformity to fight for impartiality

Jericho's War

Break the walls down like Jericho with shouts and screaming
Singing blasts against the system driving our wall street debt
Banks filing bankruptcy to gain government aid
Fuck the system it bring my heart adrenaline

I see the capitol is the lease we buy at any cost
War, starvation the triumph of America today
Bringing war into the 3rd world like wise Caesar brought grain
Conform the world to fit our mold stand em in line and roll call
Step out and watch the terror threat rise in level
We be coming after your country justified for war

Stereo Who?

You are not human but a projection of a label fought against
Generations fought to rid society of what you now perpetuate
A remotely accessed tramsitor for the pleasures all men seek
No sensor for thy loved ones nor public perception
For the greatest reason to exist thou hast no mode of caring

A smooth opperator doles out words correctly
Non-conformist to a stereotypical verbal tragedy
Perpetuate daily the disrespectful cliche
Worked so hard for equality now you pre(a)y against it
Like the first world do to live in comfort without rain

Give no quarter for habitual disrespect
You dish it out like a its fashion statement coming back into style
Cause and effect demand the mutual but inside yourself its never seen
So the hatred resides hidden behind your false smile
Those who cannot feed your greed commit a just crime
Sleep tonight with the echoes of the inner voice chiming the world's denial
As the acceptance you seek shall you never find
Demand all you want but the habitat won't allow it
So rest your head in the dreamstate cradle at twilight

M.L.K spilled his words like a million men into the streets
While you milk the stereotype for its minority report overrides
Rule breaking with verbage that would make generations long past cry
They did not slave in a new world blood sucked until the last drop
Just so you could profane an immoral image a half immortal stereotype
Find yourself living proof that a true price had to be paid for equality

A smooth opperator doles out words correctly
Non-conformist to a stereotypical verbal tragedy
Perpetuate daily the disrespectful cliche
Worked so hard for equality now you pre(a)y against it
Like the first world do to live in comfort without rain

Monday, November 9, 2009


Tallied the system doesn't care if your accounted for
The work is your life's existance its no job or chore
Complete the task or rott in a hole somwhere
Care it not of ye be weak, sick or crying

All it knows is the numerical digits
That you produce that is who you are
To the corporation you don't mean a thing
Exist to enslave you are a middle class 3rd world
And your eyes are closed just like the machine's
For just like it your neighboors mean less than nothing

Numbers and street are their names
And so your heart watches afraid of pain
Sinking into the fear of knowing nothing other than digits
But hey, I could be very fucking wrong
So look around you and crown the king yourself
Is it you, the digits or the machine

Everyone moving around me
Speaking but really saying nothing
Don't stir to wake them up
Hollywood magazine dreams are enough today

Numbers and street are their names
And so your heart watches your hands selfishly afraid of pain
Sinking into the fear of knowing nothing other than digits
But hey, I could be very fucking wrong
So look around you and crown the king yourself
Is it you, the digits or the machine
Turn on your heart reveal for yourself what is truth and real

The Wolves

Cast stones into a river bed
Make a wish as the wolves run in
But no golden lion will save your skin
Your hide belongs to the pack
The choices we all have made

Wolves eat the dead & decaying rich
Just as they do the living poor
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real

No difference if your asleep
The spoils of a pirate's life are sinking in selfishness
Give up the ill and take the blame
For the rich or for the poor
For the wolves or the pups
For the corporations or the whores
We all see the hurt in the choices made

For another's sake give up your acceptance stake
Drive the silver bullet into the selfishness immortal
Equality isn't just what you feel its a life's living appeal
To a pack of wolves who drive motives behind the system
Into the heart of seeking any spoils give up begin to hate

Wolves eat the dead & decaying rich
Just as they do the living poor
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real

Speak words of your acceptance speech into the crowd
Swallowed whole by the vast auditorium's baffled frown
Sinking are the teeth of those who've always been within
They've sought you always but ahead until now you've been
The pups are now the wolves whose howls stir your tears
Now while they've starved and cried no longer as you die do they

Nothing saves as the pack hunts you down
They are the cancer in your blood
They are the bitterness that eats your self esteem
They are the neighborhood's gang wars
They cause the undeniable ignorance breeding hate
They care not for your lose or gain
They seek the falling from you last leg
They devour your empty lungs very breath

Wolves eat the deadly rich now decaying on the floor
Just as they do the living poor our riches the slaved for
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real
The belief in acceptance of something
Seen or unseen we once believed there was more
What we never realized is that its the broken life next door

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Choice of Check

Do not waver
Abruptly turn thy head
Right is dead left a grand lie
Neither choice will benefit you
With fast foot flee back towards the opening
Before it closes and you can't begin again

The benefactor is the lust within
Seek the paths of feeling that blow over
When your forsaken your still not alone
Just in the moment the good is greater
Than the limited vision we have

Why believe in something
The choice either way
Is checkmate for the choices we make
Corruption of morality changes our complextion
More than any makup could do or cover up

The benefactor is merely the body
Seek the path of abreviated longings of the soul
When your forsaken your still not alone
Just in the moment the good is greater
Than the limited vision we have

When you seem so far away
From all the wisdom you've learned
Remember sometimes its best to say nothing
With open ears silence gains remote access
To everything you were and in the moment are

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is isn't Enough

Who now lives for a god who divorced over and over the Jews
Why did he likened his heart to an adulterer
Whose main prophets were murders or slaves to debt
What heaven is enthroned by confuses me
What good is he or she in our words we shall never see
No picture reminds us of a life we'll look back in shame and regret

Heavens not enough
Dying for a god who abuses you
Heavens just another broken city up above
In the clouds we'll watch TV instead of upon a couch

Sadly there is no higher place
And so I sigh and begin to forget
That heaven ever existed in my heart
Yet I regret when informed of the memory

On the coach I feel the pain
Of leaving this world for another behind
Who you were you existing as the day I died
Hold my hand in acceptance or judge my life

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unfolding Folds

Simplicity of fear
Once the truth unfolds
Speeding around unsaved
I wander this world unsound

So fucking simple to be a fan
Of the one who forsakes
To quicken grace in punishment
Lo such a word is held for the most evil soul

Chastise in every moment
No joys for me ever opened
Or could ever leeway be made
Persevere merely to exist
Its so fucking hard right now

