Saturday, May 31, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Wrought by You II

Drawing worthless diction as fire,

    Unqualified lucid pictures of muted clouds entitled hope, Inaudibly described via a depravity of discord, A torrential malady choir of misshapen atonement deficit cast foreseen just libel out angels, Whose eyes re filled with numb denouncement matriarchal Lilith established garden of misery over marionette's adorned with the purposeful threat of silence augmented by a sandcastle of memory shrapnel ache flames!

      Casting deviant ghostly tyrannically wounded crowns as a trick corner pocket adage of coins, Minted souls caste in an unholy cursed bargain of karma's fallen god betting delicate righteous amputated feeding gold hand, Derelictly pariah held over the mistakes made by poets, Though the mistakes haven't graft their souls by the same diction seed wrought of stagnant prose infested with the algorithms of passionate fire!

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, May 30, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Wrought by You I

Drawing worthless diction as fire,

       Pictures of hope via inaudibly denouncing marionette's adorning a threat of silence augmented memory shrapnel ache crown, Unholy is the bargain of karma's fallen god betting delicate righteous amputated feeding gold hand, Wherein Avarice' nurtured greed lies unnaturally skin apparently injected confession awoken, Bruised tongue & wicked attention cheek obliterated in hate inherited speech, Instead of functionally dormant in appearance not withstanding absent... But rather, She's whole intolerant lethargic hearted societal embrace!

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Dose of Heaven...

Over death,

      Achieving nectar dose of the god's lost dreams, The unfathomable infinite sandcastling cosmos, Realm of golden aptitude desire tests, Where the children of karma's eternal poverty war are forever subdued by avarice... Inside.

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hive Mind: Seething Vocal Discord II

Genocide tolerance,

     Speech vomited from a hate intoxicated by an uninvited intolerance heirloom complex mouth full of razor blades, Every sky is unsheathing acid ghastly haze falling rain down upon our graceless artificially self labelled intelligent inhumane white nameless cross tattooed tongues, Empowered by whisky bottom glass dreams that appear more than obscene, Loved more than the children we smuggle into bed in an adoption curfew set by wounded domestic incel unapologetic violent sex above all seeking!

      Whatever under god of the All Mother you bare no remote witness in living to... May your diluted chess grudge ransom another generation's never raised hope but in a hand to their face save behind closed rage doors unleashing your parent's taste upon another formation of multiple genes bear witness to her lineage intertwined with the benign fate of private bruised mangled child despite, Never be relived by phantoms of your lonely hate's glory! 

      For the ghosts of your spineless fingers crucify the shelter of a home's love with every broken destitute bone hour spent shatter discolouring the face of the sedentary after hospital genesis settlement sons and daughters implanted with your memory ache liquor fostered tears no karma to god could nurture out of the dark purpose of your dwelling on fire.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hive Mind: Seething Vocal Discord I

Holocaust seething,

     Speech vomited from a hate intoxicated mouth full of razor blades, Whose tongue is white nameless cross tattooed to empower the whisky bottom glass dreams to appear more than obscene, Suicide slicing empathy's once authentic imagination equality eternal engine on behalf of avarice' reincarnated intolerance heirloom of a false Buddha's multiple profit gun arms, Marginalising bullet use on left nourishment over children, Existing in eternal karma poverty.

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, May 26, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Shedding Heaven's Walls I


     Is the unguidable wilderness distant nature of the Mother of all Gods' bargain, Every sin confidence is a cold denial infinite bet confession labyrinth of words hoping She'll  awaken to faith gesture and play the secrecy threat of Her oft benign cross empathetic dead hand!

