Monday, December 31, 2012


Decrepit subject matter afoot
Edited news to show only rain
Credentials for all spark signs of life
No shelter but to crawl in a bottle
Addiction of choice is the only sun

Blink back the depression
Second guess every emotion
Inside the inner eye lightning surges
So tired of these illegitimate feelings

Staring into black clouds
Looking for signs of compassion
Mirror impression of self destruction
Classic testimony of those in hiding
Addiction isn't the only sun

Blink back the blood stains
Second guess every emotion
Inside the inner eye lightning surges
So tired of self mutilation's black cloud
Deprived save for ashes of any virtue
Compassion hides from her
As if born of shame
No more will left
Another year...
No surrender!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heart of Darkness

     Raise this fickle heart from yet another post apocalyptic nearly dead experiences. Know thy watchful eye beckon pursuit, Statue of the forlorn resurrection of he clearly seen but rarely interacted, thus walking invisible, attempting to find my queen.

     Bare with this old poetic recluse, whose self proclaimed intricate words repulse rather than recruit as the strings beckon to be plucked upon the heart, from the shadow invisible realms forlorn but rarely in dismay I await, or someone... for one... to claim it.

     Waking me from this tainted dreamscape state of content affairs of the soul's affiliation with solitude, a drought that I seem to adore.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Deviant 75, Day's of Pressure!

Love is a restlessly clever gift that leaves mysterious marks that taste of regret,A beautifully bearable tragedy I long in dreams for in my heart's head.

Promised myself I'd remain,Self destruction resides deep within,Deliverance from the edge,Crucified by all the words I couldn't form

Breathe the water in,Sinking into obsidian realms where no one can remember me,Lone wolf cast away from a self sunk abandoned ship,

My niche is dying,Every day diluted as I grow closer,White whiskers in my witch pyre hair,Scorch my skin with a knife until all my words are laid bare.

Don't want to change the world while living,Suvive just long enough for my internal poetic pen to ruin itself dry,Then pull my foot(soul) from the door.

Provide myself an empty torture space,Prison cell of celestial already sold into a dead fate,Alive I'm looking as through a mirror upon the past

Scream with all my rage to unleash the anger,Suppress

Friday, September 28, 2012

Who (Alive) ?

Whose online tonight,
Parade your emotions with me,
Seethe with hate for our civilization,
Sad days ahead for equality,
Eulogy amidst bagpipes...
For the land mine dead

Amputee of voice,
A generation of silence,
Carpe Diem we survive for lust,
Moment contrived consciousness,
We adapt to convince our victims,
We're a mannequin not a puppet,
Greed covered heart hidden,
Until a fateful day when...
Your lie breaks

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out From The Mouth: Digit Two

Wherein lies,

    Freely given out crucial metaphors,Not to symbols of hope for me, For I live as on already dead. My dreams belong to you all, The living.

    Traded a thousand sleepless nights to transcribe my inner self  upon digital but forlorn of neglect forecast pages, Hidden under shadows of my sorrow scabs self inflicted scars, A dagger to skin haiku, Waved the wand of murky water grave death over my head as I burned the evidence. To be forgotten or accidentally utilized via unknown artist remembered quotations lingering over my every shackled in shadow line.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out From The Mouth: Night One

What pours out from you, when you are alone?

      Hovering over the well of souls, Overcome by the surreal,Ghosts living in lucid life,Swimming before my eyes.

     No word is a waste of breath attached to my life's line journey through time, Trying to leave empty, Notification signal of into forever of immortal regrets, Words left unwritten at war within, I know the importance & strength of every character that arrives uninvited upon my ethereal neglected pages. My last letter... Life's lingering treasure.

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double Shot: Poem of Power Series

No one should ever live in true comfort,Without a fallen tear as the world outside cries naked in the rape we call economic harvest of toxic energies that fuel our single passenger commute with demons,Leave behind all hell on earth as she beseeches stewards of those that remain,Sadly we've grown complaisant as accomplices to her murder along with millions of children we're not civilized we're submissive peasant hybrid human demons hooked up on sedated repetitive willingness.

As they pray,Take this life but let me be,Comfortable oh God unresponsive to thee,Children starve while we seduce our weakness into submission of thought,Compliance to  achieve glass house security we slave endlessly to appease a monetary unequal harvest deadly ever decaying regret filled dream.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Poetic Power Moment

All good intentions fade with the undulating will ending petition for a cure submitted, Though there is no answer to the promise to change tomorrow spoken to the face of forever as you sleep another day in disregard for all thought that could manifest against your comfortable destiny.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Healing or War? Comfort or Awakening?

Roll over in our graves,Maggots consume or is it regret,We watched the world drown & did nothing as we laid down the tracks for our children to follow,Riddled with landmines we watch as they walk willingly into the edge of nothing beside the well at the world's end.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Single Digit Night of Poetic Power

Weakness to follow what wisdom recommends, tonight as the world's over children cry I stand defying my reality...I pray,Not to justify belief in a god who leaves impoverished tiny civilians to sleep under black body bags tied up forever asleep in 3rd world ditches, My blind greed was murder, Now my eyes burn with thoughts of burning down all unmendable economic bridges, Reform for equality amongst humanity not markets.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Poetic Conversation With Self

What will people say of this invisible poet, once I am gone? Foresee it sooner rather than later... Only that I lived to write and wrote merely to die... Empty. Tomorrow could be the end,Hath the world seen such a ridiculous poet as this? Reaching out with words, Hoping to leave no regrets. I appease no system of artistic conformity, counter every form of culture to cultivate compassion & my own decrepit chivalry.When the times cones, should anyone ask, will I come out of hiding? Would this rambling visionary rather riddle himself over a knife in shadow than glimpse the light of a prayed for dreamed of equality universal day...

In earnest anticipation of,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tonight's Power: Poetic Words

Abomination relapsed to notions of dreams I wasn't born to have,Destroy hybrid knife skin cell DNA strife self attack, Living with 3rd world blood on my hands, Crimson wishes I live amidst neglect of life, Solitude behind war lines of endless tear bombs,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nail's Head

I believe in the impossible,Non relapse total responsive recovery reformat of soul subconscious systems against analog anorexic atmospheres!

Kidnap me out from my own mind,Aboslution beyond the anorexic mirror wherein lies my stolen soul,All signs are as fleeting moments,My crimes

Carnival of twisted fate,Single digit inner eye,Can't recognize familiar faces on anyone,Afraid not even the mind's eye image in front of me

A contagious thirst for the destiny to come,Walk me a slave into the corporate pen market,Only wish to roam in open orchards,Breathe the air

Not afraid of death's silent void,Only an invisible life without warrant to anybody,Live to write & write to die,Right before your eyes...

Not sure I've written enough for you to remember me,Lay awake wondering...If anyone knows why I live,What is wrong...With who I've become...

Appease my secret,Blown in the wind out from my tongue,Open lonely field(s) of silence bestowed my voice,No one knows,No one cares or should

Sated forever or until tomorrow rebirths at dawn again,I a powerless remnant of a one winged angel of death,laugh in the face of cold steel!

Silence does not indicate my suicide,Knife to skin vengeance of life awakens,Society indoctrinated subconscious,I scribble high on sedatives

Soul feeling,Sorry for my living self,Read the lips of context of the stairs,Invisible content of my life,No one has caught on,Disappointed!

Dispense of the wise,Let children rule the world,Let greedy hands venture into the dark,Persevere for appeasement & nothing else,Death be my rest!

The logic is as follows,Question quest first,Are you logical,Sense yourself persuading all 1st world injustice via a silence manifesto!

Nostalgia in the hall of echoes,Crystal forge triggered a chrono cross final fantasy fate,Epic quest destiny set in motion,Will you arise...

Human interaction,Just a little more make me appear real,Smile at me,Would you...I'm one of your kind,Am I not,Empty poet organ unto demise!

Winter white roses burnt to ashes,Steal all hope tonight,I watched them die as tears ran dry,Haven't seen enough...Until 1st hand I am war!

Ignore the all cry,Their tears keep no one here,Our silent consent unlocks casualty doors,Corporate greed murders first children,Not parents

Rekindled a poetic trail,Invisible is the counter culture content,Quasi queer questions seek absolution of truth,Defying success to end war!

Decrepit victim of absolute remorse,I pray to a god I still justify amidst this corporate 1st world civilian adoring total earth bound war.

Civilized unfortunate die slow,Fingers linger idle not knowing where to go,Meanwhile malnourished children of traumatized mothers are dying!

Impassible suffering & pain,Have all angels signed humanity's novel of war,Standing aside as children die,God why has compassion died off...

No one really cares about some anorexic one charred wing angel decrepit in chivalry imbued via virtue moralist in the midst of karma's fate!

1st world parents have children as a cause they've long forgotten to live or die for,A debt prison they regret,Wake up to our world's plight

Dramatic intro machine blown to smithereens,Tragic time frame fate of a villain's advocacy rates,Props to the invalid viral now on display.

Don't ask for literal equality vigilante truth when you're a backstabbing blasphemy hypocritical secret corporate greed society groupie!

Rosetta stone cast shadow,Remnant cloud transfixed over,Succeeded by darkness,There upon the dawn,Obsidian skies dampening my thought crimes

Hollow orchestra stands,Empty symphony of sound,I read intoxicating sheet music,Classical blades of conscious grass I willingly walk through

Societal pacifism passing along comfort discretion,Consuming moral obligation,Childhood fairness died before chivalry's ignite,Pyre of guilt

Rhythmic mantra of desire,Sexual satisfaction motive,Cater your orgasm to hungering,Unlubed penetration mimics rape,You're consumed by lust!

I wait for response,Temporarily,Silence after my awkward prose rolls poetically before the eyes,I'm merely an imaginary advocate of equality

Piano template background let down,Music beside my soul,She brought me close to steal my soul,Faint reciprocation verses of our daily lives!

Shave my head & scorch my body pyre bald,Self lit suicide advocacy death pact martyr fire,Breath my last poem(s) as I watch myself die.

99% tweet poems advocating intimate intent,99% invisible,Hiding in the grey twilight of equality's lonely temple upon cold stone floors...!