They watch every move I make
So bothered by the instilled shame
Slowly I walk into a realm never safe never sound
No home for my soul merely a resting place for my wary bones
That is all that awaits and yet I am not afraid

Tallying the Vote

I vote for who he was
To come back once more
By our memories are we shareholders
In the future of comfort
By his life conformed we care for

He can't ever be enough
The past and the future person
We can't fathom them as one and the same
As they are moving we are still standing
Speechless we reside against the change we fear

Don't wake us up from sleeping
We exist hearts sold to Hollywood
So far from the things we once strived for
Acceptance has brought us debt
And forever into it shall we move nowhere

Focused I couldn't overcome
All your concentrated judgements
The shame overcame me
As the announcement read
That I should go back to who I was once more
The votes tallied die in shame
Or go back to the old images held
Of a sleeper awaiting a transmit ion

But if I wander back now
The distance shall grow farther
From the who I am that I now know
All the fastening through chastening shall be a waste
All for the static conformity to the comfort of unchange

Last Stray (by self slain)

No longer an anger I hold within
A system of regulatory rules
Holding those out to survive those within
Whatever unwraps must be shamed

For in our hearts better we remain
As the knowledge sinks in
Of our comparison to the sinner
Who soon by self be slain

Await the grace of no one
No god loves the hidden
By our rules forever must be
Never spoken but in silent repentance

Lo the next day gossip will pass
Lies in the churches exist to rellapse
All our fates into the blackest of nights
For no love lingers in comparison
Nor labels or the shaming of others

Welcome to the knowledge
That you must change
Exist forever forward to love
Or fuck your soul over and stay the same

What good bride hides herself
From him whose heart she should reside
A Christ who divorced you all
When you walked so proudly towards the thrown

Spake these words did he
That never upon a moment did he know thee
Twilight sunders your hearts misgivings
That a god might accept what displeases

In every moment you existed
Self sought even with your smiles
No trusting to truth could we hold you
Hypocrasy stood upon your brow

Like an evil man laying down
Forever reclaim your sinful style
A moment holds eternity in each breath
To heaven should your soul be sent

For I see you choose ill in a second
Over the consideration of wisdom
Speak with passionate warring
Silence is the idiots so you proclaim

So seek ever on the path to the knowing
Of where you will soon trample your feet
To hell relinquished you shall forever be
Divorced by the Bridegroom Christ
Spat out of mouth and into darkness

Vigilance of Self

Worry not for violence
It hits the cradle
Where once lay a sleeping child
Stillborn like malnourished life
Pains the heart forever and a day

Breath darkness within my arms
Rest relinquishing my eyes to your smile
I see the twilight of my evil self
Don't keep me from my own purchased life
I am the death of peaceful slumber
For without war shall ever be
An internal war hidden in ignorance
Of a carnal nature we nurture eternally

So fill the void of grey areas
With greedy smiles of desire
Humping the whore all you want
Whether wife you torment
Or a hooker you paid
Fuck your soul over once again

Seek with me now all the earth
The path we desire that leads to nowhere
Raise the flag of our own selfish rights
Deny the implicit rules within our mental focus
Wonder forever why what could have been
Or simply turn over to die and say goodnight

Worry not inside your head
By twilight I can rest
Quest the day ever and anon
Against the darkness of a moonlight day
Lay down what is now forever weary
Watch as the daylight mingled with darkness

Monday, November 2, 2009

Count the Rhymes like Days

So what could I have done to instill change
Were my given vibrations for comfort or remain
Unchanged someday you'll turn to dust
We all must conform to what our dreams invision us becoming
But I can't tell you nor anyone how to get there
Its possible its too late and like so many you've forgotten it

Why rhyme at all
I'm counting down my days
Hell will find me here on earth alone
And all my words won't mean anything
But still I scream them into the night

Why run stand still and count down my days
I know for me there is nothing better
I once believed in the security of moral pathways
But now I exist merely to instill ever constant change
Will you become a butterfly or in your cuccoon remain

Fuck I wish I wasn't the black labeled sheep
The evil untalked about aloud
Only remembered in gossip around the table

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Unsimple are the effects
Of the vast process
The knowing of who you are
The thought exists that maybe your wrong
But then your so much deeper alive
Than once you ever imagined

You'll never again be safe or sound
The simplicity of life you gave up
Forever you'll exist alone
Never an absolute right
When the world is against who you are

You never mist the point
To surge ahead when others slumbered
No they could never tell

But don't forget to say earnestly
Share the future of equality for those you love
Despite the battle they fight against you
Their acceptance wasn't real nor for us
We are the anthem that march on we must

We speak in different voices
From those who purge us of trust
The system they empower we despise
It is hidden wrapped in the disguise of their ignorance
While we move forward they say we're going down
But its the alternate view of what we're all desiring
Its just that they yet cannot tell


The words you came up with
My sentence to your conditions
Terms of which I must live my life
I once was caught up in this never ending fight

Its the thought that emerges
No one will ever love the unloved
For I am always below the standard
Acceptance is a fallacy rehearsed for me

Before everyone came clean
I was feeling alright most nights
But now my eyes have changed
I see through tinted lenses of truth
Towards those who've made such claims

Its the thought that emerges
No one will ever love the unloved
No one ever stepped it up
For I am always below the standard
Acceptance is a fallacy rehearsed for me

Now I walk on knowing I'm unknown
The way I move myself now
Is against those I was once becoming
But now I mean nothing to their lives

Why rob me of my only days
I'll never forget the terms of a better life
I once lived for which never made me happier
Please forget and arrive in the future by your own ways

The methods of supposed friends
Are meaningless for they are against change
Exist until the ends of days the same
It can't be so much better on your own path
Even harder for those who forever remember
The terms and conditions that once held their days
In checkmate to an acceptance that never came

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abusive Bone

You all say I'll forever belong to the shadows
That I'll never see the lights of your heaven
Asphyxiate myself in depression do I not
For I will make the most of me hellbent self

Even though I'll never enter your heaven
I take up a collection to release their fears
3rd world anxiety for existence ignored
And yet here I sit stream down the tears

Images of what I don't need to see
I imbued mirrors into my bones
Do you ever ask yourself
Who you are or why you are here

Steal away abuse
Sit with worms in the cold earth
Instilling hope in darkness
That one day amongst our crushed bones
The darkness shall disapperate
So that we might choose to become

Worship the dead or what we own
Look at the worlds dying
Consider our comfort
But never how we are daily stealing
For our ever growing greed