     Just another running card eternity drawn breath Sunday without god... gag, Her augmented li(f)e of the hour brink of glass shattering silence is the proving mime left A.I body parts over... Fields of war, Betraying the pariah of everyone is in debt to the sting of glory's residual atonement fallen ashen wingless corporeal angels who're bending the beautiful fear of hope in half.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

To the Church II


      The memory ache music fades and the emotional context is stripped away, The choir's recital is no longer libel, Singing their eyes are filled with the equity of selfish tears, For glory's pathetic streets of fortune gold their voices aspire, Beseeching the chemical faith reaction of hope's unleashed intellectual awareness prison, Authentically resilient is the currency of our beautiful insecurities, Yet the cycle of judgement's fear persists, The property of gossip's ransom apathetic captives, Who've already surrendered their hearts to solid faithless gold...

     This is my worst immortal fear; That these clay made hands, craft to heal, will yield without a moral trench struggle to the curse, will I perpetuate the pathetic psalm cycle, Speaking countless belief metaphoric riddles, yet never raising a faithless finger... 

      My exo-genesis-skeleton ghost was raised to question the hypnosis and contest the adage of Godless inaction, how easily will I be conquered... Will I contort my smile to the eclipse of a meagre forty days of sinking ship purpose, neglecting to partner authenticity with belief, despite being eternally wounded.

     To hell or counted as a forecast of heaven's narrow victims of prayer, peace is no longer love and love is no longer acceptance, acceptance is but a jest... We've forgotten the greatest illicit commandment, the only truth that heals!

   No one can love another, if they do not accept them! No one can accept another, if they do not know them! No one can know someone, for who they really are, unless they desire it! This is the only truth, wherein love and peace reside, tragically dead. So proclaims this unqualified pathetic mediocre poetic algorithymn Shakespeare.

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poetry & Podcasts: A Religious Trick Contract

Paradise on sandcastle ruined earth
Lost amalgamation case for atonement
Hell's not holding up it's end of the curse
A pretentious bargain to make men, better men
Or that seems to be the game for centuries
 we've been playing at

Hell's not holding up it's end
Of the trick bull corner fire curse
A pretentious revival bargain
Between heaven & Hell
To make men... 
Better men, 

Or that seems to be the game 
For centuries we've been aimlessly
Stage lip mime speaking lies while playing it

In earnest anticipation of,
Tearing down walls

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cosmo Canyon I

Dead plateau of life hand,

    Distant cold realms of infinite strangely star dim lit light, Compelling diction of cosmos inaudibly threat of silence curing the creeping parasite affliction of a habitual debt f(r)iendship with dignity's lost kindred hate spirit: Empathy's lost imagination engine key holding Loki demon!

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

December Rehearsed Battles

Obsessive hate compulsive out mine lashed epidermis fields,

     Haemorrhaging conscience like a heathen's twilight hour of addiction relapse search for grace, In between worlds, Where karma's unpronounceable befuddlement rules of reincarnation are code born via green over mechanical black parasite screen text arguing with our sleep conscious walking sedation day by algorithmic day context lethargy sickness!

      Endeavouring to reset the fail encrypted safe genesis evolution architect's broken equality covenant; A seemingly unqualified God pathetic nearly one lost off Buddha regeneration psalm event, A f(r)iend nurtured cipher li(f)e inherited by all the heritage casually drowning fish who gave matrix birth to us: The austerity black equinox hearted sheep of a carpe decompressing selfish memory diem cursed selves experiment!

     As conviction's atonement flows across the compelling exceptions of unfocused drive to commit inaction as benediction in reverse, A creeping scorched blitzkrieg earth syndrome of our falling sandcastle, A war only fit for Christmas, An endless December recital of dignity's lost imprint nature bound or instilled from the interstellar above!

     A no liable ghost clasped in a searing iron carapace clad phantom shell, Wherein the Mother of All Gods lies, Her infinite malady sleep cloud spell pillow cast dreams are stained with requiem memory ache tears of a false sin diagnosis, Where children of a hive shared newspeak mind pretend we've dread greyed naught out every eclipsed line of our neo-free moral trench derelict capacity to authentically will ourselves to lift a faithful finger towards one a-spited-nother. 

