Thursday, November 26, 2009

Times Oh Chivalry

Times of the brave forlorn
Brazed by a socialization we adore
Moral fortitude and chivalry defeated
Women's desire but sex isn't appreciation
Its a disguise for a socially accepted payment
To men who receive it just like the whores

Acceptance is a measure
As expectation is the unwritten sum
Mathematics in the social order
Status without money is unadorned
Ruining the last of our codes of honour

The social apocalypse is near
Money forms the pecking order
But sickness cares not for the ill
Just like the government and hospital
A million dollars in debt for an extra 3 years
Left to your family for future payment
Medical bills or a life ended with a pill

Acceptance is a measure (we've unlearned)
As expectation is the unwritten sum (our greatest fear)
Mathematics in the social order (unraveling in backwards progress)
Status without money is unadorned (just as a life without purpose)
Ruining the last of our codes of honour (The honourless are we)

Cherish the moments of ignorant bravery
A moments notice and we unwrote the nature
Stop to wonder of the greatest of all dead tokens
A hidden in shitty romance novels with no complexity
Society responded to chivalry with legalized whore houses
Protecting the payoff bribes for children in sex slavery

Fuck our society and the greatest greed of money
I'd live in hell alone but for the sake of the daily dying
Cherish the only ones who matter those who care
Who give a damn for the welfare of walking dead
Wake them with an ode to chivalry and crack whores
Or turn into ashes as the flame scorches our wounds

We are the faithful
We are the fucked up
We are the daily abused

The dying from society's social evolutionary views
We are not progressing
We are degrading our values for a monetary gain
We built it on debt the bank soon will reclaim

We are the faithful
We are the broken children
Of parents who gave us up
And claimed we were test subjects
For they were misguided selfish clueless fools
We are the caring
We are the abused

Stand united labeled as whatever they wish
Labels are nothing new
Call us Emo, Witches or Evil
Labels breath expectations
For them we have no moment to give to you
Fuck off towards your immoral end
We exist to strive forward
Even if to begin we must regress

Our Kind

At the edge of ignorance and dismay
Waylaid by vision of the flames of suffering
Granted by a God who simply went away
Gave us over to the relentless nature of our kind
Forgive what is perpetuated by marching
Children into ditches as war soldiers into a grave

Be brave for the final kiss
A yearning for distance
A yearning for just bloodshed
Lay thy head down oh evil ones
Upon the chopping block
Be brave for justice's swift final kiss

Brave for a Christ in me I seem to have missed
For this society my heart burns with lust for flames
Father I yearn for its very mobilization into darkness
Wondering forward out of comfort to its grave
The world awaits the fallout with anticipation
They are brave for a future we would hate

Be brave for the final impact
A yearning for distance from destruction
A yearning for justice with its bloodshed
Lay thy head down oh evil loving whores
March thyne own faces forward into fire
Upon the chopping block your hands have made
Awaiting its time it rises from your hearts
See in devastation the true nature of our kind
Be brave for justice's swift final kiss
For your gods slow salvation hides its face

Yearn for an uncomfortable life
Standing alone now in the dark
Bask in the silence of creation
Await the meditation which dismisses hate
It seems so instantly forever this nightmare
We gave up bravery for a status built acceptance
Pushed us to mental isolation like drugs did the whore

Saturday, November 21, 2009


A mechanized perfection
By a master engineer's hands
Alas for bravery to save him
He died before my completion

Alas for the immobile indestructible
A heart without a power coupling
Alas for I am only the machine
Only an machine

So walk on you military state
Dream of my overtaking
Progress for weaponization
Advancement over the globe

Alas for the incomplete
The immortal indestructible machine
Mechanized warfare invented
Alas they lay on electric tables like corpses

Monday, November 16, 2009

Arms Eternal

Until Satan wraps his arms around me
I shall never peaceful sleep but fall eternally
I won't end up at the end waiting
For a God who abandoned without a sign

Reincarnate my corpse destroy my dreams
Watch as on my skin my past sins break out
Heaven has no place for reanimation of dirty clay
Focus now my steps upon this unholy ground
At peace with the fact I can't begin over again

My doom is a reality
So claim no love over me
Don't let me drag you down
Now declare with judgements
Like vultures over my dying body

Short Exposure

I magnify a vision our society exists to untie
Eventually graduating to ultimate deniability
A dream I shall never feast upon with my eyes
This body is just a test while I'm still breathing
I live for a moment without peace in eternity