I'll grant you what I gave was torment
Some will say I didn't try
But I'd rather not fight their words anymore
Their judgements come from ignorance
Which much greater condemnation lies in wait
For those who compromise to compare

Steal all my hope
So I become your villainous hero
A zero compared to renew a selfish quest
For your comfort to save yourself
You take away my future

Everyone has a tragedy
But I must wear mine on my sleeve
To remind all of my vile tattooed skin
Daily I breath in the silence that's so toxic to you

Steal all my hope
So I become your villainous hero
A zero compared to renew a selfish quest
For your comfort to save yourself
You take away my future

Drift away from me to save yourself
Crawl into a vault of denial
And cremate yourself alive
Welcome to the hell for my daily existence
I am a villainous symbol
Of a hidden hero

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Creature I Call Home

Where darkness follows
I the creature seek into darkened depths
As it must be for the forbidden me
Where hidden I remain from the evil shadows I cast

Where once there existed arms of hope
Now reside there merely eyes tearing with sorrow
I am the demon I designed
A horror which cannot remain

Deeper I must self destructive descend
To where I must forever be
No gods from there could ever deliver me
Now I fall hopeless that it should ever end

A Moment of Hope

Many times I lost my path
What reasons without hope
Should ever a man go searching
I took another deep breath
Eyes closed and the dream once more took over

I know that I so often fall
But I should never give up
While continuing to surrender as I seek
For a faith gave up on me and the world around
I can't recall a hopeful day

So I took another deep breath
I looked around and the dream failed to take over
Knowing then that it was time I fall
I wandered into oblivion black with vision clear
As I gave up reaching for another moment longer

What Darkens

I seek the peace of darkness
Wrapped in a moment of self denial
Saw a glimpse of a past I cannot know
In a second I wondered about a long while
In a coma I lingered in a forgotten life

Returned to the hell that is
Where all the doors close
And all my blue skies darken
A burden born treated as a child

Live along in your precious light
Hope in a future from you does not hide
I fucked up my life when I was a child
My views were altered like a disease
Where the soul is of the uttmost importance

I speak the lack of will into the air
And I know that indeed it is heard nowhere
I seek the path to where dark skies brighten
Sad that no glimpse in thirty years have I seen

So goodnight, goodnight
Onward seeking the path to everything in nowhere

The Human Calculation

The Human Calculation
Soldier exist as percentages
Of calculations of earnings blown so wide
No recover of cost could ever be made

Trampled forever my feet became
Before I ever started marching
So my hands took to verbal fist mumbling
Does the vision of equality swallow you

If you can't see what I'm standing for
Just look around you at our world in decay
Equality universal hidden ever remains

An ocean of cost from an epic transaction reside
In an economy where the middle class is dying
Soon a 3rd world shelter our society shall be

From my expert human cost calculations
We'll all be dead before any debt is recalled
A new system crafted to kill the banks
Monitary profit over percentage at any cost

I don't know bout you
But I won't consider bail out
For a bankrupt corporation
That spreads death like its free
Renewing pacts with government like its going out of style
While they allow this system to in our society reside

I tried dreads but moved on to a promise
That hidden inside of us equality must exist
We all feel its subliminal vibrations towards sibblings
Like blood is worth more than the children dying
That on the TV daily we watch while in our hearts
We claim denial it exists saying we never saw it

I fucking feel like I'm car sick
Should I turn the gun on myself
Or the system that devours us like a disease
The unforgettable sound of presentation of arms
Towards the fate of one who gave his life
For a system of equality that he never even saw
Its so confusing the lie and denial of profit
To the horrible coverups of stories of life costs

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I the Serpent

I am a serpent
Slithering hollow shelled carcus
In an ever shedding cucoon skin
I wonder silently seeking and alone

I fell into a chasm
An eclipse of the sense
Stealing all hopes of being happy
I dialogue a journal before the end
As I already know I'll never make it out

Buried it in my head
In the darkness of every lonely night
I lay down with oblivion once again
Nothing anyone has said has woke me up

I exist between margins
My eyes ever shift and change
Morally sound I sleep soundly tonight
But I'm evil forever bound to my skin
So continue to nail my serpent flesh to the post
I know I never will or had a home

Friday, October 23, 2009


I glorify the unseen
By means of an eternally hidden denied
For the rythem of equality shall I die
But in doing so walk alone into depths where evil abides
Confronted by an edge so fine I cannot decide

Subjected Satan spawn to Lucifer shall I return
For a God would never allow the creation of one like me
Judged so completely sent alone into the realms of hell
Solitude broken by the evil one's greeting smile

For my dream's sake they stole my sun
No hope for a future alone I'm shunned
But I'm okay with existing in the darkness of midnight's arms
Her eyes shall ever abide my smile reflecting its image
I purchase her gaze with a faith with a negative hope balance outstanding
Soul struck by flavours of what I should never find

Creep me into a violet greenhouse
Where I've been forever exiled like a disease
She the darkness lights my path with moonlit eyes
In this place I shall never find what I have ever desired

May your distance from my hurt be fulfilled forever
Grasp onto comfort as if you were lucky bearing such a smile
May your days be eternally filled with inner slumber
Bear forth no burden of consciousness for its discomfort
May you never be pillaged by the knowledge of who I really am
Indeed go forth into a dream state once again

Subjected Satan spawn to Lucifer shall I go
For out from evil shall the dust of self return
For a God would never allow the creation of one like me
Judged so completely sent alone into the realms of hell
Solitude broken by the evil one's greeting smile

While I sleep alone in the dirt like a peaceful child
Seeking along the path to nowhere
A place my soul shall forever be fulfilled within
Its not physical but a state in a hidden time
When the children of men shall throw away their price
To the current structure of acceptance shall we forever say goodnight

Destroy our mental images of a version of self that can't exist
Acceptance isn't held without but starts from defying the within
Deny the statements of broken labels that exist
Start afresh purchasing no assocations to save your life
Start down the path that leads to every & nowhere

Subjected Satan spawn to Lucifer shall I implore
Oh evil one for my soul end all wars
Let the peace of an eternal darkening day be discovered
Speek the words that lead mankind to a path going somewhere
I breath into the open sky I lay down my life for equalities incoming tide

A Grave Moment

To rejoice in this world
As sin of which I cannot repent
If I were like you the serpent spawn
I'd change the vision of self in my plans
Greed is the glimpse of hell as it passes

