Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hive Unintelligible Mind: Quaking Force

Noting the ache,

       No intention could ever dissolve by affectionate near both regretted side attempt to render connectivity beyond curfew, This is the dissolution of the vortex terror eternal power at invisible play regime of unentitled seething white suffering unto all hate!

In lieu of His participation in,
The watching,
Nothing more...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hive Inconceivable Mind: Response From Where Lies Hide I

Audio discriminate response
      Recording of an itch willingly dressed appalling closet up
 Hidden dialogue of two too long one... 

Response to an unaddressed question
Lingering in thin vanquished hope air
'we haven't been...' auditory response resolves to go on
'what you call "in love"or a long while...does she know that?' 
quanders the supposed off resilient of earnestly against offence air... host
paying her every unreported moment of breathe... homage
Given to her chromosome back truamatic ally mother born lineage
Fear and power giving license to her words
From rape she was born half forever cold
Honest more than the legitimate most
With her origin ghost wound story
The demon spawned no paws
'She knew it... first'

Acknowledging dishernestly
His head vacantly bows
Shame... or is it another lie
Bestowed upon a humble listener
To the crimes of the unsympathetically rich
Riddling pathways of doubt upon the honestly poor
Whom for all their best tolerances of ill intentions
Shall never mend under the genderless succubus
Whose seasons of greed endlessly seduce
Intoxication of circumstance
Is their heartless regime
From on high
They watch us bleed