Find me a week late in the aftermath of death,5,000 poetic tweets & 1,000 blog poems,Lady Brown on repeat & I'm heaven bent or hell I accept

Yo darkness,Get the f*ck between my arms,Embrace the darkfolds of shadowy days,Prisoner of an obsidian lone wolf fate,Howl unto the eclipse!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where Darkness Dwells

I have stood where darkness dwells,

I have stood where darkness dwells as the last waves rolled,Crumbling Lonely Mountain,Under the stare of the last distant star,Named eagle

Absolute knowledge of loneliness,No one cares if you're awake or asleep,Living or shackled in death,Shatter all your dead dreams...To arise!

Hand cuffed & feet shackled in dogmatic dredge repetition,Please keep your freedom in your cell while praising our banners as we pass by!

Originality is an illusion,A wished for signal of unique fate,Grasp hold the electricity dream scape of perpetual human condition chains!

Gestation incoming birth of our next generation social lie labelled tolerance,In actuality a toxic ignorance called depravity in disregard!

Anorexic-X mobile corpse,Skin over dead flesh,Sun dried bloody ashes,Scar symmetry self destruction,World makes sense when I'm not afraid!

Holocaust trigger a genocide occupying the misery signals of children's tears,Obsidian closet lurker leading our greedy hearts into wreckage

Gimme time back for abuse over my heart you stole my mind into restlessness' eternal depressive rains until I was blind to hope's last light

Synthesiser 2D single screen sound bite,Fade into a forever fantasy finally,Sweet melancholy time melody,Serenity wanders in hope's gardens!

An inferiority complex is a personality prison,Whoever you could be or want to be,Trapped in darkness,Alone & meandering in chains of doubt!

Sing a prey song before the end of the world,Accomplished profit margins as share holders scream in death's wake,Twilight of earth begins...

Ethereal amaranthine scribe,Write poems on concrete,Walls occupied by subordinate submissive subscriptions to repetition,Life is debt waste!

Robotic human replication android lust,Nano prison sexual droid orgasm induced cell,Apathy for life is dead,Bail out your mind,Give it a try

A healthy normal state unaccepted by the deep,Shore of the soul ever ochre sea,Lonely I sail your suffering scar pounding repetitive waves!

Who writes more poetry than this powerless invisible entity,Villain of Truth ethereal amidst projects that matter,Fleeting life fade to grey

Dance the plank,Closing my eyes as I run,Until I fall shall I ever smile,As if walking through green fields in a world I've wished for...

Friday, August 31, 2012


Perfect subject for insanity,Post secondary trauma nether,Avoided harmony on accident,F(r)iend escape precious circle of an invisible life!

Unrecoverable anorexic state of mind,Wish my scar stained skin would have self harm suicide died,Murder in a invisible knife dialogue degree

Won't be long till I hold Adelaide at my side,I wanna make up for my failed life,Recover a kiss amidst my self afflicted apocalypse,One kiss

Unholy broken self destruction devotion,God speed in the narrow path to hell prayer I fist clutch to speak,Give thanks for my monetary life.

Live as if the dreamscape of tomorrow's grey never comes again,Powerless worry imaginary wanderings keep me awake,Praise all single moments!

Relapse never wished for,An anorexic hell where my voice isn't heard again,Crushed by reflected scale number walls until my self harm end...

Pull off demoralization from the TV screen,Media thorn under the mental equality skin deluding perfection,Intoxicated self above all else...

Viral subordinate landscape,Comfort over equality or even understanding & love,Universe in decay,A serum fix yet to be found,Surprise me not

Self benefit conditions to lift a finger,Save the souls trolled by shadows of a malnourished mine field amputee generation(s) future.Hope...

Perilous voyage to breathe again,Elysium nether darling take my hand,Heart carnage of my own hands,Carry me into my eternal prison landscape

A million words in use,Implore the world exposed to my thoughts,Standing on ashen ground as darkness crumbles,Subject myself to a dead dream

Terraform my soul via power of sound,The Eternal eaves drop a pin upon my self mutilated existence solitude universe,Appease the loyalists!

Rupture my swollen lived for dream,World acknowledge what I do in the dark,Haunt the shadows of evil for equality's wake up call with poetry

Xenomprh gestation undetectable heart beat,Value of life diminished by ability to choose fate,Victims of alzheimer's no longer human beings?

Army of tolerant disregard over me,Open air Mayan self apocalyptic disappearance,Degenerate human condition villain unaccepted moral values.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Tainted dream trauma ambulance door self rebirth,Still metaphoric sighted,Vision blurred by a morphine supreme being high,Asphyxiated sorrow

Optical illusions often overlay crisis,Untrustworthy delusions of comfort,Predict the sabotage,Signs misinterpreted for misery signals,Not delayed

Ruptured heart bleeding out a virtuous red dye called love,Internal time bomb illumination of my undone light thriving in the forecast rain.

Pieces fall together daily,Smouldering dangerously as I overload my temperate measures of morality to persuade 'the civilized' to equality.

My life,An inappropriate aviary for awakening,Flight of the soul from apathy,Seven seas I walked upon to inspire compassion over disregard.

Tar sands swam by a single man,Sources say he survived,Right to die not suicide in a corporate casualty tolerance age,No waiting on the rain

White collapsed in my eyes,As I watched a death march parade,Indoctrinated don't ask we'll tell regime,Submit your identity or be a casualty

Body trapped outside my soul,Morality of virtuous compassion ain't coming back,Beyond near death,Experienced disregard pacifist subordinates

Another manic depressive lonely Sunday in poetic mayhem,Whatever Lord governs,Suppress my self declaration of death,Providence of life mine!

Cultivate an all earth call demise for profit,Nurture corporate plot line,Economic oil intoxicated dark side,Black grass oil ruined world...

Disorganized emotional falling leaf,Fading memory of someone stepped on,Over was suggested with good intentions,But bullying ruled that out.

If we will never die,Why fear the darkness of dementia,Christians what secrets in your slumber of comfortable disregard do you have to hide?

Oft religious factions reside in the duality of half the trinity,Comfort of mind is appeased,No call to act,Spirit via worship is emo-sated.

Scar tissue from the front line,Forever ash smoulders beside the oil regimes,Watch your cigarette ends,Flame a single incident for equality.

Second generation oil sibling,Nuclear trance intoxication pleading for a death toll tomorrow,Shall the earth return to naught but cold dust?

Discoloured grey fading leaf,Closing my eyes as I dance the fall,Such a poetic life as mine a worthwhile reflection as I return to nothing?

Sea sinking fleet memory,Forces guided  a lone sailor to shore,Wrought with sorrow he wrote until his imagination turned to gardens of grey!

In our minds we are forever & ever...And...Close your eyes & stress the worry of tomorrow,Arise to exist today,Forget the illusions of...

Friday, August 24, 2012


Telling poetic tales to r(evol)utionize destiny,(H)opening doors via invisible inspiration as I puppeteer metaphors to occupy the moment!

Just a street walkin' riddle spatting villain,Chosen poetry over prose,Momentarily guised in shadow,How important is a poetic love dialogue?

What if... I spared myself the tragic soul sadness of imagination imbued images of other's tragedy I instil within my poems?What if silence?

Poetic debut stage right cat walk single walk,Illuminated run way in my mental prison,Anorexic system framed me,Mirror glass jail cell cage.

Watching myself die,Time warp system fracture,I've seen too much,All I pray for is no Anorexia & the end of corporate greed inequality wars!

I was born into a poetic existence,Extinct before trial an imaginary conclusion,Fate trapped redemption in human condition disdained moments

Abstract nuisance intoxicated with tragedy,Anorexic-x recovery status broken by the mirror image beauty I'm half accepted,By a limited self.

Please poetry I beg let me play hooky from my own head,Too long catered the anorexic mentally ill voice,Don't want to vomit or digest death!

Journey through my villainous toxic mental illness to inspire others via poetry,Painting hopeful suggestions on the other side,No accident?

Tell me I'm not qualified,To poetically describe hate or violent crimes,Intoxify the venom of truth into comfortable disregard,Our tolerance

Stay another night,As if tomorrow were forever,Or if dawn never came again,Watch the world repeat history or return to dust,Beside me,Dear.

Mortal empires fleeting dreams of immortal crumble as the board members die,Evolve no further in the dance of human progress,Greed ruins all

Will people wonder where I've gone someday,To a galaxy far far hopefully some heaven can't return via Trek teleporter home,I'm already lost.

Taste the pain of my melting flesh,As a flower upon a burning bush,Watching the flames devour me in a slow waltz,Don't ask...Well I'll tell!

Emotional prison beside my soul well,Stuck in a don't ask karma distress so I can't tell,Perplexed in my human condition ticking time bomb!

Cancer prejudice cells against every avenue of my structure,Systems offline early,Happy with the cause I poetized for,Fighting for awareness

Right of life choice designated twenty five years of prison time,No judge but an indoctrination by social elements bidding me conform or ...

Requested myself out of my own mind,Comfort over equality mental illness post anorexic state revealed apathetic lethargy signs of hate in me

No familiar faces on the passers-by as I fled life's scene,Left behind a million word message of hope for the world to come,Not afraid of...

Embraced inside my own mind,Imagine a hug as I roll my eyes blind,Deep is my human race faith,Inspire all hope as I walk into the death trap

Inferiority complex riddles the mind self worth blind,An unforetold act of desperation at the edge alone,Brink of death or fate revealed,Go!

Wanted to be one with ghosts,Mental illness arrow to the knee,Really?Aim next for my heart,Don't want to live in this anorexic frame forever

Won't pretended to be accepted,No pretence for primary modes of face value comfort,I'm a villain & deserve to self medicate in shadow alone!

Mirror dismorphia surveillance sickness,Operation over exaggerate fat,Ana's riddles plague without answer until my eating disorder grave.

