Friday, October 5, 2012

Deviant 75, Day's of Pressure!

Love is a restlessly clever gift that leaves mysterious marks that taste of regret,A beautifully bearable tragedy I long in dreams for in my heart's head.

Promised myself I'd remain,Self destruction resides deep within,Deliverance from the edge,Crucified by all the words I couldn't form

Breathe the water in,Sinking into obsidian realms where no one can remember me,Lone wolf cast away from a self sunk abandoned ship,

My niche is dying,Every day diluted as I grow closer,White whiskers in my witch pyre hair,Scorch my skin with a knife until all my words are laid bare.

Don't want to change the world while living,Suvive just long enough for my internal poetic pen to ruin itself dry,Then pull my foot(soul) from the door.

Provide myself an empty torture space,Prison cell of celestial already sold into a dead fate,Alive I'm looking as through a mirror upon the past

Scream with all my rage to unleash the anger,Suppress