Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hive Mind: Nurture unto Nature...

Unhappy intention,

      Groping as tears for that which numbs the terrorizing cold ache of realization held captive in the throat, Throttling the divulging of misery upon inheriting the waking curse, To arise above the conscious divide... To choose between wounded yet intent on offering more to others than what's granted by libel's disingenuous monetary tokens and sleeping as rife volatile rats amidst rotten pleasures, Which only bring the momentarily intoxicating regimes of lucid amusements... As this sand castling world suffers until dry, Our nature to assist the smiles of others is reigned in by the arrogance of our despicable nurture: To please only the self, This is the worst and most contagious disease! 

In lieu of our participation of,
Sleeping while awake 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hive Mind: Seeking

Bliss in a frowning rage,

      Cast upon the atrocities of invisible shameless abuse, Traps set my masculinity in hiding, By those whom deny truth it's stage, Playing at half drunken theatrics allowed in court as libel these disheart-enchanted days...

In lieu of our participation in,
Freeing the victims

Friday, December 11, 2015

Maleficent Condescension: Crawling One

Slithering across redemption, 

     Bearing so illegitimate weight cross handed arrogant blind suffering's ignorant work despicable load down to the karma numb from starving, Withering under time's eternal cursed bombs we've laid... 

     None wither save the harbinger deluge of our defilements of grace before the mirror, As even the most remote anger beyond our forgotten shames cry out! Heaving empty sky line ward prayers against this apathetic battle we're problematically sponsoring with delusions of angst at injustice in our shining best mental disquiet pacifist curtain self credit solitary tone infirmary deaf taught moments spent on bent knees! 

      Willing to ask help and miracles for blood, relations, kin and friend... But not this sand castling world we've gifted with brokenness!

In lieu of our participation in,
Tasting the essence

Thursday, December 10, 2015

All Around... Me

Dead attention,

      Unegotiated span of black abandoned sheep hope to the sands beyond rotten green vibrantly false pastures where only the eternal empty mansion lonely stand idle before mirrors reflecting faith manipulated pillars of pacifist into death idle salt.

In lieu of our participation in,
Traditions born rogue

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

To Queen(s)

Witnessed a dragon,

     On the streets walking as I delivered myself up to the flames of an interview in order to come alive, She was woven of tricks, passion and dignity, One whose love contained no hesitation as the devil within breathed stumbling fire out from the accepted cuts and integrity as she bowed, Acknowledging that in life she was ever racked with lies perpetrated into her mind fed were true.

       That she was a misfit and her breathing this in helped her neglect the need to feel important, Knowing her minions desired her more for any reason that kings and queens could desire the emeralds held captive in her eyes, Misinterpreting her magic as a profitable loss they could never cause because her honesty was subjected wholly to their truths, Instead of acceptance found only her lover's eyes... And all those who glanced her existence.

In lieu of the sight...
Of a dragon

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sharing a Dream

Quoting the visions,

      Wrought up of untruth wrapped in the hollow visionous dreams collapsing as I wake, I'm wishfully wanton thinking that it's better to continuing on in this drudge match, Because the curtain is my curfew that already came, went and never stayed, For somehow beyond dreams my conscience remains, Betrayed by the cross that beckoned the judgement spilt from my mouth as I slept, Enduring the precipice of a G-d who misquoted my every intention and diluting every emotion, Twisting the echoes of good nearly prodigal news into damaged remnants left unwillingly judgemental landscape behind... In a realm nearly forgotten as He called me... Scaring me with venomous doubt hidden in a communion chaser before the alter of purposeless jury attention, Only to cough admit up spectacular blood falsehood sinner claims unwritten on my heart even until this night, My every decision white oxygen invisible lied as guilty inaudible text about how every song of choice I ever made was discovered merely to manipulate the infectious desire to be stained with acceptance...

      Which is to say, That we all desire the song on stuck repeat in our head, To find a relationship with just one other beyond f(r)iendship.

In lieu of finding,
This dream.