Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Flaws

Darks verb upon the sun
Basic forms once bright particle out to gray
Wonders on display etch unforgettable images
Parchment stone encoded black by while charcoal
Arguments of flame indicate aspects of our dying state

Abandon the future in its prime
Minimalists approach innovation
Watch the world as she is crying
Conceptual physical context as lied
Mental grammar's logic is flawed

Darks verb upon our sons
Daughter's virginity sold under stained covers
Transfixed by our searching for images engraved
Screaming terror sounds ears shall never misplace
Arguments of the flame indicate our embrace of our own dying state

Abandon the future in its prime
Minimalists approach to saving a life
Forget the new flash face amongst the crowd
A sculpted image of loneliness manifest illusion
Disguised by a grammar of logic ever flawed

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Redemption Story Disguised

Here I am I speak my mind
You cannot resist the reality
Of pride revealed to your eyes
When you read the truth

I confess my own regression
I am a toxic being unable to hold my own ground
I am hand in hand with my own Christ
As the devil walks close behind me

A picture speaks to your mind
It is the reality hidden behind your eyes
Behind the shudder flux of temporary images
On a dream journey to man's illusion of truth

I believe in Christ's regression
His death bore forth my toxic mental illness
Cling to the claim they say ruined billions of lives
I am one and hand in hand with this transgression
For the devil behind ever gaining ground

See the I am in the atomic mirror
This is the truth we all cannot see
It invades as I resist it's reality
Redemption in a caucasian disguise

Tension builds with pride's regression
Three prong question abides man's fear
How simple the logic we evade the answer
I am hand in hand and one with Christ
I a tonic mixed the red and blue pill
Thus am both lie and truth

Speaking my mind may ruin some lives
Confront the self confession of shame
The sad progression of self awareness
Stand your ground at the last station
Before the edge of all that remains

I believe in a zombie resurrection
A prophet back from beyond the grave
One of three choices via logic was made
Crafty liar chosen death or twice insane
I am now Truth's right red hand
The devil's scourge is right behind

Salvation is built
Not simply a belief within
But the merit of how you exist
When the flesh is weak
The mind is all

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mouth of a Vampire

Your tongue is leech
Denied vile consumption
Spewing toxic language
Decaying your unwilling prey

Even after you released
You still feel incomplete
Jesus died for everyone
Except creatures like you

Your tongue is tied to Lucifer's leash
No vile consumption for your vampiric teeth
Spewing toxic language like nuclear venom
Decay spreads over your unsuspecting prey

Even after you consumed
You still feel incomplete
Jesus died for everyone
Except zombies like you

Now it's my turn to prey upon you
A tormented creature out of sink with humanity
Struggling to breath amidst your burning blood
Near to blind without solution in a lustful state

Your long past dead
Never to feel complete
Jesus died for everyone
Except for whatever you are

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Last Confusion

This is the last mistake that we share
My dreams became your daily vitamin intake
Burning my dreams became your delight
For as you did I called once again your name
Now their all dead or far away
No reason to stay here

I disappear now
As the flames draw near
No more confusion as to why I exist
I no longer question my own ruin
Cannot regret my former pain

A reminder of the mistake I almost made
Melody's name remains as ink upon my skin
Withheld the key to your absolute delight
All language within dies as I speak your name
Brain bearing fruit of a death depression
Blinded by a toxic illusion here I stay

A shadow of self remains
Disappearing with Melody's unmistake
Doused the flame as your dream drew near
No more questions for the ruin I made
Only regret for the lies I believed
Though you could not explain

No more love only pain
No more reasons to remain
Confusion swallowed by a dreaming flame
Amidst your lies delusion gave way
No more love only pain
I cannot turn back
Or give thought to remain
Attached to your name

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

David's Horde; Still Born

Once was David
Leader of a tragic revolution
Against freedom guised in pride
A toxic strategy for saving face
Women ruled by an evil ego
Ridden pock marks of fear

His kin are the defiant unborn
No blood No choice No tragedy
Brethren the defiant unborn remain
Bloodloss born the rebels
Victory woman danced free
Before the crosses she overcame
Of the oncoming unborn hordes
No blood No choice No tragedy

Alternative fate unimagined
Forced into a checkmate termination
Outside influence sustaining perpetual gain
Confused now the external has the upper hand
White clad she stumbled atop the table

David's kin embryo lives unloved
Fetus children resistant against untimely expulsion
Unborn kin defiant they forever remain
No choice to evade the impending tragedy
Bloodloss birthed their rebellion
Victorious women free
Before the oncoming unborn hordes
No blood No choice No tragedy