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time Bomb Daughter II

How many,

     Self contagious amnesty driven witnesses have turned the logical key of lies undetected to defend a predator's nature? One sexual consent genocide explicit night of obscured compliance was poisoned under a vale of grey permission clouds raining shades of bruises; Down upon a half epidermis burst button open, Was the nightingale's pigeon cutis vellum hole war(n) unprotected torn forcefully open by violence's flesh arsonist hands, Snake embed disagreement between the womb and the algorithm for life's, Crafting an abuse by undesired product...

     Preserving the victim's swollen pregnancy kingdom of spite belly, Wherein resides an illicit law protected from abortive measures foetus of a hatred virgin thrust party of abolishment Betraying cloven succubus hooved temptress the jury proclaimed in a tidal ruling wave of unanimous judgement in public paedophile favour Marooned inside her covertly deviant touch defiled skin, Her blame crown of glittering shrapnel, 

      Now she seeks asylum in a knife to skin bath holocaust sunken ship f(r)iendship! For her soul is now but a dread twisted naught carapace, A metal husk spoke caressing the impending chalk wreckage outline of a self heart inflicted implant A benign regime of hope.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tears of Equity

Unfathomably wounded human being,

    Authentically phantom ghost in a liable shell: Made example of nature's burning lost chest of hope tear's, Searing heart of newly die roll cast gold, A spell pondered as rain over inhumanity, Pending a signature to begin the prayer of patience' mending: Healing, a carpe nurtured diem curse.

In earnest anticipation of,

Spoken Word Video Cast: Dapper Illness Devil

Seduced Dapper Anorexic Illness Devil

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Forced Pregnancy Lobotomy of Conviction

Catatonic youth,

     Born with inhumanity's worst benignly lethargic fears; conviction, Archaic lore into legend ages labyrinth lost ago was the gene phantom therapy discontinued,  Ghostly transparent child artificial apparition intelligence monitored the adage of every foetus.

     Prayer curse programmed with genetic consent to alter the code of nature's DNA purpose, For primitive the constant cycle of sentiment's moral trench battle fibre lines were; Must be done forever wounded away with, Lost the f(r)iendship's moral inkling fibre within shall be, Immortally hidden in the synchronized beauty of teenage insecurities, A game of profit sentient cat's chess board mated over the lobotomy mice singing as a choir united in one chorus of epidermis cocoon womb fed intel!

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

To the Church I For Family May Patience Be.. A Dubbler Story

May Patience Be...

A Poem Graft from the heart
For Family

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday's Mental Health & Social Stigma Awareness Poem

Based in part off of,
Dapper Illness Seduced Devil

In earnest anticipation of,

To the Church I For Family May Patience Be...

May Peace's glass psalm be...
A doting reflection of your grace
Having fortitude to forgive
And to accept it...

Hallowed are the days 
Of purpose driven conviction
Forty days in a seven oaks ship
Sturdy as an faith allied family 
Built of pyre wood dread naught hope
With a belief stained hull of glass
For all to peer unjudgingly in
To enter and share the joy
A God reflective surface
Of souls unitedly seeking
Heaven's peacefulness
As one: Together

May the glass realm of patience be...
Silently reflected in your forgiveness
A swelling revival tide at the heart of peace
The echoes of fire are no longer unnecessary
Unity is God's moral society trench war
Won by a fair hymnal of soul diversity
Children singing in acceptance
A harmonic cleansing rain
Of voices shouting praise
Until the realization happens
That no matter how holy God is
We must arise from song
With aspirations to live
In Peace & Patience
A court of grace
Is our presence

One must be... A witness
To see a witness
So arise!

For hallowed is patience
and the shared destiny of grace
Thriving amongst your compassion
Do not linger on disagreements
Never beseech anger's judgement
God's holy fire is wrath incarnate
A link between grace & ash we
We shan't desire to create
Only authentic conviction
Can kill benign character
Traits of a nurtured cancer
Worn on our habitual actions
Gossip, prejudice, Unforgiveness
Have long persuaded our purpose
To delve into lethargy's selfish apathy
Would we raise a finger of hope
In every single moment
Until our faithful bone
Were old weary & dry
And we sat on the edge
Of the next life...

