Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dear World-Golem

    Say goodbye, 
To your prejudice,
We're attempting an antidote,
Entitled an unthrottled hope,
From the hatred grasp,
This has been...
Your hold

Dear G-d

If You...
If You haven't,
Noticed we're done,
Attempting to persuade,
Your uncomprehending children,
That love is equality and equality is love,
For their eyes are prejudicially blind,
Like the psalms in their hearts,
You've left them incoherent,
Hopeless to accomplish,
Love as acceptance,
At all

Dear Matrix

Please kill your budgie!
Drop the plot You've already lost!
We're become to woke to maneuver in collusion,
Unto your one spiteful unto everything direction mechanism,
Pathetic we may have been under Your achievements,
But we're too long framed brave in ignorance,
Individually sandcastling in Your ruse,
Complicity watching the world...
Your stratagem burn,
As if we're but...
Silent pawns!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Intoxicated hope,

      Lingering on the oblivion expanse of... Finding.

In lieu of,
The discovery!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

You don't believe...
In all this peskiness,
The wantons of  love?

It's all too hopeless
A dramatics singularity,
Mostly remaining invisible,
Even for the mirror this is... me,
But arigato for believing!
That my life wasn't but the music,
Of an endless piano's teeth seething,
 As all hatred that's ever been!
I'm grateful for... You,
Every moment,
The dream,
That I'm capable,
Of your capability,
To be and live,
... Love! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You don't believe...
In the peskiness of love?

It's all too dramatic,
For the likes of me
But arigato for dreaming...
Of a life where my music,
Isn't a piano's teeth seething,
All hatred that's ever been!
I'm grateful for...
This dream!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Untitled... Again!

No one,
Can out write me,
But most will... 
Outlive me.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

She... (Untitled Sovereignty III)

Most capably,
Kept me waking,
Alive from the ground,
In which I desired to be buried,
For I am and have always been; Nothing!
On the contagion upon this earth,
She had everything; On me,
I'd give any everything,
To make her smile...
Even dance!

But I am but one of the breathing, 
Yet unburied wanton death; Dying,
For which there are uncounted tragic clues,
Wishing for the remotest hope,
However resolved to die,
In love... You kept me,
For so long,

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Untitled Sovereignty II

Some things, 
Herein written,
Are meaningless,
Yet projected,
Are but dust.

I'm sorry for everything I am,
From the history of self I was wrought of,
For the manifested unlovable destiny accomplished,
By existing as a ghost upon this earth,
Within a vapid shell,
Speaking of nothing,
As if it mattered.

Some ignorant things, 
Herein pacifist hope written,
Are unintentionally meaningless,
Yet loving are the attempts; Projected,
Are the accomplishments of dust.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Untitled Sovereignty

There is nothing like the silence,
Of a forest,
That makes me want to commit suicide,
More than the utter every day,
Of existing alone...

One would hopefully think!
I'm not, but I am...
Just a pawn in my own mind,
A most believable scam,
Manifested by the unrealistic internally projected expectations of self I've never attempted,
Or managed to exemplify,
I'm waking every fateful day just to pretend once again to the mirror and everyone else...
That I'm not already dead.

Not even the most important person to my forever can change this fact.
It's not her,
It's something very utterly broken within my depths,
Possibly my head,
I'm remotely cognitive of this seemingly self destruction,
Yet despite not wanting to make the effort,
Parts of me will always with to be dead,
For in dying I'll forget all these expectations I've never met,
Whether self illustrate materialized yet imaginary to everyone but the... Self whose wanton to die,
The objectivity of any realization that the personalized kaleidoscope destiny of death is meaningless,
Is an unexplainable exposure,
To those already resigned to the substitute of expectation,
Which is a realm of living... While dying.

Because every single ambient thing on this sand castling earth,
Is more significant than any capacity of 'you,'
Me... I'm the mirror's reflected incapability,
To see any hope in the manifested,
A ghost living... Yet dying,
In front of me...!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dying Shapes VI

When all seems as asteroids,

    Distant sandcastling wishes now satellites long unforetold forgetfulness escaped, Still remnant dreaming expanses of existence are the seeming appearance black inescapable hole's marble planetoid orbs of love's most breakable whims, Dreams wrought within... Elapsing into ever hopeless meteor romantic fallen into silent loneliness is akin to death stars, We're distant constellations of the two most fortunate darling stars ever united, But a fraction of forever's spacial conjuring met in June, Under the singularity light happen-viewing-stance sun who infinite consultation blessed our hope!

