Saturday, January 12, 2008

A father's wound, racism wished away.

Raise two obsidian fingers in the air
In the face of the man, because you don't care
Black for real or just goth and painted?

I don't care for your racism
Father you faulter, stumbling about
As your racist hatred allows children to die.

I don't hear your truth when you teach me
'Eat your food son,
Theres children starving tonight.'
I only see how your racism allows you to be.
Telling me the truth, but allowing it to pass
Because your racism shields
From ever having to act!

So just hate,
I'll be wishing
Racism was never born
Then maybe we could all see
Without the tinted eyes of
A father's racist lies.

Spiraling down

Tears swell at my eyes
As I think of my friends and their lives
I know I can never be
Anything alike unto thee!
My heart is crushed under the weight,
My words spawn the underlord's hate
And he wins every time,
I'm downcast, even within this rhyme.


First Contact

I'll make the most of my dead end self
Nothing becoming all
Why not spend some quality time
With the demon of mine!

I've never been so close to myself
Here alone exhuming to examine
The demon I've found in me!

I'm in search for the I lost in me
The eye I that I've never seen
Its that putrid part of me
The demon found in me!

Pardon me!
What you see is all the parts of me
I hate that it offends you
Look inside and you too will see
The wickedness
Of the evil I lost, when we labeled ourselves as we!

A whisper consumes the air!
Its the endless sacrifice of love
To hatred
Conforming not to clarity
But the evil I we all have in us,
Who we call we!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I could write a million words, but none may inspire. For I can never forget that everything that can be said, has already been said. But I give my words unto all who would read them in hopes that some format of growth may come from them, and may growth lead to the sharing of their truths.