Thursday, December 29, 2016

You intentful eyes,

      Rape the skin off my bones, Death isn't good an ending for your fate, Masculinity wrote a dark letter from the century of lost equality, Did you remember to read it... In the disguise you wear to appear past adolescence; Your kind is the apocalypse. 

      Your wits reek of evil born from the core's MAN'S invention that mask their desire's vigilantism, There are countless letters, movies, books, men that prescribe to the livelihood of this lie... They are us & we are that which defines humanity on the edge of one last day's parade, Before we discover the edge of our burden & find it's far... Far, far too late.

        There is nothing to resurrect another moment nor save us from the tribulation of our wits naked end, We spent too long as vampires, Eyes envisioning women as prey, Silent bent over school catholic boy pawns; as if women were held beyond a'door's reach, Bay of hibernating reflections kept dormant until today, The awakening is a choice we all must live... So is our advancement beyond 'no,' if we walk this line... We can hold our breath until death, Unworthy of trial, prosecution, jail or saving... It's beyond too fate masculinity on over spiteful of everything drive late! We run this parade & we like it doomed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ritual days,

      Wake to appease, Sleep in the drowning absence of dreams, Just to ease... The hideous unpleasantness, Brought on by the gifting of fractured debt inconclusive future hopefulness...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chain ally smoke,

     Remedy for an awesome totality afflicted decision never to sleep, The hive is infected by a dishonest cause with infinite effect monologue!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Articulate dreams,

       An honest conscience in revelation screams, Defiling sleep on behalf of all that is in opposition of our arrogance; inner corrupt peace!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Decadent suggestions,

     Persuaded to yes by false meaning, He believes in the shadows of you, But only in the loneliest mannerisms of the night, His request for your figure is but a means to...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ordinance of the night,

      Call for being up & tight, but your mannerisms say no, That the greed demon should go, His movements show he wants you... but is it just for the night... Just one night...?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

She... XIV

Affectionate compassion,

     Kisses spilling passion's daily beans, They taste of devotion and the trials of living, After years of hardship your smile is majesty... and yet to others what my eyes seek might reek of boredom, The monotony is our teamwork thriving earnestly, Jealous of only the length of our separation; waiting on our every next moment.., As one, Feared by those who desire a unique transcript of intercourse each night, But for you there is no disguise, Every day you watch my heart bleed off my sleeve.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hello... Hi & Earnestly!

Vacant greetings,

     Cheers & hullo, So lovely to finally meet, Spoken as a whimper against the invisible grain, Gaps of honesty hiding in the wind, A half inaudible haiku whispered under mental granules of fallen health, No hand or finger raised digital word of aid ever came; not a single thing to empower love to remedy the darkness of every moment's unfathomably counted dreams, Not even an email from the other side of the earth did roam, but from this dredge we receive, vacant greetings; 'hello.'

       Unresponsive, no mirror ever answered, despite the infinite hotel chronicled callings, The wounded's too indifferent, Faithless to respond save by poetic journalised algorithmic words poured out into the hollow dark, No one ever read; Save when the chalk unromantic outline was deemed too self everyone had a helping unforgettable hand inflicted late.

In lieu,
Of responses before...


Monday, December 12, 2016

Have Yourself: A Merry... Little... Xmas

Have yourself a merry...
Depression-less little Christmas
Anxiety be dismayed
As your heart turns...
From sorrow
To light

Troubles never hidden
But love endures the sight...

Have yourself
A merry little decision
To stand beside the LBGT & gay
It's another year's yuletide Christmas 
So may the willingly ignorant
Sit idle... miles away

From tonight on...
We'll be caring & aware
Of the troubles ruining lives
So very far away...!

Here we are
Defying the olden days
Happy ignorant days of yore
With faithful pacifist f(r)iends
Who're too often but clouds
Or reflections in a mirror
For the greater...
Love & Good

United we hope to gather
Against the grain once more
Through troublesome moments
Over infinite oppression dispensed years
When our capitalist little fate allows
A rebellion of hopeful endeavours
Our conquests of the stars
We shine mostly solo
As singularities
Of something more...

So have yourself....
Faithful (un)united friends
A merry less dismal little Christmas
Even if nothing but yourself is gay
As the smog of depression
Sifts as coal upon trains
Toys are but imaginary
Our hearts are truth
A dying reflection
Of hope...