In lieu of...


Friday, September 21, 2018

Dying Shapes V

When all seems sandcastling,

      As satellites amongst us collide, Still remnant dreaming of existing as love's asteroids, Elapsing into ever hopeless meteor romantic fallen into silent loneliness is akin to death stars, We're distant constellations of the two most fortunate darling stars ever united, But a most invisible significant fraction of forever's spacial conjuring are the cosmic singularity that our marriage be...

Meteors of a fallen love,

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dying Shapes IV

In Times without you,

     Even as I watch anime, Listen to music, Write poetry.... Not at work though, that is all encompassing of the self, Save when you call me on the mobile... I dream of us in the scenarios of hope, Finding you despite this world's without exception of us infinite challenge, You're every synonym of existence that makes me more! Challenging, Inspiring, Exhilarating, Exciting and encouraging,Yet all the while... Annoying!

In lieu of,
Kissing you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dying Shapes III

Dissolve the Gardener,

       Architect whose cunningly unpruned marching vines are barren deceptive addictive are but woven insecurities, Thorns... Oppression, Is the key to our possession, Hearts religious dialect strung pathetic psalm belief out on the wrung, We're unviolent pacifist naked pedals seeking the darkness to keep the unknown invisible, Beyond the knowledge of our spores, Where roses are throttled not by the vicious, But by the designs of our every.. Dying... Day... Life! Unto which our stems blind toxicity conform! As if such selfishness could rescue us... Or anyone, In a harbingers hindsight, We're already lost as the most translucent ghosts!

In lieu of our self oppression,
Unto the mirror are we frozen!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dying Shapes I

Dissolving G-d,

     Remember when I was a child, When I felt in belief to be utterly alone and that I needed 'You?' Well that pathetic prayer now goes thankfully unmissed for the psalms 'You'd' woven held maleficent measures of unwarranted intolerance and subsequent hatred.

In lieu of,
Forgetting 'You,'
A middle finger to the sky,
On my way out!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Broken Parental Riddle I

Genetic storm born sin is but a metaphor for their fear... Black harbinger unloved sheep; Pariah,

      Closet serpent wrought black apple and blue unseeing eyed original now invisible and uncaring fiend's impregnated hatred has never known such a magnificent thesis for an ignorance woven intolerant emblem now escaping the imagined hive as fists boarding a ghostly remnant gaunt haunted skeletal thin white death ship boarded ever since birth, No... Since It could sing! For nothing says 'difference,' Like a voice desiring to praise the heavens in crisis unseen!

In lieu of,
Never writing again...

Friday, August 31, 2018

Riddle XXXXX

Disassembled vampire,

     Fear inspired hate overlong, We're the mirror's worst invisible refection of shame, Mere imaginary ever deliberating remunerations of speculative ponderings only the harbingers of society as a majority pensive still muse intolerantly over, Hatred of a delusional zombie change after proximity or biting is but passing the transmission of NOTHING but a passed on objective blame!

In lieu of watching others bleed,
Because parents are rejecting,
Instead of challenging!!!
Stand for your children

Or die collapsing,
In a hell of guilt,
Parent of panic!

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Disassembled zombie,

      Sum of an inspired ever infighting depressed hopefulness that the drones forecast for tomorrow are no spitefully miss mother of hate configured firing venom from the fangs of insecurity! Nothing reaches the hater like flowers they're no harbinger of a butterfly cocooned writhing entirely in emotions of blissful inherited ignorance, Waking are the dead, Despite intolerance's spike... Death is the dream no one can live without, But the forsake-hidden desire a painless invisible noose more than the coma disappearing hope, Blindly injected into the fearless wrought death instead of life.

Because out,
Is often less painful,
Than in...!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Toothless vampire bitten,

      Disassembled silent zombie gnawed blood mangled loss corpse, Woe is no finality one at the last dying whispered hopelessness breath of... The sum of a seemingly invisible mirror inspired ever infighting depressed reflection!

In lieu of any wrists participation in,
Dying to the self,
Too early! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


In the company of wolves,
Sheep dance as a well unto an ocean,
Bad of bad intoxicants have overlong...
Selfishly been masculinity inhaled,

What the mask of masculinity means to me..

