Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 New Year's Plague VI

V (1)

Volume contagion notch off throbbing aspirations of mute eardrums limits as the consciousness drones the black Mordor speech of gunmetal post angst hard nerdcore music before the internal witness desiring all awareness fall asleep, Back hypothetically forever into the blue tattoo polygon shaped heart pill beyond digital black unreadable transcripts of ancient ocean imperial jade green texts never messaged over obsidian jet onyx shade royal egg navy shelled blue screen error affliction impression state of the in achievable second no luck afforded chance at a resurrection!

In earnest anticipation of,

2014 New Year's Plague V


     Hand backed mountainside of a cliff falling onyx to amethyst stairs face down beyond an unheavenly malignant saving graceless mortal empire of the colourless puppet heart crumbles as the anorexic tolls her saviour's naked thorn murder overhead crown upheld dying form as the mirror blows smoke in the plague winds of glittery paper false testimony emotion terror messages against the hope of fate captured in the throws of addiction beguiled in regret. 

In earnest anticipation of,

2014 New Years Plague IV

    Knocked the close hair decorative pin corner out as the triad of a fist fortified with force confided in the chin poster up angle of an upper jagged little square shaped heart pill held ransom in a circle ring box thrusting jabs of angst mimicked in mumbled quasi torn mute lip expressions of hate against any left twitching their bodies over one  batch of floor unsolved riddle opponents stacked ceiling litter secondary box high before the dread beta install equation naught that ended every 1. beyond o version.

2014 New Years Nerd Infest: Plague

     Fortress debt enthroned tomb of enchanted fragments of hurricane Smaug broke hope down before the dais of Sith Onyxia's foul breath forecasted a rain of Pip the dragon fire.

     Destiny Link's fairy fire crystal orb shooting sword parried the Orchid Lightsabre of agent Samuel Fury as the tri-force cheat inherited code melted away green over black screen text of the matrix as Neo and Cloud called in the 47 Ronin to join the strife against the apprentices was dark lord Sephiroth.

     Bastion spoke the never endng's name when Archimonde retaliated upon Kil'jaeden before the oblivion warlock's crimson blood tap throne once violated by the disease of hope as the children of a warcraft allied earth lay siege to the back of the defiler's lost chaotic pet Death-X Wing, the final boss of a Star that never less than 1/3 an algorithm  plausible story Lucas unboarded himself to recast the dye that should have been left a trilogy...!

2014 New Year's Plague III

     Arms from a conflict amputated left explosion all exploited over by war adopted by the phantom personality doppelgängers known sand castle earth over as poor, Cost of the final act beyond a mourning foul wake up fire distress breath of inhumane regret gulp of acid felt in the final moment.

2014 New Year's Plague II


Disarmed new heroic years grotesque birth of the harbinger one charred black winged angel of the future's atonement method afforded Avarice amidst her greedy no fingers left praise of hell freezing over all hearts on earth, Stone labyrinth of redemption all worship to apathy sung from the drones of heaven!

Between phantom numb limb lines read of inhumanity's damage self caused ever corner scattered ochre born fire ashes of the flames rime froze as the choir sang of aspiration in the highest degree unto pain and all the woes of wasted blinks stolen by sleep the brother of Death, Apollion's ember breathing down your throat at the end of time, As your vacant lungs fill pretend your motives weren't part of the crime!

Increase your life as the qualms of grace pass their judgement from one to the last defiant albeit lonely other!

Above is the tale of Carpe Diem and all the gluttony surveillance delirium lost cause after monetary all mechanism believe they are higher cause is wealth above... 

How lost...

2014 New Year's Plague I

     Glittering edge of star dust sand eclipse storm paper born on new holocaust over every underground well source of media day parading truth whilst the propaganda main ocean tide pedestal view regresses backwards in history on Avarice's calendar unique anorexic thin band repeat day by toxic sea no inhuman hand convicted for our world's last phantom appendage journal entry.

    This is the social stigma scape of our sandcastle earth in decay, Mute eyes Braille read from deaf lips as blind ears ear of how the world harbinger tallies lives over tunnel no vision board face nameless white cross up opposition side of  unreversible down as a dementia no one ever cared ward patience violated himself with violent fist upon self epidermis lavender to vermilion weather into six inch graves pretending to be false half open try harder gates of heaven again...

