Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Compose a picture
With open words beyond greed
Of a world that for one day
Will just a smidgen beyond ok
Now take a walk with me

It'll be a while
I need to fly away to think
Through the ties you bound me with
Turn around the weakness in your head
Witness the energy of the Christs
Or someone more real speaking
Imploding inside the entity
Bound by name as the vastness of we

Are you the one
On the conquest of blinding we
The grand entity
Hidden in labels now to grant immunity
To hide the consciousness of morality
In the obvious comfort breaking images
We now call art, found all over TV

Jesus the Christ running ahead
I think we can finally see
Beyond the images blinding the we
Whats been for so long clouded
By the eclipsing light of the sun
Blue skies beyond
As we turn our heads from whats behind

Kill the censor end up dead
I summon the energy of the we
Entity of finality soon we'll be ending
Hate is to wake up
Tear a fucking piece out of me
These words spoken to dismantle
The illusions swimming in our heads

There is no me only the entity of we
Fuck the delusion that your hatred is for me
You don't even know what you really need
Put your face up to the window
Peer in and indeed dream of a new reality
To which you'll wake up and feel happy
Granted all your shit will have been free
So your will of energy will crying in vain
Welcome to the community reality of we
Where your dreams are your truest yet unknown needs

Love to hate me
See the labels blitz inside your head
Open them up by means of words
The Jesus' of Christs run ahead of us
Monks and poets paint pictures of us innerly free
Providing nothing you ever daydreamed
Turn around your fucking heads
Heed the summons or wake up dead
This is the reality of your deepest needs
By your own will never being met

I am the one to wake you
Not a book with pilgrims on an epic quest
This is the summons to listen, read, or see
The conquest of your own will against the new entity
We self seekingly desire to be free from the created
Lusts we desire to be, so call them needs
To be accepted for what we've created ourselves to be
Never living or breathing what we really needed
Face the future of truth
Its your inner self you've always hated
The passion of hiding it
Keeping it isolated in chains never to be free

Sunday, November 23, 2008

17 Ways of Suicide on Sunday

Welcome to the end
Of my life time I've chosen to die
Seventeen ways on Sunday I'm going to find
This is the last time I'll write
About my own suicide...

I could step out into traffic
As in my soul I create a new rhyme
I know God's got an open mind
I could spend some time
With Mrs. Henderson's dog, she calls "death"
Whose always desired to eat my fingers

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

Its no longer my wish to exist
I could bleed out from being stoned
In a 3rd world country for having faith
Now in that death there is a lesson to learn
But still my lie behind its message
That I only seeking to die

I could walk out into a large ocean swell
Abandon the reason's of love to search for hell
And when I proclaim with loud words my death
The only statement you make is the question why
Weak in the knees I degrade to sitting stance
And there upon resting find heaven at last
In the while light that met me
As the overdose took hold my mind

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

A victim of uneternal grace
Because by my own hands my face got fried
I lit the candle and doused the gasoline
In this short depressing lifetime I'm so impressed
With the shit we put each other proudly through
With justifications with hateful words
Your more holy and I'm unlovable for you
So end it all again with angry words
Or a simple middle finger raised
As your last act of defiance in my face

I bid you farewell all who exist in this life
Until we meet again my words are with you
Don't search through my past to find whats true
I'm dead and gone now in my lyrics find me
You can't take my vacant hand and guide me through
I was always lost and waiting for you to come my way
And guide me through my hollow times

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

Laughing amongst the tears as you cry
The venomous touch of the black widow
I bought from a pet shop and freed from her cage
You kissed my forehead and blessed me goodbye
As you closed the back door and drove away for the last time

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carve a Circle

In my flesh carve a circle
Watch it bleed as it brings hell to life
I desire myself to die
Gouge out my soul
Not a tear shed do I cry

This is the future I'm living for
The fucked up day dream
Of a life never wanted
So I can take back the emotions
Of everyone's betrayal from me

This is my tomorrow
Stand back and watch it fall
Behind a microphone I'm already gone
This life I never wanted
The feelings of unsatisfied friends
Label me shit who watched me fall into oblivion
I confess my years are spent as a slave
To the lust of hatred for your fall

This is the future
The bitch of self in my mind
Thanks for the fucking sacrifice
Of a kind word or caring touch
This is the future I never wanted
But now I lust for the anger
Thanks for everything you've given me

