Thursday, July 31, 2014

About a Colleague...

Your smile,

     Is unwittingly bearded compassionate as it wilts to grey, Just below maleficent eyes that sparkle fear into employee's but they're never filled with hatred, For thy arms deny every motion of threatening before a heart that's raging with commitment, To see through the identity of dreams that is forever... To be continued.

In earnest anticipation of,
A's Smile...

And a kick in my arse for writing this!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maleficent Religious Condescension: Palace of Displacement I

Autobiography of sin,

          Contagious presence threatening natures double sentient helix terrace by foul desolate conscience locked behind fantasies of sedation play, Triple under maleficent water depths layered chess censored match, A mutually ignorance is beneficial to bliss game denying reality to knowledge that brings torment; Our inhumane depravity!

In lieu of our participation in,
A willing conscious sedation

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hive Mind: Typical Code(s)

Press Enter,

      Begin listening to the drum rhythmic crescendo line of our apocalypse, Vane screaming black scale trapped in deforested measures of inhumane depravity symbol gestating on the pulses speechless desensitized to wickedness' baseline DNA structures helix'ed in abandonment notations caught silently gravid in the perverse legislation frequencies of our hate thirsty for prejudicial vengeance but rarely atonement save upon a regretful death mourning bed, Still dry rage heaving through coarse throats!

      Haunted by wolves howling condemnation at the tear filled lungs of architects, Future early pup malnourishment death misspelled notes left staining our unchosen side epidermis memory walk lanes with strange judgements of chalk bullet slit wrist determined suicides on parade before our depraved of natures' internal conviction eye and thus of grace to see the walking ghosts hiding in plane wreckage sight.

In lieu of our participation in,
An etymology of silence 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams IV

Most G-d's,

       Faith amputated bell never told their story angels aren't good pre-golden heaven shed wings to accompany the predestined vengefully entropy of a mythical apocalypse sent from the shroud outlined layers of our fallen glimpse from the dust unto eternity's cloud hidden spirit infinity.

     The most stifling present beyond the last breath is a white unholy tunnel apology from forever, Palace of every poet's fantasy grace opt flames out story  began, For in the synopsis... Behind the gestating threat of silence lies the unappreciated vernacularly woven syllable hidden gestures of history's every pathetic mediocre Shakespeare in metaphoric redemption speaking unqualified atonement seemingly cathartic psalms to gain no more or less than attention... Can be scene.

In lieu of our participation in,

Pleading ignorance is still bliss 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Bitterly Crying (Out) II

A significant myth,

   Prolific obsession of muted hymns by cauterised shut lips, Grace's carpe religious tradition marionette diem homage sealed unholy silence! Supposedly cleansed tombs of a reissued husk aligned with the court of thunder's vain applause to a cloud hidden G-d, Standing damned sandcastle universe by as inhumanity's greed sermon delirious faith dreams waste the lonely planet of earth until it's last breath... 

     Monotone softly tone destiny stifled deaf whispering amidst the blowing of prayer's gaunt malfunctioning vane lisp winds, Rustling in thunder's beautifully arrogant psalm pipe miracle dreams held aloft by faith: In an astronaut sitting idly behind the unshattered glass of time by, As the malignant depravity of avarice fawning sycophants speeds the burnt caged offering slavery 3rd animal world children bare the eternal noose of karma's white reincarnated tunnel poverty.

In lieu of our participation in,

Guiding the lambs...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Averting Ill Plots: Is Love

And there you are
bless the day
Stars of luck

As I lay drowning
In obsidian pools of lore
Memory ache recalling my own story
With one dramatic conclusion
Dying filled with regret
On an unloved bed
Of Debt & Death

You have averted
All of this

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Mourning

149 Social,

      Poetic commentary characters. Waking to delve into poems in the wee hours, this is what spawned in the 2 song, 9 minutes before preparing for work:

Too much pathetic mediocre Shakespearian invisible social poetic commentary psalms spilling from the ethereal harbingers mouth as all burns!

Clawing at the cursed mythical hollowed ground of fire to find peace in the volcanic nuclear impending war storm, Trying to free the calm...

Bear a wicked sickened to the vomiting stomach grin, As the poverty reincarnated karma doomed children writhe before the willingly blind!