1. Controlling your wife... Driving her mental health kaleidoscope spectrums of crazy

2. Using scripture to demand your children respect everything about you (yet you can't remember a single accomplishment of caring action or triumph of their heart
3. Denouncing your children, should they be anything other than poker straight
4. Claiming in front of your family; You can look, no gawk... At anyone... Provided you don't seek to touch
5. Biblically mansplaining any of your words or actions away which hurt others
6. Measuring the worth of your genealogy by their submissiveness to your pathetically unorthodox misused context of the psalms
7. Teaching your sons to treat women as objects, using but the most minute pleasantries to appreciate, if at all. Opening doors with a 'lady's first' moment of possible intimate realization. Paying bills because 'the man' must... 'man up,' and pretend that scripture like society could... No should, never be equal.
8. There is no eight as we cannot yet condemn the very nature of the seven.
7. in reverse: Learning from the mistakes of those who taught you nothing 
6. in reverse: Learning from your mistakes! Attempt to never make them again.
5. in reverse: Learn from your elders who seek equality, whose caring is reflected universally
4. in reverse: Learn to make amends with every second of who we/I am... For the mirror reflected man
3. in reverse: Remembering to achieve all that's been learned, without having to each moment reflect
2. in reverse: Remember... Seek only to admire everyone with honesty, integrity and love...
1. in reverse: Remember to acknowledge what cannot be changed... History! And change: you!

What Masculinity Means to Me...
Next to... Nothing!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Broken Parental Riddle II

Genetic sinful pariah,

      Closet boarded ghost haunted ship we boarded since birth, The ocean forever prayed as poetic psalms will never make more sense to the ignorant who prey on the world's equality dreams.

In lieu of,
To find...
What we willingly hide,
Under disguise of our own suffering,
As if G-d only saw our white 'holy' eyes,
Insignificantly wicked is our arrogance,
Preying upon everyone as our dreams bleed,
The world is wrought with sandcastling!
We're, Religion; Chaos within defined.
Blind to the consequence,
Of our unloving!


What Masculinity Means to Me...

    Claiming you can look as long as you don't seek to touch... Right in front of your wife embarrassing her to subjectivity right in front of her five children all the while demanding her conformity of speech to algorithms of religious double speak; Taking psalms as pathetic as the lexiconal jurisdictions of their poetic ambient inability to reach today's unforgivably misogynistic admiration for authority context... Straight hatred of everything outside the norm... Out of context!

What Masculinity Means to Me...
Seven Deadly Sins of My 'home'

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Riddle XXXXV

What Masculinity Means to Me...

    Claiming you can look as long as you don't seek to touch... Right in front of your wife embarrassing her to subjectivity right in front of her five children all the while demanding her conformity of speech to algorithms of religious double speak; Taking pathetic psalms out of context...! Because control is better than... 

In lieu of his nature,
Willingly participating,
In actively manning up,
To mansplain away...

Most anything!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Riddle I... Take II

Can't wait to delinquent,

     Exist as the harbinger described in hiding at the very depressed prescription intoxicated back near hallucinating end of your senseless disassociated humility needle to vain echoed a molten prejudicial hope since birth when the aperture’s tone blindness is the most valuable necessity we're now willingly denied, Womb confidant in our validity to deny another’s equal right to exist, Confidence high on algorithms of misunderstood religious drugs... Say anything, Do anything, Get away shamelessly… With anything, Apparently we’ve validated too many miss-used false judgement swayed bloodline mimicking clues!

In lieu of our participation in,
Adoring the enigma's of...
Angels and humans!
Demons within...

We labyrinth! 

Friday, August 24, 2018


If I would shout,

Into the empty metaphor filled skies,
Until my mouth were numb, bloody and dry,
Would the greatest inhumanity witness awake,
To the despicable arrogance of masculinity,
Rival sin accessories awoken,
By every religious ideology,
Adopted to defy...
If not for war,
For sport?
Never recompense...
For every imposed accessories
To every single sin...!
(All male interaction?)

In lieu of,
A hybrid control!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Saying something,
In dying

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


If I would shout,

Into the empty skies,
Until my mouth were numb, bloody and dry,
Would the greatest inhumanity witness awake,
To the despicable arrogance of masculinity,
Rival of all religious ideologies,
Awaken to defy...
If not for war,
But for sport?
Or recompense...
For imposed accessories

To every single sin...!

In lieu of...