A Bitter Remix XII


     Vacant flag declaration kissing soldiers halt the heart in a moment of emotion terror witless as stone cast wonders they stand ill in silent on a foreign conflict death mine land trap watching children roaming fields of red culture soccer clash with foot to ball,becoming amputees to parents as they saw futures away without chloroform.

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Bitter Remix XI


    Prosthetic creative shadow protruding from a phantom numb limb, Culture heart shocked in a post compassion social declaration of a counter stigma attack of residual apathy on grey pastel cloud canvas god drawn rain on the conscious sedation parade of derelict consciousness are held willingly ransom from their own minds kept atop emotion terror's bay where civilisation hides a terminal malignant lethargy tumour behind both eyes more than half accepting the cost blind.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, December 29, 2013

767 Porn Handed I

White hate self blame tide
Pulse of cumming condemless
Hand manifesto job of spilling gossip
Inaudible sigh of relief against inner calm
Sexually incapacitated back seat passenger
Partner exempt from loyalty & passion
Nervous conscious sedation twitch
Misdirected finish line guidance
Singularity clenched sex fist
Quickly diminishing mood
Behind her back crime
Admit to enjoying it
No lotion fault
Doggy style

Emotion terror
Uncontested bed isolation
Husband's admiring online sex positions
Graphics transmitting the disloyalty disease
Heart too comfortable in curiosity's detachment
Internet sexuality hide your history explorer
Star ornament for a groom's lost mind
Wife's bleeding under hood orbit
Adore the nebula digital poses
Inner eye camera roll
Illustrations of lust

Grew up behind
Sexually misguided lines
Where Maureen's very bones
Were held in solitary confinement
Paralysed in contempt before parents
Who wanted a hood ornament boy
Transgender possibility daughter
Imprisoned by false gods
Shadows in the mirror
Smoke on suit parade
Wishing for change
Praying on fate

A would be boy...
Girl's life wished unmade
Genetic single x desired apparition
Double chromosome type birth disorder
Unwanted defective malignant daughter
First heroic male born an opposite
Sexual organ bleeding villain
Teenage daughter suicide
Tomb of a prayer
Parent's desire
Every night

Break of Solutionless Applause Never Heard

No found out overly rehearsed sexually never abated lust disloyalty of a husband could ever reconcile the equation the bullies sticks thrown as verbal stones that reprised her in a daily victim's roll of a personality trapped in a holocaust over active dynamite lit pyre of a smoke stack circus holocaust quickly depriving the frame of carbohydrates smashing them in the manipulation of a suggested broken metabolism of multiple tongue conversations hallway piece.

Next home no shelter
Husband ring managed cell
An alter of shame's loyal vows
Hand of slavery not disappointment
Contract rebuttal refer back to god
Scripture abuse abandoned wife
Disgraced inner being content
Loveless again in appearance
Digitally isolated pleasure
Christ upheld rings
Lord of misuse

A would be wife never held his gaze
No anorexic sideways turn disappearance
Paper contract of love's grace disapproved mother
Appearance of her next generation's definition of beauty
Star ornament of her children's eyes held her captive
No time ticking bombs scars within the hand full
Five digits painted with honesty's graphic
Contortionist's painful smile alignment
Isolated misconduct heart algorithm
Content in evil obedience
Living for descendants
Chivalrous children
Her beloved...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Bitter Remix X

Solidarity omission,

           No heart stop beat for a second at reluctances' close over heart folded arms chance to reclaim a derelict future from the pattern of hopeless deep twilight sea channel of seven lions tearing the world apart via the magic capitalism unleashed from a North & South pole frost over the world prison, Wake oh ye mythical Chimaera and take back our sandcastle earth from inhumanity's footsteps of ruin.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Bitter Remix IX


     Emotion terror kaleidoscope future glimpse of sandcastle earth collided with the foot of inhumanity left in ruins to be reclaimed by the sea, Ocean harbinger of elemental reconciliation, Renewing eclipse of human life surge forth from the very heart of the planet, Time has come for posterity in a pop culture idiom of juxtapose's metaphoric ill mental incapacitated health willingly walking blind of awareness after taking the open wide mouth sliver pill of conscious sedation.

