Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stranger Fiction Alone

Words lost all meaning
Hollow ears expressions roam past
Tempting me back into living
Trust my tears alone at night

My wandering life
All days as nothing
Free to sit motionless
Expanded back far into the past
My wandering age grounded
In all the words I still cannot hear

Like a stranger villainous bride
Couldn't pick you out in a crowd
Walk a new age faithless mile
Alone delivered by night
Innocence unhinged for love
An ailing master untrue

My stolen life
All days as nothing
Free to adhere or sit motionless
Expanded back far into the past
My abducted age ungrounded
In all the words could never hear

So strange is the blame
Set upon stormy shoulders
Aching from misguided rules set in place
Never questioned or followed
Until too late and all was death's decay

Oh loneliness be my sweet bride
Steal me back before my life was murder
Be the victim of love set upon my brow
A crown of judgement upon myself
Alone I bear loneliness quite well
As a perfectly timed photo
Of the past and present age

A derranged life of blame upon me
Handed down from everyone else
Crowded inside and the door is locked
I could never forget the hurt left in me
Of no one transaction but of who you really are

Please become or go back to being a stranger
A stranger far away upon a cloud
I'll take the blame let it fall
Fold my hand to exchange