I'm so late with my words
Nothing said will matter in eternity
Tried harder in a moment but no one cared
A season of speech or celebrity I'm brushed off
Overlooking the exposure to fucking open our hearts to care

I'm so fucking late with my words
Everything I've written or said has already been
What emphasis I have will just sit broken here
Short exposure to a world that didn't fucking care
My body is just a test for a moment in existing

Run away into a place my words can't find you
Laugh as the society you adore burns down around you
The thought of me will catch up though late will be my words
I tried but short exposure kept it all at the brink of extiction

Short exposure to create a heart that cares
I had to dig myself out of the whole were I was let go
Short exposure wish I could have told you face to face
Such a shame the choices made weren't alway so clear
Short exposure does it matter that even a few of us care
Or will it always be the worst memories of how you imagine me

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before the Shadow

I once was tame
Long ago aforetime I appeared before the judges
And the dark blessings that followed
My future wrapped in darkness
So set ablaze was I to light every turn

I am one with the deep breath
The legacy of pain before sorrow
I stand now adorned in garbs of guilt
In front of me a counsel of apparitions
From churches they gathered to judge

Lit was a fire inside
Burned was my corpse to ashes
Yet alive as in miracles stood my shadow
Forever I exist as an unpleasant reminder
Of an existence of caring eclipsed by one choice
Unforgiven into all eternity shall I remain

I am one with the deep breath
The legacy of pain before sorrow
I stand now adorned in garbs of flame
In front of the world stands the I you hate
Gather now to release and be free of the rage


I know you'd like me better dead
It hurts you that I sleep under the same stars
So believe as you once judge that forever I'll be alone
But my fear of this selfish dream is a pale colour

In these times conqure tomorrow
Lay you fears down as if they were dead
Set your feet on a path to the throne
Not in some golden gated heaven your mind creates

Yesterday you searched me
A cure you bid me in His name
For your intent of dedicated selfishness
Wisdom prevailed the day and I died in shadow

Dreamt of a transition into no expectations
Heaven is a lonely place until I know myself
A sketch I painted in a book filled with blank pages
All of them had the same flowing theme

That emotions of fucking nothing
That above all the heart decieves
Breath the fire inside
Find flame amongst the feelings of burnt out ashes
Burn your future or watch the eclipse as life collapses

The circus of the flying immortal
No inner flame of fleeting fire is faith
Breath of wisdom from consciouse knowledge
By this we live or give our hearts to much shame

Believe God is as good to us as our current feeling
To Satan's devils we run to find comfort unknowlingly renewed
No flame of fire bound in feeling is Godly
Your heart has decieved and you ran headlong believing into
The crimson fire of the open smiles of hell that await to greet you

Past Pictures and the Current Show

Delete the past, my past
So I can move forgiven forward
Consumed by condemnation soil
Afraid of every step is now unpure

The way I see things
I chose the lesser evils of two
Chose the souls within
Over a vow made unpure

So erase my past
Delete the view to move forward
Otherwise dead you will remain
Entertained by wishes that will never be true

Make the most of my hell bent self
Resist the urge to judge lest I be run over
The theif of condemnation steal my soul
Your future is bright consider yours the whole world

My solution is to persist in begging
Pardon me while I fuck the plank out of my eye
While you persist in judging me
Cast your stones now in my direction

Its getting late so finish the job
Either leave me alone to learn from my mistakes
Or pull me apart to either die or be remade
Why are your prayers so set in one direction

Pardon the fuck me
I got lost so give me an ungodly painful end
Tortured in a dark cell or stones to death
Treat me as you see me or resist the urge to think

The picture you once had of me let it fade
I am no longer the righteous one you knew
I take my time to figure out the equasion to the solution
Find a map of wisdemonic to a new destination

You were to soft on me
Projecting an image I did not intent to fulfill in your show
Inclined to rip apart your picture but instead
I'll rework the old in a new series called a remake

Rememberance Day on Parade

Oh soldier lay down your weary head
In the dust a grave by day or by night
Both are your bed by end of your contracted day
We seek the pathways to comfort

Surve until dust without rest then into the darkness
While society's ignorace of the dying spreads like a plague
My your twilight last until your contracts nightfall
You were purchased signed a sentence for a price
To fight to serve or to die