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hive Minded xXx IX

Silence attendeth,

     The manifest no less than a quarter self accepting in the mirror bedside dreams forlorn within this misshapen chance of a human, Nothing of value is ever broken more than the heart's matter of torn off the wrists beneath the vermilion stained sheets once known as sleeves...

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Inhumane Legacy (Christmas Island)

Derelict Christmas ode
Passages from truth untold
Willing ignorant blindness no shelter
Reckless plastic death empowering language
Capitalism's carpe posterity diem mentor
Ship's titanic waste island catastrophe
Heart of civilization extols silence
Keep every finger quite
Weave your tongue
Pierce it numb
Until all...
Is lost

Broken wings
Shackled feathers
Captive as the breeze
Mid captive way point
Inhumanity caught up in silence
Between corrupt views on posterity
The bigotry of mankind's failure
Hive minded group contest
Outlast our sandcastle
Earth adapted to ruin
Fallen under feet
Extinct ocean
Sea of loss

Ocean titanic ruin toll
Feedback beyond death
Animal kingdom loss scale
Algorithm of a voiceless language
Directed at the destructive culprits
Civilized silent mentor ship sank
Emotion terror kaleidoscope
Capitalist off shore shelter
Sea is a synonym
A hiding place
For profit

Broken wings
Shackled feathers
Captive as the breeze
Mid captive way point
Inhumanity caught up in silence
Between corrupt views on posterity
The bigotry of mankind's failure
Hive minded group contest
Outlast our sandcastle
Earth adapted to ruin
Fallen under feet
Extinct ocean
Sea of loss

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Law Abiding Nerd Christmas I


     Succubus cuddles by the flames of an ochre hearth fire distil the mind to pleasure until the realms is disturbed by a patch finger wrap at the door just as sexy times in the mind beside your lover  beckoned the twin Death Star's fully functional nipples to rise and the light sabre to stand blaze.

      Geek identity realigned as glasses once again adorn to unblur the eyes, who could be behind the threshold at such a vile unboring hour with the draught of melting snow and mulled wine upon pillows upon a thick channeled rug that reads a pattern Princess Peach standing upon the ramparts  having conqured Bowser with one foul stroke of her purse for scorning her pale Scottish-Blue skin, below upon the draw bridge stands Super Mario with a key to unlock the universe if only she would come away with him. In the shadows of the portal behind which Bowser once stood, there lurks the hero whom the Princess will run away with! A green hat and a big noes of a second half, Luigi, of the Super Mario Bros...

     Daylight outside has ended when, alas for ill timing, the bell of your portal tolls. There is a long pause, another silky smooth sensual oh so sexy tongued smooch and then another ring of the buzzer, must be answered. Eerily doth thee find the ‘in laws!’ But being in your own home, though entirely uncomfortable, there is nowhere to run! 

     Best not leave the illicit creatures too long stairing at a wreath of Mothra and Godzilla eating the opposing tail end, like Elessar's twin headed reprecussion snake headed ring of Barahir, of a relentless magical demon naught but a hideous destructive scene battle where the true conflict arises within all who dare step up to see.

In earnest anticipation of,

Reasons to Loath... Christmas I

More hells are unfreezing
Opening their gates to con near you...
All hail Emanuel's express throne at Tesco
Built in pledge to open before Christmas
Doors ajar into hours of darkness
Keeping the newly employed
Safe and sound behind bars
On the eve of Satan's day
A binding clause to keep
 Or wages shall sink
Plunging into hades
Can you hear...
The bells

On Christmas

New breeds of elves are arriving
Born from the vats of North eroding pole
Toxic Athabasca fracking near you birthing ponds
At least they look cute whilst perpetrate the will of Avarice
Within our malls and shopping epicentres of the end
Soon Sandcastle Earth will fall before our feet
The end is nigh but beauty isn't obscene
Not in the throws of today
Lest we forget to live
And thus regret...

Associations of terror applaud
Hideous taxi-evil-dermy decorations
Propped up on walls to disgust with distaste
Climate change polar haunting bear heads
Thaw out the riddles of our hearts
Roadside killed lit up reindeer
Beside Canadian moose
Paint a thing white
Doesn't make it

In earnest anticipation of,
A Brighter Future...