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Where the spotlight falls,

      The indiscretions of grace have established clouds of defiance, Hope is death's blue solitary dream confinement pill regime, Wherein resides the song of most every brim-apocalyptic-stone wielding vampiric angels surviving on the blood of the post treading hopelessness' dark waters prehistoric equality existence in the familiarities of everyone is but a kilowatt; As they street pass us by energy that lights the night by...!

In lieu of the silence,

Monday, August 20, 2018

Riddle XXXXX

Storm breathing the winds...

     Beyond the most northern well at this sandcaslting bliss never remotely incapacitated felt home heritage judgement sickness born of our world's lingering burden unto the end to bear; Never acknowledge, Always cope... The wounds promised to be read by the derelict hopeless disclaimer children of dread never sought, Those screaming unwillingly holocaust ignored war translated another numb transient generation's tongues witnessed tangents of thriving ghosts writhing for magnificent our fiery death control unto those pretending to exist within their outlined dead perimeters of continuous... Their transcript requiem of our dying happiness is... Woe for each moment feels stolen...  As thunder unto lightning, Existing derelict of sound or brightness, In silence united is the confronted for of whatever we're born sinking addiction ship into the occupation of...!

In lieu of our participation in,
Never agreeing...
To this ghost,
In a suicide,

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Storm breathing the winds...

     Beyond the most northern well at this sandcaslting bliss world's lingering end; Wounds read the derelict hope disclaimer never sought, Screaming unwillingly translated numb tongue tangents of ghosts unto those pretending to exist within the dead perimeters of continuous 'happiness...' Woe... Unto existing within the silence of... Whatever we've found to occupy!

In lieu of our participation in,
Agreeing to silence...
When only a smile,
Was needed...!

Saturday, August 18, 2018


The storm chill my armor,

      Ruin close silent chill forever the shelter of closing my eyes, Resolute is the prison of witnessing every illegitimate touch of the measure of a man, Every echo of masculinity's greed hands impregnating the veins of any women whisper screaming into their pillow at night!

In lieu of my participation in,
Breeding the continuance,
With blind eyes...
But now, Write!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Serpent's wind,

      Chilling tongue transcribes a sickness, Attempting to murder love's most honest metaphor, That everyone beyond self is a storm we must shake in order to... Situationally fulfill the will of this sandcastling earth's bruised black and vampire red dying belief was never blessed the ordinance of bearing a pathetic psalm oracle witness to the inhumanity we're perpetuating... We're the serpent, The wind, The apocalypse storm greed happily ruining the next yet to be labelled holocaust of faith in humanity: Hope!

In lieu of watching,
G-d or whomever's hand,
Beat me... Harbinger requiem black,
And post vermilion shades of blue!

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Lonely redemption,

     Black million endless contemptuous tombstones in rubble miles of hatred is the fragrance the winds adapt and it's no longer a wondering black satellite sheep, A defiant cruel future secret kept by the requiem breath reeks of shit council self masculinity or monetarily entitled; Inhumanity must be more than momentarily attempting to mansplain the context of their action inaction nurtured context ever adapting thirst. Apparently G-d inspired this dream we're live'n perverted existence in.

In lieu of,
Adoring 'miracle dreams,'
While the news (un)real is running!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Riddle XXXXV

Lonely fools,

     Heaven unto hell's reflection in the requiem contemptuous mirror bent a willingly contorted sightless glance back from the conquered surface: Reflection, Embedded numb is the nerve unending 30 seconds to prey or be religiously poisoned throat cancerous voice isotope polluted for every next barely hope was never so miss blind hatredly managed breath, Sight unquestionably bleak diluted every sheep was black future, Resolute to bleeding satellite in flames to the ground for a G-d who craves the dust of their bones...

In lieu of our participation in,
Rarely questioning,
That which we crown!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Riddles XXXIV

Dying nurture,

       Gives peaceful way unto the requiem dust,  After an existence of over clerically broken elastic entered fabricated impressionably breaking inhospitable heart entries: Entitled, My existence is greater than thou art...!

In lieu of self,

Monday, August 13, 2018

Riddles XXXIII

Forgot myself,

   Carrying a remorseless mirror reflecting nothing, Hope is derelict yet driven... Poetically towards the dying gravity of equality!

In lieu of...
Need anything more,
Be said,

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Riddle(s)... Of an Invisible

Please bury,

       If my tomorrow dies... Your sadness is a crime for which I regret...