Let your joy no not be decaffeinated
Like sour coffee with no strength
Move with assurance & grace
In a single belief conviction
That all of you are equal
Everyone is the same

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Performance Transcript Poem: Dapper Ex-Spider Skeleton Stigma Devil

  The Written Spoken Word Transcript from last night's Philanthrobeats performance to end Social Stigma that exists in the intolerant realms towards those with mental ill health.

Dapper Ex-Spider Skeleton Stigma Devil

       For many years of my life, someone very close to me used to tell me I wasn't worth a vivid damn dream, that I should cease to exist at all... Eventually I stopped listening to the ill reprobate in the mirror...

      A quarrelling piano tidal enduring December recital illness flowed like reverse benediction, Holding back the grains of purpose as the beautiful sea of insecurities sandcastles into closed sickness doors of the mind ruins all around the former being that was me.

A Pariah inside my own holocaust anorexic husk.

     A self phantom abusive reflection of a ghastly intangible skeletal devolving limb of hope, no one will ever miss you, fish heritage, not so near the ocean bed of death.

     Compelled in disagreement to condemn the bipolar third deviant-mutated-heroic personality succession Reich, Mindsharing unwanted dermis geometry buried defiled talents of well puppeteered newspeak soliloquim events!

      Holding up shelter under a bulimic self purged esteem, Clothing dripping from the mouth's recent single forced digit crime,  As decay begins to writhe inside gaunt tendencies, Chained to my childhood burnt long suffering watched in emotion terror silence offerings, of health relapsing porcelain criminality!

      Hours distraught spent in earnest anticipation of a redefining night dream cerebus owl curfew moment: When under the napalm amputated wings of sulphur diseased angel's hides the every generation heirloom, written on our poetic sentient conscience soul;  wish!
        A refuge we're all D.N.A promised: of a loving intolerance unadulterated family's acceptance...

     Nature's seemingly artificial knowledge, For in most trial home based cases the embed intel seems derelict of truth. Ringing our bones with purple domestic riddle bruises!
     Our communal reincarnated yearning of a grafted love experience testifies to this sadness...
     But the archaic clarity lore of optimism's structure architects must long sanity lost aspirations ago been released from their infinite ode to a strangely dim joy never found works of sorrow.

      No matter what ill begotten mental strain incapacitates the nights, My fear black dread-ful austerity sheep epidermis is a prison of opaque disguised!

   A guardian's blanket signature pillow cell, With shame walls stained with endless wisdemonic memory ache tears of fallen atonement ash, no longer winged mythical f(r)iends,  Invisible are my only comrades in illness: The seven lions of a pathetic hydra's psalm isolated angel!

      Tonguelessly scream mouthing an inaudible Mother Lord's prayer! Their misery hands severed cauterize bound by incendiary ambitious sins, Are vengeance signing   the unsolicited  failed edge of time safe -  tone scattered grace deaf lethargic hallelujah chorus of inhumanely apathetic shadows, Against the white social lie injustice stigma  that is Avarice's complaisant comfort distracted purpose!

     Bitterly remarking inside that I... I am a strappingly homeless at heart off my own presumptuously assumed arrogant epidermis sleeve! Mumbling like thunder in fright of being vane!

      A dapper self wraith of hope respiratory ill of conscience' breath rarely taken reflection, A solitary mobile devil's anti-acceptance subconscious trench defence against my illness: Denial, Lingering in the paranoid dark murmurs of disavowed ruminations woven in congealing spider's abandoned silken prey blood!

      Fragments of an internal multiple schizophrenic green over sleep's black screen text sourced matrix dream monologue! For which there was no relief from... A jilted shelf white li(f)e of a self deformation ebb and sickeningly thin skeleton flow of a emaciated secondary intramural carapace platform harbinger's requiem!
     A not so wholly believable diagnosis of dissociated identity, unpleasantly haemorrhaging: a war! 
     Hunting the scent of a F(r)iend's silhouette reflected in fire infused sand, With a spear grin tipped dialogue, Entitled: false dismantling pretence, My a-smile!