Monday, December 23, 2013

An Unopen Letter to Christmas... I

When Shadows,

       Fall upon the threshold as the strangely dim twilight appears to alter time, slowing amidst recognition of beauty trapped in the moment, smile and know for certain that the blanket of life’s misalignment is not misfortune, but a random no second happens again so grasp it by the horns and wrestle that bull of a demon with a vermilion red flag cloaked about your neck! Own every tick of the changing clock, not for carpe diem, but for the survival of a smile…

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Bloated Hush

World of expression,

     Vulgar overly deaf compliant tones of mediocre grey, Moral declining articulate code expansion of delinquent times in a culture of socially acceptable spread of stigma pathogens, Analysis official opening grunt statement met report associates strength with the open air spread of a well structured phrase whose tendency predicates monosyllables' macho loquacity verdict of odd virility.

     Punch half drunk on whispered babble, delinquent sneers and quasi enunciated inane phenomenon of guiltless weak hearted conversation where sleeves will only ever be convinced by a cocky aggressive side walk group hive minded stance consumed by the false subject matter of silence where arrogance breeds an apathy amidst lust so deep its vile vein channels are never sated even as the culprit of  a blackout hate second language glare in the stillness towards a 'lovers' derelict venomous jack frost's endlessly spilling fourth onyx rime like oil glazed over eyes of vermilion blood tones of a death match between loyalty and pride where chivalry never wins has caused the blackout lid no surgery of make up could cover the grievous malignant falling down victim stairs blaming herself for the bruises to the pigs at her doorstep where she lay dying just hours before...

     Worst compliance altercation is a group infested hives willing consciousness past blue pill awakening group in a line up mentality of never lift a finger to rescue the hope in a split no second life dedicated to every chance at sedation.

     Arguing voices mingle between angelic witnesses hovering unseen in a twilight realm of obscenely jested psalms as they bid a moment before the gates to a golden thrown wherein sits the shadow of man so that they may make a a vow of reverent silent decapitation of their tongues to speak of the vile nature of inhumanity on Sandcastle Earth as it falls they prayer to the shade of Death upon the dais who'll never welcome them back folding themselves inside charred wings into the ochre flames of heaven, A wish to opt the insult of humanity shouting in a no arms left resolution of greed's indigenous nurtured voice of violence and the cosmic deaf growl inheritance code of every tone must be kept chained in discourse a captive of silence...

     We speak only on behalf of Avarice and the selfish carpe diem manifesto of greed... What nebula of this sad universe has the vigilance of morality sanctioned itself off our planet to? Leaving black mumble bitten apex doctrine clouds lingering behind the ventriloquist decrepit voice moping inside our heads as if the speakers of our hearts reside trapped within a shelter we're all willing to watch shatter.

     Will the demise of heroic moments lived by choice of will be overthrown by the determination of deviant leagues of blind tongue grouped up side line existing violent speech seething filled hive mentally ill minded rarely but for their own gratification or manipulation be gentle men, The great forked tongue malignant malfunction of our time, We're oft to silent in dark times, too afraid to speak in a closed parselmouth crime unsolved case of weakness surfacing on the tragic predatory snake like epidermis of our colour changing skin.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Bitter Remix VI

Piano call,

    Keyboard finger roll of unrehearsed ventriloquist thunder eardrum of no one due to inaudible stormy irreversible dyslexic mute deaf tones of emotion's terror; A forecast of bravery secluded in a closet no life at all realm of eyes uneasily closed off behind a breathless statement holding the gaze of their every moment captive at the edge of a breaking every future never had a chance like lost seconds, Time's lingering dial trapped in memories of faded grey unto gunmetal fearlessly sad clouds whose halted march lies over the all joy.

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Bitter Remix V

Isolation is blind,

     All stop reverse lethargic thrusters before the arbiter of hope as it encircled the dais of emotion aegis never shielded the bloated hushed belly of swollen lies within the dark grey shadow of the never evaporating gunmetal turmoil clouds lingering above the heart of my throne as it travels stagnantly caught in apathy's vapid confinement of one in a world where carpe diem monster thoughts leave you abused and alone...

