Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hive Mind: Terror Home I

A court,

      Disabled truth's honesty is inept at condemning answers born of a silent virgin witness, Victimized stand questioned too disgracefully far on behalf of a sexually decrepit sick antagonist hope defiling numb he'll do it of free will again defendant, Whose revoked memory shame ache can't compel acknowledgement for his illicit epidermis cocoon violation to evoke regret, Saving his next breathless dream companion no decisive jury will ever choose as empathy's all ignorance adoringly embed inclusive void cleared suffering's reclamation over humanity's way for evil to walk dehydrate freeze foot mythical falls on water as long we rile in the crumbling thunderous disease of our own admiration in depravity.

In lieu of our participation in,
Providing evil a way out...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heroes Amidst Disability IV

Closed centre,

     Downed liquid algorithms of faulty illicit radiant passions allowing what resembles lethargic debt to concave invisibly into blood, Evaporating the faithless memory tangent ache wilderness of hope up in ochre fire between the captured wind and guardian battle never fought delivered fate, Hidden behind the thieving smiles of inhumanity's seemingly plus one up level tangent constant mathematics field of choice formulated by greed's timeless conquer plotted our will into depravity.

In lieu of our participation in,
Drowning willingly
In evaporated hope

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Her... VI

Never undesirably wanted,

     To declare any protagonist value in life more than this simple lover's poetic scribe; I miss you every worthwhile day and each dream filled night. Because in dreams the lucidity of you is distant and the tangibility of snuggles isn't always apparent and.. When I'm awake there's the silent departure of working, Which is for now unhappily yet brilliantly most necessary!

In lieu of our participation in,
Life together

Monday, October 27, 2014

Seeds of Poets Screaming at Wolves I


     Skeletal memory inner cage ribs ache of hope collecting dust under the seemingly pacifist excuses adorned by black wolves disguised as hologram swollen oblivion's congealing birth of heartlessness vultures instead of innocent simple sheep sighting misery as their number prejudice one indignation silent reason for the homicide of neglect known as suicide's death loss of no one cared with love enough to pay but their excuses homage until... It's too bullet slit wrist late.

In lieu of our participation in,
Playing a game never meant to exist
Standing idle as life is lost
Close to home

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Little Things: Diagram of Conscience

Electric tangibles,

     Heart mathematics subconscious algorithmic prison of luminescent murmur light beatings, Transposing memory purple ache bruises of violet hue into hideous ochre vermilion perpetual wounded assault shades of empty door broken shell in shocked home!

In lieu of our participation in,
Manipulating the context of caring

A Parent Enters...

The night is darkest,

      It is just before dawn, the youngest heart fearful pangs of another family's youngest child entitled: Timmy, is breathing in shallow another night acquainted hair on bristled ends with emotion terror as his father - for lack of knock - enters...

     'Dearest son,' it is whispered,' I came in to guard you once again, from what hides not under the bed, but betwixt the unnatural fibres of your closet in the echo of darkness.' Please tell me, whisper it owe so sweetly that I might sleep again one more peaceful night, tell me you're not like so many... Nod if you're not gay,' the father's head lowers as his disdainful prayer finishes in earnest anticipation of... 

     The young near harbinger's noose death toll lies Tommy, who gives the most shallow of nod.

In lieu of our participation in,
Guarding closets...
Instead of hope!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Point(ed)less Mess I

Goose horrendous,

     Step of insidiously unnatural greed consciousness endorsing slavery into a stratholme no quest ever told labyrinthine grace holocaust of unforgettable regret graft from the people's whose traversed memory we've displaced, Guilty of wilful unholy neglected loss are we, All who've tried to rule our fears with forgetfulness...

In lieu of our participation in,
Requesting slumber after the awakening

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Unacceptable Voice of Acceptance II

Breathe involuntarily in,

     Lost in the chronicles of harm, Wrists are vomiting after making f(r)iend's with bullet tipped knives once again, Suicide is a homicide of neglect, The patron life forever itching to apply the venom of the infinite oblivion fantasy untold to their very last next breath's cost!

In lieu of our participation in,
Pretending that waiting isn't idleness
A thread of pacifism that astounds
But rarely reunites us with shame 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Unacceptable Voice of Acceptance I

Atrophy of conscience,

     Suicide is a homicide of neglect, Beleaguered hope is your no finger raised for hope's assistance excuse: How dare... The cruel motionless of you! No truer words were ever comfort of any lethargic family nearly lost member spoken: Competitive acceptance is the brand of only illicit religion!

In lieu of our participation in,
Harbouring too much under lying eyes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guarding Gravity IV

Once upon today,

       Guardians now seizure to protect closet blind doors instead of from what lies underneath beds...Is naught but camouflaged polarizing vapid response intolerance! Selfishly momentary rage lapse unscripted invading inhumane opinionated exemplary attempt at over hate throwing reality, This is where faith divides!

In lieu of our participation in,
Betraying kindred blood
For vulgar dreams

Monday, October 20, 2014

Heroes Amidst Disability II

Attempted paralysis,

      Heroes nearly disabled by the incline of genetic debt, Raised under the shadows of potential death via disapproval, The biological echoes of unwanted demons no parent can forget, Fear of life is cocooned in the forever sacred camouflage of faith that tomorrow's triumph of will can release the curtain of winged phantoms of continence's paranoia! To be free of the toil is a pathetic ignorance psalm only politicians bleed deal in masks the lesser can only hope to deny, For the eternal honest li(f)e of suffering is simply beauty, To pleasure one's despicable self with dreams of ignorance as bliss is the sickness of inhumanity as it exists today!

In lieu of our participation of, 
Wishing for a two sided coin
In a single journey of life...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maleficent Condescension in Reverse: Art II

It's seemingly quiet again,

      When the waking inept and forever unqualified social melancholy poetic commentary script of ill begotten quickening lost sanity beckons to continue... From the swelling empathetic  imagination's malignant shadowy depths within. This sandcastling universe around this breath seems unfairly toxic in judgement as it marches every chromosome to death's plotted beat... 

     So I begin the adage yet again, Another morning begins with the quaking of a whisper in desperate searching for hope's shameful disease: fortified unadulterated equality! A rhyme shutters in the rotting dark, guiding the quest to eradicate the apathetic silent atrophy hearts of my fellow inhumanity.

      Dearest eternity is already lost Father, All art off world entitled heaven, Hallowed be the methodical occupation of creativity! On behalf of Hope, Equality and a fighter no one yet can see the invisibly enemy giving all regards from the origin of hate!

