Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Back to anger
The way I used to live
It's dark in my dying of dreams
No world not even a day of peace
Not for a moment so revert
Back to the rage as I please

Harmony is hollow
From the lips of devils
Meandering about as angels
Slay the dreamings of peace
Because all we do is steal and kill
For life of comfort and ease

Back to torment
The paths that swallow
All day dreams into decay
No words of hope even for a day
Not a moment so revert with me
Back to rage completely

Peace is a futile wish
From a beautiful angel's lips
An invisible devil's knife at the neck
Stay the hand from the pen
Sign no treaty of loyalty to them
They slay, steal and repeat again
All for a blind society of ease

Back to wounding
Just one more time
I promise this time it'll truly end
No more coming back baggage in hand
To a day dream desire I cannot stand
So prepare for war revert with me
Back to the days of rage

Recon One

A timeless adaption of love
But most times it's usually hell
Waking up to no avail no deliverance
From the hatred mantle placed over forgiveness

But in truth it is a sea
Massive swells not often calm
Sometimes hard to find a way
Usually it's a torrent an undertow

A moral given from a cheap cartoon
Of loves everlasting perfection
What a crock heres the sad truth
About the landscape of love
Between women and men
Everything isn't compromise not anymore
But everything is for fucking sale

But in truth it is a chaotic sea
The unnerving calm water before the storm
A map to govern found amongst the darkness and stars
An overwhelming torrent is the undertow

An endangered species special on the tube
Chivalry died in men when women gave up respect
They listen to the advice of silly fashion fiends
While men dream of a purpose beyond slavery
Toil life away at work to fulfil their desires
All this found daily on our dying earth

But in truth it is as the sea
Massive swells an unwelcomed calm
Never a clear sail amidst the rocks
Usually it's the aftermath of a sinking
A chivalrous ship's grand extorted wreck
By the torrent of a mighty undertow