Friday, September 28, 2012

Who (Alive) ?

Whose online tonight,
Parade your emotions with me,
Seethe with hate for our civilization,
Sad days ahead for equality,
Eulogy amidst bagpipes...
For the land mine dead

Amputee of voice,
A generation of silence,
Carpe Diem we survive for lust,
Moment contrived consciousness,
We adapt to convince our victims,
We're a mannequin not a puppet,
Greed covered heart hidden,
Until a fateful day when...
Your lie breaks

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out From The Mouth: Digit Two

Wherein lies,

    Freely given out crucial metaphors,Not to symbols of hope for me, For I live as on already dead. My dreams belong to you all, The living.

    Traded a thousand sleepless nights to transcribe my inner self  upon digital but forlorn of neglect forecast pages, Hidden under shadows of my sorrow scabs self inflicted scars, A dagger to skin haiku, Waved the wand of murky water grave death over my head as I burned the evidence. To be forgotten or accidentally utilized via unknown artist remembered quotations lingering over my every shackled in shadow line.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out From The Mouth: Night One

What pours out from you, when you are alone?

      Hovering over the well of souls, Overcome by the surreal,Ghosts living in lucid life,Swimming before my eyes.

     No word is a waste of breath attached to my life's line journey through time, Trying to leave empty, Notification signal of into forever of immortal regrets, Words left unwritten at war within, I know the importance & strength of every character that arrives uninvited upon my ethereal neglected pages. My last letter... Life's lingering treasure.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double Shot: Poem of Power Series

No one should ever live in true comfort,Without a fallen tear as the world outside cries naked in the rape we call economic harvest of toxic energies that fuel our single passenger commute with demons,Leave behind all hell on earth as she beseeches stewards of those that remain,Sadly we've grown complaisant as accomplices to her murder along with millions of children we're not civilized we're submissive peasant hybrid human demons hooked up on sedated repetitive willingness.

As they pray,Take this life but let me be,Comfortable oh God unresponsive to thee,Children starve while we seduce our weakness into submission of thought,Compliance to  achieve glass house security we slave endlessly to appease a monetary unequal harvest deadly ever decaying regret filled dream.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Poetic Power Moment

All good intentions fade with the undulating will ending petition for a cure submitted, Though there is no answer to the promise to change tomorrow spoken to the face of forever as you sleep another day in disregard for all thought that could manifest against your comfortable destiny.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Healing or War? Comfort or Awakening?

Roll over in our graves,Maggots consume or is it regret,We watched the world drown & did nothing as we laid down the tracks for our children to follow,Riddled with landmines we watch as they walk willingly into the edge of nothing beside the well at the world's end.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Single Digit Night of Poetic Power

Weakness to follow what wisdom recommends, tonight as the world's over children cry I stand defying my reality...I pray,Not to justify belief in a god who leaves impoverished tiny civilians to sleep under black body bags tied up forever asleep in 3rd world ditches, My blind greed was murder, Now my eyes burn with thoughts of burning down all unmendable economic bridges, Reform for equality amongst humanity not markets.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Poetic Conversation With Self

What will people say of this invisible poet, once I am gone? Foresee it sooner rather than later... Only that I lived to write and wrote merely to die... Empty. Tomorrow could be the end,Hath the world seen such a ridiculous poet as this? Reaching out with words, Hoping to leave no regrets. I appease no system of artistic conformity, counter every form of culture to cultivate compassion & my own decrepit chivalry.When the times cones, should anyone ask, will I come out of hiding? Would this rambling visionary rather riddle himself over a knife in shadow than glimpse the light of a prayed for dreamed of equality universal day...

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tonight's Power: Poetic Words

Abomination relapsed to notions of dreams I wasn't born to have,Destroy hybrid knife skin cell DNA strife self attack, Living with 3rd world blood on my hands, Crimson wishes I live amidst neglect of life, Solitude behind war lines of endless tear bombs,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nail's Head

I believe in the impossible,Non relapse total responsive recovery reformat of soul subconscious systems against analog anorexic atmospheres!

Kidnap me out from my own mind,Aboslution beyond the anorexic mirror wherein lies my stolen soul,All signs are as fleeting moments,My crimes

Carnival of twisted fate,Single digit inner eye,Can't recognize familiar faces on anyone,Afraid not even the mind's eye image in front of me

A contagious thirst for the destiny to come,Walk me a slave into the corporate pen market,Only wish to roam in open orchards,Breathe the air

Not afraid of death's silent void,Only an invisible life without warrant to anybody,Live to write & write to die,Right before your eyes...

Not sure I've written enough for you to remember me,Lay awake wondering...If anyone knows why I live,What is wrong...With who I've become...

Appease my secret,Blown in the wind out from my tongue,Open lonely field(s) of silence bestowed my voice,No one knows,No one cares or should

Sated forever or until tomorrow rebirths at dawn again,I a powerless remnant of a one winged angel of death,laugh in the face of cold steel!

Silence does not indicate my suicide,Knife to skin vengeance of life awakens,Society indoctrinated subconscious,I scribble high on sedatives

Soul feeling,Sorry for my living self,Read the lips of context of the stairs,Invisible content of my life,No one has caught on,Disappointed!

Dispense of the wise,Let children rule the world,Let greedy hands venture into the dark,Persevere for appeasement & nothing else,Death be my rest!