In lieu of our participation in,

Neglecting to give all origin hate source regards to...
Avarice our future eclipsing inequality queen

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heroes Amidst Disability I

Closed centre,

     Downed algorithms of allowing what resembles lethargic debt caught invisibly in a gust of hopeless wind, Delivered by the guardians of fate, Thieving smile parents who've changed over the long disability of will haul to go on, Carrying their saving breathe choices for the emotion terror residing in their sub-zero conscience, Empathy is an oblivion void cleared by an inheritance of intolerance that claims to walk above the reproach of water as mythically dead saints.

In lieu of our participation in,
Forgetting how beautifully we're born

Friday, October 17, 2014

Guarding Gravity IV

Trapped echoes,

    Of words too left to say, Liberal equal humanity intentions aren't viewed under the attention of blessings, Inhumane lethargy is granted another apathetic soul day's conquest of blissful ignorance is impending death excuses!

In lieu of our participation in,
Hiding behind the invisible

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guarding Gravity... III

Tested biological

      Mirage at birth no longer gene inherited re-write of personalised born this way beauty of our sexuality ship was a wreck-shivering emotion whoracle ball of eternal terror ache strangers like our parents grafted wounds upon, Coaxing our existence behind their loathing's habitually recited cruelty cheers of choice bars, A prison of perpetual vapid thought vortex of intolerance glue we're stuck with...

In lieu of our participation in,
Re-inventing equality,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guarding Gravity... II

Once forever after upon...

     A timeless empty stolen chest made of a skeletal hidden below an epidermis cocoon beheld the excavation of air, Life slowly white fairy hope tale miraged an escape during the mythical parade of obsidian devouring trolls thieving our wills as their meals... Hidden behind a camouflage index of an invented monster's malignant cancerous reflection of pain... Inside our mirrors.

In lieu of our participation of,
Forgetting to taste what we feel

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guarding Gravity... I

Once upon today,

      Parents now guard closets instead of doors from what lies underneath beds is now the camouflage of their maleficent belief condescending barbed hate fire bird on a wire for anything deemed faithlessly unnatural by their hopeless echo of linger inhumanity times...

In lieu of our participation in,
Brooding over the past
To crush our children

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tonight a new series began Guarding Gravity

Guarding Gravity A series on sentinels being misplaced, to safeguard our fear of sexuality.

Gravity Descending,

       Below the life stream source of misery, Now exists a parents empathy. Their child hides in a brick enclosure entitled closet, The parents enters under pretence of condescending religious echoes of the malignant inhumane past to stand pathetic momentary guard, but not for what's under the bed... But what resides hidden...

In lieu of our participation in,
Closet hiding chilren

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maleficent Humanity Condescension: Lost Will I

Amnestied hope,

      Clone impending forever star apocalypse wars, Revealing a sandcastling avarice shamefully unregretted manifest golden diem invisibility cloak ending, Dishonest myth filled lungs appealed too drowning heart's pain in the lies of strange affliction deeply spilled thoughts addiction; Where no single - before the land's mechanical chromosome scape of our battle oblivion royal fields of ochre stains birthed her origin source of consciousness - raised a digit gave inhumanity a vernacular labyrinth benediction out from a mechanized vocoder came the constant eulogy reminder of our loss of moral trench conscience strength

In lieu of our participation in,
Breathing out blackened skies!. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Venom:FanScript Part III

Venom Part III

Good day, 

    Interaction three, Ixl is taken by the officers. Venom begins to have a slight freakout, but another voice enters the conversation and calms him. This voice is the first coherent speech from Ixl internally or externally of his own accord. He has spoken in the bar and upon the street as Venom but usually Venom's tone of voice is dominant. Venom is taken away to a prison as his father is treated for his minor injuries and questioned by police. Venom is seen looking through the back of the car from the ambulance's perspective which then cuts away to the passenger officer looking through the rear view mirror to see Ixl calmly sitting in the back seat.

    He is taken to the station for processing and a one night stay before possibly being shipped off to the asylum as his history of mental illness, as they call it, is well documented and the Police have contacted the Specialist in charge of his case at the so called clinic. 

     While in the holding cell Ixl is introduced to the most primal of man's instinct, the dominance of one man's will or personality over another. For he is indeed the largest man in the cell, and is mocked and spat on constantly as he stands before the bars looking at the officer at the nearest guard station. The eyes of Ixl creep the guard out, as he is young and impressionable still, as far as officers go, vastly more so than the intimidating and mockery of the prisoner's they keep there. They start to close in physically on Ixl and Venom knows he can do nothing, not yet for he cannot yet trust Ixl in daylight alone, walking amongst the common folk. For Venom does not have the desire to consume his host, but to be bound to him forever.

    Venom takes Ixl inside himself, while the inmates beat him. There we see the history of Venom. This is the perfect time to show the history of the Venom Symbiote as he struggles to save Ixl. Which is contradictory to the nature of the symbiote race.

    The creature that would become Venom was born to a race of extraterrestrial parasites, which lived by possessing the bodies of other life-forms. The parasites would endow their victims with enhanced physical abilities, at the cost of fatally draining them of adrenaline.

    Symbiotes were originally an unfeeling, conquering race, taking over any species they came in contact with to feed off their emotions; this mainly involved adrenaline rushes from death-defying feats and, as a consequence, the hosts tend to be short-lived.  In a strange twist of nature-versus-nurture, it seems that a symbiote's personality may be based on an amalgamation of the memories and thoughts that have been collected from the various hosts and stored within its genetic memory. Venom unlike his kin has had very few hosts so his personality remains true to the nature within them, thus his oddness or form of caring in keeping his host alive for perma-bond, or mutation as he calls it. This explains how a creature like the Venom symbiote, who once valued life to some degree, has mutated into a being who cares only for his own skin and of its host and can take the lives of many even without its host's consciousness being present to guide its actions.

    Though Venom once claimed 'innocence should be cherished' and rescued victims he deemed innocent, including human infants, once even offering a young child a candy bar and reminding him that "only grown-ups should get in fights".

    This is shown to be true of Venom as we are shown its history up until its first complete bond with Ixl. As Victoria takes Ixl, and unknowingly Venom along for the ride, we see that even Venom cherishes life, the innocent. This becomes particularly true of women, children and the oppressed such as his inmates in the asylum. For many are there in various forms of political prisoners, all drugged up for the most part or hidden away in padded rooms never to be discovered by the light of the world.
     The Venom symbiote was different because it desired a strong bond with a single host, and desired to belong rather than to dominate. The Venom symbiote was deemed insane by its own race after it was discovered that it desired to commit to its host rather than use it up. Which leads to imprisonment by its own race, at which point it is exiled into space trapped in a cube or black rock. To ensure it didn't pollute the species' gene pool. The Venom symbiote describes itself as a mutation, though it may just as likely be an atavism among its species

      We see a several flashbacks of Venom's past ranging from his first bond, in the ritual of adulthood, so to speak, to his discussion with his father symbiote and its claims of his vile mutation and insanity, to his trial before his race and exile in cube into space.