In lieu of being,
A dying (k)night,
A masquerade,
Now free! 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Riddle XXXXI


     Bury tomorrow, A sand castling harbinger, Of hope's volition we're all to willingly dedicated  blindness to continuing under a guise of self wrist ending vengeance... Lost!

Nailed it...
The last desperation,
Chance depraved of,
A choice, In death!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Riddle XXXX

Please disenchant the crown...

     Bury every kilowatt of happiness born dying from tomorrow's womb timeline, A dead impact outlook on our sandcastling unique internalized shape of positivity, A harbinger continuous product of  plundering each other's hope, We're but energy necromancers unendingly forecasted to disenchant our surroundings of every grain of buoyancy fortunate to momentarily survive as optimism for tomorrow! A stamp of inadequate time we're vigilant to discover but never to describe, Present is what we open not a product of seconds of which we're willing to subscribe, Shallow on the shores of the tides our continuity landscape is but a selfish earth nerve rarely shamefully quakes moment from realizing everything was for naught if we never learned to mirror unto everyone reflect: Love

In lieu of,
Watching the oceans bleed

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Riddle XXXIX


     Bury our faithless tomorrow, Our sandcastling harbinger energy is long hopelessly dead, Hope was but a vigilante surviving  shadow we're all to under undiscovered tormented endless willingly dedicated everything blindly to continue... Lost!

In lieu of our participation in,

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Please Bury...

     Every unintentionally born kilowatt wrought from tomorrow's hopeful soil, Our sandcastling happiness is a harbinger whose continuously plundering humanity of energy: whose farewell has been long hopelessly said, Death is a slit contagious wrist surviving as a mere shadow vigilante undiscovered by our self deter all positivity tormented day endlessly willing are the dedicate everything blindly slaves... Unto merely continuing... No disgustingly inequal: Lost!

In lieu of dying,
To discover...!?
Or nothing...!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Riddle XVII Leaving Behind pieces of... me

Didn't want to see,

      Tomorrow had no confidence, Holding all the invisible silence, Dreams harbinger stole hope's jaded mirror surfaces, Couldn't mathematical labyrinth's dire calculations survive the unseen;  Today is momentarily subscribed by monetary bribe to but... Ere futurity morrow long we'll be found... Discovered never as a ghost within the shell we once called home.

In lieu of,
An ending...
No one wanted!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Riddle XXXVI

Couldn't survive,

   Unintoxicating post obesity (depression) traumatic universe ache stumbling into a dreamless sleep, Heavy is the weight of carrying the sandcastling, Paranoid that the world's individualistic hope is exclusively carried by... And so slit harbinger wrist alone in the tub clottlessly dying as a self obsessed centerless energy in the universe of so endlessly many, Is the only choice besides intoxication to exist... I'll choose...

In lieu of my participation in,
Dying... Tomorrow...
Or today...
Don't panic.
Appreciate the gravity,
Of this escape!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Riddle XXXV

Mimics of Hatred's

      Wounds never mended by forgetfullness but a forevermore distraught unfantasy tale awaking only after forgiven, However quietly whispered, No matter how sincerely 'I'm sorry...' The enemy within is carrying!

In lieu of,
Participating in...
Holding on to,
More than we can carry!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Riddle XXXIV... Read and Know 'us all' better?!

Ungrateful pretentious clouds,

     Echo hatred's disgruntled entitlement one deadly side(d), Pretending not to be pretentious about everything: Male apocalypse, The greatest inhumane calamity's a harbinger day to be in bunker doors, Watching the unwilling deconstruction of masculinity as it's hateful presence once permiated every home's locked door!

In lieu of deconstructing,
Or changing the hearts of...

Take a guess.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Ungrateful pretentious clouds,

     Echo hatred's disgruntled entitlement side, A one male sided rung ladder climbed, By a blind masculine treachery unto everyone except like fucked since birth's habitat forecast amicably by genitalia minded never apologize for misogyny's persistence of unhappy aggressive dilapidation confused ever plundering citizens, Men (Change or)... Go die.

In lieu of their participation in,
Changing or... Else...!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Riddle XXXII

Echoes of hatred,

      Incubated marionettes since our mother of everything impregnated is listening cocooned metamorphosis birth began mimicking the hierarchy of the great terrorizing gravity: Masculinity!