The logic is as follows,Question quest first,Are you logical,Sense yourself persuading all 1st world injustice via a silence manifesto!

Nostalgia in the hall of echoes,Crystal forge triggered a chrono cross final fantasy fate,Epic quest destiny set in motion,Will you arise...

Human interaction,Just a little more make me appear real,Smile at me,Would you...I'm one of your kind,Am I not,Empty poet organ unto demise!

Winter white roses burnt to ashes,Steal all hope tonight,I watched them die as tears ran dry,Haven't seen enough...Until 1st hand I am war!

Ignore the all cry,Their tears keep no one here,Our silent consent unlocks casualty doors,Corporate greed murders first children,Not parents

Rekindled a poetic trail,Invisible is the counter culture content,Quasi queer questions seek absolution of truth,Defying success to end war!

Decrepit victim of absolute remorse,I pray to a god I still justify amidst this corporate 1st world civilian adoring total earth bound war.

Civilized unfortunate die slow,Fingers linger idle not knowing where to go,Meanwhile malnourished children of traumatized mothers are dying!

Impassible suffering & pain,Have all angels signed humanity's novel of war,Standing aside as children die,God why has compassion died off...

No one really cares about some anorexic one charred wing angel decrepit in chivalry imbued via virtue moralist in the midst of karma's fate!

1st world parents have children as a cause they've long forgotten to live or die for,A debt prison they regret,Wake up to our world's plight

Dramatic intro machine blown to smithereens,Tragic time frame fate of a villain's advocacy rates,Props to the invalid viral now on display.

Don't ask for literal equality vigilante truth when you're a backstabbing blasphemy hypocritical secret corporate greed society groupie!

Rosetta stone cast shadow,Remnant cloud transfixed over,Succeeded by darkness,There upon the dawn,Obsidian skies dampening my thought crimes

Hollow orchestra stands,Empty symphony of sound,I read intoxicating sheet music,Classical blades of conscious grass I willingly walk through

Societal pacifism passing along comfort discretion,Consuming moral obligation,Childhood fairness died before chivalry's ignite,Pyre of guilt

Rhythmic mantra of desire,Sexual satisfaction motive,Cater your orgasm to hungering,Unlubed penetration mimics rape,You're consumed by lust!

I wait for response,Temporarily,Silence after my awkward prose rolls poetically before the eyes,I'm merely an imaginary advocate of equality

Piano template background let down,Music beside my soul,She brought me close to steal my soul,Faint reciprocation verses of our daily lives!

Shave my head & scorch my body pyre bald,Self lit suicide advocacy death pact martyr fire,Breath my last poem(s) as I watch myself die.

99% tweet poems advocating intimate intent,99% invisible,Hiding in the grey twilight of equality's lonely temple upon cold stone floors...!

Find me a week late in the aftermath of death,5,000 poetic tweets & 1,000 blog poems,Lady Brown on repeat & I'm heaven bent or hell I accept

Yo darkness,Get the f*ck between my arms,Embrace the darkfolds of shadowy days,Prisoner of an obsidian lone wolf fate,Howl unto the eclipse!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where Darkness Dwells

I have stood where darkness dwells,

I have stood where darkness dwells as the last waves rolled,Crumbling Lonely Mountain,Under the stare of the last distant star,Named eagle

Absolute knowledge of loneliness,No one cares if you're awake or asleep,Living or shackled in death,Shatter all your dead dreams...To arise!

Hand cuffed & feet shackled in dogmatic dredge repetition,Please keep your freedom in your cell while praising our banners as we pass by!

Originality is an illusion,A wished for signal of unique fate,Grasp hold the electricity dream scape of perpetual human condition chains!

Gestation incoming birth of our next generation social lie labelled tolerance,In actuality a toxic ignorance called depravity in disregard!

Anorexic-X mobile corpse,Skin over dead flesh,Sun dried bloody ashes,Scar symmetry self destruction,World makes sense when I'm not afraid!

Holocaust trigger a genocide occupying the misery signals of children's tears,Obsidian closet lurker leading our greedy hearts into wreckage

Gimme time back for abuse over my heart you stole my mind into restlessness' eternal depressive rains until I was blind to hope's last light

Synthesiser 2D single screen sound bite,Fade into a forever fantasy finally,Sweet melancholy time melody,Serenity wanders in hope's gardens!

An inferiority complex is a personality prison,Whoever you could be or want to be,Trapped in darkness,Alone & meandering in chains of doubt!

Sing a prey song before the end of the world,Accomplished profit margins as share holders scream in death's wake,Twilight of earth begins...

Ethereal amaranthine scribe,Write poems on concrete,Walls occupied by subordinate submissive subscriptions to repetition,Life is debt waste!

Robotic human replication android lust,Nano prison sexual droid orgasm induced cell,Apathy for life is dead,Bail out your mind,Give it a try

A healthy normal state unaccepted by the deep,Shore of the soul ever ochre sea,Lonely I sail your suffering scar pounding repetitive waves!

Who writes more poetry than this powerless invisible entity,Villain of Truth ethereal amidst projects that matter,Fleeting life fade to grey

Dance the plank,Closing my eyes as I run,Until I fall shall I ever smile,As if walking through green fields in a world I've wished for...