    After the flashbacks Ixl and Venom wake together as one in the prison cell both very much active in the mind at the same time as if bonded as the Venom Symbiote Suit. It seems that Venoms black hole in which he had taken Ixl to hide him from the wounds they would receive has mutated the bond beyond any Venom or his species have known.

    Ixl is not yet coherent, and Venom gets a good look at how Ixl processes the present and reality. He cannot control Ixl, but the bond has mutated from lurking in the spine and feeding Ixl thoughts, to Venom's actually being able to view the mind of Ixl, but for now only the present not the past.

    During the first attempt to sleep that night, battered and bruised as they are Venom gets a look at what happened to them while they were both devoured by darkness and flashbacks of time. We see the beating, the moving of Ixl to a secure holding cell, and then a stretcher and a white van moving him to the asylum. There several tests transpired, one even where spinal fluid was taken, Venom quickly reverts back into the spine (shown through cool effects the transition between the physical brain down into the spine) where he finds a minute piece of himself is missing, nothing that he couldn't grow back, but possibly something he may never get back. Not an attribute of himself or a part of his memories or poweress, but a physical part of himself.

    From there we are shown, via camera, flying out the padded room's door, and down several halls to a lab. From there out the window and into the city nights, transitioning into the police detectives looking further into the case of Venom and the attacks which has lead them to the Ixl family home. Where they do some looking into the case and probe around the house, the father comes home and confronts them angrily, they have  a warrant and notify him it is a crime seen, they can do as they wish though the lead detective informs his partner politely that they have all they need and can go. As they leave Ixl's father quickly runs around the house to check where they have ventured, finding all the doors he left locked, still locked he sits upon the bottom step that leads up to the second floor and collapses with anger and grief. Ixl's mother lies dying in the hospital from an ever weakening pulse from a bleeding heart valve which they cannot replace.

    From there we follow see Ixl and Venom again in the padded cell still Venom is struggling to bring Ixl into coherent reality, which is mostly leading to its getting very annoyed: All just as the detectives arrive outside with a warrant and request to see the prisoner. The photo they took from the family home does not to the young man's massive frame justice as they get a look at him through the cell's single portal. Ixl looks up at the movement and Venom begins to panic, again the second voice comes softly, though noticeably more forceful to calm Venom again.         

    The detectives begin to question the doctor and show him the warrant to be provided with all the information about the case they asylum has. They hand over all the paperwork and files they have on Ixl and arrange a time for him to be transferred back to police custody. The detective's partner leaves in the squad car, but before leaving asks if the lead detective would like to ride with the transfer unit, he initially declines. But remembers that they have a warrant also for any blood work or tissue samples taken as well and tells his partner to leave without him and that he will indeed come with the transfer unit that is to take Ixl with Venom along back into the station.

    The detective goes back inside and is given the vile which contains the symbiote spinal fluid from Ixl from the pregnant lab technician and heads back out front to await the police escort. After checking his watch and asking the guard if any good coffee shops are close by he heads up the street to a small cafe.  

     While he is gone Ixl and Venom break out  destroying much of the facility and maiming if not killing much of the staff, save the pregnant technical that was ordered to take the samples of his blood. The room that contains his seed-sample is left untouched for it is the same room that the Lab-tech hides in, and when he finder her inside, Venom and Ixl turn away towards the coming facility guards. 

    It is dust when he breaks out of the back of the main hall way's window, the detective sees him leaving and gives chase while informing his partner over radio of directions and headings. This leads to a lengthy chase through back doors and yards by the detective and his partner in their undercover car before becoming a full blown police chase including a helicopter. The lead detective gets in with a patrol officer while his partner heads towards the Ixl family home, along the way she heads off him off. Ixl and he enters an ally hiding in shadow, there she meets her (that's right the partner is a she, which shows that Venom does struggle with whom he chooses to view and treat as innocent for he does not like nor enjoy her demise) doom.

    The Lead Detective catches up with them in the patrol officer's call with the young man at the wheel. They get out and the spot light is shattered by a sling of webbing, this is when the detective enters the ally to see Venom climbing the far wall out of the ally up the side of a building. He realizes he cannot give chase and as he lowers his flash light he sees his partner's blood trail, there he finds her. Crushing the vile he drops his flash light, which the viewer believes to just be dropped out of fury or a grievous wound for he does not acknowledge the broken glass from the vile embedded in his hand.

    From here the movie flashes as if over, the big battle scene in the Asylum is more than enough to convince the fans both die hard and new to the character of his power, of his bond with Ixl, the history of who Venom is and his own inner conflict with choosing who is innocent in the beings he meets and how to deal with them one and all individually, not out from the rage within himself nor the massive amounts within Ixl. As it winds down the internal conflict is seen as Venom sits in the early hours of the dawn high above the skyline crouching beside a stone gargoyle as if one himself.

   Cut scenes show the funeral for the detective and the clean up and closure of the asylum facility with its specialists and doctors being taken away into police custody. Most of the staff is maimed if left alive by venom, though several of the doctors and lab techs manages to hide from his wrath.

    While it moves on to the funeral we see news paper clippings briefly about some of the inmates (or this could be during the closing credits) some political prisoners, children hidden because of illnesses or family struggles to save careers or to hide corruption. Some are just insane and moved off to another asylum. It shows the mayor or his staff recommissioning the facility under a new name, they are cutting the ribbon in the photo.

    After the funeral ends the movie seems to come to a close, it cuts away to a black screen. Which isn't black at all, it is the mask of Venom, after several moments it begins to recede and we find Ixl walking down a single lane highway on his way out of the city into the country-side.  As he walks himself alone, you hear him humming a tune, an unorthodox tune at that, and as it gets louder you notice that it is in the tone of Venom's speech and not Ixl at all. This leads you to believe that the bond between them and the result of the internal battle in the padded cell before his escape is won by Venom, that he is now in total control even when totally receded into the spine of Ixl.

    It cuts to farther away from him and you hear remotely a cell phone ringing, it gets louder until the scene cuts to a distant road in the city, where the lead detective picks up. He was returning from the Ixl family home as another body was discovered there.  As the detective roams about the wrecked home, the scenes cut between him viewing the scene as it currently is, a wreck, and as Ixl saw it when he and Venom came home to find his father with a mob affiliate in the kitchen going through old letters and a new contract.