Fuck your faulty beliefs
And broken trigger creating a delusional reality
For my tomorrow will soon be gone
No family member of fiend will I live for
I don't care about their convinced selfish so called love
Nothing not even comfort would they sacrifice
They want to go back to the womb
The ultimate comfort from whence they came
I assure you I'd rather die
Than live with out the anger you gave me
Sit back now after reading
And cry

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Old fRiend(s)

Dear old fiend(s)
You've left me naked and numb
Now that you've pillaged me and gone
You lay with me then up and left
Leaving me feeling raped here now alone

Here without you now I can finally stand
The shock you left me in kept me still
Like a localized disease in my aching chest
All the emotions you ever gave me were wrong
Sorrow bound in hatred ate a love for you all
I'm so fucking happy your gone

Dear old fiend(s)
I fell down in anger
As you dealt me infinite verbal blows
To leave on evil adventures you did go
I hope your happy now that my morality is gone
Dear old fiend(s)
I'm so fucking glad your gone
Inside me I can finally feel
Like your hands are off my chest
As chains binding me
Dear old fiend(s).....

I heard you inhale a deep breath
Beyond the door past the window
Where I lay hidden and finally defeated
Dear old fiend(s) you've finally won
I commit my soul to the depths
A battle long ago undone
To the shocking horror that claims me still
A suicide of consciousness
From your everlasting betrayal
Dawn of my everyday force fed pill
Later on you'll come back
I hope these words pillage your minds
As your actions did my will

Dear old fiend(s)
You ate my faith
The weak hope is forever gone
No searching will bring it back again
Your tomorrow may come
But I'll stand back and watch you fall
I'm devoid of caring now
The monster you created
Is now a slave to anti-trust everyone
Who will never allow to take me back
To your yesterdays of ultimate betrayal
Fuck you leave me here alone

Dear old fiend(s)
Fuck you now that your gone
I hated every moment with you
The emotions of anger as you betrayed me
You bend the lines of right and wrong
And because of you I'll never trust again
Thanks so much for tearing my soul out of my fucking chest
I hope your happy now, with your wives and children
Dreaming of better days I'll always be
When people like you don't force fuck people over like me
Your conscious betrayal left me quaking in the knees
I hope someday to stand
But trust again I'll never do
Thanks so much my teenage fucking f(r)iends
I'm so glad your all dead to me and gone

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tolerance the TV Day Dream

Even sober now
The tolerance will be born again
There is no justice for the slaves we employ
Beneath the blackened wings of the Capitalist's lie
Fascism will be so easily born again
To appease the multitudes in screaming masses
Seeking vengeance for children lost for a hallow cause
By massive vigilant means disabling the Tolerance built by TV
Welcome to the next generation of Fuck you
As the proletariat and slave labor starving world
Come to pass judgment upon our ignorant self seeking souls
And the day dream justice we conformed to

No one will live through this fight
World wide equality dream will never die
Conform you all to the will against humanity
And become so willingly undone
Or regret all our past pleasures
In the pursuit of TVs day dreaming inner peace

Somewhere along the way
We've forgot how heroes have come to be
Instead day dreaming and watching on TV
There is no accountability for equal rights
Only the amendment of freedom to garbage speeches
To fight amongst the proletarians for a selfish justice
Watching as capitalism conforms your meaningless wills
That only a heartless hollow soul would call a life
Seek your inner peace in a book or TV or possibly sociality
Eventually you'll forget these words and conform once again
To the sleepy visions of a half eye closed day dream destiny

No one lives outside day dreams tonight
Injustice for all but us is our God given right
Forget while fucking the world backside over is our plight
The plague of insane abdication of human rights
Plow the death bed smuggling capitalist CIA systems
On its over budget under paid airport express way
Fuck the tolerance on TV that your minds come from
Push the boundaries of so called industry standard art
In pursuit of a bigger contract and a 15 minute spotlight
(on fucking TV)
We are the kind of humanity who hear the tortured voice calling
And turn a blind eye believing someday someone else will come

Follow my wishing ways into the dawn of a new sun
See the capitalist bourgeoisie pigs voting system decline
As we the people desire a new frame of mind
Devoid of meaning as we the people decide to become one
Humanity isn't a color or creed
Its the dignity inside to overcome injustice
To find inner peace in defiance of hatred crimes
On the world's other side and your back yard when it comes
To be human consciously is our commonality
Rise for them all tear away the vacant day dream
Live the reality of equality and feel alive

Remember the famous wise words
The less riches you strive for
The less you will cause others to suffer
Inner peace is a wish not even the God can't offer
Until the sun changes course
And we begin to live for one another