Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Little Things: Awakening Pulse

Not every heart,

     Felt hidden secret kept between the mirror and the mind's eye is admissible in the court of love, Some emotions are lies conjured by the loneliness of terror.

In earnest anticipation of,
Finding honest dreams to follow

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Maleficent Condescension: Every Knee

She was screaming out,

     Of all our decline! Rummaging through history on repeat as we half blind deny, Reprising the roll of villain... In our own lives...

In lieu of our participation in,
Pretending G-d is...
Or isn't!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Maleficent Condescension: Suffering Witness Below I

Ambient witches,

     Agents of denial assure you, Heavenly repetitive daily hell cast through looking phantom image mirror reflective copy hallelujah cat glass woven beyond earth's oceans of despair, Where clouds made of wings roam the skies, Flooding painfully abandoned not even at the end of all things spoken eulogy complex of a saviour whose purposefully forgotten; us, Memories sieging the host of sin over three benevolent hell spent days where upon the resurrection stone was laid, A wasted promise to vigilant return by a G-d who seems to've gone blind, No twisted luck of fate longer responsible as the  karma architect who brought us the invisible pacifists known as angels She created, Allowing the swollen plague glutton wings of a fallen dragon steal with pride our lives only to regenerate to live the same away...

      Why do we even witheringly uncharacteristic of self bent knee prey, As if the deluge symbol of our crying will change the defiled apocalypse we're destined to relive, This curse is no since Eden surprise, Yet we're frantic to be libel to the realization that we are the domestic earth problem, Having stolen any remnants of dignity with every hope of our linger greed's inhumanity!

In lieu of our participation in,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Her... XIII

Yesterday's past,

      A drowning current of memories that beyond our protagonist hope contagiously ache, The indecent pre-eulogy  mirror proposes increasingly incoherent memoir threats only the self retold mess of recollected tears hold us libel to the unrealistic fear risks that fill our pleading lungs, Hands conform to paper string clipped toppled marionette over bent knees unnaturally denying misery's congealing approximate to earth's populous curses rain inheritance down as burning degenerate hearts grow fading tattoo covered dust painted deceit over distance numb... As foretold by all the dangerously unapplauded tales of kaleidoscope old.

     But none of those implausible disdained images matter, Because all of existence was a conceded wish lead up witness... To you.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hive Congealing Mind: Throne of Guilt I

Minuscule dynasty,

     Ever presently endangered severity of hope's singular not immune to tragedy species, What evil vs good is the empress lion's howling if she's ransom inhumane profit mongering disguise of freedom sanctuary captive, Her response to the setting twilight hour galaxy sun of the faltering omits a poetically as karma's recycled tombs of debt re-genesis is reproductively unsheltered fate hide helplessly out delayed, For there is no limit to our escape from the origin sources to which inhumanity must for our travesties unfelt repay..

In lieu of our participation in,
The lack of regret
Until too...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Her.. XII

I gave up,

     The last time... So I'll make the effortless chosen every moment promise... of loving you, Anywhere and into the oblivion beyond I'd follow, You've made never tattooed grown skeletal heart cold wrists glow warm, A contagious warmth erased the tangents of depressive internalized shame infused pride that've forever said good faithful and true, By your honourable walk through life side I'ma remain until...

      Promise me, You'll never refuse the availability of love I've thrown about, From a half already twice black abandoned family shunned atonementless sheep derelict of deserted hope long ago road, A discarded map no one ever cared to read, But you... More than tolerate me!

In lieu of our participation in,

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Maleficent Rain... I

Deaf curriculum,

      Whore shipped pre-heaven-destined church battle preyer unquenched lonely wish field of white uncivilized sky unkept karma promises weeping crosses as tears sigh drops of guiltless onset of origin remorseful rain... Disguised as post angelic fall of every natural intent within to thrive on hope's contagion of equality lost eternally amidst the avarice embed debt intentions of inhumanity's tectonic vernacular of strife and hatred mongering instances we've grown willingly desensitized oblivious too!

In lieu of our participation in,
Waiting for a change 
That simply won't...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maleficent Hive Condescending Mind II

Content epiphany fire,

      Sparked inner ashen hope nearly blown candle oblivion requiem stick out, Light intoxicated master heart plan, Infinite twilight expanding map of inadmissible falsely ignored karma, Recycled black abandoned fate, News of an obedient sheep casting scyer orb spells into preyer's wishful hope's thinking we're not always as bad as the reflection mirrors, Well standing unrestrained wrath forsaken deserted life probes, Nearly always entitled protagonist... Even when our inhumanity is all we ever show, At pacifist hand in do little to nothing pockets; Best

In lieu of our participation in,
Hive sleep mind walking