    We find out through the cut scenes that that of Ixl's father, it turns out that the only thing keeping him back from getting a mob affiliated construction company through blood ties and much donated work for their safe-houses and personal homes was his son. Ixl and Venom both see very clearly that his father is a villain and so yet another 2 people die. Though the full gruesome details are not fully shown in either of the scenes past or present, only partially in both.

    It cuts away again to a further distance of Ixl walking down the highway alone, but this time a small truck is headed his way.

    It cuts away as the detective reaches the new crime scene he answered his ringing cell phone about, that conversation you hear as both scenes take place in the Ixl family home.  This scene is the Kingpin's tower. There is no power to the entire skyscraper and there are two swat teams and more than fifty officers along with a gathering crowd being caution tapped off already there. They have waited for him, for they - even the men in charge - deem he is the only one that knows what they are dealing with. The only one to see the beast and live.

      As they enter once again we go back to cut scenes between what the officers see as a devastated scene of the Kingpin's entire security forces: Now webbed to various structures or battered, bloody and broken on the floor. To what Ixl and Venom did to them that night, showing the full scene room by room. Not fast cut away which would lose the effect of how much of a nightmare he can actually be: Which has yet in the film to be shown in full force of physical and psychological torment upon his foes. For these he sees as true villains there is no internal struggle either in Venom himself or between Venom and Ixl as to whether or not any of them are innocent. Here I could describe how I see the building and the encounter but I shall not at this time.

    The move from the main lobby to the escalators, and up to the main elevator floor here they go up the side steps which spiral up the side of the building with glass surrounding on 3 sides the the middle open to a large fall back down to the main lobby below. As they go through out the building we have several more cut scenes showing the nightmare of Venom and the poweress of Ixl unleashed. Until we find them at standing in the Kingpin's office.

    Again it cuts away to Ixl walking down the highway closer now, still the same distance behind the vehicle approaching him, but this time the truck is closer so thus so is the viewer/camera. Now we hear the slithering voice of Venom, advising Ixl to stick out his thumb to hitch a ride, like the couple that walked along before them did. They had backpacks and a sign, but it was the out stuck thumb that got them their ride. Venom coaches Ixl again to stick out his and and then uplift a his thumb.

    It cuts away back to the detective and the swat team they have found the Kingpin upside down his legs wrapped in webbing, hanging from the ceiling, as they spread out in the room the giant man falls from landing on his massive desk in the middle of the room. Some of the swat members notice that his arms are limp and folded in manners that would suggest that they were shattered, broken folded backwards from the shoulder blades, and that his legs are busted up and folded in a manner that would be physically impossible for a man his size. As he slides to the floor, feet first, off the desk his head gradually is leaned back to reveal his mouth full of webbing, even it seems it is coming out of his eye sockets and ear canals. Here the cut scenes liken back to that of the Ixl family home, as the detective discovers objects in the room a brief cut scene is shown of what transpired to arrange the room in such a manner. The scene cuts away as he is staring out over the city from the main window from the Kingpin's office transitioning to its ending with the detective giving a report of the case to a police tribunal.

     Again it cuts back to Ixl and walking down the highway with his thumb out now. The small truck stops but several yards ahead of him waiting there for him to catch up. Venom screams with delight in Ixl's head,' Now I am going places,' which he quickly remedies to 'now we are going places.' But as Ixl swings open the door to the truck you see his face, now clear eyed with much clarity and coherent, he smiles and says 'now I am going places.' Or possibly 'indeed now we are.' The fim ends with the vehicle with Ixl in it driving off towards another city off in the distance under an overcast sky with a bright sun dawning in the vast horizon.

 At the end of the film credits we see Ixl sitting beside a young female driver dressed down as a country farm girl, we see from his eye point of view. He turns to see the road ahead, and the city they are destined towards is much closer now. In his hands is a postcard taken from the mail he found on the table when he went home to see his father one final time only to find him making evil deals. It is a postcard from Victoria, telling the family all about the city and university she is attending come the fall semester. Inside we hear both voices say simultaneously, Venom and Ixl, in unison as one, ' no more lies.' They say as both eyelids close and so ends the credits.

    Obviously its not perfect, but it is very attractive to both the hardcore Venom fan and to a person who enjoys crime/action thrillers as well. Something in the mood or atmosphere of Dark Knight as a crime/action hero movie, but slightly darker at times action wise. But the mood of it would be good for the way the plot line carries out. There are bright moments of hope but there are only few.

                                                                        Additional Story Notes

    The detective becomes Toxin as a one of the two seed-sample from the vile taken from Ixl's spine which included part of Venom, breaks in his hand at the fury of his home being destroyed. This is not shown in such a manner as to make it obvious . All we see is his arrival at the scene where his partner has confronted Venom and has subsequently died. From behind him and about his waist level we see his partner lying on the ground and him grasping something tighter and a crash of class a bloody hand and the flash light fall and crash upon the ground as he discovers his partner. It is not revealed for absolute certainty how Toxin is born until a later date.

    A cell mate become Carnage, it is later discovered that the entire contents of the seed-sample vile containing the Venom spinal fluid are not given over to the police, they are about to be sold off to a large bio-tech firm when the asylum is shut down by the city for abuse and neglect of patients. For Ixl and venom's break out destroys much of the facility and maims much of the staff, save the pregnant technical that was ordered to take the samples of his blood. The room that contains his seed-sample is left untouched for it is the same room that the Lab-tech hides in, and when he finder her inside, Venom and Ixl turn away towards the coming facility guards. 

To be...

Venom is the parent, the most powerful and the only one who has true principles and truly honed his moral compass to be able to distinguish between the absolute innocent and those who are vile, deserving punishment.
They fight together for what they understand to be right, though it isn't always a perfect vision of right and wrong. He fights on through most injuries if the cause is worth it.

Toxin is the first child, being born of the detectives unison with the broken vile the night his partner dies. He is timid and his timidness is attached to injuries or tactical victories which result in him fleeing into the night. He timid and shyness is attached to his inability to decide together between right and wrong action in dealing with the choice of innocent and villain. Usually gives up after tactical defeat or injury, save in combat against Venom whom both Toxin and the Detective want dead for different reason.

Carnage is the mad-child, his birth is that of a prisoner who uses the vile -  found in the lab during a routine cleaning out of old fridges by a technical -  as a weapon after breaking it upon the counter and holding it to her neck. His bond with Carnage is fastest and the beast or symbiote dominates him easily as he wishes for nothing more the to lounge in the darkness or relish in murder.

                                                        Movie 2 Toxin Vs Carnage

    Venom is on hiatus from this film in another state living his day to day life trying to cope with being both and bring his consciousness to 100% complete coherence. In this film the struggle between the Two for dominance is shown as Venom finds out that Ixl is becoming ever more coherent to the point where he can get a regular job and hold it steady while living in an apartment  just off campus from where Victoria is going to University. A spy from an agency working for under the sub-direction of the Red Skull has been sent to capture Venom and bring him in for examination.