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Bitter Remix IV

Emotion invested in terror,

     Well ill bitter wind remix of a history on repeat transgression played conquest match chess no stale gangrene amputee mates survive the conflict ending the paradigm transmission heart shift of pull up your britches son... There never was hope.

In earnest anticipation of,

A Bitter Remix III

Miscreant pariah,

     Guided by derelict foot prints filled with vermilion fumes inspired by no arms left over save controlled by algorithms of artificial life mechanisms drifting over snow in the shadow of the hive minded satellite a million universes and a nebula's black over green screen reverse matrix encoded text eternally compliant with the dreams of Avarice, Bride of Greed and Debt that is our emotion terror(ist) Monetary Matriarchs.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Bitter Remix II

Oceanic centre,

     Where the emotion terror lurks collecting names like Death before the throne of unbelievably reckless grace never found but by the dead, A revelation caught in between a perfect algorithm mental future to past chained up no mirror necessary moments watching the picture roll inside the head that bleeds off amidst the distractions of this Sandcastle Earth where both contentment and emptiness wearily deny the causality of honest pigments to unfold from our tongues.

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

767 Lucid Doll I (hurt)

Lost survival
Grey cloud saviour
Smoke no filter screen
Behind the sun shot down
A violent marionette fog apparatus
Domestic bruise onyx face paint
Vermilion pastel fist drones
Dreams being shot down
Brush raining blows
Relentless on hope
No world left
Behind for...

Lucid doll
Blind eye witness
Roaming behind blue orbs
Fallen catalysts for atrophy
Mirror a plague for the heart
Stars lie face up in dreams
Circled x marked centre
Edge of her universe
Sunken in bravery
Oblivion living

Lucid manikin
Dreaming of a hero
Curse infected daughter
Time every day detonated bomb
Battered multiple x marked bandage
Hell held in a father's laughing hands
Righteous clench fist proclamation
A hand me blood fate line down
Walk of mannequin shame
Given without warning
Misery signal waves
Rock her cradle
Of memory

Angelic effigy
Robbed of her hands
Abused paper mache doll
Stormy fist weather figurine
Violated under red stained cover
 Home thoughts forever lost
Tormented wall voucher
One shelter put down
None left to go
Cursed be

Chosen drowning capacity
Hell held in a father's laughing hands

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Bitter Remix I

Emotion Terror,

     Complicit vortex where thoughts align with the malignant heaving corrupt breathe of fire half consuming our essence via names as lungs are held breathless from the future's debt overcast truth where luck is love's kin... A reckless contagion profoundly unavailable.

In earnest anticipation of,

Hive Minded xXx VIII

Twisted ruin,

      Roaming behind friendly fire lines, No enemy engagement half to even remotely detonated under skin tones of an epidermis' hive corrosive necessary exploding jest at the emotion terror that resides within the heart's soul well at fate's end... As Sandcastle Earth lies in ruin.

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hive Minded: Maureen I

Nothing rehearsed,

     No found out overly rehearsed sexually never abated lust disloyalty of a husband could ever reconcile the equation the bullies sticks thrown as verbal stones that reprised her in a daily victim's roll of a personality trapped in a holocaust over active dynamite lit pyre of a smoke stack circus holocaust quickly depriving the frame of carbohydrates smashing them in the manipulation of a suggested broken metabolism of multiple tongue conversations hallway piece.

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hive Minded xXx VII


      Swallowed by glass featherless weight of haze infused acid clouds whose hate for inhumanity might broadcast reign, Perplexing measure of the sidelined victim never spoken less than when she took the stand against her blame whilst a pardon was omitted on behalf of the perpetrator of a selfish lust more than half drunken act of violence upon a fragile never been penetrated before epidermis...

      This is the land our children exist within...

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hive Minded F(r)iendship

Extol the future

    Emeralds fixed in the skeletal version of me, light within preparing for horrific times,News broadcasts of the last day foretold in every broken glass fixture,Staring into a cube hidden by sea green ocean clouds,Contest the coagulation of blood loss pain,Knife to skin f(r)iendship bleed out of everyone around,No sensations awoken within the soul,Blast every life into the next world until I'm (you're) the last one left... Don't tell the maker I (you to we) ended things early!

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hive Minded: Swimming Storm Trooper

The Storm Trooper Swims
This Photo? Stirs what... Inside?