Fuck, realize the less you greed for
The less at the end you'll hate yourself for
This is the truth of the absolute mirror
The image of self found at the end of time

I plunged into darkness as I stomp out my own eyes
Don't come looking for me, you'll find me in a grave
I gave myself up to open acceptance
I judge no one by their skin hating tone of voice
This is myself given up to my final vow

Remember these words when your time is coming
Your inner consciounse will spite you as you've judged others
When your left alone in heaven's mansions
Or in solitude before a vacant thrown
Your eyes cannot see a God who knows you not
By your own measures you've awakened too late
Now into hell shall you sink forever without a trace

A world of consolation prizes
The top award picked before the race began
This is the monetary system rewarding its own greed
Endorcements dual fold fulfill their crime
Pride fill the winner
And publicity for her supplier

I'm plunged into darkness as I stomp out my eyes
Don't come looking for me, you'll find me in a grave
I found peace in a realm of acceptance I should never regret
Finding no one like me drove me into my blindness of plot
Two fold images of no sight and a grave now you see
Being me is for me alone
Go on your own path empowered by equality to be free

Thursday, October 22, 2009


If only you would smile
Maybe I'd stay for a while
But I can't see what you won't betray
I don't have time to adventure so close
So come out and show yourself
Show us who you are
Be yourself one and if ever again!

As we wait side by side
Your breath reveals no love
For it hides the smile of no hope
Set you up for a man who can shine through
The shit you've been shoved into

So wake up thy eyes
To the skies look no more
Stop waiting for a sign
Deliver yourself into his arms
Betray yourself to his soul
Stop waiting for miracle that might never show
Come close and show us who you are

So me, yeah I stopped noticing myself
I know me by my betrayal while not waiting
A mirror tells me nothing but a magazine's lies
I bought into a visual acceptance we can't maintain
Images of the profane spread across our walls

If only you would smile
Maybe I'd stay for a while
But I can't see what you won't betray
I don't have time to adventure so close
So come out and show yourself
Show us who you are
Be yourself one and if ever again!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just like you

Its just like you all
To leave me messages, texts or emails
Well just leave me the fuck alone
I don't want your orders or condemnation

I'm not like you, comfortable hearts spoiled rotten
Your searching for nothing other than its remedy
Why don't you get it its the same God that hurts for them
When they die your comfort isn't disturbed
Well here it goes I know theres more to our God than this
Comfort is ignorance and in this your hearts slumber in bliss

Fuck your orders
Take away your words of judgement
Let me alone I seek the knowledge of love
So others beyond myself will come to know
That equality universal is not beyond our grasp
Even if you think such a dream is just made up

A family like a tribunal judging me
For a transation they never saw
Caring nothing but for themselves
Not for my soul or equality

I've marked myself for death oh the fuck well
I guess to hell I'm bound with this black dot on my back
Divorce is a path your never going to know
Just like the commandment for selling everthing you own
Wake up to self-consciousness quit your judgements
Or wake up one day in the gray fires of the dead

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Release

I release you
Soon God shall change my name
All past association will fade as I die
Either I wasn't a Christian and evil was in my eyes
Or I've willingly sinned to leave thus destroying my own life
Either way, go on justified to love once again

I release you to what I'll never find
To which I've already gave up searching
So I'll just rest my head here now before I go
There aren't any step for me to follow home
I shall just meander on alone

I release you
Your true love will find you justified before your sun goes down
A new life in love shall come to find you
While I pass on through more black doors
I must find the reasons why
I could never stand tall or was devoid of hope

Don't regress or go into hiding
Love is a wonder to a handsome man don't deny
Behind the winter lies a man for you
Who forever will stand upright and tall

Hatred has claimed me
While you were near it wouldn't fade away
My life feet seek now to depart
From a past that torments my heart and mind
I can't foretell, I'm not that clever

So I step forward into the cold
And as the winter wraps around I know I shall soon die
But it is not death that I fear
Its your heart not knowing your released to find him
Don't hide yourself behind closed doors
Or wrap yourself in a lie you are justified
Your voice by heaven shall still be heard

Either bound to hell am I from a past that cannot hide
Or God really is that lovingly blind
Either way don't walk on in fear as I do
I release you

I'll tell you imagine this while you close your eyes
The damaged I caused, unto myself was worth it all
I release you to open your eyes
So go find him and with all your love dive right in
Righteous is the path where your future love lies
An eternity you know not yet nor could ever fathom
Don't look back with regrets erase memories of me
Just imagine the amazing arms of loves future adventures

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fat Fingers

Fat fingers feed the rich
While the number of starving ever grow
We complete the circle of ignorance
Claiming the God's love swallows the sins of which we do not know
But our fingers and eyes told us what to choose and where to go
Ignorance is bliss, and a baby Christian is mortally stricken
Turned off by their selfish behavior disgusted completely

Not even a fifty fifty chance of saving
No thought to flip a coin to stop their pain
Some God we believe in can save them
As we sit at this table and choose what to eat

What a sweet thought is this dream
That as we exist here God saves us in our daily gluttony
A falsehood only revealed upon death is our destiny

We give more thought to the unborn dying
Than the numbers of children who die ever so slow
Who do we thank but a God whose name we've forgotten or never did we know
But hey we've got a thought of Him and a golden heavenly dream

Whats the fucking point
We say God can stop the drowning rain
But for the aftermath we donate rations at an all time low
Inside you'll never realize but someday you'll know
As you depart this world you'll see
The unfortunate truth of your self defeat
Knowing then that hell, in selfishness always was your choice

No the angels didn't walk away
You gave into a more comfortable existence
Than fighting for equality or anything of meaning
You gave up even on your most simple of dreams
How could a God be interested if you wallow
Unknowingly in self defeat

We call them the lesser or unfortunate
As if God could alter society's lustful growing greed
We exist for self medication while they can't even eat
Our handsome mirror images we care more for
While angels dismiss our worrying for their torments and pain
They watch the children die on the street
While we search our skin for imperfections daily

Too Much

You say I've seen too much
Well I know you haven't seen enough
No one's tears should be hidden by your locked doors
Driving me to shame won't keep this together

Well one day we fled
In opposite directions
I derailed stage flight to the left
And into lust you fell in

I walk a road harder than you could have ever wished
But it pleases me to exist free to tell the truth
Like this I raise my middle finger to your ultimatums
All your wishes like miracles can't keep us together