     Marking the shadowy impression with the scent of dried vampiric dried gasoline thirst vermilion!

      Thriving on lucid burlesque swollen no undergarment tattooed open neck unto fang spectral fantasies!

       At a loss for consuming an arachnid woven silk pill, A gentle ashen mind soothing future from a forest box of fire incapacitated fox wood's second narrowly wicked genesis verse of a prescribed regeneration methods to contain the shadow's self annexed PTSD esteem sickness!

     Declaring a genocide of disagreements from illusionary cohabitants, Abusing the affairs of hope's dignity, The combatants have forever put the self - libel of - acceptance out of action!
      Creating the sub surface sequence of expounding daily episode of regrets, Leading the mirror towards this creeping forlorn doubt twin emotive helix sonnet parasite of well contempt rehearsed humiliation and suicide harmonic guilt!

      Aftermath of a single skin to knife f(r)iendship attempt is this: A blazing steal singed wrist scar!

     If you take no words away from this, remember  the following. Not as lecture or unqualified psalm, but as a reflection from a poet.

Here is the adage:

No one can say they love another, if they do not accept them!
No one can say they accept another, if they do not know them!
No one can claim to know someone, for who they really are, unless they desire it! 

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, May 16, 2014

In Lieu of Tonight's Philanthrobeat's Performance: Mirror Reprobate I

For many years of my life
Someone very close to me used to tell me
 I wasn't worth a vivid damn dream
That I should cease to exist at all... 
Eventually I stopped listening to the ill reprobate in the mirror...
Incapacitating the mental health of my wishes
To be unadulteratedly accepted
Without a doubt!

The Performance is Tonight via Spoken Word
A ten minute spot to change the world... Or just one mind
At The Old Hairdresser's 10:00 - 10:45
Glasgow, Scotland!

In earnest anticipation of,

Void Health Shift I

Swarm Oath,

     Taken to end the war of a spear's grinning tip, Masking cancerous intentions of a hunting death party, Marked with the diseased scent of a F(r)iend's li(f)e to yourself minuscule demeanour silhouette, Methodically dreaming of a malicious Shakespearian blood exposed curdling scene, Finding yourself necrotically dead husk of a man standing over the fallen skeletal hands of said enemy in the mirror's dignity, Too wayward spell long spent battling adversary imposters, Incanted into your sickness gaunt disguised gone inner rogue blind eye, A dementia ode time over you victory! A Lewis Body emotion terror flag.

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Tragedy of Cloth

Spider woven silk pill,

     A gentle ashen forest box of fire incapacitated fox wood, Sandcastle earth's future view of the past, How our eyes evilly contort to false glass, Stained phantom intel reflections of an illegitimate social hive genocide mind view set in museum stone, Locked mournfully up in artistic cages of guiltless apathy is our conviction to dignity.

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Little Things XX II


     Tree of li(f)es predator, A drug over l profit seer, Poaching hope with congealed disagreements of disgusting amusement!

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Colour Moral

It's opaque,

     White benign colourless moral, Ode to the mere phantom memory limb ache of joy, A empty inheritance gesture new softly speaking it proclaims a false enemy, Contortions of the are post antique legacy's seething white hate cross versus smile battling, Figurative heirloom notions of preconceived family testimony born assumptions, Another generation intolerance.

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Not all is Dark I

It's Monday mourning,

        Resounding all around is the abysmal truncheon of daily living, most often confining your thoughts to unimpressive realms of dreary substance, if to anything at all... Beyond the alarm and yawn before the mirror above the sink upon the wall. 