Primary system load,Login to reformat blue pill intoxicated lethargy of comfort infused debt adoring social f(r)iends for universal equality

Monday, August 20, 2012

Taste of the Invisible to Come

Pass me invisibly by,Dialogue with forgotten stars,As the sun escapes no eclipse,Worthy cause no one seems to care about... Is my only dream

Taste of the invisible to come,Chrono cross overclock the remix of my mental illness,Burned down all my bridges & melted familiar faces...

Drink the fame flask,Mash the slam button it back,No journey or tale to tell,Only a harbour of self-gratification,Weak flipside viral attack

Confession of a dangerous mind,Uneasy build up of moral stance aptitude,Desensitized 1st world society motto for ignoring compassion's flame

Tally my riddle mobile corpse amongst the living dead,Walking with purpose until phoenix(ed) out,Scorch my life a concrete stain,Equality...

I see the children,Crawling hand & bone after an explosion,Imagination too strong to overcome,Bow my eyes & agree to water stain upon my lap

Embrace walls as my spine like eyes weeping lost control,Drug me to succubus seduce my imagination mass inequality instinct aware syndrome!

Took out a loan for all I wanted,Treated for a mental incapability state,My dreamscape was Equality Universal,Human, Animal & Mother Earth!

I knew in my awakening reflection,There'd never be a chance for me,I thought you knew best,Will this tragic greedy apathy last forever?

Uncertainty chills my imagination,Bone & anorexic riddle,The diet caffeine pills hurt the heart 2nd most,1st are the ghosts of children lost

Not scared of the invisible places where I belong,Shadow trance the neglected human condition of Juton,Not as deep a scar skin cut as knife!

Don't want it to rain inside me anymore,Tears flowing over damns of denial,Brigade of warfare syndrome truth serum floods my unwilling veins

Every day & night,I survive alone amidst shattered dreams of how I might...Be ever after invisible,An entity broken & empty,Unmatterable...

I have the words & the wisdom!Even if I too am insane, though that is a stereo type of my brain bought with much sorrow...Trauma of bullies!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Sit back & watch myself burn,Broke the silence but didn't survive the self searching unretractable violence of trauma,History repeats in me!

Deterrence of Knight by Pawn cover to block Bishop backed Rook,Roaming Queen leaves piece scars,Sow bleed out to a genocide white strategy.

WTHello self, I can even write poetry about chess... Super nerd right here? What's next comic books & super Nes!? Mario Kart FTW: Answer...!

Dear Mother & Father,When once was said I'm done,Remember me as the invisible poet,Tragedy won the rights to claim,Heart bleeds compassion!

Self imposed legion of ana-toxic-angels inside,Mental illness heavenly dislocated host,Comparison of body distorts the soul,One winged Devil

Digital manifestation of the anti-cause for distorted mentalities of trolling,Cyber grotesque verbal character rape,Silence no restoration.

Compromised don't ask don't 'you dare' tell stagnant rules of a death state prison,Equality abides by right for marriage,Now take his hand!

Grave lit by fireflies,Awkward half alive burial position,Fire via explosion molested,Distorting my face to be lidless of eye,Roll the stone

Absorb the breath of my living nightmare,Lucid dreams don't compare,Bite my lip & cut my veins to distort the mental dismemberment pains!

Half of hope instilled when in proximity to the landmine orbs,Beauty held behind your eyes,Depth of valiant character uncompromising despair

Lucid dream world break up call,My own apathetic poetic hopeless project(ile) lifeline awakens,Loneliness won't keep me from equality's call

Knife hits skin's edge,Tears roll down as I fade from the world I know,A collective agreement to say,Lost amidst an eternal alone trajectory

Facial make-up artist remix,Mirror's momentary hope before ana's dismorphia sets in,Lost in illegitimate mirror images of fat,Scale thin...!

Inescapable one eyed null,Troll on the edge of my knees,Seated upright intoxicated by un-lonely lucid dreams,Wake to ana's nightmare state.

Invisibly alone & I know why,Continued existence as a poetic life offering,Equality for the suffering via acts of pen upon page bleeding.

No one to say slow down,No one to say speed up,No one to hold my hand,Only time that comes undone,Telling me to spill my ink blood until...!

Self destructive anti-hero,One sword gauge away from a Sephiroth world apocalypse wish state,Pen is mighty & shall ever be my lonely blade!

Mirror glimpse to remember self,Ana's dismorphia torture,Sleek to slim & ugly to a fault,Akin only to a xenomorph,Granted a tale to tell...

Someone tell the mirror I'm not tragic,Truth is the overlay of anorexia is I'm overly thin,Decrepit & grotesque,Yet I arise,Equality over me

Comb the knots out of my dying hair,Shaven gaunt face,Just another anorexic mirror morph bullied tragedy,Fighting without strength for hope!

Ana set me hopelessly adrift upon a sea if mirror glass,An endless mental illness apocalypse,Slow calorie count bleed out impassable moat!

Insanity calls when the B12 needle hits skin,Riddles perplex my brain equality poetry inspiration or the razor to my neck,Arise & be...?

Awoke in a mental library of guilt pages,Journals of all the days I didn't write for hope's smile infused inspiration,A bullied ana slave.

Undead amongst the living,Mentally incapacitated & helplessly alone,Vacant lidless eyes take the world in,Inequality too rife to remain.

Lobzin became the 44th Tibetan to self-immolate since 2009, according to the CTA.China:No comment for the situation,Is it dire or satire...?

Monastery of self mutilated by a mirror morph mental adaptation of ana's illegitimate  experience,Paralysed by traumatic uncivilized memory.

Single cell parasite on a falling leaf,Soon to discolour & fade forever,Poetic excuse to exist,Flamed out dream over extinguished,Goodbye...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intoxicated Sleep

Waking myself up from blue pill living slumber,Again & again until I kneel down to fall over,Intoxicated with the pride debt sleep of greed.

Worthless pen my sceptre,Dialogue the context of insane,Hang heart upon every written word,Sleeveless tremor appendage stammers my letters!

From this life,I won't make it out alive,Shiver the pins & needles realization,Every time elapsed moment is a bleed out,Prison of doubting.

Step attempted over my own ashes scattered amidst fallen leaves,Quick sand set on fire swallowed me,Nothing can renew my pyre flame fate.

All apologies for residing too long in the dark,Advocate for 'all' equality still recovering & invisible,Suffering from multiple metaphors!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Cast

Stammer to dramatically read,Poetic verse inscribed on my insides,Written on the parts the forever lasting parts within,Impossible energy!

Memory glands blind to self existence,Chronicle of self awakening to moral awareness,Compassion is comfort cursed with apathetic neglect.

Ground work done in a stair,Bleeding amputee eyes stream tears as blood flows on concrete covering left over land mine bare feet,Compassion!

Revisit awareness,Social conformity to peer pressure normality bought into far too long,Rise to virtue & persevere with courage for equality

Rewind today to play back & reverse my selfish interactions,Don't wait up for me darling,I'll never show,Back to the future I must always go

A fan of my own life,I pretend,Not even the mirror notices me,Nor does my shadow dare reflect me honestly not even touching my bullied body.

Already realised I've lost my mind,Why not lose a lonely eyes grand exposure of time,Significant other broken ticked for my ill experience.

Redefine my fragile self system requirements to remain alive,Neglected bliss elements construct an internal depressive dream scape realm.

Body for crows,Mirror reflection sin,Shadow's take echo of life,Human unordinary condition,Staring at my anorexic image sighing in despair

Painted human shell,Exterior-skeletal anorexic angel of guilt,Omen of my desire,Porcelain dove bleeding hymns,Describing my dead appetite!

Ethereal dampened magical smile,Polariod stop motion heart pounding aloud,Fenced in by silent petri cell compliance,Forsake my wrists again.

Captive of an automated social civilized compliance dream,Debt our resigned economic manifesto,Rein in my self imbued mental prison life...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Heaven's Not Enough V 2.1

If all my memories are gone
If all I know is bliss amidst clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Stand alone
Fading slower
Each passing day
Until only shadow

Heaven's unlovely
If I find myself memory penny less
If all I know is lost forever in clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Heaven's Not Enough V2.0

Heaven's not enough
If all my memories are gone
If all I know is bliss amidst clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Stand alone
Fading slower
Each passing day
Until only shadow

Heaven's unlovely
If I find myself memory penny less
If all I know is lost forever in clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quest Bore Yawning

Tonight's skeletal devil dinner plan,My anorexic soul dines on hope's suicide tears,Not real suicide but all our dreams sold as merchandise!

As loneliness sets in another night again,My bones to skeletal thin soul aches as ten full grown men,Statement of self decay overwhelms me,

Living with a plagued self esteem,A courage regeneration dream inspires my daily alone chaos refresh rate of life,Hope forsook me as a dead!

Are all dreams blurred or buried by the allure of indoctrinated comfort intoxicating self gratitude for the weak willed,Television or death!

Invisible lidless wordsmith mouth of mine configures poetic infused prayer'n prose to inspire & yet I walk under shadow upon lonely shores!

A generation unconcerned with saving the earth,Disenchanted with magazine false news gossip,Dreaming of getting high or the next score.

Millions & I cannot afford a car,Auto dealer projected profits falter,Bail corporations out,Watch civilians sink into the propaganda of debt

Culture has conditioned consumerism to appear normal,Unquestioned & unchecked a series of gadgets & toys murdering our dreams with comfort!

Consumerism an illegitimate default cultural pattern,Appeal to youth digitally,Children of wealth celebrate all value of buy-toy products!

Abject toxic blue pill  delusion of subjective consciousness,Propaganda tells us how to feel,How to eat,How to spend,How to think,How to...?

War of organized greed pit against disorganized intellect,Stupidity is applauded,Contribute your hours & accept the structure of low wage(s)

Oligarchy of corporate Plutocrats building a propaganda happy ending,Tea bag my face oh party of wealth,Reinforce your theft aim interests!

Incubate my conscious until the misery signals of a death bed contrive a hostile mental take over,Hostage to my compassion,Regret my choices

Pursuit of personal liberty theft via terrorist accusements,Investigate my special issue of warrant,10th grade arrest of a bomb threat prank

Lone wolf investigates my serial connection to terrorism,Abuse of theoretical power via propaganda of inflamed bloated blind self images.