Many sandcastle earth citizens defile equality in dedication to the quiet tones of silence, Where the dying children heave their last breath

Burning scholars lie dying in entombed in degradation's overly pill simplistic darkness in the middle of the nearly empty moral trenches!

If there is a G-d, She's pacifist arrogant idle standing wrath of brimstone by as this sandcastle earth is subject to inhumanity's depravity

Pacifists stand idly silent by, Violence is their excuse to adore the every day essential key to their do nothing conscious hibernation!

Only the echoes of walking ghosts in are paying pre-death phantom enchanted bomb crescendos as Palestinian f(r)iend corpses fall...:(

Hive Mind: Sleeping Mind Hollows


      Nocturnal memory amnesia shrapnel eye ache beyond lid's drawn night lies the phantom gang terror green festering contusion of fear, Gaunt acclimations lying in rogue winds of recollection taunted by an unceasing torrent against hope, For there is no faith pondering atonement behind  the vale of pill medicated boxes there is only a conscious storm of sedation.

In lieu of our participation in,
Diverting our hopes under rocks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maleficent Religious Condescension: Geek Morals

Press Enter,

      Begin listening to the drum rhythmic crescendo line of our apocalypse, Vane screaming black scale deforested back notes trapped in white discord labelled grey measures of inhumane depravity, Gestating on the pulses of sandcastle universe' origin sonnet architects vacantly pleading grace's atonement to the angels whose broken green over obsidian mythical text zeroes now aligned before ones code has been rewritten into pacifist never raise a finger to help someone who won't help another...

In lieu of our participation in,
Bearing Witness in silence

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maleficent Religious Condescension: Desiring Much

Christ hidden behind mirrors,

       There’s no place like the heart’s pilgrimage return unto home above from the sandcastle cosmic universe collapse of inhumanity’s contagious depravity, Swelling tide over your zombie mythical broken cross hollow faith realm is our avarice piety, Desperate to reflect any the assurance on the grace manifest golden carpe heaven diem registration out of eternity’s time organism, Watching the world burn.

In lieu of our participation in,

So much desire amidst dying

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hush Oh Suicide Lullaby


      Inspires poetry in you? Is it music, perhaps a variance in the myriad of ranging melodic opinions that musicians breathe upon our world... There are endless inspirations in this world for art, mine is the world around me and the discovery of new words and their integration into themes; most of which are meant to inspire justice and the end of social inequality, which is to say prejudice and war.

      Perhaps you find a white bulb flash of inspiring light upon reading another person's poetic words? Below is a short, written in the free style moment social poetic anti suicide text art activist response to a poem I read on Deviant Art.

A Poetic Response to: Shipper-125's Poem

Hush dreadful,

     Lady with muted words, trapped vocal cries for help in the shadows of whispers, when hope came calling you couldn't say a word, daddy purged your might of a mocking jay bird.

       Put down the shades of gleaming grey life taking knife, single bulimic digit induce an expulsion of the fifty six pill degrees of white suicide tunnel separation, Sleeping with wolves is better than the unreturnable final fantasy adventure of the noose.

In lieu of our participation in,
The end of suicide & upholding of acceptance

Ps. thanks for inspiring this and your text artistic activism!

Monday, July 21, 2014

To Gaza: A Pathetic Psalm


       Sometimes poetry can't wait, or maybe it can but I can't... Poetic activism remaining silent as the peace of so many is shattered... I think not.

I buried,

    The near shrapnel of memory ache capacity full journal of my face in between desired amnesia empty temples folded in paper solace for the ending prayer clipped hands, Watching land strip walking terrorism mined alive ghosts bordered by hate on all sides protest their flight into death's abyss... For those that yet remained de facto status as they who'll soon to be filled chalk discriminated against wondering phantom outlines.

In lieu of our participation in,
Honouring war over life...

Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams III

Most faith,

       Amputee stained tears, Fall as swollen unapologetic effigies of monsters staring into the looking shattered glass brokenly standing before the throne of grace, Where the premeditated post heaven mortem wingless accompaniment of vengeful apocalypse jet ashen black wingless misanthropes sing endless crescendoing atonement psalms of as idle hands clasping at smoke's cloudy wreckage of the golden reincarnated forever's regret missed out destiny beyond hope.

