Sunday, June 26, 2011

Code Rewrite

I rewrote the exam to life
Projected pass yet marked incomplete
Judged for a small misstep unknown
An impressive attempt to undertake
To fucking bad it's about progression
A ladder even the maker is climbing

My code of humanity rewritten
By my own hands I am held down
The user exchanged my data
Corrupt against their perfect plan
A.I of self built my binary digits
Only to be refused entry

Rewrote the entrance exam
A mainframe mesmerized by blue
Such a wonderfully plain existence
Unable to acknowledge slavery
Unwilling to take the red pill

Code of all humanity rewritten
My words a door against the plan
The use exchanged my data
Corrupt it wasn't an image of Adam
Put together with broken binary digits
Refused entry even into another's heart

I am no man
A crime to exist
Read between my lines
Cry for help this might just be
Before I'm recalled to be processed
Destroyed forever leaving words as my only memory

The Moniker of a Jester

Made to feel like a moniker jester
Name unknown as a John Doe
A villain with a cross to bear
Martyr or suicide it is unclear

No life memories left
Can't recall a moment of calm
Just an unreal cold silence
Of my silent six foot tomb

I failed to made the cut
A mere minion of a moniker jester
Name forgotten just another John Doe
A villain with an invisible cross to bear
Martyr or suicide it's still up in the air

No conscience left for remorse
Bring my eyes to bear forth tears
Just an unbearable silence
My last chance past now
Silent I'm six feet under

Lonely Death Deserved

A lonely island just East of peace
West of grace in a city of pain
Barely North of death
South of salvation
Limping into hell

Hell accepts what heaven won't comprehend
Sated as angelic tears cover my corpse
Blood red torn wings of white sown on
Watch as actions of evil are justified
Should have known not to cause a scene
Wounded I wondered off to died alone

East of my very last breath
Sinking just West of any life line
Barely North of the rising waves
Always South of salvation
Sin is my anchor
Dragging me

Hell accepts what heaven can't comprehend
Sated as angel's watch my pine box float away
White wings sown on the back's of angels
Watch me sink bound in chains

No words made you realize
Now I'm on an eternal cruise
Between heaven, hell or paradise
I called out long before I took my last breath
Sailing on an ocean of glass going nowhere
This is my lonely price to pay
An eternity solo at sea
Endless pool of misery
I deserved it
They all say

Desparate but ternaly East of heaven
Waves Keep me ever West of the doors
A rare glimpse just walls North of hell
South shall I ever be of salvation
Walking alone the plank of guilt
For a life of pain I built
Fucked up my heart
With sins black dagger
Watch my sails finally
Forever sink under
A placid lonely sea
I deserved it
They all say

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soul's Negotation

Managed to arrange the final deal
Signing a settlement of spirits
Transmit the last bargain chip
Accommodated man's empire
Their comfort is my hell

Negotiating the fine lines
A complex contract almost complete
No retracting the signature of soul
If all leads to a prison as you die
Then accept the terms of life

Terminated the holy covenant
To cut a deal with myself I Lucifer
A move forward to satisfy both sides
Accommodated man's destruction for the last time
This is the ending injection of the adjudicator
Their comfort was my hell

Negotiating the fine lines
A complex contract almost complete
No retracting the signature of soul
If all leads to a prison as you die
Then accept the terms of life

Bind me in chains from the maker
Cast me into the well of damned souls
Assumed to have abandoned ship
When I traded my life for yours
Indescribable pain to change directions
Chose wisely the tormented path
Because really I do deserve it

If Jesus was just a prophet
A zombie back from slumber
Or spent three days in hell
Either way I sold myself
To become the shelter
Of the final storm

Negotiating the article details
A completed contract finalized as I die
No retracting the signature my soul
Leading to an eternal prison
Accept the terms of life

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sky Compass

Shadow encompasses the skies
Dark is the place where angels fly
A nuclear winter unnecessary
Toxic winds their wings blow
Plagued all the seeds sown
Heaven upon earth
Our new hell