Blazen forth the bullets smile bears forth
Violence commits your life to the sea or the grave
We spend a moment on this the eleventh our of that same day
Wishing you weren't so dead that you were still alive
Oh we submit a moment to the eternal right of freedom for our lives
Paid for by an unseen price that for us you should die

We parade around on the 11th months 11th day
For generations past pausing for a moment
When its past we continue sueing each other
While across the yard or open sea their hearts are starving
Fighting for a civilization that binds itself from being free

Banks hold the soldier's hand more than one half respectful moment
More a tradition than respect for those who now bleed
Bring them home or stay them on we must challenge the system
Not the momentuim of a soldier to live for mankinds eventual equality

Like your slaving hands debt to pay off mortgage and loans
They march upon distant foreign shores to pay a price not yet configured
For the govermennt system changes its plan daily
The only hope is its eventual conformity to fight for impartiality

Jericho's War

Break the walls down like Jericho with shouts and screaming
Singing blasts against the system driving our wall street debt
Banks filing bankruptcy to gain government aid
Fuck the system it bring my heart adrenaline

I see the capitol is the lease we buy at any cost
War, starvation the triumph of America today
Bringing war into the 3rd world like wise Caesar brought grain
Conform the world to fit our mold stand em in line and roll call
Step out and watch the terror threat rise in level
We be coming after your country justified for war

Stereo Who?

You are not human but a projection of a label fought against
Generations fought to rid society of what you now perpetuate
A remotely accessed tramsitor for the pleasures all men seek
No sensor for thy loved ones nor public perception
For the greatest reason to exist thou hast no mode of caring

A smooth opperator doles out words correctly
Non-conformist to a stereotypical verbal tragedy
Perpetuate daily the disrespectful cliche
Worked so hard for equality now you pre(a)y against it
Like the first world do to live in comfort without rain

Give no quarter for habitual disrespect
You dish it out like a its fashion statement coming back into style
Cause and effect demand the mutual but inside yourself its never seen
So the hatred resides hidden behind your false smile
Those who cannot feed your greed commit a just crime
Sleep tonight with the echoes of the inner voice chiming the world's denial
As the acceptance you seek shall you never find
Demand all you want but the habitat won't allow it
So rest your head in the dreamstate cradle at twilight

M.L.K spilled his words like a million men into the streets
While you milk the stereotype for its minority report overrides
Rule breaking with verbage that would make generations long past cry
They did not slave in a new world blood sucked until the last drop
Just so you could profane an immoral image a half immortal stereotype
Find yourself living proof that a true price had to be paid for equality

A smooth opperator doles out words correctly
Non-conformist to a stereotypical verbal tragedy
Perpetuate daily the disrespectful cliche
Worked so hard for equality now you pre(a)y against it
Like the first world do to live in comfort without rain

Monday, November 9, 2009


Tallied the system doesn't care if your accounted for
The work is your life's existance its no job or chore
Complete the task or rott in a hole somwhere
Care it not of ye be weak, sick or crying

All it knows is the numerical digits
That you produce that is who you are
To the corporation you don't mean a thing
Exist to enslave you are a middle class 3rd world
And your eyes are closed just like the machine's
For just like it your neighboors mean less than nothing

Numbers and street are their names
And so your heart watches afraid of pain
Sinking into the fear of knowing nothing other than digits
But hey, I could be very fucking wrong
So look around you and crown the king yourself
Is it you, the digits or the machine

Everyone moving around me
Speaking but really saying nothing
Don't stir to wake them up
Hollywood magazine dreams are enough today

Numbers and street are their names
And so your heart watches your hands selfishly afraid of pain
Sinking into the fear of knowing nothing other than digits
But hey, I could be very fucking wrong
So look around you and crown the king yourself
Is it you, the digits or the machine
Turn on your heart reveal for yourself what is truth and real

The Wolves

Cast stones into a river bed
Make a wish as the wolves run in
But no golden lion will save your skin
Your hide belongs to the pack
The choices we all have made

Wolves eat the dead & decaying rich
Just as they do the living poor
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real

No difference if your asleep
The spoils of a pirate's life are sinking in selfishness
Give up the ill and take the blame
For the rich or for the poor
For the wolves or the pups
For the corporations or the whores
We all see the hurt in the choices made