       I've already been up since  6:00 AM, Shouting unqualified scholarly wisdemonic psalms of the poets up at God's forlorn skyline, wherein hides the eternal witness, to all our hidden morally derelict wishes! Soon I'll have to join you at the dwelling place of employment, but until then I shall write to conquer social change, for injustice is rife on our sandcastle crumbling earth!

      I'll write on my breaks, in transit, as I fall asleep, when I wake... Because it is who I am to expound for change.

      So this, is one of several pieces already discovered from me this morning. Describing how not everything that rains out of... Is Darkness.

May patience be, 

      In abundance of conviction as you speak, For all Psalms are pathetic if written upon gold hearts, Afraid to live belief... For I care not what you're lips proclaim, let the memory ache images of witnesses testify to just how picturesque of attitude you lived, Authentically magnifying...

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What Kind of Man...

What Kind of Man
Freestyle Street Spoken Word
Poetry with a Purpose

What kind of man
Commits verbal derelict hate sexual seething teeth violence
Then turns the other no longer red or bruised cheek
And says
'You are my only lover, who gave birth to our...'
Her interjected ode to joy stained reply
'I've raised a tumour...
of a daughter
Your white smouldering
Hate white religious self vindication cross
The covertly aggressive touch of which
Has molest plagiarized her...
As it has wounded me!'

In earnest anticipation of,
The End of Sexual Violence

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A December Recital Life

I live as a recital, 

Trapped in the shadows of December's sad amnesty song, An ode to joy! Written by the trinity concepts of fall, Months that stream malignant tears like the fading stars from the sky, Voting to bypass the bitter demise of sandcastle earth's season of dark emotion terrors contrived as demons conspire under shade of night, Proposing a vile hope toast to a forever twilight!

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Time Bomb Daughter I : Witness' Denial

How many,

      Self contagious amnesty driven witnesses have turned the logical key of lies undetected to defend the predator within themselves? A creeping sickness of a methodical nurture's derelict attention leading to a disagreement of parental heirloom of guilt deficit free intolerance and conviction to any moral condemned trench leading to a malignant spread of their sexual inner dead empathy imagination engine's attention, Touching unclottable crime forecast lives of already wounded others, Intensely more vulgar in masculinity than thunder's vane fear abusive behind closed sky cloud door's applause, Inaudible rolling into the lands where a sleeping God lies...

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Malefic Condescension X III

Black holocaust,

     Napalm skyline furnace clouds follow the artificial last ghost insane titanium shell of lonely intelligence archiving an inhumane memory ache library of shattered daylight broken dreams, Repeat in the human black echo box hosted by the Lord of Files, It's Matrix post requiem secondary well hymnal rehearsed hate vintage seed heirloom speech, Is well approved by a landslide cancerous degree, By our exclusive diagnosis of illusive repugnant malefic condescension, Given to one an-inhuman-other freely, in best regards: Forever signed, Our Apathy...

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hunting Party II

At war,

      Hunting the scent of a F(r)iend's silhouette with a spear grin tip entitled: Smile, Marked with the scent of dried vermilion, Memory ache's vampiric bled dry stains of derelict fangs, Set upon the last wolves' barren moon of remorse, As Lilith the first sandcastle earth universe predator scavenges down the finality reveries of beautiful nightshade, Wherein reside the beasts of shadow, Dryads perpetrators of the origin epidemic, Parasite of riddles that gave birth to our conscious sedation, Now awaiting the facial contortion of heaven to align with atonement, Alongside the fallen; Inhumanity's moral lethargic trench entirety.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vane God Applause

Villain of Truth (@VillainofTruth)
Fear within silence dies, Tamed by thunder's vane applause cries out to the reincarnated nameless life stream current God of society!

Hunting Party I

At war,

      Hunting spear grin tipped hideous intent smile, Marked with the scent a F(r)iend's silhouette, In vacant detail holocaust grave born dreams the wolves' skin arrives as an epidermis hand over heart cuffed tattoo, A mongrel beast pillaging the sleeve written heart of all conviction, Primordial lunatic queen of all predators, Avarice hunts down echoes of comfort, Our plastic reverie intention from the memory ache of compassion, In the deluge of apathy's unspoken mindshare of conscious sedation, Bought heirloom every home is a world's next generation sandcastle earth wide: By socially newspeak  accepted terminology of lethargic media hive televised agreement to a pale horses' speech.