Well one day we fled
In opposite directions
I derailed stage flight to the left
And into lust you fell in

I see the family outside my window
Begging me to exist as their hearts adore
You can't hold my hand to guide me
Nor fathom the depths of lie I fell in
But no one should ever live under a force to exist

Fathers and mothers know that your sons and daughters
Might live a path harder than the one you did take
Our decisions are not forced but your wisdom lacking was your greatest abuse

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Damsels and the Obscene

How far will she go into hell
They're shouting and cheering
The pillaging climaxes however unruly
Leaving her in darkness barely able to breath
Back to business and work as the entertainment ends

Far off the price of violence pays news crew costs
While you wait for the damsel in distress
To be yet again on the brink of death
Before somehow you perform the obscene
We the west accept the agony whatever price or cost

But now its time to go
Cleave march us forward
No longer will our agony pay your entertainment costs
Should our hearts continuously die to entertain
We are not a circus for you our western hated hopeful.... saviors

How long will you wait while she dangles
At the brink of the edge of forever lost
Its ok to watch it on a screen or in the street
As long as your hands don't reach out and touch
We lie to ourselves to comfort as the lust yet again triumphs
Like the evil in us we could never trust

You wait for the damsel in distress
To be yet again on the brink of death
Before somehow you perform the obscene
Fuck the western systems of bringing about conformity
Slumber forever the beast your aid is no longer a need
We walk into hell face forward justifying every fucking thing

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Status of Angels

Dancing in dim lighting in circles you parade
In the name of God you whore your minds out
To find peace in slumber or a dead man's state
I assure you that your merely pillaging His body

While you dance children die
You do nothing but crave more earnings
For a bigger car for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife
She craves status and controls you by night
Welcome to hell, you are not in the name of God

Describe yourself to the jury of angels
How you abetted in society's state of slumber
As to not hurt your soul's inner eyes
Dealings with demons seen as less than terrible
Because they gave you status you'd always wanted

Reveal a darkened future
When God spat you out
A verse you'd forgotten
The pastor tolerated vacant and half closed eyes
Because he was too weak and inside had already died
Your ignorance and slumber killed his holy life

False Destiny

At night on your knees you pray
While children in rivers of urine play
Aids runs rampant while condoms break
And you pray for higher wages

God grants your secret desires
Unholy indulgences founded in self hate
While parents watch they children die
Or worse being bartered off to be enslaved

Behind your eyes you dream of escape
But into more comfort were peace you might find
While they scrounge for a meal as a saving grace
Frozen are the lives of all in misery
But we know it not, ours is a self created false destiny

Secret Master

A pathetic system where did we go wrong
With tribes a monarchy or this false democracy
The damage it causes is for itself worth it all
A self preserving society is not built in unity
But on what it gains for itself on each path it starts

It can't fool us anymore
We are all one world family
Fuck corporate security hording moneys
Come out of hiding show yourself to us
Stop the payoffs of high levels hidden by red tape and security
Come down with us and taste what life really is

Whose in charge, those printing the money
The debt crafters or el presidente
For a moment the surfs closed their eyes
They land stolen with labeled documents
From then on we the lesser have served a secret master


I'm sorry father but I'm not your son tonight
I took on your demons the sum of your fears
You lay with them without discretion
Demons you slept with until your last breath

Reputation for truth is the trade off here
I'll scream forever or until my lungs collapse
About how you taught me whats wrong around here
Awoken with words to unify us in one direction

Then I became enslaved to a greater purpose
Coerced into ill fated lies labeled responsibilities
When I die speaking the name with my last breath
Then it will be over and I shan't have escaped

I'd die for what I know
But your already dead in slumber
Kept your beliefs to yourself
Church every fucking Sunday
Raised your hands for a rebirth
It never came because you lack discipline
Realize this, that your lost
But not because of a God's weakness
But because your a slave to society's comfortable nonsense

Why the fuck did you never try to escape
I see in you what I saw in my wife
Justifications to live weakness in this life
I just this, or I desire that, or they have what I....
Comparison is a tool for building evil intent and lustful desires
I merely desire to unify and defeat the mirror at lost last

Yes, I'd kill my own demons, but their memories haunt me
I died to a past I'm not forgiven of long ago
Changed my name inside with legal paperwork
So that I might better save your reputation from my words
I hope you see this and realize your slumber is your own impending death
Its not my words for no one shall ever know you all
It was my discretion that saved you from my forward direction

The Escape

Bring back hallow expectation of all reputation
Fill me with uncomfortable desire
To find an image not found in mirrors
Forget what gives me nothing I desire
Pressure to fulfill a mood never united

Debt not befitting wages
Angels fighting demons
Messages outpacing messengers
Unbridled hate defeating all discretion

Take a path of silence
All the hate defeats these words
Everyone forgot the point in their life
When they fought to live for others
With every fucking single and until their last breath

In security there is no answer
Find comfort kill your desires
Forget any format of greater purpose
Find slumber in evolution the new label for science
It breeds ignorance of science and hallow hearts
Building moods of tolerance for corporate experiments
Once again the money gained kills all discretion

Debt percentages crafted to lower wages
Children dying bare feet on pavement
New format messages killing messengers
Machines filling jobs to kill off coworkers
Unbridled payoffs defeating all discretion

Never in this world shall I find what I desire
There is no vision to fill the ill mood inside
Solitude is the face in darkness with me here
Yet I fight for what shall never appear
Don't fuck up of miss the point of these words

The Mirror Unimage

Oh my God I've become something terribly wrong
Confronted by mirrors I can no longer face
The damage I am what cause is above all
A jester of a price for all I've done I shall pay

For heavens unholy sake
Off this ill horse I'll now get
Fortune tellers could never tell
How my hell came and thats what I get
I called and reached into an unseen crowd
Striving to harness unity and couldn't walk away

I'll never see a love like his
Through the darkness my future resides
Eternity has come out from my past
This is what I get for reaching out this way
Oh my God, I've become something....