     Angels swaying amidst unquenchable flames reflecting the damned's hospitality in the fiery depths, Sandcastle Universe Earth witnessed in the hopelessly impoverished raising a single digit loving finger up from their spiked greedily comfortable incarnate beds to capture your falling hand(s).

In lieu of our participation in,
A mirror'less forever

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maleficent Religious Condescension: Addicted to Distrust I


      Fifty derelict pariah thousand days in a constant recession struggle against death of your life, An upside chess down invisible opponent match, Addicted to every contagion of truth that lies in evaporating scripture's abundant substances, But never once lifting a willing finger to wash a dish, In unison beside your under threat of verse controlled silence love.

      Having forgotten to acknowledge the difference between knowledge in the court of truth and the daily utilization of conviction, Endorsed by the very same tribunal of eternity's double trust helix from genesis terraform shape embed truth, Defiled in external luck surprise identity encounters, Attack rarely capable ignored serum of compelling action(s) in the golden heaven seeking generations of apathetically inner imaginative eye willingly sedated conscience blind men... 

     Just creeping pacifist sickness waiting to wondrously perish in disgraceful order to inherit the mansions filled with mirrors in forever, For the condemnation of self is all you'll find within the affliction walls of atonement never lived on sandcastle earth and Grace always threatened never to cover the benign avarice broken atrophy unto love heart.

      This is why countless pathetic scribed psalms writhe with the contagion of choosing action, Disclaimers of belief without raising a single digit (un)holy finger save to persecute via ion vernacular dissonance vocal discord, Proclaiming your out of love tradition verse memorized context disagreement  and ignorant joy disapproval, Selfishly compelled to condemn and deny another's hope due to translation of creed.

       Even a mediocre Shakespeare could decipher thralls us heathens have woven in the paranoid dark murmurs of disavowed ruminations, Congealing spider's abandoned silken prayers that never lead a husband to help his husband due love's part with the dishes... Each and every night.

In lieu of our participation in,
Religion Endorsed Misogyny 

In earnest anticipation of,
Being the change you want to see...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Her... III

Can this lonely 'I,'

    Worship your form, the caste of your epidermis! Oh the succulent naked soothing voice of your skin, With one hand tied inside the memory ache past of your wounds, My love will stifle the tense rush of tumour blood to the mountain ghost ridges of your personal buried never glorified or exposed historical tombs!

     I shall sleep inside the passing chorus of your precious content heart's rejoice of coherent time, Wherein resides this temperate poetic voice of mine... Oh muse.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dawn of Appreciation: An Ape's Planetary Story

Dear Andy and Matt,

     I was right there! With every motion sensory detected epidermis move graphed in digital upon the screen of Caesar, the captured ever so well protagonist leader of the Apes.  Now my poetic style of appreciation must touch on the story, for every ounce of orangutan to guerilla caught emotionally up in the beautifully weaving plot I found myself desiring to look at them deeper, longingly. Not as if to see if I could spot the cinematic effects at all, no, it was because they were real to me, I wanted to see every memory ache shrapnel of a long fought past caught up in their brow, I desired to be there, beside them... So that I might be more in touch with the world they were isolationist, yet not pacifist, fighting to chronicle as their own, outside of history, captivated by every day, nay, every second of existence.

     Not that the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes didn't take me there enough, no, it was that it took me there so much that I wanted more! The effects are truly inspiring and brilliantly captioned with new technology, performed on and by Andy Serkis, who held me breathless at so many plot moving points throughout the movie, of which there are many, but none I will spoil here!

       I will go see this again in theatre and I truly can't wait for more! For I crave the social emotion upheaval commentary that held so true to something beyond words in this film.

In earnest anticipation of,

Hush Oh Suicide Lullaby

A Poetic Response to: Shipper-125's Poem

Hush dreadful,

     Lady with muted words, trapped vocal cries for help in the shadows of whispers, when hope came calling you couldn't say a word, daddy purged your might of a mocking jay bird.

       Put down the shades of gleaming grey life taking knife, single bulimic digit induce an expulsion of the fifty six pill degrees of white suicide tunnel separation, Sleeping with wolves is better than the unreturnable final fantasy adventure of the noose.