    This agent is the Chameleon, white pale skin whose powers are innate: his epidermis and skin pigmentation have been surgically and mutagenically altered by a serum so that he can take on the appearance of any person at will. He also wears fabric made of memory material that responds to nerve impulses and can appear to be what ever costume he wishes to be. The Chameleon's physical strength and endurance could be somewhat augmented, though not to the levels of any of the symbiotes or Answer. He relies more on tactical advantage, traps, psychological warfare and intimidation.

                                                      Movie 3: Chameleon Vs Venom

    At the end of the film during credits, Chameleon gets a phone call in his dark apartment telling him to go manipulate the situation between " The other Two." We are sending someone who has had prior contact with Venom to deal with him. Our primary targets are now "The Two." 

                                                                    Movie 4: Battle Royal

     With the Chameleon manipulating toxin under the guise of a secret service agent giving him advance warning of the arrival of Venom who will seek to destroy Toxin, Carnage and much of the City. They strive to set a trap for him. While under the guise of Carnage's mother/father parent Venom the Chameleon manipulates Carnage's violent will to do whatever it is that is desired or needed, eventually plotting to kill the agent that has taken his place in the bringing in of the Venom symbiote and bringing in both Venom and Carnage at once. While leaving Toxin's mind in a fragile state where he can no longer even move.

Movie 4 Villains replacement for Chameleon to bring in the symbiotes for testing and research.

The Answer  Aaron Nicholson / A.N
 - a criminal genius and a former member of the Kingpin's criminal organization

To be...

Hive Mind: A Swelling Breath

The unforgivable,

      Applause of  hope's phantom inescapable nether plain limb pain is slipping ghost suicide bullet punctured moral twisted trench broken nail sunken wrist ship into forever's depths away! This is where dreams of the next generation bottomless wish never witnessed list remain, Hidden.

In lieu of our participation in,
Raising our fists to disgrace
Without shame

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Venom:FanScript Part II

Venom II

Good day,

    Interaction two, onward with the story! There must be one ray of light in our film, its can't all be darkness. She appears as Ixl's first cousin V for Victoria. She treats Ixl's as an angel and she is ever and anon his one light in the moments she is around. She isn't too tall, brunette and has green eyes, she dresses down in plad shirts with a tank top underneath usually and with blue jeans, with her hair up in a pony-tale. She comes to visit every other weekend as her parents are both doctors and travel upstate to work in a different unit.

    She often takes him on walks to the park where he enjoys lifting the neighbourhood children whom are there up the rampart to the top of the slide so they do not have to climb. He smiles and takes great joy in his adventures with both the children but especially with Victor. 

    The first time she visits after Venom arrives he does not try and overcome Ixl in his dreams. Instead he watches Ixl's interactions with Victoria and marvels at the change in him. His eyes sparkle with wonder at Victoria, not with a disturbing passion, but with a joy of pure brotherly love. As if she were his sister removed to another location for her protection from him. As he sees himself the grunt villain of a mastermind's evil plot yet to be revealed. Which comes to be true in the end. He is who he always thought himself to be.

    After she leaves Sunday night the Terror's come back, this is the night he is taken to the asylum called a clinic. He is held in a padded room over night while neru tests are run on his brain and with his blood. The next day his mother receives a call from the clinic to come in as the results are ready. The disorder is permanent, again the symbiote known as Venom overhears and has made his decision. That night after their return home Venom overhears a phone conversation with Victoria's mother, she will not be visiting for the next month as she is going away on a road trip to visit sevearl universities in state as it is her graduation year and a choice must be made as to what school she will attend in the fall.

    Venom decides to use this information to lure Ixl out into the streets where he will show Ixl that he is a hero and a powerful one at that. He will manipulate a dream of Ixl and cover all but his face and when he begins to thrash he shall use all his force of will over Ixl to push him from the bed and out through the window down the front patio's roof and out onto the front lawn. There Venom will strive to block all of Ixl's past from him other than the dream, making it the only coherent memory available, and thus the truth. Then he will tell him he is a hero and can save Victoria from her captor which has stopped her from visiting. As Ixl has no coherent recollection of time a week or a day that Victoria has not been to the house matters not to his reality.

    After a brief mental battle as one striving for dominance Venom retracts leaving Ixl to choose whether to go back up into his room or proceed forth to find himself the hero. With the choice made, Venom takes control of the body through the spinal fluid and leave Ixl completely in awe of what he can do. They travel by roof top towards the city where we next meet them in a scene overlooking a group of three thugs harassing an old lady as some cops pass. Ixl tells of how the cops will not do justice, how they are cowards and will only save those who can pay for it. The criminals retract into an alley where they find a hooker and start to abuse her. Ixl and Venom have crossed the street to the same side as them and are now looking down upon them. 

    Ixl tells him he is a hero and can save her just like he can save Victoria. He passes down the wall in shadow to stand beside the thugs. He realizes just how much larger he is than they are. This seems to promote him not as the weaker grunt but as the powerful hero. He come out of the shadow in a fury of rage, Venom releases control to let Ixl do his work basking in the glory of his rage.  (Describe the encounter as PG13 I can) At the end of it webbing covers the ally, two of the thugs are dead and the other lays limp and broken stricken dumb with terror at the face and tongue of Ixl and Venom.

    He returns home with Venom in full control, Ixl was lost in rage, even as is subsided Venom still had total control he was the outcast known as Venom once again. Venom though recognizes that still Ixl cannot protect himself in society and thus returns to his parent's home to await a better time to pursue freedom. There he waits and Ixl goes back to his daily routine of recorded black-white show, food and orders followed at the constructions sits and at home as chores by his father. 

    Over the next few days Venom overhears and reads an article about  a massive figure in a suite called Kingpin and claims of his abuse of human rights within his Empire Tower in the heart of down town New York over Ixl's father's shoulder. He devices that he shall do the same thing to Ixl again at night and claim the kingpin is the captor of Victoria. But he must prepare, Ixl is not ready to take on such a task as might be held up as arms of force within the kingpin's lair.

    The next night they slip out together through the repaired window, Ixl does not fight the body control of Venom at all and they converse at great lengths about what is to come and what they are preparing for as they web sling and crawl about New York. They continue this venture for several nights until Venom decides he is ready to take on a more powerful foe. They head off into the night out of the city towards an old biker bar.