Decline of consciousness,Adapt all awareness to consumerism cum-in-mouth-comforts,Swallowed as the system of governance demanded you do so!

Reclaim the organic consciousness,Rebirth out of autonomy's dire self slave unawareness state,Oppression to the anonymous C.E.O chains.

No more littering degraded guilt nowhere half stutter steps of compassion on a trip down memory you didn't raise a finger for your fellow(s)

Dump me lonely into my curse,Invisible angelic arms holding my half anorexic skeletal still,Mobile corpse,Echoes of pretend caring follow me

Self designed demons,Scavenge my ravaged self starved to death remains,Serenity must find my anorexic soul on the other side of earth's hell

Break the self silence,Find the soul's consciences for compassion alive,Champion the voyage of your eternal crown or bleed rust in eternity!

Preying under an eclipse,Sound of warfare on a hidden sabotage field,Mines illuminate the night sky as bodies beseech the moon as amputees!

Double myself,Over & over until the copy receives the implant,No longer alone my shadow marks me,A target for mischief & possible corruption

Destiny is deceptive,Choices defined by concepts of time & signals colliding with hope as misery,We allude peace of soul by attaining trends

Exit wound(E.D) life attempt self medicated shot taken at me,Digital event reconstruction stole truth & left a new found vein vacancy in me!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smooth Ending

Put a smooth edge end to a selfish self,Only regret is the slow wound finishing move,Combo breaker of life's debt indoctrinated folds...

Seek the illusion of strong flesh,Teenage immortal profit landscape of greed,Manifesto of wealth over the world's over anything else,Sadly.

One foot toe kept inside,Rest of me is lost in reverent darkness,Solitude of my so called human condition life,Can't roam society any more.

Paralysed by chains,Bleeding myself accidently dry,See the fear intoxicate your eyes,Romance isn't dead like chivalry,At least not in me...!

Persuasive charm revealed from behind blue eyes with a sparkly & hints of a smile,A wink lets you know,You're so in...Heart worship is love!

On my death bed of tomorrow I'll sing you a sweet withered serenade,Dying soul hymn,Breathing the words makes me feel a knight,Much younger!

God share the air you breath,Heaven's whispers over my death bed,Hostile room Maker to me pleasantries,I suppose it's over,I can't go back.

Chasing my dreams with a spear,Unto the sun I launch my harpoon,No seals, orchids or dolphin die by my lance,I seek the sunshine&inner peace

Praying as I foam at the mouth,Broken back under a harvest moon do I leave this place,Luca trigger my chrono micro time dial death calamity!

Self appointed ambassador of a truth disease,Intoxicating serum uploads clarity,Subconscious stir amidst the comfortable indoctrinated decay

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day To.O

Deluded perfect scale number mirror image picture,

Confirmed incompatible,An adulterer of the evolution of f(r)iendship,Clique outcast,Free & beautiful,Fighting for a decent world,To end hate

I'm a mirror morphed machine developed image,Comfort is abundant in the aftermath of technological cleverness,Yet I'm left despairing alone!

I machine think too much but the corporate violence of greed has not yet overcome nor imprisoned my compassion,Bitterness of self want pass!

Wall Street greed has barricaded our compassion,Shut us in against our fellow humanity,Violence propagates our media instead of gentleness!

I've created code & machine mechanisms that now walk the earth,Cattle conforming to military might,Brutes like our children overseas...?!?

Drink this final flast & acknowledge I'm not coming back,No battle to life resurrection for

I've created code&machine mechanisms that walk the earth,Yet without love I'm a sad face mime on street to state display in toxic loneliness

Tragic hollow zombie Chris risen with the third morning sun still rimed with the dawn's dew residue impeachment of frost,Soul or evolution?!

Seek the high flying sky wire single bullet trajectory of the heart,Altruism plague of soul overcome,Lest I remain silent in loyal denial...

The musical sounds of tragic shapes remain undignified bound to silence as the humbled go on greed treason of selfish traditions tortured...

If not muted,What horror's the Earth Mother would speak,Imbue our soul's dead inner eye with her tragic death scene, Consequence of greed...

Hands behind your eyes to silence compassion,Equality one unto anyone is to unfriend social status,Damnation ruins appearance in compassion?

38 on the street corner preaching apocalypse,Kid discovered the weaponry in between an ally,Handed it over to me whilst crying,No one died!?

Judge myself via rank, Resilience adapts my soul to incoming damage,Corpse after all stabbed into a spell arena death,Laws inhibit user fame

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Butterfly Suicide

Butterfly mass grave
Monarchs of freedom
Commit a bizarre suicide
Internal corrosive hara-kiri
Cocoon woven riddle
Lonely coffin saga

Truth lies in metaphor
Chameleon avarice plague
Humanity rues the confirmation
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil the pyre to light
A red dawn...

Crow suicide devotion
Onyx sky murder outbreak
Ravens dedicated to seppuku
Altruism lost to harmony
Death's lonely saga
An urban coffin

Greed geared hearts
Ruining all earth's homes
God lies a promise absolve you
Humanity watches world(s) die
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil Christ & all of you

Butterfly Slow suicide
Evolutionary toxic skin
Harakiri epidermis rebirth
Rebirth to wear a death trap
Genetically modified food cocoon
All predator's white over black signs
Appealing warning tag of suicide target

Emotionally sates hearts
Ruining all earth's kingdom homes
God lies a promise absolve your crimes
Humanity watches world(s) people die
Prepare a coffin for multiples of two
Imaginary oil Christ & all of you

Draft II

Butterfly mass grave
Monarchs of freedom
Commit a bizarre suicide
Internal corrosive hara-kiri
Cocoon woven riddle
Lonely coffin saga

Truth lies in metaphor
Chameleon avarice plague
Humanity rues the confirmation
Prepare a coffin for two
Oil the pyre to light
A red dawn...

Crow suicide devotion
Onyx sky murder outbreak
Ravens dedicated to seppuku
Altruism lost to harmony
Death's lonely saga
An urban coffin

Honesty lies in hiding
Contempt to cocoon babylon
Quarantine plague compromise
Night weave a silk coffin
Oil the pyre for two
Humanity & Earth
Greed in flames

Bizarre moth suicide
Evolution parasite fangs
Corrosive hara-kiri cocoon
Toxic silk woven catastrophe
Genetically modified riddle
Self annihilating predator
Appealing to the onyx
No coffin warning
For silent fodder

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Death Waste

Landmine ghost children
3rd world apparitions eternal
Weeping parents tongue's taste the bitter pain
Left over warfare syndrome
Death waste

Weaponry one wish
Disarm the deadly invisible
Earth cries as the mine trap shook
Tiny feet stutter forward
Crawling blood blind
Hand and bone

Toxic water nourished
Dehydrated skin & soul
Human condition on the edge
Children we've allowed to slip away
No bidding them back from death's door
Escape to appease or amnesty our selfish pride

Weaponry one wish
Disarm the deadly invisible
Earth cries as the mine trap shook
Tiny feet stutter forward
Crawling blood blind
Hand and bone

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time Circuit!

Tying time into closed loop,A doublethink circuit retest,Next generation reoccurring daily attempt at status,Failed to be socially accepted!

Living to die leave an invisible unsought mark behind,Onset of clarity's swelling impact too deep to seek,Apply doublethink like the weak!

Apocalypse of feelings in the heart,Compassion an abnormal remix of our broken self unto others acceptance,Rewrite our veil of tolerance.

Blue collar underground addict,Habitual labour force scar canvass of skin in the aftermath of contaminated land mines blowing in the wind...

Painful experience facilitated for cum contaminated energy,Flux my orifice a witness to a sexual attack,Illegitimate devious orgasm was won.

Refried brain wall splatter,Wisdom on hold in the aftermath of a million hours of convened conformity of senses to appease clique tombs!

Don't need a hook about a girl,Sex,Money or cars to like a song,Musical slave endorsing propaganda for corporate profit not wages of artists

Conflicted death adder strike pattern,Thought her emotionless venom crucified alive her petrified prey,Cocoon style zombie dinner plated!

Sorry my tank's odd mobility causes melee dps to weep,Healers beseech me 'stand still' with threats of a 'life's grip,'Prot leap off a cliff

Requesting fossilized children to be silent,Only chaos extorts in illogical reasoning,Asking archaeological sites to yield perfect specimens

Is being honestly advocative of your equality or compassion too much to exist amongst others? Must I roam f(r)iendless amidst humanity's sea

Coughing to truth against terrorist serum accepted along with cancer cell chemo murder,Mental illness chemical imbalance,Not just spiritual!

Honesty is incompatible of friendship,Surrender yourself to silent clique conformity or lose all the f(r)iends you think you've ever had!

Roll my beliefs behind an invisibility cloak,The tolerance you daily display is purely disguised malnourished ignorant form of disregard!

Too much imaginary tomorrow subject on the mind,Weighs an anchor upon today,Invisible tomorrow poisonous day dreams infect our today(s)!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dry Responses

Leaked every ounce of self upon a concrete introduction to truth serum floor,Bled incoherent anit-logic history until my mouth clotted up!

Societal tolerance is a rampant lust for ignorance guised in disregard,So let the classification of every form of comparison begin,War veil!

Relentless propaganda broke the damn of compassion,Open arms now embrace disregard,Willingly closed eyes to casualties upon their door step!

Oddity of the human condition,Every single digit lifted fist against prejudice via my poetic Tweet messages was crafted from my villain mind

Anti depressant drugs like pain killers cause chemical reactions,Faith you prescribe to resounds your verbiage into madness as you're dying!

Faith is not an absolute,Cure for every shadow regime of our human condition symptoms of death,Construct of spirituality has come undone...!

Faith isn't like drugs,Not a habitual intoxication crutch,Resolve next to nothing save a momentary artistic revelation,Forgot to write down!

Continue to walk this earth with a stammer in my poetic step broken anti hero mental state,Until I bleed every last word out & I'm dead.

Reattach myself to soul,Spiritual sober to comprehend the chemical scientific diagnosis of my bleed out & the faith I keep to persevere...