In lieu of our participation in,
The end of suicide & upholding of acceptance

Ps. thanks for inspiring this and your text artistic activism!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Unedited Submission: Fire Fly Eclipse

Flying too close,

     To the memory ache sun, Waking behind the arched tempest back vale of thunder shattered bone cloud ruins, Just beyond the harmonic eclipse of regret as it found with longing the ocean of a mental solace battle pill field of amnesia induced by an illicit box, Hiding the chemically explicit memorandum of a conscious gone catatonic rogue via a signature's never implicated and only death whispered bed admitted desire to impede silence upon a throbbing violence wounded child of Sandcastle Earth.

      She would never walk past the white anaesthetized translucent jacket woven in her spell captive bound mind, A indoctrinated marionette pariah one foot lingering on the memory solar inner dead imaginative eye blind tormenting ache and the prerogative to overcome... To wake.

In lieu of our participation in,
Medicating our youth

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Grace of Hell I

   Damn me completely
Before the second coming
I can't live without love again
Fire & brimstone don't frighten
There's more grace in hell
Than the golden heaven

Destroy my faith
Relive every day without regret
Uncompromised love is beyond worth
Whatever G-d used to offer is null & void
Persecuted by an agitated (un)holy wraith dialogue
Condemn me before the second mythical coming
Beside the messiah grace threatened children
Hostages of impending tragedy
I've loved so dangerously

   Damn grace over me
A marionette complicit agenda
Rotting in the golden lie of heaven
Do it before the second fascist coming
I could never live without love again
Fire & brimstone don't frighten
There's more grace in hell
Than a mirrorless heaven
Of misanthropic dolls
Self proclaimed

Watch the Arctic shatter
Turn like tears into acid rain
From a front row seat to tragedy
Watching G-d's plans become unmade
Because whatever grace was...
It falls like accusations
From deaf hearts
Desiring gold
In heaven

In lieu of our participation in,
Forgetting grace is a part of love

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hive Mind: Fake Pleading(s)

 Solemn ignorance,

     Post bliss trapped in heaven's mortem generation(s) swearing to plead white tumour eye not witness guilty to misery 3rd signals' flare attempting to flee the shadows of a hate hollowed home in derelict conviction order to portray a lover's paper bruise thin hostage under callous fists in the stars, Paying too no self alerted defence sky mechanisms too fragile near bone shattered nights under the thumb of a misogyny inherited man!

In lieu of our participation in,
A no consent necessary culture

Monday, July 14, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams II

Most incarnations,

      Describe the harbinger's mistrals of hope as discredited faith amputees lingering after their own discord of clergy indoctrinated psalm vernacular symphony lost faithless causes behind traditional woes hidden under robes of derelict greed suffocating guardians.

      The accompaniment of a ten endless thousand tear vane drops amidst thunder fall into stratospheric view... As rain, Hiding the mythical entity trapped by a broken cross promise in forever, Beyond sandcastle universe's glass woven time, But our ever never lifted finger adage pays homage to a gaunt death of instinct, Our embed amoral white over black fairness algorithm has gone post rogue grey mortem!

In lieu of our participation in...  

The End

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Fallen Witness Screams

Most guardian,

       Faith amputated bell never told their story angels aren't good company to eye of this life's storm keep, Like inner blind compassion eye no disguise for their willing pacifist witness to the trauma invoked upon your epidermis state of once enthusiastic being, Beyond G-d's filtered allowance to enter our tangible existence the hell cauterised damned never to bell toll fly again wings burnt off forever stinging with hatred wounds spend their infinity recounting the memory ache shrapnel of their counter plane of being parts, Hiding in the most rogue shadows of heaven's third layer, closest to the sulphur of the apocalyptic realms of brimstone, Vengefully crafting inaudible psalms their transparent lips stuttering to post life mortem limp their ethereal tongue's report of watching another...

       Crimeless child join the congealing fate beaches of the dead, Where G-d's motionless abandoned all faith ships on the shores of miracles are being as an ocean, Heaving empty temples into beautifully wounded hands is the mother throbbing at the edge of karma's sea, Before realizing the conjured failure of nature's purposeful curse; 'That we're all counted as one,' Already counted as lost to the realms of brimstone.

     And so the angel becomes court of mirrors libel, To stand before the invisible throne of a G-d who no longer cares, Idle as the misery throws of reincarnation ruin lives over and over and over and over... Repeated to stress importance, The wingless before the end portrays all life as maleficent and beautiful, Worthy of minute pre mortem miracles, For hope on both sides is nearly lost.