Prototype medical experiment to save
Embryo imbued into a bionic uterus
The last mistake willingly she made

Pro education yes
Anti tiny white crosses
Pro mothers

Humanity Life Line: Still Born

Free choice of a would be mother
A president action after an exaggerated toxic leak
Catastrophe is a remote possibility
But humanity's life line is held in a smile
Of an infant unborn fragile body
Whose face not even his mother would care to see

Late at night I can see them
Waves foam as flaming white crosses
Through port hole windows we see them
Calling them cresting waves instead of dead children

Witless wandered the would be judge
A queen whose subjects would soon be one
Her free will enacted tyranny before life's possibility
Humanity's soul held in a child's smile
The infant unborn futile to resist
Whose face his mother cares not to see

Late at night I can see them
A dark realm of flaming white crosses
Through bedroom windows we see them
Calling them stars instead of dead children

No tiny cries awaken dawn from her violent red sadness
Humanity's life line smote down as freedom of pride in liberty
An infant's soft whimper not even his mother cares to hear
Once was David an injustice amongst all deaths
An infant unborn sterilized by injection
A face his mother cared not to see

My waking eyelids see them
Fields of glades of green
Alit by flaming white crosses
I walk the infinite isles of death
No longer stars the reality has set in
They are the crosses of the unborn
Whom are dead children

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Splendor Smile

Human condition broken by a smile
A burst of splendor from a sunny disposition
The feeling that in a moment your one of their kind
A waking up from a bitter lonely cold

You are a bright spot hope
Her energy divine in a smile
Damaging chaos with respect
And a complexion that kills failure

A radiant grin gave me personal life like context
Brought back from the inevitable fear in isolation
I can still experience being one of human kind
As if waking from death's bitter cold

I am the opposite of hope
Called an evil villainous traitor
For assumptions my sell out
Treason failure denial consumption
I bear a warning: Lacking self esteem

My escape into a purpose but one door
Loyalty to the one that is still unknown
A remote sense of life I want to renew
You woke me from illusion's front door

You are a bright spot hope
Her energy divine in a smile
Damaging chaos with respect
And a complexion that kills failure
Bearing a warning: this is not a dream

Tiny: Still Born

Tiny souls floating endlessly
As would be angels in our galaxy
But everyday we add willingly to their stars
As we sculpt a culture with a gray moral pride

Still born... tiny
Half collapsed lung
Surgically inflated diaphragm
Prayers for life abundantly
Amidst this decrepit culture
Parents of a new life still worry

Tiny hands cupping infinite tears
For those who cannot choose life
While in the next room parents cry
Given over the fate of the unknown to tragedy

Tiny born... still
Dreams of motherhood
Robin was an accidental angel
Accepted by a surrogate family
Life extinguished not today
A true miracle of humanity

Tiny born... still
Prejudice against possibility
David was an angel murdered
A victim of toxic injections
Against choice against will
Freedom of choice it seems
Is a decree against itself
Inflicted by the ruling party
Against a helpless life

Still Born

Still born... still
Fledgling human
Uncrafted intensity compassion
Creature corpse
A vile for science on display
Unborn choice
Nameless crosses in a field

Still born
Yet still born
Womb begat body
Soul to infant infused
Denying life is a dreadful choice

Still born... still
Non Sequential error
Broken contraceptive contraption
Mistaken weeks
Potential misshape formed a life
Serrated needle
A deadly fist full of steal

Still born
Yet still born
In an empty embrace
Of a broken trojan night
Miserable wombs bore the dead body
Denial of life is a dreadful choice to make

Still born... still
Non Sequential binary error
Broken contraceptive contraption
Mistaken zero for a one
Genetic code has begun
Diagnose the misshape
Dreamless would be parents
Waste away yet another life

Minions of Dark

These limerick configurations are my minions
Demons crafted from the depths of me
Canny discourse bothering the anonymous
Awk-word obtainable fixation

Disturbed dreams by night
Catastrophe above and below
Snow fell as hell froze over
While heaven filled with deception
All has become undone
It's dead upside down
In dreams

Sacred minions symmetry in motion
Angels abandoned posts left us for dead
Caught up in venomous messages of villainy
Transfixed upon the anonymous
Black creature in front of me

Disturbed my ambitious fantasy
Catastrophe both above and below
Snow fell in hell as it froze over
While heaven filled with racial hatred
All has become undone
It's dead upside down
In dreams