For another's sake give up your acceptance stake
Drive the silver bullet into the selfishness immortal
Equality isn't just what you feel its a life's living appeal
To a pack of wolves who drive motives behind the system
Into the heart of seeking any spoils give up begin to hate

Wolves eat the dead & decaying rich
Just as they do the living poor
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real

Speak words of your acceptance speech into the crowd
Swallowed whole by the vast auditorium's baffled frown
Sinking are the teeth of those who've always been within
They've sought you always but ahead until now you've been
The pups are now the wolves whose howls stir your tears
Now while they've starved and cried no longer as you die do they

Nothing saves as the pack hunts you down
They are the cancer in your blood
They are the bitterness that eats your self esteem
They are the neighborhood's gang wars
They cause the undeniable ignorance breeding hate
They care not for your lose or gain
They seek the falling from you last leg
They devour your empty lungs very breath

Wolves eat the deadly rich now decaying on the floor
Just as they do the living poor our riches the slaved for
We all die and that is whats more
We all fall for something undeniably real
The belief in acceptance of something
Seen or unseen we once believed there was more
What we never realized is that its the broken life next door

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Choice of Check

Do not waver
Abruptly turn thy head
Right is dead left a grand lie
Neither choice will benefit you
With fast foot flee back towards the opening
Before it closes and you can't begin again

The benefactor is the lust within
Seek the paths of feeling that blow over
When your forsaken your still not alone
Just in the moment the good is greater
Than the limited vision we have

Why believe in something
The choice either way
Is checkmate for the choices we make
Corruption of morality changes our complextion
More than any makup could do or cover up

The benefactor is merely the body
Seek the path of abreviated longings of the soul
When your forsaken your still not alone
Just in the moment the good is greater
Than the limited vision we have

When you seem so far away
From all the wisdom you've learned
Remember sometimes its best to say nothing
With open ears silence gains remote access
To everything you were and in the moment are

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is isn't Enough

Who now lives for a god who divorced over and over the Jews
Why did he likened his heart to an adulterer
Whose main prophets were murders or slaves to debt
What heaven is enthroned by confuses me
What good is he or she in our words we shall never see
No picture reminds us of a life we'll look back in shame and regret

Heavens not enough
Dying for a god who abuses you
Heavens just another broken city up above
In the clouds we'll watch TV instead of upon a couch

Sadly there is no higher place
And so I sigh and begin to forget
That heaven ever existed in my heart
Yet I regret when informed of the memory

On the coach I feel the pain
Of leaving this world for another behind
Who you were you existing as the day I died
Hold my hand in acceptance or judge my life

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unfolding Folds

Simplicity of fear
Once the truth unfolds
Speeding around unsaved
I wander this world unsound

So fucking simple to be a fan
Of the one who forsakes
To quicken grace in punishment
Lo such a word is held for the most evil soul

Chastise in every moment
No joys for me ever opened
Or could ever leeway be made
Persevere merely to exist
Its so fucking hard right now

They watch every move I make
So bothered by the instilled shame
Slowly I walk into a realm never safe never sound
No home for my soul merely a resting place for my wary bones
That is all that awaits and yet I am not afraid

Tallying the Vote

I vote for who he was
To come back once more
By our memories are we shareholders
In the future of comfort
By his life conformed we care for

He can't ever be enough
The past and the future person
We can't fathom them as one and the same
As they are moving we are still standing
Speechless we reside against the change we fear

Don't wake us up from sleeping
We exist hearts sold to Hollywood
So far from the things we once strived for
Acceptance has brought us debt
And forever into it shall we move nowhere

Focused I couldn't overcome
All your concentrated judgements
The shame overcame me
As the announcement read
That I should go back to who I was once more
The votes tallied die in shame
Or go back to the old images held
Of a sleeper awaiting a transmit ion

But if I wander back now
The distance shall grow farther
From the who I am that I now know
All the fastening through chastening shall be a waste
All for the static conformity to the comfort of unchange

Last Stray (by self slain)

No longer an anger I hold within
A system of regulatory rules
Holding those out to survive those within
Whatever unwraps must be shamed

For in our hearts better we remain
As the knowledge sinks in
Of our comparison to the sinner
Who soon by self be slain

Await the grace of no one
No god loves the hidden
By our rules forever must be
Never spoken but in silent repentance

Lo the next day gossip will pass
Lies in the churches exist to rellapse
All our fates into the blackest of nights
For no love lingers in comparison
Nor labels or the shaming of others