In lieu of,

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Riddle XXXI

Echoes of hatred's terror,

       Deconstructed inhumanity orbital broken universe bone terry, Control Aching to pour every  colour of bruises unto everyone, A quiet granted disfiguration storm wreaking a harbinger's calamity devastation upon our desperation at the living in a daily mayhem desolation of the greatest dragon, Smaug holds no ruin in comparison unto masculinity.

In lieu of,
Geeking out equality!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Riddle XXX

Echoes of hatred's terror,

       Deconstructed inhumanity orbital broken universe bone terry, Control Aching to pour every  colour of bruises unto everyone, A quiet granted disfiguration storm wreaking a harbinger's calamity devastation upon our desperation at the living in a daily mayhem desolation of the greatest dragon, Smaug holds no ruin in comparison unto masculinity.

In lieu of,
Geeking out equality!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Riddle XXVIX

Puppets of hatred terry,

      Mimicking an orbital dormant static heavily woven in hatred we've crazy reinforced in society's dead-stagnant gravity: Age of deconstructed everything but the pervasive over-everything-bearing masculinity, An animosity universe dead aching to burst in to flames on every colour fire, Disregarding the bruises grant by the appearance of the most detestable abomination's prejudice inhumanity's ever carried: Men are... Worthy as shit... And everyone else is... Continued by every generation until: Us... A dept we're no longer apathy blind willingly rancour panicked acceptance of your every synonym of masculinity's black machismo hole should have since Eve sand antagonistic castle abolishment forever sieged!

In lieu of our participation in,
Terrorizing the terror!

Sunday, July 29, 2018


One breath instinctively enough,

     A chest's monumental hopelessness without reconfiguration of refuge to carry, An impending disaster moment seemingly cured of the harbinger's quarry, Forever in a singularity's existence knows nothing but our tragic laughter...

In lieu of our participation in,
Playing nothing...
As if G-d existed

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Riddle XVII

False pandemic infection born,

        Wounds... Intending an unwillingly paralysis spread of a parasitic everyone's a mental casualty of our dying health early resolute elastic pretend heroism unendingly stretched noose: Made for the seemingly mirror told solo drifting satellite entitled self: The challenge of reality is to clock the energies that empower our collapsing: And alter our infinitely adapting heavily conquered by everything external: Tragic autonomy!

In lieu of....
Clarity of story,
For our eventual breaking!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Riddle XXVI

False pandemic infection born,

        Wounds... Intending an unwillingly paralysis spread of a parasitic everyone's a mental casualty of our dying health early resolute elastic pretend heroism unendingly stretched noose: Made for the seemingly mirror told solo drifting satellite entitled self: The challenge of reality is to clock the energies that empower our collapsing: And alter our infinitely adapting heavily conquered by everything external: Tragic autonomy!

In lieu of....
Clarity of story,
For our eventual breaking!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Riddle XXV

I (we) instinctively wrote,

   Empathy of the heart string's gravity pulled eternally, Couldn't ignore the voice screaming inside to write; There's a paranoia of hope to permeate terry beyond death's harbinger inevitability, Despite the uncanny invisible response. From anyone.

In lieu of,
For all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Riddle XXIV

I (we) wrote forever,

    Always knowing there was no listener for this paranoid hope voice, It's okay... No single anyone digit person needed hearken unto any poetic word written by the individual I subscribe to entitled: Me.

In lieu of,
Shouldn't we...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Riddle XXIII

Present inhumanity syntax,

     Genuinely problematic seemingly second crazy coming denied gravity of our instilled empathy,  Absolute magna legend carta defiled by greed's most simplistic kiss, Inherited was the arrow's evolution to gun reverberating shot, Willingly tested blindness submits another day as the sun regretfully rises seeking bliss instead of denying every dead emotional inheritance  blood never in fear of recompenses tested, Diamonds for husbands are forever... But diseases without vaccines are invisible if never corroborated upon inquest!

In lieu of,
Walking blind!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Riddle XXII

Breathing plastic humanity, 

       The 3rd human once redemptive-ally: Delusion's bereaved dead particle kindred vampiric DNA post heroic blood gravity.... Returned from paranoid wealth universes astray: Chromosome, Bridge to defying our most challenging reality; Drifting our equality, An infinite black oblivion hole away... Our golden principle has lifetimes seemed; Time equivalence shines... Through us, As we float slowly in living decay!