Close my eyes forget all mirrors
Used to look upon myself and wonder why
Now I describe myself hidden in imagery
Yes, I taste regret of which I shall never be redeemed
Or allowed to forget

So now from me get up and walk away
Commit myself to the asylum to be buried inside
This is the darkness in which my future resides
An eternity for the crimes of conscience against comfort
I could never confuse or arouse men into unity
I screamed it from the rooftops so loud
But no one ever came out of hiding
Afraid of what might come
And who they might truly be

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucifer I

I Lucifer have a predestined plan
I convinced your wife all her social trends
She once spoke of angels but now demons dance in her head
I signed the banking business mortgage for your home
Not an eternal God but your own greed

When you look at all you have
Don't think blessings
Because they all came from my hands
I Lucifer sell a brand new twist on scripture
The best thing is its all out from your own eyes
You dream of security and comfort while starvation brings cries
You are my greatest creation, the self ignorant to one's own crime

You think that Jesus was your savior
But I believe you don't understand
You see crying out God's name is nothing new
But the saving grace was granted to a mere few
Look at yourself in the mirror, turn away and forget
This is how God's grace works with you

I Lucifer grand you comfortable security
When you look at all you see remember me
You are the weak and tomorrow I take nothing
Because your ignorance is the very profit for my own name
You submit your life to my fame with vacant stairs in your eyes

I didn't slip in any new words
I committed no scriptural crimes
Understand its how your minds work
Your desires for what is not now conform you all
To my slumbering, hatred, security seeking point of view

Join my army they are merely zombies
They dream of angels but demons dance in their heads
They sacrifice nothing for everything they've always had
This is their dream, conform their lives to society
Seek profit for themselves and make an everlasting name

Hidden Plan Defined

As I commit the unspeakable crime
My wife waits patiently observing traffic outside
Unvalidated she takes control of life's ride
With her methods all goes back to

You can't get rid of me she says
I'll burn the paperwork to control our life
Don't cry husband I own you and do adore
Besides your family will disown you for any divorce behavior

What if I said I'm fine with their dis-ownership
I've walked a lonely life so far I'll take my chances
You can't force me to stay with or any in any way love you
No one should ever have to wait this long in hatred
Just to be told they can't leave coercion is coming

Somewhere wife you got off track, before we met
Look at your family every sibling is and has it
I'm sorry I hurt you but the pain for each side must end
Stop please fighting a painful cause
Can't I with this supposed or labeled battle, just once
I just want to move on and live for a cause which won't end

I watch and cry as all my words get denied
As if they never existed life goes back to how it was before
There are no paths in my life to new doors
Only this adherence to your vengeance
Making responsible for the choices I've made

I know your just waiting for your next great chance
To impose this rule of choice upon me once more
A child will conform me forever to your version of responsibility
Coerced my conformity for sex I couldn't always resist

Everyone saw my face when you broke the news
A kid to keep me always near
That is a road only suicide should ever make
You lied telling I could once walk away
But that was before you planned my life
One day I'll wake up and won't write words anymore

Where we have failed
You could have better or dream of it
I can't be this mate forever yours to be
I need freedom from the hate you breed inside of me

All of this time your religion was burning our bridges
I don't know what you believe but the pain it causes is ridiculous
If you do conform to a God indeed She was not with us
We got derailed and off track from the start
Some equal yoke shit the parents claimed
I see not it wasn't true but its justification of ill actions is smart
Like some divorces, conforming children or fighting for mere riches

Please let me walk this path of new hardship
It wasn't what I planned but I'm ok with that
I'll have to take this chance its truth rings through best
Sorry to go, but if I don't this hatred inside will only grow

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eluding Days of War

Selling children, killing their dreams
Prescribing pills or thinking them invisible
Give them a reality of peace we couldn't find
Fuck ourselves over to the truth of our lies
If it were all over the dust settled down
We could deal with that which eludes

Give us our time of day
Our dreams are not yet comfort
We strive for the better economy
Social issues, global meltdowns
And corporate immorality
Don't kill our visions for your unending thorn in the side
Comfort is not security nor is God, you believe in a lie

So when at war we watch them die, they touch the flame
Their thoughts bleed out from their eyes
Babies dying from another nation do we blame
Always an intention of this one ending it all
And changing everything forever for a better tomorrow

When in reality you trim the wick and the war goes on like cancer
The demons are hidden in bureaucracy's paperwork
Never should we find, and if so mixed up they'll be and undefined
There never will be a free sun to rise, never of war will we see enough
No worries we the youth and our children will keep your comforts here


We berate them when they don't fall in
To a line we prescribe is best for them
But its ultimate goal is our comfort in the end
Barrage them with assaulting words against dreams
Their choices must fall inline to the plans at every glance

We sold our own sons and daughters into slavery
We took that option at its first chance
So we could go back to the comfortable ways we knew before
First was preschool, kindergarten university
Then off to some dreamed up corporate war
To build higher our social unending wall

Where other families have failed
We dream they'll make every inch of it
Don't lose track or we'll put back on the trail
Fucking rights you young'ns better fall in

I watched his tears his arms attached to mother's leg
As his father finished the last hug he'd ever make
His dream must fit his father's comfort will
Like a pill he sent himself off to be killed
So his pension O'death could pay for....
A grand comfortable end of life wish

No child should ever come to realize this
That their last breath was in a wish's hands
A realization no soldier should ever endure
As in that last moment to layout of the social network is in view
Corporations guiding war for gas or some other money making comfort
They come to know nothing real could ever keep them here
It was all an esteemed impatient corporate social lie
A grand dread in shedding a few or losing a dollar or two
Waking up as eyes go dark to find peace in its stead

Treasurable God's Lie

Fighting every logical way
I do my research and view openly all ends
To justify believe in a God that left my high and dry
With all my hope and wishes washed away
I once prayed upon my knees beside my bed
Now I just scream my thoughts
Towards the riches of our modern religions

All of this time
Yes, all of this time
I spend my days burning your mental bridges
Unstitching the stitches of your criminal wishes

Justify a God whose too busy to hear 3rd world children cry
His blessings at the edge of our nations ends
Define the supply and means to Christianity's comfort ends
Love and peace are not logical or in prayers ever sought for
Nor our neighbor whom to cancer has lost his right arm and eye
His dreams conflict our imagery of self preservation perfection
Based in a religion of a God who would burn all such bridges

Describe the detrimental detached definitions of religious fervor
This is a crime of ignorance that indeed must end
Or else fuck your God whose to busy to save the children
Their deaths are not a novel but a movement away

Your dependence on corporate comforts
Immoral security end all the reality Jesus fought for
But its not loves time, we justify as we are too busy
We'll never be the people to stand as one
When our children we outcast because what they believe
Who they love, or what they died for
All we support is an eternal fight for our greatest treasure
The imaginary security of comfort