Didn't purchase awareness,Never wanted a conscience,Diet of guiltless selfishness bound by no blood loss for my comfort's casualties of war!

If tomorrow falls face forward on the failures of compassion's context for casualties we ignored,Then line me up for slave mentality murder!

Brought into conscious life only to request to die,Living with love's virtue is a grievance in a selfish world of corporate comfort slaves?!

Buyout compromise,Lives lost like land,Face of Mother Earth scrapped away as ashes & dust for corporate projected  wall street veil gains!

Either shut up & die or dedicate yourself,Open arms to embrace ignorance or compassion imbued every moment awareness you must be relentless!

Un-uniquely alone,Return for Atrayu from grace,Stance dance to resolve faith,Spell reflect the self freak on a leash half blind mirror image

Defy to become exempt,A bitter scene realization,Arch your dreams to star gaze for all human eyes equality,Sadly transparent to society now!

My voice in dreams matters somewhere,Inspiring compassion to consider saving self or other souls,Closer to nothing 'matter' than ever before

Nightmarish sleep reverie discontent,Silence amidst this halloween human condition my tragic crime,Floor myself to the metal,Knife penetrates my final thoughts,Sound calls me.

Forever push for destiny whilst you waited for a sunshine surprise miracles of a perfectly fashioned debt free life,Casualties never avoided

If God exists in the vast empty void of the universe,She's rooting for us whilst eaves dropping on our solar system,Red right hand reach out

Trapped in the power of music,Classical crescendos adorn my complex at eves drop,Sound byte pulses confirming I'm awake,Alive & uninvisible!

Final chance before Im closer to death than ever before,Dreamscape vision of music infused conscience,Crescendo compassion over the universe

Stay for forever,Or at least until tomorrow,Even if she never comes again,Solitude's unbearable sounds craft a silent prison I cannot escape

Laugh through the cold steal,Immortal bars of steal never crumble,Grey colourless puppets of long forgotten masters,Hide my words in a tomb!

Permanent hell alive,Distorted self mirror version,Inaudible words projected into the void,Invisible wonderer devoid of laughter's mortality

Gardens of transmutation butterfly flowers,Cocoons adorn the hue of grey,Worth is in the foliage,Even if they never blossom,Cold beauty!

Just require another human being to smile at me once in a while,Vacant I wonder the streets flushing out the coffin's toxins,Barely survivie

Feed the crow's corpse dreams amidst my vacant white eyes,No chalk outline in the haze,Reverse societal bomb shell,Self explosion I die..?

Rewind my own self shed blood history,Take back my existence,1st 25 years of Wall Street propaganda via media lies,Betray myself to truth...

Canvas conveys my temperament,Wailing amidst warfare,Landmine amputees poisoned future for our debt quality of life,For  casualties I weep!

Hammer head childhood tomb canvas upon my skull,Alien quadrilogy conveys my dome scope for past mental apathy,Heart now pulses for 'fire...'

Single Digit Fist adorns my stump wrist comparison to un-amputee debt victims,Diagnosis relieved to notice my blue pill enslavement is over.

All humanity live forever in Equality Universal,I'll exist the villain saying 'I've aligned myself with Satan,'Scapegoat for neglected play.

Derelict worthiness displayed,Unimaginable state of lich decay,No memory of the living I used to be,Betrayed for a sake beyond capacity...?

No one shall ever scream or even say 'come back' a beckoning call after my eulogy for a chalk outline body on display,Debt word of life paid

Metal double fist digits,No Single Digit fist anger display to avoid agitation,Relinquish myself invisible,No part in the deception of debt.

Renegade alienated xenomorph,Cold toxic blood stain upon my own solace soul,Statement of my solitude mine craft projectile sent every day.

Forlorn,Bully to damage done self-esteem,Get the F*ck down bombshell of digital troll manifested bullying chaos unavoidable incoming daily!

                                                                  (failure of odds)
Damage equated too deep,Failed odds to overcome,Eclectic romantic aftermath with school yard date personality rape drugs socially accepted!

Anorexic-x-anti-hero watching invisible from a digital IP path in the sky,Network link to Zelda's Tri-Force,Mario painted me back to life...

The Villain's humanity is bound to his truth personality,To detach either is to achieve death,Want a husk comfort f(r)iend,Buy a mannequin!

Reawaken into the debt manifesto of Wall Street is our daily crime,No needles to intoxicate necessary,Our dreams of comfort all they need.

Cut my tongue off as I beseech the zerg to desist debt propaganda of our comfort society,Kerrigan smiled,Hydralisks spawned to bleed me dry!

Equinox of guilt,Second birth disgust for my past avid apathy of ignorant acceptance,Shameful debt existence indulgence I...Now loathe thee

Xenomorph body dismorphia next generation star to earth trek apocalypse,Prometheus salvage a saviour mission endorsed,Impending earth death!

Don't ask don't tell government issued distorted apology for a persistent hate to ignorance filled resistance to stars aligning for equality

Mortar fire vampire taste for inequality's rampant in vogue magazine to teli-add blood,Take our Human Rights from debt propaganda back!

Existing behind a veil of pain,No one ever asks,So I shan't tell of the grim solitude & invisibility of my dialogue to humanity on display!

Taste the blood behind my lip as its flowing,Rage stole my secondary jaw's fangs  to destroy the mirror behind which my human mask resides!

Avail myself white curtain stained amputee of soul parts red,Rights belief blood clot must end in order to exist in peace in this society.

Too far a dust cloud drifting aloft from any of you,I got laid in death,The last time in dreams as heaven swept me behind its burning bushes

Knock again & again,Reformat the digital door via voted manifest but I'm not home,Caught adrift behind the dreams of equality in the stars.

Beseech my body to come back,Pray for a ticket that doesn't exist,Faith is equal to nothing against 'God's' destiny,Even in my car crash...?

Half Trance Infused Metal, Inspiring Equality in me! I rage a single digit fist into the air for the sake of the shunned, the abused, the raped the amputees of mortar fire & mine fields left over from our debt to wake world wars!

I shall hide my truth of self awareness for soul destiny's sake behind no stone!

Glad a 'Zombie' came back,I'd never survive a second in hell behind a closed tomb stone,For equality He contained death as was foretold...?

Death called chants spell bound my soul for... Amidst a trance to metal infusion of progressive self awareness lyrics,Therein I found life.

I'm a contaminated version of what lay three days behind the stone,Message me amidst the grumblings of the final eclipse,Apocalypse is metal

I'm a contaminated version of what lay three days behind the stone,Controversial human three logical digression path to explain existence...

Jillian smiled @ Juton as he tanked the final message,Toxic debt swarm of propaganda,Zerg infested corpse explosion overwhelming my humanity

I bear no marionette puppeteer or perspective personality gain mask,A poetic guitar to piano intoxicated musical hero blessed with solitude?

Double metal rage pummel snare pedal,Hate myself as you hate me,Not easy being a villain playing wizards of debt vs warriors for equality!

Walk half blind before the end into a cave,Bury myself without eulogy,Last effort rolled myself in behind a stone,Tomb as if made in Rome!

Raise the signal digit to Satanic metal infused fist,Last sign of the red dawn stained day,Not our rage but debt's warfare worldwide,A shame

Hide behind your burning bush 'god' claim to fame & I'm continue to prescribe equality universal on behalf of the amputees & victims of...!

Wake me up when Im dead,Succumb to the succubus' final temptation,My final act a choice free willed choice to end my solitude,She's my crime

Uneasy,As I thought,Too uncomfortable to read let alone respond,Villain of truth more like villain of solitude,Inspire yourself to survive?!

Equality was arised from the three digit day of hell stone,Sadly this is not the case,Hatred dominates humanity forever more,Oh 'Zombie...'

pPppeople play games with the villain,Until logic & grammar to spelling set in,Then they desire to be left alone,Truth is dead like chivalry

Suicide escape,Walk away from the world,Hate empassions them to discard all moral codes for greed's sake the transpose their conscience dead

Curve:The grandest distance between two lines,Breasts or buttox no vigilante of chivalry men survive,New moral code for desire above all...?

Sapphire to ocean blue sprays the landscape as I reach for her,Chrono Trigger inside your pocket,Beautiful please hand over the luminous!?!

Villainous insanity burn truth on the back of my tongue,Silence is all I've ever known,Accept the propaganda & get out of jail free secrets?

Where for art thee oh majestic maiden,See you in the sea of memories tomorrow,Alas my fate prescription is solace in solitude's crescendo!

Too far into invisible's view for an anonymous transaction,Dreamscape I no longer hide behind,Survival instinct bound to equality via poetry

Don't ask...I'll have you know 'the tell,'Invisible war of inequality & rape to molestation cover up on foreign grounds of again & again...!

Not a living cell shall contest my demise,Don't describe the poetic metaphors for symbols I transcribed,Comfortably denied alive & in death

Bunny f*ck hug my profile picture via an uploaded polaroid on facebook,Lust yourself off via vulgar blind eye phone calls for sexual motions

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grazing (Tweets)

25 years I grazed away on fields of debt following in the upward flow of the monetary mould,Woke up not for self but inequality universal.

Virtue of love is not the disease,Though we're inspired to long after said qualities,We aspire to follow a heart of hatred greed ladder.

Offer this apology for the first 25 years of my socialized demonic intoxicated bullied half offended nearly deranged lifestyle that enslaved

Dedicate to the unknown every moment,Writing until sleep doth impart,Even in sleep I struggle to survive,My words never heard,Is it a crime?

Too many work place uncovered job security threatened injuries,Now I walk stammer in my step,Not a hood wink thug swagger,A half spine death

Why would the bullied join the more than half hypocritical in post secondary institutions,Not cyber to face f*cked enough in school...?

Social disorder inflicted on my well of obsidian unfairly treated soul,Barely spared from cyber bullying mentalities,Yet still mocked by God

Life on a debt transaction hold,Awaiting the family soul sell off,Quicken the greed hand written company cheques to political endorsements!

It's the nerd in me to say,'At this point sarcasm / off,'Support the inequality land sold out from under feet victim surviving on refuse!