A black spot awkward existence upon this earth
Kicked out of where the angels call home
Hell hath only fury for a creature like me
Exchange places with the ignorant

Solar eclipse now an eternal night
Winged machines darkened the skies
Their A.I energy blotted out the sun
A nuclear holocaust unnecessary
Heaven upon earth
Our new hell

Me a nightmare guardian of hawk like words
A poem for a portrait on heaven's external terrace
Trade my soul for another's moment of relief
Shattered chest my heart thrown on the walls

A beautiful imaginary angel
Her wings bloodied and burnt black
No regeneration their sown upon her back
She struggles against the tractor beams of hell
The A.I demon droids swoop in for the kill
Heaven is our earth
No planet B

A black spot awkward existence upon this earth
Kicked out of where the angels call home
Hell hath only fury for a creature like me
Exchange places with the ignorant

A tall dark servant strides
Doing the tragic strategic business of hell
Crafting souls into a quota for an unnecessary need
A black spot awkward existence upon earth
Hell's fury follows the wordsmith creature
Exchanged his ignorant comfort slumber
For a tormented life without rest
No shade under heaven
For a soul living undead
Half awake half burning
He is heaven and hell

Monday, June 20, 2011


Weak eyesight diminished in returns
The world grows darker by the hour
I tune in to the airwaves to avoid it
A missile aimed at my mind
Blind deaf and dumb not I
This is my every moment
This is my cry

Syntax airplay controlled
Just as beetles are drones
We crawl meaninglessly for the dark
Blind to what light life offers
Unwilling to put up a fight
For our very lives

Weakness of equilibrium
Memory lost within my ringing ears
I slip inside a body cast and hit the floor
My eyes are blind and I cannot hear
This is my every moment
This is my aching life

Airplay Syntax control
Emotional highs and bitter holes
Jealous are the dying breed the jesters
Their airplay is but for a historical hour
Deaf to reason and how logic unfolds
Unwilling to desire the fight
For their very lives

Weakness to preserve
Question what it is to be alive
I emulate the digital master's motives
Lost every last one of my senses
And yet I can still imagine
Living my struggle out
In this dying world

Syntax controled imagination
Airplayed my dreams on the radio
Digital imprint of my eyes to watch the show
Humanity shedding it's disconnected hating skin
Stop it's wallowing in a chaotic confusion
Controlled by fear of the unique beasts
Until it's a rich and famous best friend
Unacceptance is they key delusion
I feel my outsides turning in
Change is born outside
Of any moment
Ever known

Police Line Up

Every hour grows
A still standing police line up
Until the evil fills the invisible void
Of a system built to keep closed the doors
To corrupt the exams and never apologies
It evades all truth from infancy
It is control

A witness by default
Trembling as another takes the fall
Challenge must someone always
Until humanity's most bitter end
Plans will fail our faithful sides
But we shall ever continue
To stand in the line up
And wait for the grave
It is our weakness
Seek the nether

Each decade remains
A still standing historical frame
Until the police line up stands still
Waiting for a system's corrupt judgement
Examinations of factual betrayals
Reason and logic are a crime
It invades the mind
It is control

Witness by default
Fear the choice and the fall
Sort through the assembled crew
Plans failed to lead to promised prize
This is the goal all men have in mind
Work hard enough to gain some ground
Just another face in the crowd
Nothing physical can fill the void
Welcome to humanity's dream land
A calm acceptance into ignorance and decay

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rem Tears

Cursed is my doom
Flower altering the mark
Your eyes stopping my heart
An epic yet brief moment in time

Rem driven tears
Spilled under a monolith
Dreams of igniting the touch
A heavenly dialect of courage

In a dying flower
A warning for the dark
Lonely specter's freezing touch
Leaving a trail of tokens of death

Rem woken tears
Spilled under a monolith
Dreams of igniting a touch
The heavenly dialect of love