In earnest anticipation of,
Wondrously Perishing

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Bitterly Crying (Out)

A Talented Myth,

   Prolific contagion of mutable cauterised epidermis malfunctioning lips, Swollen with the appeasement cancer of paying homage to silence! Tombs of a reissued husk, Epidermis forlorn destiny house, Holding on to pipe miracles of barely holding faith on dreams.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, July 11, 2014

All Will be Lost...

Creative poverty,

      Another unread line ends under the constant under malignantly lying threat of silence, Where the emotion night benign hope for self's beautiful insecure esteem terrors reign, Beyond the amoral conviction seem to be firing blanks at ghost ethereal dyed impenetrable enemy trenches of grey, Where the past of obsidian death planet of hell black versus indescribable return from tunnel white are shades of hour broken stained faith glass display.

In earnest anticipation of,

The End of Social Coma Silence to Nature Embed Convictions

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven VIII

Poverty's Atmospheric intent,

     A malnourished rebirth hovering intentionally spell woven lost above the fates of seemingly abnormal twisted pariah destiny lives attempting to honestly - since their (re)genesis - influence God's benign response afflicted f(r)iend Buddha's fractured oath born principles of carpe 666 faltered refuge diem's grace destitute causality.

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(a)lone (dis)quiet (connect)ions Remix

Prescilla's torn appendage
Heart ransom love's captive sick
Behind a creeping hate throat stuck riot
A jostling monologue of vocal discord
Seething from once beautiful lips
The captions of chivalry
Gone horribly amiss

Fragile loose bruised teeth marks
Scorched the acreage of the sculpture
A once smooth epidermis velvet cocoon
Bruise intoxicated bent mind wire
Fist abducted phenomena
Weeks gone wrong

Black & white
Figurine effigy images
Haunt our smokescreens
No longer emotion terror able
To ghost in a marionette shrapnel hide
From the peeling memory ache
Vacancies of crying shadows
From lives like love
We ignored

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Malefic Condescension: The Napalm Cross(ed) Heart I

Inaudibly bearing,

      An invisible bloody crimson shoulder adorning napalm fire dry, Witness' broken faith cross, Amidst thunder's hoarse tortured throat of starvation, Scream response not in the knick of vane time's vault of forever's seemingly bound hands!

     Eternity's beyond quantification Astronaut seems unable to intervention, In the continuing scene wherein God's Self deadly to oppose insecure save by anger Esteem watched oblivion ascend to pang a rusted hammer's death symphony pointed nail into a mythical three brimstone days later resurrected Christ, staining God's identity forever with an unapologetic ghost dye of empathy!

     A hidden compassion remnant lurking behind the waves of impending depravity, Preying inhumanity's avarice perpetuated fingers back crossed 666 harmony route of a hive minded consciously adopted social coma  would turn in raised single digit defiance before the evil self abomination craft apocalypse... Hits!

In earnest anticipation of,
Change before... Too late!

The Accords of Self II : Grace Cheque(s)

I failed,

      All seven 'Grace Checks...' Yet I care not, for I prescribe not a single moment to the wrong enemy. Tearing down the carpe golden diem heaven walls of traditional eternity concepts. Heaven's streets are its mirror fashioned mansions, reflecting the reality of the soul as it lives. I care not what you believe... Only how you live it.

In earnest anticipation of,
Dethroning G-d...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven VI

Poverty reincarnated,

     Karma malnourished equal fate lost twisted pariah destiny lives, Writhing before the mythical throne of infinity in an honest since genesis attempt to prove God's inequality admiring Buddha f(r)iend wrong on all bulimic single digit finger throttling rage rebirth transgression accounts, No citizen of the conscious realm(s) deserves the eternally famine destitute nemesis circumstance pool currently programmed into the failed equality oath principles of causality. 

