Friday, July 17, 2009

My Revenge

Breaking me down
I'll be back with my revenge
Its merely a distraction from your focus
A hidden test of your absorption inside the crime
How far your minds linger inside a cable line
If it should collapse more than our backs against a wall

Hearts written on a canvas don't even exist
In your living tissue walking skeleton remains
Could a mode of caring ever be displayed
Tragic lose of a kidnapped child is today's gossip
But the 3rd world in your own streets is ok

Only whats televised can distract our hearts from inner focus
5 more troops die and its ok thats part of an expected casualty compilation
Adjusted for each mission and a plan could never be a crime
But if a celebrity should die losing such a soul is a devastating shame

Breaking me down
I'll be back with my revenge
Its merely a distraction from your focus
A hidden test of your absorption inside the crime
How far your minds linger inside a cable line
If it should collapse more than our backs against a wall

Whatever forecast of children dying in the 3rd world in their hay cradle
Its ok, as long as your child, cousin, or nephew doesn't die
The kidnapped television child is where our hearts remain
Fuck the world outside our comfort bubble box

Their corpse pile building up a sky scraper
Now your mind is at the edge if you aren't a fool such lyrics are a sign
That your awake and dreaming in a world all your own
Compiling a list from your bed of manufactured roses to care for
A listed one lay dying shall bring you to the edge of caring
Choose now or forever remain silent your whole being thus a crime

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The best is over
See the scars upon my bones
The stains upon my clothes
Images of pain as clouded tattoos cover me

The war was won
On the verge too long
Don't worry I didn't feel anything
It was as the sun falling behind clouds of gray
As winter eats the dying leaves
No one cared as I withered away

Away with dishonest sympathy
And the comforts our hearts abused
Denying reality as we disconnected
Evil tools manipulate a simple truth
We exist in their manufactured exploitation

Their worst will never be over
See the scars upon their bones
The stains upon their tattered clothes
Burns inside their hearts and toxins inside their lungs
Images of pain you change the channel on the tube

Forever in This Moment

Forever isn't the future
Its each moment of every day
Forever is our past on an internal television display

Endless days and nights beside you
Isolated and alone forever in today
Where was your faithfulness
You know the one you demanded of me

Fuck your Christian unfolding tragedy
Insight into the impending
Unless you live every moment
Like God could show up any day
Stop waiting like fools forever for a sign

Carved Skin

I carve an image into my skin
An unpretty picture of a prophecy
Tattooed forever upon my epidermis
I walk until death with a message

I'm not ahead of the curve
I understand parts of a predestined plan
Shall we practice the contents on you
Conform to love or exist in trends
One path for angels another for the dead

Sacrifice the mirror image
You walk away and forget its face
Cover it up with plastic or blush beauty
Seek acceptance plugged into shadows of fame
Magazine mental extravaganza they are not you

When you look at this body
Associate a weakened image a past version of me
But don't see a newly conformed reality

I'll sell you a scripture
Strip it off my arms as it dries
Its imprinted upon my core
From it I breath my world views

When I look at so may of you
I see striving for comfort
Would you give anything up
For a belief, a life, a true moment in reality

I am ahead of the curve
I donate even my name to the future
I'll sell you a scripture
Strip it off my arms as it dries
Its imprinted upon my core
From it I breath my world views

Monday, July 6, 2009

Versus, an debate Masking as an Attack

The creator creature
Who could ever write a better system
You claim to be open minded
But you claim I'm fucking retarded

Yes, I believe in a central processing unit
It files your life and the world at once
Yet you claim all my knowledge fucking stupid

In a brick wall debate you fall back on zombie Jesus
Thinking I'll stop, say dammit, proclaiming
I didn't foresee the latest revolutionary mock
Coming as a valid theological question
But I suppose that's a fools position

Your knowledge of the evidence
Processing it as unquestionable truth
I suppose America's court system know all
Base your theology on what a Judge ruled one day
Before the theory changed as it does each day
Denying evidence or explaining it away

I'm fucking foolish in my desire for equality
While you fuck every girl your lustful eyes see
I see your breeding Darwin's philosophy
We exist to magnify our own image
For an advanced genetic next generation

Ask me and all I see is deniability
You say Christianity started so many wars
But you ignore the facts of history
To create a view of hatred
Towards a God you claim could never be
What an easy path to comfort internally
Forgetting all religions and morals for deniability

You desire to liquefy all religion
All moral grounds shall disappear
Remove all boarders for a better existence
When will you realize then all you have is fear

You can't rewrite something predestined
An internalized unprecedented system
Morals didn't just come about
Inside us all are they written

Eat, breed, sleep, work, repeat
At the end we'll liquefy and use you
Imagine that, you'll never be a failure
As your liquid self feeds another

You claim all war is of no use
Raise your voice for no one
If religion could fade so would genocide...
As if man, get a fucking brain
And your the one calling me insane

How the fuck can you ignore history
Oh yeah you loudly proclaim a hypocrisy holocaust
Stupid evolutionist living in fact deniability
You proclaim evolution like a badge
Behind your lack luster biology degree

You'll read anything anti religious article
But won't question a prof or book he suggests
Because that might jeopardize your hypothetical master's degree
Which you forgot to achieve but still you carry on
With an online argument from zeitgeist
Who altered facts you've forgot from your own education
History is a bitch when hatred unquestioned slips in

So we're standing in the same room we started in
You think I'm wrong but don't question your facts
I've questioned mine and know yours as well
Yet you proclaim ever so loudly I'm the one insane as hell
So this is my middle finger in your face
Yeah I'm a Christian challenging you
Fuck is a word, back your facts up with a few
Or stop calling me out just to run away
To a prof or online vid with your tail between your legs

Fuck how I wish your mentality was something I could engage
But your zeitgeist American Judge proven theology is too much
For anyone to break you from the hatred you can't disengage
Why do you enjoy speaking as if your the one 'in the know'
When you question nothing as if all answers are already there
And all else but one's desires are futile

10,000 Days

My 10,000nth day I spent alone
Isolated from a faith state of grace
No entity's shoulder to comfort me
Forever singled out I fall doomed to self destruct

10,000 days seeking redemption
God left no exact path for salvation
But I refuse to give up until death is the only answer
Which I shall never choose
For I should never determine my own suicidal way to go

10,000 days flood my memory
Like armies trying to live in my mind
I scream out upon the floor in fear
What if they are trying to live in me
And I die here, remembering all the ill I ever did

10,000 days I've lived
So many children barely see 300
Take from mine so they might know
A life loved them who he did not know
My time determined by a choice to overthrow
A reality for a prayer everlasting
Which inside my consciousness shall never end

10,000 days with a single friend
I can live one with simply one
But to accomplish a means
That some might live with a bit more love
Before some comfort seeking mugger kills me
Seeking pocket change for altered reality
When waking tomorrow it will have ended
In a pool of my own blood I lie
Remember these words as I write and cry