Friday, May 18, 2012

A Hollow Memory Citizen (Tweets)

A prayer is not prose,It is poetry,When you speak to the darkness,In silence or driven by music,You become artistically distinct in nature.

Double digit weekly belt weight loss,Something's gotta give,Tried too hard to be courages amidst the silence reflected in my fading eyes.

Can't focus through the Anorexic grey,The mirror's twilight makes me unrecognisable,Whose the hollow man looking back at me,Reflecting loss!

Cared for when I'm guised in comfort for another's inner apathy,I survive for my dream,However ignored & invisible I might be,Inspire others

Making a decent man of myself inside,Yet no one cares if I should die,So I write to survive beyond my forgettable living life,A husk memory.

Can we clean up the mess discovered in solitude's silence,Decipher the damage to take a stand,Bound to music & a friend's outstretched hand!

Singled out forever black pockmarked sheep,Existing under the values of my broken imperfect chivalry by fading hope is what keeps me alive.

Swaying in the silent breeze,Falling farther from the socially acceptable norm,Far away find me amidst my bone bracken under a broken noose.

Ash black leaf floating in the wind,Escaped the fire but not the flames,Twisted by sorrow I'm become valueless & invisible,A friend find me!

Revive me through memory,All I ever wanted walked willingly away,While what I asked for I gave but have yet to know,Lonesome carnage eclipse

Find me upon a pyre,Untie my charred noose,Hold my decaying anorexic body tight,Be my friend until the morning dawns,My final sight,You...

Extend myself beyond extraction,Emotions drained amidst a nearly empty soul,It is my right to speak poetry over prose,To ignite hope in you.

Behind my back inaudible am I spoken of?Play the virtue courage card,Tell me what is said,Am I worth a damn in this world,Black sheep's cry!

Death Pact (Tweets)

Whatever begins is already over,Whatever is said was already spoken,So fade me obsolete & unreachable,Already spoken for by death...

Whatever this anorexic villain detains destiny for is offered as a plea unto Apollyon to appease a single stolen moment,Of love before death

Can't find the scar I've misplaced,Slow lonesome bleed out on the way,Weave the toxic rusted hook wound stitches upon a vast crimson shore!

Piano self manifested chorus,Recorded digital last imprint,A final note poetic hidden & distinct image written to find love...In my eulogy.

Save me from my own word army transmitting from my mind's heart,Stay near me & hold my hand tonight,Wandering back to life from lost...

Woke up at 26 years old in a valley of death,Carved out life heart of a pumpkin with marionette strings,Limping on alone half in the dirt...

Don't reciprocate,Tell me I'm unqualified,Deny my words life,A villain's voice cannot be lent to beauty to impart its magnification...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Storm Shell: Guided Steps Into...

Amaranthine soul
Within a plague shell
Driven by ochre reigns
Powerless mounted fiend
Over the fields of hell

Sore white open iris
Gleam over a death scene
Circle maze of crimson skin
All apologies for I a shelter
Was nought but a storm

Undying  will
Tortured by mirrors
Just I came from dust
Wonder the earth over
Impelled by cold steal

Sore white lidless iris
Glare over a crimson maze
Circle scene of tortured skin
All apologies for I a shelter
Was nought but a storm
Asphyxiated myself

Lonely tears
Holding my hands
Amidst dying gardens
Availed fields of shadow
Upon the steps of eternity
I turned to see my fellow man
Humanity's tragic injustice
Reigned my soul over
I turned willingly
Accepting hell

Sore white lidless iris
Glared upon heaven's gates
Alas I was only reminded of sorrow
Casualties of a scene of tortured skin
All apologies for I denied shelter
Unbecoming naught but a storm
Asphyxiated myself a prison
Soulwell remorse for loss
Denying myself what is
Known as love...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Riddle Image (Tweeted Poem)

Wilt before the mirror,Anorexic dismorphia fades & the image rings true without a changing of the guards behind the eyes,Death to nightmares

My unpeaceful ill fated tumor self befits the grave's rest more so than this beautiful world,Unto me it is ceaseless instability we created!

Untitled subconscious dead space mental state,Anorexia open's fire & I stand before the mirror consumed,What ways too fade out alone...

Needle to paper thin skin personality irritation fate consumed toxic date set under a good will labelled stone destiny six foot burial stage

Amputate truth from me as if I were imaginary,A puppet without integrity or speciality,Imitation life a marionette alive,Contagious strings.

Skeletal mirror ravaged being,Dismorphia's every constant behavioural adjustment,Internal bleed out on a self fish ever hungry portrait.

Wilt before the mirror,Anorexic dismorphia fades & the image rings true without a changing of the guards behind the eyes,Death to nightmares

Rebirth from comfort into conscience to start  solitudes cycle yet again,Dreamt my unwanted anorexic negative state of mind changed in time!

Professional opinion party eating disorder outcast,Paint my skeletal being one last time upon a wall,Then escape reality into the cemetery.

Conscience is a killjoy,Time is decay,Every day dust off my fools hope until nothing else remains & I'm become the destroyer of worlds.

I know its not love,Stepping forward onto Destiny's toes,Being myself within my own oddity shoes,Blessed instead of slapped as I volunteer!

Maladjusted no avail appeal verdict of a stem cell selfish science society's desire,This drives our greed,Our war,Our industry...We are lost

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Universe aligns
Under sorrow plight
Signs of dispelled faith
Hopeless amidst the riddles

Inhuman crafted dreams
Silence torment in Elysium
Stumbling block blood unclotted
Less than speedy bump of death found
Amidst the grave's decay
Untimely detained

Dependant on fire
Plight of fossil solitude
Face to face with frost giant
Exploring unpleasant stone tombs
Seeking an alignment of fate
Twisted by selfish science
Immortal life signs

Inhuman crafted desires
Silence torments us in hell
Stumbling blood block unclotted
Blockade speed bump grave dump
Reject the signs of selfish fear
Death is untimely & unjust
But often natural

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Printer End Receipt

Self printed
Death certificate
Identity stolen freedom
Bound by mirrors & bones

Bid farewell
Talking with fingers
Skin cell anticipation
Ignorance the fuel
Denying dreams
Dead ends...

Elected last moment
Knife to skin f(r)iendship
Cold earthen worms embrace
My freedom of a dead end self

Bid farewell
Talking with fingers
Skin cell anticipation
Ignorance the fuel
Denying dreams
Dead ends...