Welcome to the knowledge
That you must change
Exist forever forward to love
Or fuck your soul over and stay the same

What good bride hides herself
From him whose heart she should reside
A Christ who divorced you all
When you walked so proudly towards the thrown

Spake these words did he
That never upon a moment did he know thee
Twilight sunders your hearts misgivings
That a god might accept what displeases

In every moment you existed
Self sought even with your smiles
No trusting to truth could we hold you
Hypocrasy stood upon your brow

Like an evil man laying down
Forever reclaim your sinful style
A moment holds eternity in each breath
To heaven should your soul be sent

For I see you choose ill in a second
Over the consideration of wisdom
Speak with passionate warring
Silence is the idiots so you proclaim

So seek ever on the path to the knowing
Of where you will soon trample your feet
To hell relinquished you shall forever be
Divorced by the Bridegroom Christ
Spat out of mouth and into darkness

Vigilance of Self

Worry not for violence
It hits the cradle
Where once lay a sleeping child
Stillborn like malnourished life
Pains the heart forever and a day

Breath darkness within my arms
Rest relinquishing my eyes to your smile
I see the twilight of my evil self
Don't keep me from my own purchased life
I am the death of peaceful slumber
For without war shall ever be
An internal war hidden in ignorance
Of a carnal nature we nurture eternally

So fill the void of grey areas
With greedy smiles of desire
Humping the whore all you want
Whether wife you torment
Or a hooker you paid
Fuck your soul over once again

Seek with me now all the earth
The path we desire that leads to nowhere
Raise the flag of our own selfish rights
Deny the implicit rules within our mental focus
Wonder forever why what could have been
Or simply turn over to die and say goodnight

Worry not inside your head
By twilight I can rest
Quest the day ever and anon
Against the darkness of a moonlight day
Lay down what is now forever weary
Watch as the daylight mingled with darkness

Monday, November 2, 2009

Count the Rhymes like Days

So what could I have done to instill change
Were my given vibrations for comfort or remain
Unchanged someday you'll turn to dust
We all must conform to what our dreams invision us becoming
But I can't tell you nor anyone how to get there
Its possible its too late and like so many you've forgotten it

Why rhyme at all
I'm counting down my days
Hell will find me here on earth alone
And all my words won't mean anything
But still I scream them into the night

Why run stand still and count down my days
I know for me there is nothing better
I once believed in the security of moral pathways
But now I exist merely to instill ever constant change
Will you become a butterfly or in your cuccoon remain

Fuck I wish I wasn't the black labeled sheep
The evil untalked about aloud
Only remembered in gossip around the table

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Unsimple are the effects
Of the vast process
The knowing of who you are
The thought exists that maybe your wrong
But then your so much deeper alive
Than once you ever imagined

You'll never again be safe or sound
The simplicity of life you gave up
Forever you'll exist alone
Never an absolute right
When the world is against who you are

You never mist the point
To surge ahead when others slumbered
No they could never tell

But don't forget to say earnestly
Share the future of equality for those you love
Despite the battle they fight against you
Their acceptance wasn't real nor for us
We are the anthem that march on we must

We speak in different voices
From those who purge us of trust
The system they empower we despise
It is hidden wrapped in the disguise of their ignorance
While we move forward they say we're going down
But its the alternate view of what we're all desiring
Its just that they yet cannot tell


The words you came up with
My sentence to your conditions
Terms of which I must live my life
I once was caught up in this never ending fight

Its the thought that emerges
No one will ever love the unloved
For I am always below the standard
Acceptance is a fallacy rehearsed for me

Before everyone came clean
I was feeling alright most nights
But now my eyes have changed
I see through tinted lenses of truth
Towards those who've made such claims

Its the thought that emerges
No one will ever love the unloved
No one ever stepped it up
For I am always below the standard
Acceptance is a fallacy rehearsed for me

Now I walk on knowing I'm unknown
The way I move myself now
Is against those I was once becoming
But now I mean nothing to their lives

Why rob me of my only days
I'll never forget the terms of a better life
I once lived for which never made me happier
Please forget and arrive in the future by your own ways

The methods of supposed friends
Are meaningless for they are against change
Exist until the ends of days the same
It can't be so much better on your own path
Even harder for those who forever remember
The terms and conditions that once held their days
In checkmate to an acceptance that never came