Thursday, September 3, 2009

Damsels and the Obscene

How far will she go into hell
They're shouting and cheering
The pillaging climaxes however unruly
Leaving her in darkness barely able to breath
Back to business and work as the entertainment ends

Far off the price of violence pays news crew costs
While you wait for the damsel in distress
To be yet again on the brink of death
Before somehow you perform the obscene
We the west accept the agony whatever price or cost

But now its time to go
Cleave march us forward
No longer will our agony pay your entertainment costs
Should our hearts continuously die to entertain
We are not a circus for you our western hated hopeful.... saviors

How long will you wait while she dangles
At the brink of the edge of forever lost
Its ok to watch it on a screen or in the street
As long as your hands don't reach out and touch
We lie to ourselves to comfort as the lust yet again triumphs
Like the evil in us we could never trust

You wait for the damsel in distress
To be yet again on the brink of death
Before somehow you perform the obscene
Fuck the western systems of bringing about conformity
Slumber forever the beast your aid is no longer a need
We walk into hell face forward justifying every fucking thing

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Status of Angels

Dancing in dim lighting in circles you parade
In the name of God you whore your minds out
To find peace in slumber or a dead man's state
I assure you that your merely pillaging His body

While you dance children die
You do nothing but crave more earnings
For a bigger car for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife
She craves status and controls you by night
Welcome to hell, you are not in the name of God

Describe yourself to the jury of angels
How you abetted in society's state of slumber
As to not hurt your soul's inner eyes
Dealings with demons seen as less than terrible
Because they gave you status you'd always wanted

Reveal a darkened future
When God spat you out
A verse you'd forgotten
The pastor tolerated vacant and half closed eyes
Because he was too weak and inside had already died
Your ignorance and slumber killed his holy life

False Destiny

At night on your knees you pray
While children in rivers of urine play
Aids runs rampant while condoms break
And you pray for higher wages

God grants your secret desires
Unholy indulgences founded in self hate
While parents watch they children die
Or worse being bartered off to be enslaved

Behind your eyes you dream of escape
But into more comfort were peace you might find
While they scrounge for a meal as a saving grace
Frozen are the lives of all in misery
But we know it not, ours is a self created false destiny

Secret Master

A pathetic system where did we go wrong
With tribes a monarchy or this false democracy
The damage it causes is for itself worth it all
A self preserving society is not built in unity
But on what it gains for itself on each path it starts

It can't fool us anymore
We are all one world family
Fuck corporate security hording moneys
Come out of hiding show yourself to us
Stop the payoffs of high levels hidden by red tape and security
Come down with us and taste what life really is

Whose in charge, those printing the money
The debt crafters or el presidente
For a moment the surfs closed their eyes
They land stolen with labeled documents
From then on we the lesser have served a secret master


I'm sorry father but I'm not your son tonight
I took on your demons the sum of your fears
You lay with them without discretion
Demons you slept with until your last breath

Reputation for truth is the trade off here
I'll scream forever or until my lungs collapse
About how you taught me whats wrong around here
Awoken with words to unify us in one direction

Then I became enslaved to a greater purpose
Coerced into ill fated lies labeled responsibilities
When I die speaking the name with my last breath
Then it will be over and I shan't have escaped

I'd die for what I know
But your already dead in slumber
Kept your beliefs to yourself
Church every fucking Sunday
Raised your hands for a rebirth
It never came because you lack discipline
Realize this, that your lost
But not because of a God's weakness
But because your a slave to society's comfortable nonsense

Why the fuck did you never try to escape
I see in you what I saw in my wife
Justifications to live weakness in this life
I just this, or I desire that, or they have what I....
Comparison is a tool for building evil intent and lustful desires
I merely desire to unify and defeat the mirror at lost last

Yes, I'd kill my own demons, but their memories haunt me
I died to a past I'm not forgiven of long ago
Changed my name inside with legal paperwork
So that I might better save your reputation from my words
I hope you see this and realize your slumber is your own impending death
Its not my words for no one shall ever know you all
It was my discretion that saved you from my forward direction

The Escape

Bring back hallow expectation of all reputation
Fill me with uncomfortable desire
To find an image not found in mirrors
Forget what gives me nothing I desire
Pressure to fulfill a mood never united

Debt not befitting wages
Angels fighting demons
Messages outpacing messengers
Unbridled hate defeating all discretion

Take a path of silence
All the hate defeats these words
Everyone forgot the point in their life
When they fought to live for others
With every fucking single and until their last breath

In security there is no answer
Find comfort kill your desires
Forget any format of greater purpose
Find slumber in evolution the new label for science
It breeds ignorance of science and hallow hearts
Building moods of tolerance for corporate experiments
Once again the money gained kills all discretion

Debt percentages crafted to lower wages
Children dying bare feet on pavement
New format messages killing messengers
Machines filling jobs to kill off coworkers
Unbridled payoffs defeating all discretion

Never in this world shall I find what I desire
There is no vision to fill the ill mood inside
Solitude is the face in darkness with me here
Yet I fight for what shall never appear
Don't fuck up of miss the point of these words

The Mirror Unimage

Oh my God I've become something terribly wrong
Confronted by mirrors I can no longer face
The damage I am what cause is above all
A jester of a price for all I've done I shall pay

For heavens unholy sake
Off this ill horse I'll now get
Fortune tellers could never tell
How my hell came and thats what I get
I called and reached into an unseen crowd
Striving to harness unity and couldn't walk away

I'll never see a love like his
Through the darkness my future resides
Eternity has come out from my past
This is what I get for reaching out this way
Oh my God, I've become something....

Close my eyes forget all mirrors
Used to look upon myself and wonder why
Now I describe myself hidden in imagery
Yes, I taste regret of which I shall never be redeemed
Or allowed to forget

So now from me get up and walk away
Commit myself to the asylum to be buried inside
This is the darkness in which my future resides
An eternity for the crimes of conscience against comfort
I could never confuse or arouse men into unity
I screamed it from the rooftops so loud
But no one ever came out of hiding
Afraid of what might come
And who they might truly be