It Ends

Stop please all your crying
The tears won't reopen doors
I walk around living with all your pain in my hands
Woven in your resistance to ill news

Its like peering through a broken door
Unhinged by choices made separate and together

Where we have failed I know someday you'll make it
I don't want to restart or trace this trail again
I won't fall in line when presented ultimatums
Don't fall in

No more warring
We can't go back to how it ever was before
And I can't go on living like this
I cry inside but my tears are hated by my friends and their fathers
Even mothers and daughters force me into a narrow view

Though I sit alone at night in tears
I know its my blame, I have failed
So let me pass on into eternity alone
My death fought for tooth and nail
The last line I fall into at the black gates
No head to guide myself with
Suicide machine I fell into my last crime with

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Revenge

Breaking me down
I'll be back with my revenge
Its merely a distraction from your focus
A hidden test of your absorption inside the crime
How far your minds linger inside a cable line
If it should collapse more than our backs against a wall

Hearts written on a canvas don't even exist
In your living tissue walking skeleton remains
Could a mode of caring ever be displayed
Tragic lose of a kidnapped child is today's gossip
But the 3rd world in your own streets is ok

Only whats televised can distract our hearts from inner focus
5 more troops die and its ok thats part of an expected casualty compilation
Adjusted for each mission and a plan could never be a crime
But if a celebrity should die losing such a soul is a devastating shame

Breaking me down
I'll be back with my revenge
Its merely a distraction from your focus
A hidden test of your absorption inside the crime
How far your minds linger inside a cable line
If it should collapse more than our backs against a wall

Whatever forecast of children dying in the 3rd world in their hay cradle
Its ok, as long as your child, cousin, or nephew doesn't die
The kidnapped television child is where our hearts remain
Fuck the world outside our comfort bubble box

Their corpse pile building up a sky scraper
Now your mind is at the edge if you aren't a fool such lyrics are a sign
That your awake and dreaming in a world all your own
Compiling a list from your bed of manufactured roses to care for
A listed one lay dying shall bring you to the edge of caring
Choose now or forever remain silent your whole being thus a crime

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The best is over
See the scars upon my bones
The stains upon my clothes
Images of pain as clouded tattoos cover me

The war was won
On the verge too long
Don't worry I didn't feel anything
It was as the sun falling behind clouds of gray
As winter eats the dying leaves
No one cared as I withered away

Away with dishonest sympathy
And the comforts our hearts abused
Denying reality as we disconnected
Evil tools manipulate a simple truth
We exist in their manufactured exploitation

Their worst will never be over
See the scars upon their bones
The stains upon their tattered clothes
Burns inside their hearts and toxins inside their lungs
Images of pain you change the channel on the tube

Forever in This Moment

Forever isn't the future
Its each moment of every day
Forever is our past on an internal television display

Endless days and nights beside you
Isolated and alone forever in today
Where was your faithfulness
You know the one you demanded of me

Fuck your Christian unfolding tragedy
Insight into the impending
Unless you live every moment
Like God could show up any day
Stop waiting like fools forever for a sign

Carved Skin

I carve an image into my skin
An unpretty picture of a prophecy
Tattooed forever upon my epidermis
I walk until death with a message

I'm not ahead of the curve
I understand parts of a predestined plan
Shall we practice the contents on you
Conform to love or exist in trends
One path for angels another for the dead

Sacrifice the mirror image
You walk away and forget its face
Cover it up with plastic or blush beauty
Seek acceptance plugged into shadows of fame
Magazine mental extravaganza they are not you

When you look at this body
Associate a weakened image a past version of me
But don't see a newly conformed reality

I'll sell you a scripture
Strip it off my arms as it dries
Its imprinted upon my core
From it I breath my world views

When I look at so may of you
I see striving for comfort
Would you give anything up
For a belief, a life, a true moment in reality

I am ahead of the curve
I donate even my name to the future
I'll sell you a scripture
Strip it off my arms as it dries
Its imprinted upon my core
From it I breath my world views

Monday, July 6, 2009

Versus, an debate Masking as an Attack

The creator creature
Who could ever write a better system
You claim to be open minded
But you claim I'm fucking retarded

Yes, I believe in a central processing unit
It files your life and the world at once
Yet you claim all my knowledge fucking stupid

In a brick wall debate you fall back on zombie Jesus
Thinking I'll stop, say dammit, proclaiming
I didn't foresee the latest revolutionary mock
Coming as a valid theological question
But I suppose that's a fools position

Your knowledge of the evidence
Processing it as unquestionable truth
I suppose America's court system know all
Base your theology on what a Judge ruled one day
Before the theory changed as it does each day
Denying evidence or explaining it away

I'm fucking foolish in my desire for equality
While you fuck every girl your lustful eyes see
I see your breeding Darwin's philosophy
We exist to magnify our own image
For an advanced genetic next generation

Ask me and all I see is deniability
You say Christianity started so many wars
But you ignore the facts of history
To create a view of hatred
Towards a God you claim could never be
What an easy path to comfort internally
Forgetting all religions and morals for deniability

You desire to liquefy all religion
All moral grounds shall disappear
Remove all boarders for a better existence
When will you realize then all you have is fear

You can't rewrite something predestined
An internalized unprecedented system
Morals didn't just come about
Inside us all are they written

Eat, breed, sleep, work, repeat
At the end we'll liquefy and use you
Imagine that, you'll never be a failure
As your liquid self feeds another

You claim all war is of no use
Raise your voice for no one
If religion could fade so would genocide...
As if man, get a fucking brain
And your the one calling me insane

How the fuck can you ignore history
Oh yeah you loudly proclaim a hypocrisy holocaust
Stupid evolutionist living in fact deniability
You proclaim evolution like a badge
Behind your lack luster biology degree

You'll read anything anti religious article
But won't question a prof or book he suggests
Because that might jeopardize your hypothetical master's degree
Which you forgot to achieve but still you carry on
With an online argument from zeitgeist
Who altered facts you've forgot from your own education
History is a bitch when hatred unquestioned slips in

So we're standing in the same room we started in
You think I'm wrong but don't question your facts
I've questioned mine and know yours as well
Yet you proclaim ever so loudly I'm the one insane as hell
So this is my middle finger in your face
Yeah I'm a Christian challenging you
Fuck is a word, back your facts up with a few
Or stop calling me out just to run away
To a prof or online vid with your tail between your legs

