Sunday, January 10, 2016

Beached Children III

Advantage conformity
Forget your own humanity
Individuality is a false idolatry 
Lethargy is our new empathy
Welcome to society

Allowing the violence
Of empathy to define me
Breathing in the toxically clean air
Beyond all my life's prayer savings
Board haunted up mansion like dreams
Of lands beyond waking memory
Beyond this life chanting voices
Past our repetitive cursed lines
Of our unrealistic fairness
Only defiled by this:
Our ongoing dream
A lie of violence
On karma
The beauty of breathing
Muddled breath of dying life
Can't possibly be our definition of happiness
Our impurity: this idolatry of torture
Is the a coffin of remorse
We don't even feel
While surviving
Or so we call it

Advantage conformity
Addiction scares away the memory
Communion's wine masks our lethargy
We're stained with empathy for a regurgitated Amen
A stable doubt murdered out guilt that would awaken shame
As G-d she remains lethargic so we too are silent
Watching karma attempt to carve children
From our ashen black road to hell stone
Out of the sea endless tomb shores
Where she lost all her friends
Kids who sank like rocks
In an ocean of pretend
Make believe hope
It's a sea of...
Her sadness
Maybe G-d is a fixation
A voice derelict in my head
My inconsistent sleeping imaginary hope .
An L.S.D misinterpreted dream
Silent amidst their torture
Because it's so unreal
A thread of waking
Splintered and buried
Amidst the poison of hibernation
Our willingly dismissed reality
Empathy is a curse
To which we won't...
Willingly wake up

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Little Things: Forbidden Begging

Sutures of Ignorance,

     Where joy lives, Sheltered in awareness' pardon for which we begged no forgiveness as our hope writhed as a victim; in cables of resentment.

In lieu of our participation in,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hive Mind: Pathetic & Prodigal I

Glistening tempest,

      What seethes is light amidst the dark's most foreboding mental twilight, Adapting wounds to injuries that never scarred, Open behind the inner lidless heart wishes it was momentarily blind eye, Weaving dishonest false prosthetic hope psalms like as a lethargic seer repeating only on incapability, Unable to forecast an ending to the apathy within is the pathetic and dreary leech self mental deteriorating health entitled prophet.

In lieu of our participation in,
Losing faith in hope

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hive Mind: Host of Metal Hearts I

Private unrealistic missions,

     Disproportionate to the needs love is eternally convinced to never regret, Scheming are the miserable riots of silence against the heart's contaminated wishes, Near admittedly lost are the dreams smiling at being dismissed by the quiet finality blackout bow postponed invaluably thriving captain of all lies: A minute journey into the reserves of unrelatable language bound by the tongue when witnessing the mirror's capacity to reflect shame, What's been endlessly hidden despite...

In lieu of our participation in,
A degeneration of caring