Monday, August 31, 2009

Lucifer I

I Lucifer have a predestined plan
I convinced your wife all her social trends
She once spoke of angels but now demons dance in her head
I signed the banking business mortgage for your home
Not an eternal God but your own greed

When you look at all you have
Don't think blessings
Because they all came from my hands
I Lucifer sell a brand new twist on scripture
The best thing is its all out from your own eyes
You dream of security and comfort while starvation brings cries
You are my greatest creation, the self ignorant to one's own crime

You think that Jesus was your savior
But I believe you don't understand
You see crying out God's name is nothing new
But the saving grace was granted to a mere few
Look at yourself in the mirror, turn away and forget
This is how God's grace works with you

I Lucifer grand you comfortable security
When you look at all you see remember me
You are the weak and tomorrow I take nothing
Because your ignorance is the very profit for my own name
You submit your life to my fame with vacant stairs in your eyes

I didn't slip in any new words
I committed no scriptural crimes
Understand its how your minds work
Your desires for what is not now conform you all
To my slumbering, hatred, security seeking point of view

Join my army they are merely zombies
They dream of angels but demons dance in their heads
They sacrifice nothing for everything they've always had
This is their dream, conform their lives to society
Seek profit for themselves and make an everlasting name

Hidden Plan Defined

As I commit the unspeakable crime
My wife waits patiently observing traffic outside
Unvalidated she takes control of life's ride
With her methods all goes back to

You can't get rid of me she says
I'll burn the paperwork to control our life
Don't cry husband I own you and do adore
Besides your family will disown you for any divorce behavior

What if I said I'm fine with their dis-ownership
I've walked a lonely life so far I'll take my chances
You can't force me to stay with or any in any way love you
No one should ever have to wait this long in hatred
Just to be told they can't leave coercion is coming

Somewhere wife you got off track, before we met
Look at your family every sibling is and has it
I'm sorry I hurt you but the pain for each side must end
Stop please fighting a painful cause
Can't I with this supposed or labeled battle, just once
I just want to move on and live for a cause which won't end

I watch and cry as all my words get denied
As if they never existed life goes back to how it was before
There are no paths in my life to new doors
Only this adherence to your vengeance
Making responsible for the choices I've made

I know your just waiting for your next great chance
To impose this rule of choice upon me once more
A child will conform me forever to your version of responsibility
Coerced my conformity for sex I couldn't always resist

Everyone saw my face when you broke the news
A kid to keep me always near
That is a road only suicide should ever make
You lied telling I could once walk away
But that was before you planned my life
One day I'll wake up and won't write words anymore

Where we have failed
You could have better or dream of it
I can't be this mate forever yours to be
I need freedom from the hate you breed inside of me

All of this time your religion was burning our bridges
I don't know what you believe but the pain it causes is ridiculous
If you do conform to a God indeed She was not with us
We got derailed and off track from the start
Some equal yoke shit the parents claimed
I see not it wasn't true but its justification of ill actions is smart
Like some divorces, conforming children or fighting for mere riches

Please let me walk this path of new hardship
It wasn't what I planned but I'm ok with that
I'll have to take this chance its truth rings through best
Sorry to go, but if I don't this hatred inside will only grow

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eluding Days of War

Selling children, killing their dreams
Prescribing pills or thinking them invisible
Give them a reality of peace we couldn't find
Fuck ourselves over to the truth of our lies
If it were all over the dust settled down
We could deal with that which eludes

Give us our time of day
Our dreams are not yet comfort
We strive for the better economy
Social issues, global meltdowns
And corporate immorality
Don't kill our visions for your unending thorn in the side
Comfort is not security nor is God, you believe in a lie

So when at war we watch them die, they touch the flame
Their thoughts bleed out from their eyes
Babies dying from another nation do we blame
Always an intention of this one ending it all
And changing everything forever for a better tomorrow

When in reality you trim the wick and the war goes on like cancer
The demons are hidden in bureaucracy's paperwork
Never should we find, and if so mixed up they'll be and undefined
There never will be a free sun to rise, never of war will we see enough
No worries we the youth and our children will keep your comforts here


We berate them when they don't fall in
To a line we prescribe is best for them
But its ultimate goal is our comfort in the end
Barrage them with assaulting words against dreams
Their choices must fall inline to the plans at every glance

We sold our own sons and daughters into slavery
We took that option at its first chance
So we could go back to the comfortable ways we knew before
First was preschool, kindergarten university
Then off to some dreamed up corporate war
To build higher our social unending wall

Where other families have failed
We dream they'll make every inch of it
Don't lose track or we'll put back on the trail
Fucking rights you young'ns better fall in

I watched his tears his arms attached to mother's leg
As his father finished the last hug he'd ever make
His dream must fit his father's comfort will
Like a pill he sent himself off to be killed
So his pension O'death could pay for....
A grand comfortable end of life wish

No child should ever come to realize this
That their last breath was in a wish's hands
A realization no soldier should ever endure
As in that last moment to layout of the social network is in view
Corporations guiding war for gas or some other money making comfort
They come to know nothing real could ever keep them here
It was all an esteemed impatient corporate social lie
A grand dread in shedding a few or losing a dollar or two
Waking up as eyes go dark to find peace in its stead

Treasurable God's Lie

Fighting every logical way
I do my research and view openly all ends
To justify believe in a God that left my high and dry
With all my hope and wishes washed away
I once prayed upon my knees beside my bed
Now I just scream my thoughts
Towards the riches of our modern religions

All of this time
Yes, all of this time
I spend my days burning your mental bridges
Unstitching the stitches of your criminal wishes

Justify a God whose too busy to hear 3rd world children cry
His blessings at the edge of our nations ends
Define the supply and means to Christianity's comfort ends
Love and peace are not logical or in prayers ever sought for
Nor our neighbor whom to cancer has lost his right arm and eye
His dreams conflict our imagery of self preservation perfection
Based in a religion of a God who would burn all such bridges

Describe the detrimental detached definitions of religious fervor
This is a crime of ignorance that indeed must end
Or else fuck your God whose to busy to save the children
Their deaths are not a novel but a movement away

Your dependence on corporate comforts
Immoral security end all the reality Jesus fought for
But its not loves time, we justify as we are too busy
We'll never be the people to stand as one
When our children we outcast because what they believe
Who they love, or what they died for
All we support is an eternal fight for our greatest treasure
The imaginary security of comfort

It Ends

Stop please all your crying
The tears won't reopen doors
I walk around living with all your pain in my hands
Woven in your resistance to ill news

Its like peering through a broken door
Unhinged by choices made separate and together

Where we have failed I know someday you'll make it
I don't want to restart or trace this trail again
I won't fall in line when presented ultimatums
Don't fall in

No more warring
We can't go back to how it ever was before
And I can't go on living like this
I cry inside but my tears are hated by my friends and their fathers
Even mothers and daughters force me into a narrow view

Though I sit alone at night in tears
I know its my blame, I have failed
So let me pass on into eternity alone
My death fought for tooth and nail
The last line I fall into at the black gates
No head to guide myself with
Suicide machine I fell into my last crime with