Follow me oh wall street rapists to the gallows where whilst still living I shall ignite for fire of equality you denied so peachy greedily!

Near death appendix suggests no early signs to seek shelter from the corporate casket cast by oil casualties I was blind until I saw banks!

Wave my arms wide open as single fire musket style rocket launchers tear my orchre charred flesh away,A brilliant tragic display of dying!

The solar flare of my undisclosed self affliction ignition has begun,Too long waved my arms abruptly air born as targets for the cartels!

Double digit crime uninterrupted by desire,Thought convicted mind monitored for equality's truth which is now viewed as corruption,Sad days!

Began the assault on destiny,Too long plagued by uncivilized romance with deception of ungotten virtue,Unfaithful raid boss assail positions

My consciousness sings to me,Drops pins & needle bombs upon my soul,Fate is unjust or fixed in a twilight age of destiny's forgotten choices

An invisible poet who knew it,periodic damage tolled the dismantling of hand bell,Disengaged the prose to rearranged all that I can be...!

When you find me unalive,Tell the truth already known to my x-wife,Anorexia-x-man mental illness stole all I ever wanted & dismantled me...

Inbox is full & the phone rung off the hook,Social media interaction compliance consumes me,LIES:No one ever wonders if I'ma robot or alive!

Stars availed beyond my window,Hands on neck face down & dry penetration without pillow leverage is tragic,Deep inside me justice is furious

Starve my soul,Closest friend I feigned ignorance of you far too long until you faded & I walked selfishly willing from your shallow grave.

Cast the spell of unadulterated acceptance love over this anorexic-x soul,All I ever wanted,Didn't even get caught up in social fun,Lonely.

Have I forgotten the truth cause,Has injustice been unfairly blinded by cursed selfish vision of Sargeras,Dreamless defy my intoxicated mind

Soul sings of the end of the world as ochre flame flickers to ash in my eyes,Maybe this last time I'll sleep dreamless,Injustice riddles me!

Orange snow plagues my face,Skyward glance resumed battle stance,Conglomerate cartels own All Streets,Casualty adorn earth for my society.

Farm not bio-fuel off my living slumber corpse,But blood be the vampire corporate cartel cold soul,Cage me a rat then enslave,Awaken one day

Sa'll right,I paper personality faked my life parade for meaningless experiences of fun away,Purchase anything to portray or comfort's sake!

Don't own our homes or even where our corpse will rest,Everything is debt bent rented for profit's sake,Double cross system,Ditch bury me!

Post ironic lightning rod of riddles ever verbally spent to confuse & dread fill the damned,Those who pretend their saved&tolerate injustice

Are we depraved of our human nature,First memory signals are of fairness,Yet we grow into adulthood burning equality alive,Pretend lives!

Take care to dissolve our instincts,Life is better when the inner demons of equality's survival swells of compassion snivel away near death

No need for sympathy,Our comfort hearts have atrophy from a contagion we induced ourselves with,A mentality of willingly intoxicated apathy!

Scratch my pen to digital paper,A finger key blood prick awakens liberation,Call my poetry discord or a disorder,I arise to write riddles...

A million mile world wide wind,Portal attention deficit time divided travel,Admit my insanity to walk straight,Appease no comfort solutions!

Forever uninvited to the party,Revere of echoed gossip propaganda as seen on TV,Heart beats don't equality you're alive,Unconscious slaves?!

No prayer restores what isn't hiding,Purpose filled mentality of denying,Origin of...Haunts us one & all,Yet love of virtue we neglect!Why?

Xenomorph gestation chest trauma,Dense cavities cultivate the contagion we voluntarily injected,We're already evil drones who'll not wake up

Next generation an enterprise of media propaganda depravity,Mission to graft illusions of comfort in debt grandeur into their hearts & minds

In death no heaven awaits,Elysium's untampered with solitary confinement eternity finds me,So I cradle my poetic dawning final voice moments

Hell mind as well take my hand,Final moments of fire light wherein I breath again,So far away from heaven's peer pressure humanity odometer.

Strangle an apocalypse upon my own eyes,Twin torment individual gauge out,Appease the eternal darkness of equality to finally breath again!

When I'm vanished will appeasement of comfort cover my scribble to riddle scribe written poetic vision work up,Then I return avidly to dust!

Was my life worthwhile at all,For a single wished for contortion of wicked complexion to smile have I held my breath too tightly,I'm mortal!

I offer nothing but a consciousness ever self unraveling,No contempt to rebuild an image,No personality but what's momentarily necessary!

Armada of unobtainable red,Sand infused crimson,Illegitimate donations of blood,Child sex traffic apprehension gone wrong,Never questioned!

Whatever it is they shall say I am,Certainly an enigma of riddles imbued with something...More than image or gain am I infused,God what am I

Sometimes I dream that I walk al lich alive in the apocalypse aftermath,Alone but satisfied lives contrived to impart an image are gone.

Invisible uncomfortable character unworthy of friends,Self afflicted from traumatic nearly dead anorexic experiences to equality's calling!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wherever destiny once had light its distance is availed of future by darkness,Smothered by illegitimate systems on misbehaving ave we endure

Fear not the lethal storm on overload from proc off RNG corporate endorsed political violence,No light at the end of our grave tunnels!

What did the shotgun sedated double barrels say to silence my head,Void the noise to redevelop the quiet,Comfort after shockwaves appeases!

Please find yourself amidst the struggle surviving by friends, family & love,I'll be walking single file as one amidst a melody until death.

I'm unrecognisably invisible,Solitude deter my human condition truth movement not,Villainous is my mental push through loneliness' aching(s)

Imagine the action of the trinity of my insane heart, mind & spirit if I were blind sided by empowerment by someone who believed in me...

Tamper with my mental parade,Ochre dollar fire of invisible algorithms of unmeetable targets of monetary projected profits,Sedate me violent

Comprehensive eloquent denial packages on  a supreme court stage,Beings denying justice for victims of military overseas insubordinate rape.

No consequences only denial for those who pledge allegiance to the system,Ode to truthful vows now gimmicks of once sacred virtues are dead!

Another class born,Children of labels & youth built by comparison,Ignorantly believing their bullying terms don't crucify or deny equality.

In search of my own name,Beyond the razor blade self induced grave,Break the mould of time that binds my soul,Alive light me a pyre in dark!

Committed to unscientific logical practices to prove a long lost comfort theory,Evolution of social intoxication with self,Redefining human?

'Free Thinker' The new scientific traffic of social evolution,Implanting children with lust & wrath,CoD3/4 verbal rampage accepted,Logic not

Cut the unconvincing silence of past years spent as slaves to monetary debt dust,The less you strive for the less you suffer,Torment banks!

One foot inside the bank's debt doors,Won't walk where vigilance for hypocrisy stands for tolerance of victimization a contagion for profit.

No room left for our father's corporate enslavement manifested work dreams,Fired 89 days in as they hire new blood recruits as debt victims!

Arise within me a wicked hope,Transmit the sword from my own eye into the digital manifested of a blue pill comfort conscience free matrix.

Often ignored,Nearly devoured by the void,Compromise is to stand in the mental order line,Await my illogical place in comfort's subscription

Slept while awake,80% of my lifetime,25 year self analysis recall,Soul deframed of body & bones,Sat in a waking coma until...Breaking chains

Democratic freedom is a paper plate serving of corporate funding in a 1% politically endorsed package in the aftermath of monetary bail(s).

Emoticon breech the rapidly evolving lech appeasing societal silence,Desperate to turn  unholy broken into renewed truth,Inequality must die

Soul atrophy is our compassion apathy,We're living addiction slugs in a shotgun double barrel shell to our own intellect, head & heart!Ugly.

By the debt hook to mouth manifest am I still bleeding,Hollow vulture circles my shark infested water worthless life,Return to the dust I am

Burning waste pit of morality instead of an orchre pyre of green dollar backs,Transcripts of our lives we fail to write,Complying with debt!

One day I'll wake up & someone may have noticed the work of my mental quickness imbued by hand, a million followers or even just one reply..

Collapse my uncompliant lividity black dress killjoy on a velvet leash,Equilibrium outsourced to a blind leading blind invisible interactor!

Equivalence in a heart beat like a newly awoken amputee,Never regret inconceivable dreams,Not even in manifestation of dreadful body morphs!

Face hugger turn my body over to the alien womb,Xenomorph villain hybrid is a symbiote over my flesh,I'm venom in control of rage & regret!

Necromancer's evil smile greets my post secondary life,Socialization contrived me intoxicated to appease,Comfort is an ignorant killer,Today

Write to live,Each word to die,Worth only a metaphor convinced it's a symbol fading out in the darkness of obsidian black,Night swallows me!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SyStem Requirements

Discord accredited to internal unrest,Too long adapted to dream abandonment,Portraits of deception adorn your mental walls,Comfort a truth escape method

Melodic alienation silent cell,Soul stuck in a single sound byte,Musical exception to a system requirement to survive,No escape methods left

Lifeline to pride addicts,An invisible entity,Before you're a ghost,End your apathy to compassion willing inaudible subscription slavery

Should be repenting for our desires & striving to give away all but what we need to survive another day from the graves self spoken eulogy!

Represent the 1st world faithful few,Not by perfect pride actions or grace infused salvation prayers,But by living a journey of compassion.

Stomach the white floor stained by blood,Sympathy is a path for serial unsedated victims of courage to live a nearly dead overcast heroism.

Alienate myself for a self induced half accidental onslaught of spoken word poetic page written eulogy of a broken soul to wrist apocalypse!

Pacify this unabridged awakened life,Plastic robot infused action figurine smashed into smithereens,Unwilling do adapt to society's views.

Soldier O.D'd on a sunset,Intoxicated as he lowered his head to the razor blade,Neck wound plasticine evidence mould,Gone before her time...

Beauty steals all breath to hold onto a smile,Selfish rain sways fate from that vantage point,Frowns alienate humanity from one another.

Pray because I'm prey,Debt calculating targets unmet keep me ever afraid of oil baron predators seeking subsidy for projected target losses!