    They arrive garbed fully in the suite but underneath of a trench-coat and a hoodie which covers his face. Its a dingy old biker bar with a several dim overhead lights and a single strobe light to illuminate the entire bar. He moves off to find himself a seat in a booth by himself, as he does so from a camera view you see Venom's face as he moves towards his selected seat each time the strobe flickers upon his face. Each flicker sees the face with a different reflection of feature.

    He watches the interactions between the men and the waitresses, how they grab at their bums as they pass by, how they treat them like dirt. Venom informs Ixl matter of factly that all men act this way, that even his father behind closed doors is like this.

     I need to stop here and insert some of the greater underlying effects of the conversations between Ixl and Venom. As the film comes to a climax and subsequent close it is revealed that Ixl's conscious cognition and coherence during the conversations between himself and Venom are remembered. You get a clear picture of the toying that occurs between Ixl and Venom, both playing off one another's seeming ignorance or disconnection to an area of life. You see this in Ixl at the bar, he believes, or leads you the view and Venom to believe that he does believes Venom is right all men treat women like this. Later on, as I said, it is revealed that Ixl was playing with Venom, for as his consciousness is restored through Vemon's overtaking, their fusion as it were. 

    Through cut scenes of bits of various conversations between Venom and Ixl it is revealed just how aware Ixl was and is. Even as his parents talked about him before their deaths he had the beginnings of awareness of being conscious.

    A waitress is pushed to the ground as one of the biker's crudely grabs her bum and pulls her towards him. She falls over and Ixl's rage is brought full force against the bar. He moves to stand over the woman, there the bikers tell him off before they stand to take him on. He hunches over her as a lion over a cub, his massive shoulders lurching forwards ever more ready for a pounce. Once again the bar ends up in ruins, webbing everywhere many rigged being filled with webbing until they stopped struggling in his grasp. Some plastered to walls or the ceiling others hanging around by a few threads of web a hole in the roof is the only source for which the dawn's light may enter as the detectives arrive. 

      Oh yes, there is the back story of the detective(s) himself and a partner who are following the case. Becomes very personal for the police as the detective's partner corner's Venom and Ixl only to feel the full force of their combined wrath against authority and cowardice. He or she, yet to be determined, dies. If it is a she there can be inner turmoil in Ixl leading to the ultimate breakthrough shown in the end to be true of his coherent consciousness. That being for his wanting to protect women as he still somewhat believes they are mistreated partly due to Venom's words but also as his past becomes clear in his mind about his father's treatment of his mother. For as his awareness grows so too does his recollection of past event, he is able to piece together his history from an early age. 

    After the bar incident they return home in the early hours of the morning they arrive at the house and slip back into bed through his window. His father comes home for lunch from the construction site to see Ixl sitting in front of the TV watching his black and white recording and as he passes him by stops to ask, 'Who were you out with last night,' to which there is no response. Ixl's awareness has relapsed or is it that he is waiting for his father to reveal his ill action towards his mother as he has pieced enough of his past together to know his father a villain. He may hate himself now more than ever, in front of the TV for once again he is the grunt of a mastermind of evil. He is the son of an villain and thus has been the pawn of evil for all his living years. Where once he was a hero with Venom now alone as he seems to himself to be he is naught but a pawn.

    There in his growing rage as he watches the recording, he hears his father's rage in the kitchen. A raised voice and shouting into the living room about how disgusted he is with his illegitimate son and how he must be a bastard child from some retard whom his wife the whore must have conceived. He hits her in his rage and she falls against the kitchen counter. His father makes forward towards her backhand raised but before he could strike his hand is grabbed and he is moved aggressively against the kitchen table. Ixl stands between his mother and father, his mother makes a move to go around Ixl to speak to him face to face, but his father makes a sudden move as she comes between them. Ixl lashes out against his father accidentally pushing his mother and she is sent flying through the kitchen back door and out into the yard twisted, mangled she lay covered in glass and smeared with blood. His father lays crumpled against median between the kitchen and living room blood stains his brow from a solid knock with the wall. Ixl moves quickly out the back door to check on his mother, an ambulance arrives quickly from a call to 911 from concerned neighbours, followed by a two man squad car.

     Ixl is blamed for all injuries during the incident by his father who is saving his own butt from a long prison term for years of abuse.

To be...

Maleficent Condescension: Belief Upon a Time III


     No longer resonates lured miracle phantom applications of hope into empty stolen excavated heart of greed's condescending left wreckage over chests as they lay abyss dying gravity open, Hallowed indecently out empty... Pondering death white adder tunnel over the dexterity of emotional laughter memory lost to the tremor aches of waltzing tragedies that seem to be cheered on by G-d, Who desires to see which riot upholstered souls will cross the finish grave line first...

In lieu of our participation in,
Making scientific belief logic leaps
Isn't that faith's universally unaccepted sibling

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Venom:FanScript Part I

The following is a Fan 'Script' that I worked on and left behind in 2012 after submitting it to Sony who owns the right for this particular franchise and character.

     In the following days I shall review, update and share this work that I believe is a magnificent take on the character Venom, coming out of the end of what was not meant to impress: Spiderman 3.

Good day,

    Consider this the possibility of the first of a great many interactions, or possibly a great many words used for  massive waste of time, either way I'm ok with what comes forth from my end. I am an unpublished writer who has only recently discovered that a future in the world of said field, stemming forth from my never ending imagination, might be benefitial. Here is the first of what I discovered in my imagination out from the end of Spider man 3 (A Sony Pictures Film) to bring forth the Venom character into his own dynasty.


    I have written a story, a nightmare really (of the PG-13 or R rating), of what the symbiote really could be in a movie, out from the aftermath of the Spider Man 3 Conflict which saw him sonic sound destroyed. Appearing once again, and plausibly I might add, after the events of Spider Man 3. The character which you are producing, and actively seeking to create its own movie is in the top 100 characters of all comics of all time. It is my hope that you would consider my story in light of this fact: That the Venom character in this upcoming movie has the chance to be the highest grossing comic book movie character of all time.
    I have a beginning, middle and end. Indeed the whole story is nearly done, though not yet in script form. I have produced the very complex plot line arc, a story for those who enjoy the Venom character comic books, crime, thrillers and sophisticated physiological thrillers as well as the big blockbuster that blows your  mind with creative cutting edge technology and action.  They don't necessarily have to like venom at the end of it all, but they loved the story. I myself am not the biggest Venom fan, but I enjoy who the character is and should have been, and was disappointed with what I saw in Spider man 3. What I have written is a movie story based on the outcome of Spider Man 3 Motion Picture Film.