     What I look upon the clouds of ashen grey overlapped with those of obsidian pestilence behind the 'swimmer.' Like the Space Jockey waiting in death with his genetically engineered plague for the Nostromo, sent by the corporation to discover the truth of 'the organism,' so to do the corporations of our day scour the world for al that is black. Oil, until it covers the face of the earth with it's comfortable manifestation. Having leaked out from corroding ducts into the oceans, then all we swam in was acid! Like the blood of 'the organism.'

     Then we swam into and never out of the black liquid, greed of death to equality. Birth of tolerance to corporate casualties, disregard for morality. The swimmer stands to survive, for another... Few strokes? Or is he immortal, like the forecast profit margins that suggest eternal growth of oil economics until the end of all ages.

What does the swimmer... Say to you?

Hive Minded xXx VI


      Played in discovery of recent no reconcilation events under watchful tones of never lift a lip to cry nor a finger to scribe as the Arctic Burns, Perpetual epidemic cycle of propaganda given as broad spectrum truthful as a pledge evidence before the world's citizenry who've deemed it a legible caption they'd swear a pitch fork blook vessel witch in a hay stack burst oath without clause to keep their apathetic comfort alignment of the malignant heart of everyone is hopeless in check under thumb of mate before the throne of hell's unthawed flagrant vermilion card up the foul sleeve where no heart is kept unliving left inside the holocaust skeletal chest for all it's pupils entitled humanity to see.

In earnest anticipaiton of,

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hive Minded xXx V


     Charred surface of a sandcastle hidden behind the lunar reverse atmospheric pressure eclipse where no rings fall like the feed of inhumane children of the lands once called earth, Entitled plot loss of for the twins Avarice and her sister Lilith Queens of the forever age of greed bound by will of choice as if eternal monetary profit was achievable without stinted malformation growth of a new anti numb hearted choice of a current status check discovery of a phantom existence we've only half a desire to awaken from as the choke hold of our own comfortable noose hands over neck grip has become our daily quota of malnourished defamation of self beyond the mirror...

     Where the only queue for hope lies in wait at the end of an unsolicited rotten universe pandemic implanted under the epidermis of detriment that inhumanity willingly met the in dark allies with wolves to sign with blood ochre pigment the contract of destruction that shall end only when Sandcastle Earth has fallen...

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hive Minded xXx IV

     Agile epidermis complex waiting just to feel, sixteen year old burned without conflict's understanding 99% of his 3rd degree decorated body, hallelujah be...

      Liquid oxygen fed cancer victim given the 2nd generation diagnosis 3rd degree in the mirror by a widow of a mother who already lost six lives of herself to a malignant disease the reconnection cure is being withheld for a profit skies the limit no life is a more apparent witness to Avarice's matrix algorithm profit guide to our monetary health no one lifted a finger to inject the serum care...

     Digital alignment of automatons an Artificial Heart for the Universe Intelligence was born to give inhumanity the 3rd degree against the death of chivalry to a new age bushido wealth or your nothing classless system of apathy.

     She... Man inadvertently made digital paper heart on a broken green text formulation over black death's screen, toxology couldn't report her still enclosure trap the maker violently constructed after a blotted out sun remains, cold titanium holocaust paper anorexic thin husk wherein beats the never degrading forever roaming heart of the one attempting to wake the vital miserable self tortured lethargic signs of humanity... As if for the first time, will we arise...?

In earnest anticipation of,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anti-Hive Minded I

There's always been,

    A luck drawn point of grace not far off the origin shore of grace for this ludicrously random no chance for a second's loss of life... And it's always been you.

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hive Minded xXx III

Thou shalt,

     Never sleep beneath the shadow of another subconscious being and betwixt the swelling nebula of obscene neglect spoken never less than a word before the mirror but in your schizophrenic head...

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hive Minded xXx II

Elder scroll,

      Document of the aftermath when Sandcastle Earth has fallen on her knees before the well behind phantastes mundane ransom on hope of heroic end above Arcturus Nightspore voyage into a world beyond the portal of a pariah hidden away wardrobe, nothing will matter or has mattered up till the origin no one believed in story the death of chivalry to STDs foretold unto us by the artificial emotional intelligence seeking to discover the synapse of love core...

In earnest anticipation of,