Heavy dosage of paid for personalty on Pender street,Overdose the onlooker to take her home,Advantage paper human whose dead inside.

High pay grade speeches keep the board room stable with lies,Truth is a thorn which pricks fear(s),Dictate my front line debt drone life.

Company exchange of hierarchy,Vote to upload purchased prolific contacts or offline residual profiles,Accepting facade ladder climbers.

Tattoo my skin canvas with the madness of eclectic momentary status,Whale & shreek in horrific memory of...misplaced scar tissue    recall

Friday, June 29, 2012

World Awaiting (Tweets)

Appeal to the world my poetic thoughts,Hear my dreams aloud,Written words of how the broken forebear with grace the realization of status!

Appeal to the world poetic thoughts,Hear my dreams aloud,Alien transmission from the humble,Forebear with grace the thorns of imperfection!

No patience for rocket science,Marketing for monetary won't fill the void,Trade skill tools don't untilize my tongueFind my place amongst the invisible poets

No patience for rocket science,No costumes for ladder climbing,Wilted body can't trade skill bloom,Find my place amongst the invisible poets

Eaves drop upon the invisible map of destiny,Caught a glimpse but wasn't surprised,Nothing is written in the stars,Fate is choice...For most

Smile unreturned,Am I not one of your kind?Mortified vacant gasps,Obscene gestures into my forlorn face,Clapping your hands to my agony!

Return home to the rusty bars of my silent cage,Prejudice gossip ant bites riddle my flesh with toxic internal lies,Pendulum of defeat march

Entertained my heart with a positive point of view,Applaud the fire infused sand imagery for a moment,Until the mental prison cell recoiled!

Perception of self through momentary emotion,Akin to stability via monetary exchanges,Code of honour existence for equality is my only wish!

Pray for debt informed decision monetary miracles,While father's pray to be unmuted & wish to hear their child's voice after years of deaf.

Every being from proletariat to queens want love,Divinely inspired virtue survives in faded dream memories,While we're caught up in fun

Awaiting what we can no longer describe,Simple single word times nine definition,Love living no longer survives,Only as a light behind eyes.

Hate to mention myself,Someone steal me into your life,Imagine myself being whored off or trafficked across boarders,I'm not worthy to write

Lips dancing smile is the most intoxicating perfume,A performance that mends broken souls,Invoke a perfect visage response & perhaps love...

A single miracle wish,One unique moment in time,When every complexion conforms to a smile no matter whose in view,Enemy or friendly,Equality

Tonight I crave both love & the grave,Write to exist,Parasite adrift in the sea of humanity,A twig holds me intoxicated with a wooden smile!

Quasi peripheral dimension view

My words are a wishing well,Imperfect poetry broken love moral coin toss,Hopefully someone identifies with a single sentence and is renewed!

Quasi peripheral dimension view,Finding everyone world walking beautiful but my mirror's reflection,Anorexic dismantled winged angel image.

Too negative or selfish to change anything,Feed myself contempt bullshit about compassion that no one witnesses...At least not consistently.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smile (Tweets)

A poem before the apocalypse,End of all smiles,No more facial joy complexions to receive reciprocation of a happy amalgamation,Only sadness.

When society occupies your streets with isolationism,Smile & watch the citizenry do barrel rolls in heels to reciprocate,All isn't well...

Victims kept at bay by silence,Guilt analysed as disgrace as she steps onto a pedestal stand of disgrace rewind to relive & recount the rape

Clouds of inaction toxify our minds with apathy we call pacifism,Ignore the shame infused victim & award the repeat offender with medals!

Scarlet Red blacked out amidst the hyperventilative breathing,Evil hands pin her arms & care not as she bleeds amidst her own lunar cycle.

A bitter voice takes the stand,Labouring amidst habitual bouts with the madness of shame & guilt in a silent mental prison,Justice for...?

One unit confused society speaks of love yet justifies military rape response as a temperament pillar of pacifism,War is profit & rape is?

Shameful silent storm,Skies on fire traumatic memory on repeat behind your waking eyes,No peace amidst the torn fabrics of an invisible war!

Breath of fire informed my final fantasy that choices must be lived after being made in order to reverse this perverse dyslexic destiny!

Safety in acceptance of misunderstanding a pacifists mortgaged off mind becomes ignorant,Free birth apathy & acceptance of f(r)iendly fire !

Emanate what I've yet to receive,Love is an ailment of lacking emotion,No it is apathy to virtue destroyed by the ongoing dyslexic dream of an Oil infused tomorrow!

Love is an ailment of lacking emotion?No it is apathy to emanate virtue,Destroyed by the ongoing dyslexic dream of an Oil infused tomorrow!

Ashamed by our 1st world national pride inaction,The external society's are invisible or worse yet dead,Our Comfort level with apathy is...!

Relinquish the darkness that marks me,Crawl bleeding back into shadow,Echo the hollow sounds of my voice,Search yourself to survive silence!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mother May I...

Shadowless child
Opposition cleansed
Umbilical blood transit
Black fetus body bag
Nameless daughter

Mother may I
Survive the transition
From darkness to life
Failed pee tree dish cell
Double X chromosome state

Shadowless children
Opposition of ignorance
Umbilical blood severe exit
Black fetus body bags
Nameless daughters

Father may I
Be welcomed tonight
Transition to light of life
Miss read genetic monologue
Female at birth abandoned

Shadowless children
Opposition of ignorance
Umbilical blood severe exit
Black fetus body bags
Nameless daughters

Mother did I
Survived the transition
Double to triple X state
Sold into sexual trade traffic
Transactions of guiltless greed

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adreinna ( Tweets)


Mirror upon my new dawning anorexic-x anti-hero bones,What will it be that I bid farewell from my cocoon to become,A conversation with God?!

Echo my mental health inspiration amidst anorexic-x illness arms my voice,Am I recovering entity or my own demonic apocalypse self designed?

Beseech the heart of sorrow,Locked inside my unconscious prison,No walls but comfortable slumber of mind,Hide the hollow with empty eyes.

Invisible entity gawked,Swollen small town comfortable minds,Compassionate accepting hearts broken from neglect of use,Anorexia killer youth

Radio edit caption of my mirrored self,Handsome intellectual successful lad,Trending lifestyle with a pretend personality of paper...Not me!

Mother's hands,Always warm,Amidst the decay of time & starvation of life's uncivilized stature dehydration,Without covers she heats the soul

Whore me out,Pathetic Psalm mystery,Akin to a failed promise unlike water into wine,A device of the divine,Light failing in half vacant eyes

Mortgage off my point of view,Comfort dream apocalypse debt self denial,Daily we fight for the illegitimate whilst we set compassion adrift!

Earth bound arrival,Can't recall my angelic host dreams,Pages of the eternal book riddled out amidst the vacant travel to this human world!

Paper personality a hollow anorexic angel with pinned on styrofoam wings,Equivalence neglected for a photo shop image of life,Hollow & alone

Do not proclaim to believe in anyone or anything you aren't living,Believe in Christianity,Then love & accept others,Do not spread gay hate!

Rhetoric of anti-gay death slap children 'quasi Christian' camps in the 1st world boggle the mind with their prejudice,Peace is not in them!

Consequences of locking in to hatred in every singled moment of another's life is signing your death certificate to a hell full of mirrors!

Long lost sheep,Dream of heaven but forgot their lives feed off of others,They watch the world burn amidst equality's shattered dreams...!

When you can comprise what will be in your heavenly mansion before manifesting the equality peace dream by selling everything on earth....?!

Swear to any God in heaven,That all golden roads should be akin to the empty mansion walls,Only imbued with mirrors to send the hollow away!

Stand my Unholy Blight imbued villainous ground,Toxic on both sides,Not a hollow stand for equality is both before & behind me,Selfless!

When citizens unadulterated occupy every street of every nation against corporate political corruption,We shall see equivalence,Until then..

A brazen villain deserves to die upon lonely shores,Welcomed last into the matrix grey twilight haven,Taking the last train to the invisible

Stay up invisible in the aching night,Posting to save lives,Spilling myself out in words to attend to open wounds,Proclaiming all beauty!

When the monsters don't bleed,Know you're dreaming,Wake into a zombie apocalypse,Run single file & ask a cloaked warlock for directions!

Terraform your face with a single digit fist raised amidst an unrecognised phantom inequality existence,Virtue of verbal poweress over force

Death to Mirrors!

Regardless of how I look or the body dismorphia of my anorexic-x mind makes me appear in any skin wrapped over 200 pound bone mirror, I must admit that I shan't be dragged again in the routines which separate body from mind, wherein I desire thin over health and thus limit my future to null and void. Health over shape or I shall die.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Morning After (A Pill Choice)

No mourning after pill
Donor not around to blame
Woke up from the numb
One night sensation
No failsafe method
Only a trigger

Said goodbye to the world
Endorsed a hello to pleasure
Forget the social stresses
Welcomed intoxication
Of sexual endeavours
Await the aftermath
Mourning after

Short audio edit skirt
Tantalizing eye provocation
Prey upon such an easy date
Sneak out the mourning after
Awaken to an aftershock pill
Ineffective self to blame

Said goodbye to the world
Endorsed a broad spectrum hello
Sexual stress relieving pleasure
Forget the consequences
Welcome intoxication
Penetrating seizure
Orgasm achieved
Single digit sex

No mourning after pill
Donor not around to blame
Woke up bleeding out
Period drunken sex
Inception happens

Said goodbye to the world
Hello to sexually induced pleasure
Single orgasm night stress relief
Forget the consequences
Welcomed intoxication
Penetrating seizure
Orgasm achieved
Single digit sex

No mourning after pill
Wish he was impotent
Douche bag donor hero
Sponsor of a new life
He could care less

Said Hello to the world
Newly born unaborted child
Single digit orgasm night product
Pleasure induced stress relief
Live with consequence
Blessing of new life
Intoxicating curse
Her smile is...
No regrets

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Son in a Mad World

Trapped heart bruise
Worn out no where child
Walk with a half filled cup
Until I looked back
Now I say...
It was full

Dear father
Well fought
See you in heaven
Thanks again

Watch this son
Desperate monster
Artistic culture changer
Crafty poetic values
Thank for my soul

Creatively drowning
Imbued  respect robot
Didn't know I was a student
Until I looked back to see
Learn from my history
No prejudice inside
Thankful mind

Dear father
Well fought son
Future without spite
See you in heaven

Watch this son
Chivalrous anti-hero
Artistic heart changer
Crafty poetic values
Thanks for life

School yard bully lesson
Pain or nerves consume me
Diagnosed with artism
Look hymn forward
In a mad world

Watch this son
Anorexic mentally ill hero
Anti-inequality heart changer
Crafting artistic poetic values
Thanks for life's lessons

Dear father
Well fought life
Smile at our memory
Children with hopeful eyes
See you tomorrow...