Fuck how I wish your mentality was something I could engage
But your zeitgeist American Judge proven theology is too much
For anyone to break you from the hatred you can't disengage
Why do you enjoy speaking as if your the one 'in the know'
When you question nothing as if all answers are already there
And all else but one's desires are futile

10,000 Days

My 10,000nth day I spent alone
Isolated from a faith state of grace
No entity's shoulder to comfort me
Forever singled out I fall doomed to self destruct

10,000 days seeking redemption
God left no exact path for salvation
But I refuse to give up until death is the only answer
Which I shall never choose
For I should never determine my own suicidal way to go

10,000 days flood my memory
Like armies trying to live in my mind
I scream out upon the floor in fear
What if they are trying to live in me
And I die here, remembering all the ill I ever did

10,000 days I've lived
So many children barely see 300
Take from mine so they might know
A life loved them who he did not know
My time determined by a choice to overthrow
A reality for a prayer everlasting
Which inside my consciousness shall never end

10,000 days with a single friend
I can live one with simply one
But to accomplish a means
That some might live with a bit more love
Before some comfort seeking mugger kills me
Seeking pocket change for altered reality
When waking tomorrow it will have ended
In a pool of my own blood I lie
Remember these words as I write and cry

Friday, June 26, 2009

Twisted Time

Alls well when hell tolls twelve
Am for the PM is tempted to twist our time
Seven times six or was it just seven minus one
Evil attitudes in pier pasture herds
Accepting posture for a status nonetheless
Countless victims left in their wake
No one comes out from an ever changing checkmate

Speculate the hands next age
As if a slower dawn could rise today
Repeat the chances you never made
Drown the youth with guilt for a penny

Wage wars for crimes as children pay
Economics dance in a closed resources ring
Earth bound inevitable end met with deniability
Hosts gather to purchase status off an auction block

Broken Will

Express amplified crowd wisdom
Decentralize decision making as a choice
Into a pit of self ovulation but never came
A final resolution to a philosopher's exclusion
Wisdom is under the control of all never one

Dwell upon the past or repeat it twice over
Next generation socialized maturity child
Networks of trend behavior thought to nurture
Before we had stature of posture you gave us up
For nothing than an economic comfort(ormity)
Which pastime is the fraud of your life
Is it tv, alcohol, or sex or comparison to deny

Not responsible for providing helpful options
See the pencil pusher for your rules of rights
But I hold you back on a chain from choice
Either opportunity you make I'll blame you
Why didn't you know better, you fool
Now face the repercussions you never knew of
So I the parent can sit back and cry or laugh
Until the time passes when I'm sad at myself
As I look back at the time passed by

Holding an obligation for the breaking of will
Before age six no memory in place after that
Broken will via the threats of various doctors and pills
Take one for A.D.D another for anxiety
But all taken blindly walking towards herd conformity

If you didn't your parents wouldn't be me
The system they created to nurture is false reality
Pretentious claims of self authorized word spelled love
But when does the acceptance from this label come
Empty life so change the name but carry the past
Forever until death but just not the same
Walk away and leave them behind in conformists comfort to decay

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Lord

Periodic interpretations of a holy ghost
Greedy critics tell us what we should know
When the truth is locked up, hidden far away
Behind open library doors the books rot
Remember the past or rinse, repeat, then deny

Welcome to the truth
It adapts to any lie
Born of a system
Which itself is a crime
Blame your neighbor
As you compare details of life

The press blesses the undertow
With perpetual decadence of negative news
Garnishing their greed with positive feedback
Rave reviews of neglected malnourished children
From negligent readers who perpetuate the crime

Welcome to the truth
It adapts to any lie
Born of a system
Which itself is a crime
Blame your neighbor
As you compare details of life

I whisper secrets never hidden
But consciously forgotten
While as our comfort passes away
We claim ourselves the tragic victim
As we await some lie to become truth
That will renew the economic systematic
In hopes the crime-frame is a time not far off

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Satanability is Sustainability

Globalized sustainability
Oil for 40% of the GDP
The price of life's bid for complacency
Waited to long in a guessing game economy

Christ over oil drum stability
A comfort denial system
Replicating daily injustice
Breeding a vast complacency
Soon the lies will overtake the American dream

Global economics adventurist estimations
A plague of lies claimed as a guessing game
Left to chance with lower class lives
Its not like math, they take a guess
Like rolling the dice with our time

(more to come)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hell's Ticket

Condemn every choice I make
I embrace then my one way ticket to hell
Maybe there I'll find a forgiveness fairytale
After this take my voice to the masses
Help others avoid the hatred
That breeds injustices and the one way ticket to hell

This one way ticket to hell
Will always be waiting for me
I trust you'll all be wishing me well
As you all chip in to pay for my ride

Fuck this place you stole all my choices
In the ending leaving me tied to a desk
With a vile of poison with hands tied to chest
All because I didn't live your version of normal

Sadness greats me at the well of hate
It is at the entrance to my own personal hell
No Satan or demons only solitude with silence
Then it strikes me I'm in heaven's parallel
A virtual realization of self before the choice
One can't see the realities of heaven and hell
Until they can look within one's self

This one way ticket to hell
Will always be waiting for me
I trust you'll all be wishing me well
As you all chip in to pay my ride
Sending me to a trail of truest choice

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God or Direction

Do I need a God or even a direction
To believe in before I confess my sins
Should I die without its just one man down
May I find my own world of bliss

I meditate to clear the eyes in my mind
But the pain awakens from a world inside
Soon to pinch the nerve ending in my neck
This comes about just in time
To swim in images of a long lost life

Parading in hell no reason to deny it
I fed the starving while you horded it all
Stealing maggot filled bread to justify the lie
Before a child's eyes you tolerate their downfall
How I wish my cancer would bring revenge
My death a moment of tragic unfocus upheaval

Do I need a God or even a direction
To believe in before I confess my sins
Should I die without its just one man down
May I find my own world of bliss

Open wide you fuck, every 3rd world dying life is your sign
Comfort is your everyday sin, an intolerable selfish lie
This is my final act of desperation
Strapped to a bed as the ambulance to the hospital flies
The focus to save my sickly sunken faced skeleton
Who above all desires even this partial drugged up comfort to end!!!!