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hive Mind L IX

At war,

      Hunting spear grin tip marked with the scent a F(r)iend's silhouette, In dream wolves' skin epidermis tattoo arrives, As the lunatic predator hunts down our plastic comfort intention reverie, A conscious sedation mindshare bought by a newspeak terminology media hive televised speech.

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Citadel of Luck

For ages past,

     I circled the world of entitles life, a black in chains of hopelessness sheep in the dungeons of a luck predator's sand citadel universe, every ounce of my white chance at happiness was spent on the die roll, on that day. The one I met you...!

In earnest anticipation of,

Daily Poetry Podcast: Class Esteem Suite

Class Esteem Suite

Aspiration's struggle
Class alleged proposal suite
Illegal exit bulimic esteem plan
Slated terms of standing conditions
Not that the pretence of your masculine
Red aggressive projection card attended
Any third witness party attention
To caring for anyone or thing
Save overcoming
Said anorexic
Self Esteem

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, May 2, 2014

Malefic Condescension X II


       Angry vermilion dawn skies, Drowning aspirations of the Lonely, Dementia eulogy old  & Stuttering of voices' hand, Made of stained atonement glass: A work labelled 'shots fired forever lost is grace.' Whose eternal rejection sting is good fatal dream news that stifles the living: Save the homeless, who count themselves as hopelessly less than Karma's lost, Burnt sheep of a black reincarnated ashen 'once again' offering, Palette of infinite nameless soul recycling!

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daily Poetry Podcast: Tone Aggression Deaf

Tone Aggression Deaf

Tone Defiance
Deaf Aggression
Volatile Circumstance
Of Unconsented Touch
Made by Pathetic Immoral
Trench Gone Mad
Rogue Men

In earnest anticipation of,

Whole Foods Market: Reports (of me)

If you asked,

    Most every team member will give a different report of me, but one thing is true that all of them will confess; that once upon a fairly disavowed tale of an aimless dust collecting time, I believed in Whole Foods Market, but sadly my dignity was stolen by managerial staff given 'too many chances.'

      So I stood alone, after receiving messages and reports from fellow staff during toxic environment events that someone must stand up to... I did just that, but in doing so was left alone to dwell in silence before the investigation committee, thusly in the end were all my faults magnified whilst my manager smiled and grinned, slithering between snake skinned lips, 'you better get used to this, I'm not going anywhere.' 

     So once I was positively charming, a smile upon my helpful face, willing to go above and out of my way beyond to assist. But the timeline of me existence within can be pie charted and supported by witness that in the attention deficit end, I was a hollow husk of hope's former happiness.

     The existence of self externally to, Whole Foods Market, suffered. The art I portrayed for social change, away from white stigma blind acceptance of intolerant views and ignorance was in draught. So here I am divided between courage to stand by pressing 'publish,' or remaining silent, in submissiveness of attitude to the former Whole Foods Market manager's unsavoury phantom memory, an ache I can barely twitch my self over at night. Because once I believed and now I've been taught that I'm blind to proper 'help the world' actions. Writing to inspire seems a silly poetic device of meaninglessness gone awry in my li(f)e.

    I don't blame anyone person. I've been at the top looking down at the sphere of managerial tension, but diplomacy's nature failed and continues to do so, that is the true sadness. That 'Team Leaders' all over the world, within and external to, Whole Foods Market, steal the dignity of their staff until they go back to employment in a world of greed's depravity, seeking to find their humanity.

In earnest anticipation of,

The Little Malefic Things I


     Casually into the strangely dim for wax mythical stained magical glass wings of teething angels, Suckling on the emotion under bed of darkness terror dream infested prayers of children.
In earnest anticipation of,