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hive Minded L VIII: Children of Reincarnated Slavery I

Spoiled hate,

      Rotten inheritance eggs, Ungrateful conviction dismantled spineless chameleons of hollow mirror courage husks, Children of the hive fate, Bearing manifest intolerance heirlooms of destiny's failed karma flags, As a murder of swollen vultures, They circle bruised corrosive hope, exhausted from running on expired breath traffic, never stopped but to ponder the echoes of margins' profitable loss: unnamed children, who once ran manic beside them, Into the toxic ashen (s)tar chaos dust sandcastle universe has degenerated lonely, Avarice storm of profit's amputated conviction, Sponsored by putrid mis-clause-guided contractual illicitly obligated against financial double philanthropic barrel ruin; Capitalist lethal investment, With eager monetary joy consent the bourgeoisies liberal stance fascist, never raised a blessed no direct knowledge contact pacifist denial finger as a participant of signing happy salutations up for a deadly premeditated margin one life outcome exposure sequel, Reincarnation on repeat throughout history unto slavery.

      Endorsing the momentary damned terrace paper filled bank walls of a street; named Count, Where scientific dinosaur researchers of demonic fossils keep records of atonement denied angels, Who are disenchanting the locked census diagram terrace of fallen dignity, Battling to establish a city of chalk drawn houses of desperately stacked fate cards, Boarded level one up box homes, With memory ache pillows and emotion terror any second is death's misanthropic shelter, Where paper narrow hymnal clipped fingers are fire cauterised folded in half to f
lirt with the Watcher, Her oblivion waste plastic land of black intention wishful aspiration thinking, Thoughts of sandcastle universe oceanic debris torch lit, An emotion sickness heaving sight, Washed rotten up fallen sky plots of stardust's best strangely dim alignments, Attention swollen by deficit of bed untimely denied kismet abandoned prayers, Pathetic inaudible memorised hand over heart held grotesquely agasp in hopelessness in--between benign breaths of longsuffering dreams of leaving tomorrow behind,  hope amputated psalms, Nightly witnessed by the eternally silent forever watcher: Behind! 

     Beyond the saviour's doomed parasite of wonder comes the silence of masked joy's federal heavenly minted treasure; mythical reserve hidden under a dark cobweb sky, a celestial black morass of Elysium's immortal dreadnought souvenir cloud ships of
God's war fortune damned trophy world mantle of angelic faith gone cannibal rogue apocalypse stomach buzzards,Bloated from sucking in greed minted prayers in written blood openly royal conviction delinquent palaces whose gates are hand trick corner picking our black austerity sheep pockets.

      Stuffed full of tiny vermilion tumour benign hope lives, Whose inner endlessly terrorized lidless eyes, Closed or consciously malignant alive, Dream of that 'at long hour last broken promise glass toast' of karma's unruly God damaged eternity's archived goods bleeding cross calling their estranged, Ghost in the mirror epidermis over skeleton anorexic holocaust thin.

      Sideways honestly invisible, Baring life tattoo grafts to the hotel cocoon husks of a finalized defeat, After a thousand nights of respiratory air defiance are denied heaven's bushido spell ochre snake die cast system of slavery tier eyes rolled by the hands of the Lilith's Christ born second child nephilim bondage nature golem sons: Robust in God's cruel primeval joke intention image made: Giants, Abandoned to a white feudalism debt never recalled, Home, Instead their heads lay content, Dying of submissive heart atrophy: To long invested in slavery.

     A lofty pie hate charted story about karma's torture reincarnation skin rack of shameful poverty everlasting pain, caught in flames between grafts of the ghost metamorphosis rebirth invented realm, up from hell, needs no motivation to greet old f(r)iends and a newly invisible battle oil thumb to anointed bloody forehead imprinted cross, nearly lost reserved name status during first spoken debris contact: A decayed compass rinse and infested repeat cycle of a historical library's incomplete categorization of curses, slung by an unqualified god's counterpart justification means of saturating this sandcastle universe against compassion's dead obligation: a mythical intervention miracle reprieve is needed!

     This is an undocumented test in every second failure chance moment to recognize the mirror's reflected mental photograph as a valid contribution to...  unapologetically denied  access to choice's ledge jumper step into isolation's live open wire mic spark garden of perforated hope cable noose freedom, where the unbandaged dilemma of a nearly obliterated conscience' rogue awareness is hour ill bondage fate glass timeline fuselage trapped, Beyond shattered aspirations on earth, dreams once sought intercession unquestionably by a Buddha predecessor's cursive endurance diction caught expired breath of bee hive bullet punctured lungs between contradictions of any God's will in this world at play!