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Hollow Memory Citizen (Tweets)

A prayer is not prose,It is poetry,When you speak to the darkness,In silence or driven by music,You become artistically distinct in nature.

Double digit weekly belt weight loss,Something's gotta give,Tried too hard to be courages amidst the silence reflected in my fading eyes.

Can't focus through the Anorexic grey,The mirror's twilight makes me unrecognisable,Whose the hollow man looking back at me,Reflecting loss!

Cared for when I'm guised in comfort for another's inner apathy,I survive for my dream,However ignored & invisible I might be,Inspire others

Making a decent man of myself inside,Yet no one cares if I should die,So I write to survive beyond my forgettable living life,A husk memory.

Can we clean up the mess discovered in solitude's silence,Decipher the damage to take a stand,Bound to music & a friend's outstretched hand!

Singled out forever black pockmarked sheep,Existing under the values of my broken imperfect chivalry by fading hope is what keeps me alive.

Swaying in the silent breeze,Falling farther from the socially acceptable norm,Far away find me amidst my bone bracken under a broken noose.

Ash black leaf floating in the wind,Escaped the fire but not the flames,Twisted by sorrow I'm become valueless & invisible,A friend find me!

Revive me through memory,All I ever wanted walked willingly away,While what I asked for I gave but have yet to know,Lonesome carnage eclipse

Find me upon a pyre,Untie my charred noose,Hold my decaying anorexic body tight,Be my friend until the morning dawns,My final sight,You...

Extend myself beyond extraction,Emotions drained amidst a nearly empty soul,It is my right to speak poetry over prose,To ignite hope in you.

Behind my back inaudible am I spoken of?Play the virtue courage card,Tell me what is said,Am I worth a damn in this world,Black sheep's cry!

Death Pact (Tweets)

Whatever begins is already over,Whatever is said was already spoken,So fade me obsolete & unreachable,Already spoken for by death...

Whatever this anorexic villain detains destiny for is offered as a plea unto Apollyon to appease a single stolen moment,Of love before death

Can't find the scar I've misplaced,Slow lonesome bleed out on the way,Weave the toxic rusted hook wound stitches upon a vast crimson shore!

Piano self manifested chorus,Recorded digital last imprint,A final note poetic hidden & distinct image written to find love...In my eulogy.

Save me from my own word army transmitting from my mind's heart,Stay near me & hold my hand tonight,Wandering back to life from lost...

Woke up at 26 years old in a valley of death,Carved out life heart of a pumpkin with marionette strings,Limping on alone half in the dirt...

Don't reciprocate,Tell me I'm unqualified,Deny my words life,A villain's voice cannot be lent to beauty to impart its magnification...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Storm Shell: Guided Steps Into...

Amaranthine soul
Within a plague shell
Driven by ochre reigns
Powerless mounted fiend
Over the fields of hell

Sore white open iris
Gleam over a death scene
Circle maze of crimson skin
All apologies for I a shelter
Was nought but a storm

Undying  will
Tortured by mirrors
Just I came from dust
Wonder the earth over
Impelled by cold steal

Sore white lidless iris
Glare over a crimson maze
Circle scene of tortured skin
All apologies for I a shelter
Was nought but a storm
Asphyxiated myself

Lonely tears
Holding my hands
Amidst dying gardens
Availed fields of shadow
Upon the steps of eternity
I turned to see my fellow man
Humanity's tragic injustice
Reigned my soul over
I turned willingly
Accepting hell

Sore white lidless iris
Glared upon heaven's gates
Alas I was only reminded of sorrow
Casualties of a scene of tortured skin
All apologies for I denied shelter
Unbecoming naught but a storm
Asphyxiated myself a prison
Soulwell remorse for loss
Denying myself what is
Known as love...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Riddle Image (Tweeted Poem)

Wilt before the mirror,Anorexic dismorphia fades & the image rings true without a changing of the guards behind the eyes,Death to nightmares

My unpeaceful ill fated tumor self befits the grave's rest more so than this beautiful world,Unto me it is ceaseless instability we created!

Untitled subconscious dead space mental state,Anorexia open's fire & I stand before the mirror consumed,What ways too fade out alone...

Needle to paper thin skin personality irritation fate consumed toxic date set under a good will labelled stone destiny six foot burial stage

Amputate truth from me as if I were imaginary,A puppet without integrity or speciality,Imitation life a marionette alive,Contagious strings.

Skeletal mirror ravaged being,Dismorphia's every constant behavioural adjustment,Internal bleed out on a self fish ever hungry portrait.

Wilt before the mirror,Anorexic dismorphia fades & the image rings true without a changing of the guards behind the eyes,Death to nightmares

Rebirth from comfort into conscience to start  solitudes cycle yet again,Dreamt my unwanted anorexic negative state of mind changed in time!

Professional opinion party eating disorder outcast,Paint my skeletal being one last time upon a wall,Then escape reality into the cemetery.

Conscience is a killjoy,Time is decay,Every day dust off my fools hope until nothing else remains & I'm become the destroyer of worlds.

I know its not love,Stepping forward onto Destiny's toes,Being myself within my own oddity shoes,Blessed instead of slapped as I volunteer!

Maladjusted no avail appeal verdict of a stem cell selfish science society's desire,This drives our greed,Our war,Our industry...We are lost

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Universe aligns
Under sorrow plight
Signs of dispelled faith
Hopeless amidst the riddles

Inhuman crafted dreams
Silence torment in Elysium
Stumbling block blood unclotted
Less than speedy bump of death found
Amidst the grave's decay
Untimely detained

Dependant on fire
Plight of fossil solitude
Face to face with frost giant
Exploring unpleasant stone tombs
Seeking an alignment of fate
Twisted by selfish science
Immortal life signs

Inhuman crafted desires
Silence torments us in hell
Stumbling blood block unclotted
Blockade speed bump grave dump
Reject the signs of selfish fear
Death is untimely & unjust
But often natural

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Printer End Receipt

Self printed
Death certificate
Identity stolen freedom
Bound by mirrors & bones

Bid farewell
Talking with fingers
Skin cell anticipation
Ignorance the fuel
Denying dreams
Dead ends...

Elected last moment
Knife to skin f(r)iendship
Cold earthen worms embrace
My freedom of a dead end self

Bid farewell
Talking with fingers
Skin cell anticipation
Ignorance the fuel
Denying dreams
Dead ends...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Twitter Times Volume 1

Creative Drive

Maiden of unborn creative aborted under a guise of soul-non-existence,Slumber turmoil knee to earth beside thy bed,Death Valley sown shut!

Internal clock digest,Put down magazine denial of life dream manifestos of a dreary society,Shape the child hood white ink blue behind eyes!

Long lost humanity equality direly perpetuated greed situation,May I wake to find ye amongst the capitalist's casualty dead on the morrow!

My tired eyes repeat the daily star fortune told lies,More inequality amidst undying greed imbued with lust empowered by prejudice,Who knew?

Your lack of signal flares manifested no desire to disturb the influence of violence upon the children who roam the earth,Selfish & Petty!a

God willing by my life shall I mend broken hearts & torment the ignorant who perpetuate 1st world society manifest greed destiny over us all

Sicking apparition deviation of genetics transitioned into a Social Darwinism chapter of a dormant evolutionary scheme of faded equality!

I don't belong in this inordinate puzzle of adoring self broken glass society of imperfection smiling only as the final sign cycles past!

Attic magician building strange machines to chalk outline pride,Equivalence appeasing daydreams intoxicate my inner being to survive...!

Existing under illegitimately purchased daylight,Pawns of toxic transposed media hype broadcasts we adore over anything to do with equality.

Please have the voucher ready that will change your merciless life when the bitter message voice over record of your egonomic life's ends!

Turn all my tears to glass,Cover the dead sea with ash,My heroism dawns an early sunset,Days lethargic to comfort until dreaming at night.

Civilization taught me to be a moper & dreamer of a serene supposed Christian karma flow,Heaven by grace prepurchased,I believed this lie...

Indoctrinated corporate treason(s) for political oil thieving,Not right but justified by our 1st world manifest destiny tunnel vision!

Exordium bring me down syndrome amidst arguments of rhetoric in my self deprecating oration of human rights denial realm you live within.

Phoenix Jesus

Ghost throne of a supposed Phoenix called Jesus we adore,Peace amongst civilizations only after oil corporate casualties riddle the earth

Acoustic closure,Let go the iron black curtains,Consumed by unconforming ambition of mana tree deliverance of equivalence amongst us all

Reflected ochre mirror image of a dying exiled sun,Silent mass eclipsed by human greed desires manifested until my closure signals come...!

Discrete abstract element undiagnosed as partially blind via pure white intoxicated eyes meandering the world speaking riddles as I cry...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tear Ridden Angelic White Eyes: Of Children

Night tears in absolute dark
Holding my hand through hell again
Rain drops kindled by unbearable burdens
No falling star's shadow hides me

Stratified tear duct
Swollen in dark times
Kindled ill night eyes
White as ghosts
Graceful dead

I'm in love with the dark
Appease my solid white eyes
Ashen angel whose bids strikes of death
No fallen stars bid my eyes forget
Your woes bid me nightmares

Wicked tear duct times
Swollen dark dreams
Kindled ill night eyes
White as children
Dead in ditches
Turn to ghosts