Thursday, February 21, 2019

Exhausted existence,
Wrought of metaphor,
Dysfunctional self haunting,
Contemporary acknowledgement,
And breathlessly incapacitated; so...
Trapped in a mental labyrinth of health,
Is supposedly an unfathomable happiness,
Discouraging the imaginative impressions,
Ever wishing for something... More,
Than this great insignificant day,
Wherein we rotted in dreams,
Pretending we ever existed,
Despite being invisible,
Sideways in a mirror,
Every single...

Monday, February 18, 2019

Suicide near blind,
Ousted from the story,
Attempted every kindness,
Save the infancy beyond the chill,
Aggregated of self beauty in loathing: me,
Everything serpent designed wrought a destiny,
Compromised willingness addicted to metaphor,
Falling face inappropriate care forward numb,
Beautiful catacomb immobilized home,
Fashioned of cauterized prison thorns,
Sick of self protesting the poison,
A brooding anorexic shape,
Born of a deadly mirror,
A familiar's complex,
Self written...!
By a ghost;
Am I?