     Our religious parasite vacuum of memorized seeping tradition chemical pathetic rehearsed pacifist inactive psalms, rolling faith bankrupt voice of thunder speaking in ion cloud dissonance vane, beyond the war beating heart kept silent and 'safe' drobe where biblical fairy control tales are deployed to increase the clay number of methodical fantasy belief induced slavery halls of golden souls, marionette paper memento amnesia pulp mache fiction kept meagre and quiet lives, closet tamed emotion cradle rocking in the lack of will extinction of all butterflies wind, chain opted disparity out of choice's dismay, for nothing could be worse than waking into awareness of this inhumane depravity night's shadow woven of day-mare!

       Photo media lie shops where vanity stains the air starved, praying for luck, Inhaling the magnificent ashen pyre-flies betwixt bullet cauterised napalm buds of fire wounded punctures caught in a lethargic gangrene scene, epidermis land of stolen mirror dignity entitled home of the barely next conceived second beating optimism bereft heart bearing screen lift no finger witness to children.... struggling in the attempt to seal their infinite wondrously crystal die cast ball foreseen but did nothing destiny of perishing in a palace woven by a (wh)oracle Buddha-God's spell cast charm roll of karma as trafficked snake 3rd eternity destitute eyes reincarnated into the world as our sources of slavery.

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Accords of Self I

Most ghosts,

     Sit idle alone in the darkness inside, I'm too far sunken numb emotion white terrorized sensation dread flag naught ship, Thriving in the harbinger's amoral lullabies trench where the monologue is rife with one conclusion: All this poetic reverse hope commentary is for nothing!

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, July 4, 2014

Monitored Memories II


      Display of archaic rogue amnesty vital bullet slit no chalk wrist suicide, Life trade of unspoken eulogy traffic, Outlined in epitaph signs of a emotionally numb requiem from the eternal heart of gold, Monitored streets toured by memory ache phantom adages of just who we used to sedatedly be... Ghost trapped on sandcastle earth's floundering shell!

      Shrapnel of regret visages that witnessed our vampire greedy teeth sink cobra fang deep into the tears of children, Sold another life, and yet again, into karma's deviant sexual export of their cocoon epidermis for a bandit demon's unnatural pleasure, Curse of our lack ode misery's pacifist moral grey purpose haemorrhaging universe!

      Hands of all flesh born to mend the cauterized wounds experience hath made, Heirloom insignificantly nurtured into a sinking clause unlibel inheritance into the congealing thoughts of yet another derelict generation watched from eternity as it streams ochre green napalm text over obsidian drone jet vaporizing missile black screens of error since genesis codes, Messages of how everyone wondrously perished... Only to reawaken to our worst slavery fears, Reincarnated into the pathetically close to Biblical; Buddha caste poverty system of karma's illegitimate vantage rich

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Belief Lives... Take II

Today's Poem
In a One Minute Freestyle Exhibit

Malefic Condescension: Disavowed Homeless Dust II

Never knew G-d,

       Too keep a ransacked hope forsaken oath, Formulated on the bliss abandoned lips of a myriad sea thousand wondrously hate sinking words, Expressing burnt humiliated offerings of inhospitable tolerant disdain for the mythical apocalyptic zombie god's worst broken cross promise, Spell double woven hexagram craft upon a disavowed Jew never holocaust thin legendary son who died... A fairy distant shrapnel memory ache tale of three post Armageddon days in brimstone's hell resurrection, What makes inhumanity sad, It is our worst fears... That either way, hands that were meant to heal, have surrendered to the adages of nurture's cursive miserable contempts, To selfishly wound one another, This is our well carpe profitable golden road north diem sandcastle universe funeral.

In earnest anticipation of, 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malefic Condescension: Tearing Down Heaven V

Less than billions,

    Are Buddha's poverty reincarnated eternally malnourished souls, Karma's inhospitable soul reawakened heart sickening globe of forever's curse worships the fate of tolerance's noose, How the Bolshevik congealing faith in gold rich infinitely continue in whole unfairness of every adages truth to tie un-cauterized off the amputated hope limbs of regenesis' ghost placement into slavery shells!

     Falling pray to said asphyxiating double forked think speaking in tongues casting f(r)iendly amnesia labyrinth spells over destiny poisoned colour white morally indistinctly G-d made grey moral incoherent caste adulterated system lines no one on sandcastle earth is pretending to search for... So leave one foot inside both pleasurable hell on our only soil versus something matters more doors...

In earnest anticipation of,