    Its hard to describe via email just exactly how intense the story is, because my vision for it is so imbued within, and I deem I have not the time to fully render it in word, though I will try. I have just read about a 2nd draft idea for a Venom movie from Sony Pictures, and thus I moved forward with this email, I shan't wait for it to be fully from my imagination onto paper before I send this. For I deem that should I be allowed the floor via phone call or further emails or a face to face meeting (of some sort I cannot yet fathom) I would be able to describe completely, and with the intensity of my imagination and passion for stories this story of Venom.

    So  maybe you think me odd or that I might email a company as large as Sony with such a massive request from a small person. But I care not for money, I care about the truth, or in this case, the story (which is truth to me).  I'm 28 years old, have already served with several non profit organizations, lived on my own sailboat, written hundreds of songs and several short stories as preludes to the novels I now work on. They vary from fantasy fiction to political-sci-fi fiction, and I have many for my imagination never leaves me at peace! I've dealt with my current company on almost every level, and I am, to a degree, not afraid to stand up for the equality of other people and the lack of ethical treatment which is not upheld from our core value statements. The person(s) that I am standing for now, is everyone that might come to see the new movie you(as Sony) are producing, and for the Venom Symbiote itself.

    Here now I will divulge the beginning of my story, and I am sorry for the haste of which I wrote this demanded of my skills were not adequate of befitting whomever's eyes this might reach. That said I wanted to be myself, I am not perfect, nor is my story. Indeed I am not asking for my story to be produced into script and thus to movie, what I am asking is merely for a chance to 'take the floor' so to speak, that this story I've written might be heard and discussed as if it might become reality, for that is all I ever ask. I ask not for absolute certainty of change, and if I believe it must come, then I ask not for it to be immediate, I want merely for open discussion that the truth of my story, however altered it may become, might come to pass.

    So this is me, the story bound inside my head. Out as much as I deem I have time to relinquish. To get your attention, so to speak. For I do not wish to give you the whole story, at least not without a reply whatever that might be. I won't withhold the story, no you'll get it all freely offered. Because much like the press, like journalism, the story isn't for my profit it is for the benefit of all that might come to see its beauty, truth or merely identify with its characters. So reply to me or not, I'll send it, but I should hope that I might get a reply so at least I would know I am sending this to the proper email address and this story is not being stolen by an outside vendor. 


    Our story follows a young man of 27ish years old who has worked as a labourer under his father the foreman of a construction company since he was 13 years old. This is of course because he has a developmental disorder, he is not handicapped, or mentally ill, his disordered was perpetuated and gradually became worse via the treatment of his parents denial of his disorder. His parents have denied its existence and so it has no manifestation beyond the young man's lack of ability to logically reason beyond the present moment, which has vastly impaired his learning ability and social skills to that of a seven year old.

    They dealt with it by sitting him in front of the TV, setting him there to watch a black and white Dick Tracey style crime fighter  cartoon series. Even after it was cancelled his parents kept it on video tape for him to watch endlessly, only to be interrupted for meals and chores. Which have over the years made him perfect for following his father's every command on the job site.  

    The young man is a tank, he stands six feet six inches tall and is built to move mountains. The Symbiote known as Venom blasted by sonic sound sits in many tiny particle pieces in several large puddles after a large thunderstorm at the bottom of the construction site our man works on. Having reformed itself as the rain upon the ground allowed easy movement across the otherwise impossible terrain for the tiny spectacles of living black liquid. Our young man doesn't talk, for his thoughts are no longer coherent, his disorder is discovered to be irreversible after a week of night terrors during the course of the film. as the Venom Symbiote tries to take form over our man as the Venom suit. Irreversible because of how his parents dealt with him, they are guilt stricken and their deteriorating relationship adds to the building climax of the film.

   Our story begins with the young man, whom his father calls Ixl (pronounced I excel) , which stands for his name Ian Xavier Link (named after various knowledgeable men over the ages as his father hoped he'd become an intellectual, and get himself out of the construction industry), stepping in one of the puddles on the job site just days after the climax of Spider Man 3 and a day after a massive thunderstorm has dampened the city. Ixl merely glances at his shoe for a moment and gives his leg a good shake to try and rid his boot of the black tar like substance. The tar remains on his boot and he takes no further notice of the black tar like substance which covers his boot, he goes on with his day.

     Since he was Thirteen years old he has worked with his father on the construction site, doing all the dirty garbage moving chores befitting the lowest level labourers. Thirteen years he has done all the on site chores, just like he does at home, his father has asked of him. He is massive standing 6'6 and build like a freight train though not perfectly sculpted, he stands with a slight hunch in his overbearingly strong shoulders (developed over the years by constantly having to walk through door frames of his family's home which never did fit his build). The night before in the rain storm (shown in cut scenes between Ixl showing up on the construction site and starting his chores and the storm the night before) the Venom Symbiote has collected itself in a puddle at the base of the tower, not yet fully formed or strong enough to take any form it merely latches itself onto Ixl's boot as he passes by. It uses most of its remaining strength to remain attached as he shakes his leg vigorously to be rid of it.

    The reasoning behind such a bold name for Venom's host character is to disperse any correlation between Eddie Brock to this current movie by fans. This universe which Venom is in has nothing to do with Spiderman, in this movie. The only villain is kingpin or a villain of that type who rules from a large skyscraper in the middle of Gotham/New York, and he is merely mentioned in a news paper before being seen completely wrecked in his tower at the movies end. Ixl is a memorable name, and can be discussed openly by intense fans, but it becomes instantly memorable to the average movie goer.

    This version of Venom cannot speak audibly of its own accord, but can speak via images with various voice measures in the brain of its host, but only while covering the host fully. The interactions between the Host and Venom vary greatly throughout the film, as the symbiote desires to be one with Ixl more than any living being it has ever crossed. The repressed rage within is insurmountable, and when it is found every so willing to show itself.

    For the first week Venom merely watches and lays dormant within Ixl watching and waiting. It is very weak and cannot yet cover Ixl's massive frame fully with itself, but it tries. One night in his bed after his chores and his movie, ever repeated, is over he is tucked into bed by both his parents - one at a time - lovingly though with hidden misery and guilt from his mother and disgust from his father. After they have gone to bed, and Venom has decided that they are asleep for the small house in the suburbs is silent while the wind blows outside.

    It comes over him, late that night, though it can only manage to envelope his head, as soon as it does so Ixl's thoughts within his dreams and active memory become coherent, his consciousness is no longer devoid of clarity. In that moment he wakes, screaming as if in a night terror. Venom immediately retracts, and Ixl's parents come into the room. This is repeated several nights over the coarse of two weeks while Venom is growing stronger, though it is slow for Ixl's rage is not present while his consciousness and thoughts are incoherent.