Friday, June 3, 2011

Love Exile

Love's exile
Set within a still frame
Picture perfect not allowed to change
Tarnished by slave like memories
Pondering if the world would miss me
Or remember who I
Who I was

My last lingering question
Would anyone miss the real me
After I was broken dead and undone
I couldn't save myself from life
She never took it easy on us

Ever I walked as love's exile
Her beautiful lonely path
People adored their own image
Of an imaginary version of me
Will you remember who I
Who I was

My only remaining question
Am I the man whom once was
Woke up not able to see who I was before
An image of myself the ailing prisoner
Mind and body in some a new cage

Love's exile I remain
Today it's pain so clear
Soon I shall break
Wake up someday not the same
Change without a single sign
Will the world like me
Or remember who I
Who I was

Out of nowhere I have unbecome
Something new I never before was
Woke up unable to breath as I once did
Peace fell away with knowledge
No one ever wondered why
I broke without any signs
No one helped me out
Or picked me up
Alone together
Is me

Love: A One Sided Glory

Is love ever one sided
Adored in single moments
But a villain I'm made out to be
This is my heart's cold story

I am the pupil of her
Learned all my eyes could review
I breathed it upon the people I knew
But I received only a moment or two
Of love before I was left to triumph
For two human hearts

The love I know is one sided
I am adored as a perfect picture
A target for darts on a chess board
Could I save your world at all
If I could who would I be
What would be left over

I am love's dying pupil
Took in all the test review
Breathed it upon the world
Every human in a moment I knew
But I am the villain of truth
I expect nothing in return
I bleed for the earth
This is my life

Habitat Humanity

This earth is not for me
Chivalry is meaningless and dead
A man and his code unwoven
Unworthy of living another breath
No one appreciates his life
Until after his tragic death

This civilization's beauty
A habitat not fit for a man like me
I appreciate what is nothing today
A story of victory over nothing
See me stand while I last

This tragic society starves me
A meaningless soldier of equality
Seen as or wished by history to be dead
Not some tragic poet hero to debt
To the world I am a widow spider
Words unwanted hidden in the dark

This city's clear vision
Is aware of nothing about me
Appreciate the day of my dying
I stare into the eyes of strangers
Seeking aid to benefit earth's future
Drowned in sorrow I strive onward
This is my last moment of chivalry
My hands reach for the dagger
So late in the darkness of night

The lost faith of the momentary
History remember the joy of patience
Enjoy my beard trimmed hair combed image
It is soon to be my last picture in your past
I have not the measure of courage to live
This world is beautiful but not for me
I gave it everything I ever was
Until fear swallowed my peace
And a fate I couldn't push
Knocked at my door

Scorpion Flower

I am a dying flower
Starved by a scorpion's stinger
Venom has frozen my roots
And the breast they feed

I question will I ever be whole
Why should I continue to breath
Sunlight hidden behind vile erections
Black pillars surround as towering monoliths
I stand but only while my courage lasts
Soon my pedals shall wither
I shall be one with the ground

Just a lonely dying flower
Courage attempts the impossible
My roots grip in my last starving hour
Plucked from life as a token of love
Alas for the ailing of my handsome pedals
A faded impression of a once bright beauty
Cannot accomplish though I am to please

Question will the earth ever be whole
Why should I continue to even breath
Sunlight hidden behind my own evil shadow
A black pillars of hate and pace
There it ever stands a towering monolith
I stood until my courage failed
As winter withered my last pedal
I gave myself six feet into the ground

Ignition Warning

Ignite old scars
A curse in a sinister touch
My token for hell where I'm bound
In a moment I'll be taken
As my mind dreams
Eyes streaming
Rem Tears

Cursed today
Under a dark shadow
Where storms also linger
Behind my beating heart

Ignition of a paradoxical sleep state
A psychological place for my deadly dreams
I'm flying on an empty starving heart
Nearly crashing into the ground
As dreams take my mind
Eyes streaming water
As dying rem Tears
Cursed tonight
Under a dark sky
All hail the black night
Whose spear stops my beating heart