    The Symbiote exists or lies dormant wrapping itself around and within the spinal fluid of its host while not enveloping it to become Venom. It seeps out through the skin along the spine to envelope its host into the black Venom Suited Symbiote.

    The relationship between Ixl and Venom is very intense, as the symbiote recognizes that it cannot trust Ixl to take care himself, let alone both of them at once out in public or even at home. The Venom Symbiote must choose wisely when to envelope the body of Ixl into the Venom Symbiote Suite as this is the only time when Ixl's thoughts become coherent(but this happens over the course of the movie, not merely the first time Ixl and the suite envelope into one). Venom realizes that Ixl is both the perfect and worst host all in one. His body and rage top the scale of any being the Symbiote have ever been in the presence of, but his consciousness is disconnected and may never reconnect which threatens the existence of Venom.
         The relationship intensifies during the film as the audience and the Symbiote discover more about Ixl's past and how his disorder developed beyond repair. Ixl does not view himself as the hero in the black & white TV series he has watched over the past 17 odd years repetitively, he views himself more as the lesser villains, not strong or conniving but a mere grunt or pawn of a larger sinister plot.

    This is reinforced by relapses into his past treatment over the years by his parents neglect and demanding chores along with the dialogue between his parents. Building character back story. His mothers guilt and his father's disgust.

    Most of these relapses, in scene cuts, the Symbiote can not gain the complete status of Venom (both body and symbiote as one) due to the incoherent dream state of Ixl, the Symbiote cannot conform Ixl's dreams in order to keep him asleep while it gains control. 

    The Symbiote does not give up, and during the weeks to come gains tiny glimpses of coherent thoughts from its watching of Ixl's dreams rather than taking active part in them or taking him over. After a week or more of night terrors his parents take him to a psychiatric clinic where he is held for a day before the diagnosis is found, he is freed but prescribed regular weekly visits to a specialist at the asylum or clinic as they call it. In a meeting with the psychiatrist his parents are told the developmental damage is complete and cannot be reversed. Venom over hears this and believes them, at this point Venom decides that it is time to take action, full and complete.

    The story follows Ixl and his relationships between the Venom symbiote, the psychiatrist, his parents and also the detective and his precinct following the attacks that occur. The detective and his department were assigned to the case the night of the events that were the climax of Spider man 3.

    This is all I have time for, or time to send to you in this our first encounter. I cannot say what shall come to pass of this meeting. But I have much more to add to this, to tell you of this story of Venom. The ending, which I have told to many fans who are my personal friends, makes their eyes widen with wonder and hope for possibilities of what is to come for this character. And the story, this a long action packed crime thriller with a very nightmarish anti-hero is of the magnitude of awesome!

To be...

Maleficent Condescension: Belief Upon a Time II

The faithless,

     No longer hope pondering the soft emotion terror dexterity of memory firing napalm pin trembling explosion ache does the waltz a nooses animosity as it cheers on the inner apathetic trolling eye as it sprawlingly freedom of cruelty seeks to penetrate the wilting armour dreams of hope's pathetically dying skeletal remnant psalms.

In lieu of our participation in,
Neglecting apathy's internal conscience bleeding

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maleficent Condescension: Belief Upon a Time I

Those faithful,

     No longer hope pondering inner apathetic troll under derelict heart excavated dream bridge eye,Where sprawls the lure of a tone nearly forever deaf prayer inside our train skeletal chest track, Below belief... That no spiteful shame longer seems real.

In lieu of our participation in,
Concepts with their own gravity

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hive Mind: Surgical Pessimism's Charisma VI

Life autopsy offline report,

Dreams skipping a chess lethargic hands apathetically down off match beat, A rhythmic consent euphoric path that bleeds emotion terrors into forlorn open confessed advantageously condescending empty palms attempting to pay maleficent homage attention to excusing the masculine exemplary actions a rare form man is ashamed of in these sandcastling inhumane days, Where truth is a heretic and love is a burden!

In lieu of our participation in,
Excusing violence
On behalf of Avarice

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sea Gull Crash: Skinny Love Remix I

Come on bluff
Story of a skinny love
Attempting to be heard
By one soul per year
As she stares
At falling

Sustain heart pedal beat
Venturing forth another year
Unrecorded throbbing adventures
Crashing love's impatient wreck
Upon sandcastle earth's shores

Pour a little salt
The wound was never here
Pain of invisible salvation
Is reconciliation's bribe

A divorce from hell
Death's all to near
But love's not...
Not ever wasted

Come on skinny hope 
Bluff of love's life fading time
Story of a memory ache crashed tear
Attempting to no witness fall
Just once per solar year
Flare of the vacant
Nearly lost

Sustained heart pedal beat
Venturing into sound from white
Unrecorded throbbing hoping in circles noise
Impatiently crashed upon love's noted pages
Near the end of grain of biblical salt lies
Where no equality one falls
Not for a moment

Pour a little salt
The wound just appeared
Pain of invisible salutations
The reconciliation bribe

Between lost dreams
And what is real

I told you...
I asked you...
I begged you...
All these requests
When you're never near
A sandcastling universe away
Behind a vale of imbalance
Behind love's tickets
Her vouchers
And silent...

Come on salt
Heart & soul poured
Over skinny love's crash
Open soul wreckage
Taught to fight
All that defines

Pour a little salt
The wound was always here
Scars describing kindness's distance
A reconciliation from darkness
A bribe of hope to the light
Where humanity crashed
Upon shores of tears
Beyond the dark
There is hope

Come on skinny hope 
Bluff of love's life fading time
Story of a memory ache crashed tear
Attempting to no witness fall
Just once per solar year
Flare of the vacant
Nearly lost
Falling loveless

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Maleficent Condescension: Art in Reverse I

It is quiet,

     As the script begins to flow tonight... Our sandcastling universe Father, All art off world entitled heaven, Hallowed be the methodical occupation of creativity! On behalf of Hope, Equality and a fighter no one yet can see.

In lieu of our participation in,
Reunifying bleak memories with reality

Friday, October 3, 2014

Obstructing Rape's Justice VI

Cat illicit signal call,

                  Visibly discriminating raised no voice but to stop the phantom memory ache echo of an unforgivable epidermis cocoon first burgled house break throbbing in, During a fist incapacitated bruised forever double XX seething chromosome injection after, The emotion rake terror nurtured wish of a misogynist in denial, Scene exploding its deviant theft desire from a brooding kinky flow of abduction dreams knit by the methodical camouflage lure of lust come battered squall cocoon migrating abyss beyond life tense preservers never coming to the apocalypse of hope rescue before the night emotion memory ache terror came... true!

In lieu of our participation in,
The super ruined highway concept of consent
Incapacitated conscience by tragedy
Cheering on sex
Or is it rape...