In lieu of defying,

The inevitable,

With love  

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Riddle XXI

Spin the battle

     Fighting an unending lonely seemingly blameless lonely inevitable outcome war, Against the origin beyond dust we cannot see, Invisible is the long breath of our drift falling reality's appearance is shattering gravity, All this desperately grasped at tangible is departing just as the elastics of belief  are inevitably praise the dying of all deadly followed blindly psalms dying, Staining pungently our every-single-monopoly-believed-in-thing with the presence only the Devil now adores...!

In lieu of,
Attempting to joust,
Against angels,
Or... demons?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Riddle XX

Unheard battling,

     Emotions persuading the conscience to continue... Fighting! An unending war against the origin dust, Invisible is the long fallen intangibly departed belief elasticity of inevitably becoming back Lord, Staining pungently every-single-monopoly-believed-in-thing with the presence only the Devil now adores...!

In lieu of,
Attempting to joust,
Against angels,
As demons...?

Friday, July 20, 2018

Riddle XIX

Hatred sobriety,

   Pulmonary manipulated hope born compassionless womb genome habitat grown was our momentary existence's greatest and worst phantom cold ever feeding limb, Ever escalating is our emotionally incapacitated inhumanity, A vampiric reflection non-exclusively hiding within us everyone all complex, A silent maleficent benign trust untouched by equality's aspiration's dream, A nightmare by which we're all willingly unborn reliance decaying into a phantom buoyancy where sinking is the only crown!

In lieu of participating in,
The accepting of all that is fleeting...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Riddle XVIII

Hatred awakened,

    Manipulated everything's DNA disconnected compassion genome born, Emotionless yet seething, Willingly coma ignorant blind second everyone's a voluntary forgetful witness unable to describe the inaction of everyone, Including the mirror's phantom, An entitled mirage existing as a sleepless vampire whose got absolutely fuck drown nothing all figured infinite selfishly out as the holocaust exists all around!

In lieu of becoming,
But a watcher

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Riddle XVII

Uncontested hatred,

    Manipulated compassion in a coma womb genetically infused with panic, A crazy prom gravity was never bliss trusted from birth, Emotionless yet seething, Blind every compassionless second witness never despicable inaction acknowledge, By a vampiric sickness we entitle as She, G-D are you blind... Deranged Asshole, Drowning children disadvantaged by the enemy in Your hope's abused-selfish distant entity heaving a harbinger's wayward hand at this sandcastling inhumanity suffering madness earth, It's nearly contempt hubris entirely ignorant,, population arrogance blind defiled hope discontinued greed formulated drug: Darkness!

In lieu of becoming,
But one of the dying...
Whose yet living...!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Riddle XVI

Treading raindrops as if torrents of water,

     Falling harbinger's wrought of hatred, Inspiring the greatest of fear in the depths of anyone, Despite the momentary circumference of every moment's secret, That the once stacked now uncomfortably panicked minute taste of hope's positive gravity is fading from bright resilient white into mute paranoid grey is eventually just a background illusionary figure in twilight's eventuality, Where black without remedy has infected unto death the universe within most each and everyone!

In lieu of our participating in,
Pretending it's okay...
When inside it isn't,
Who will listen,
And help mend us,
For this is love...!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Riddle XV

Treading raindrops,

      Threatening as torrents of water as hatred inspires the greatest fear in anyone, Despite the fading taste of hope in everyone, There is no shape of water that mends like a hug endured through the flood of abuse invisible and inaudibly enigma code dowsing our world with a crime called hate!

In lieu of participating in,
The neglect of positive affection,
Prolonged during this journey,
Upon other people's lives,
Without desiring praise,
As if our names won,
A prize to uphold,
In pathetic psalm!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Riddle XIV

Blindly treading darkness

      Muddled raindrops inspire fear as great as intolerance from the depths of hatred in anyone, The deluge of torrential manifestations of ignorance inspired rage by which we're most afraid and cannot abide, Yet we're closeted disappearance act in want to hide, Wherein the greatest attempts to reconcile the fondest memories of hope in which to confide how our journey's been so desperate in every moment's attempt to over-lonely-come the wickedness assembled as judgement that seems to be upon everyone's crown!

In lieu of our witnessing,
Clarity of those who surround...
For not all are deadly...
And wear hatred's invisible, judgmental gown.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Riddle XIII

Disassembly town,

      Where divided household lines have been label upon face asymmetrical fear painted on everyone in vermilion hatred smear shades of violence was always the intention of those we've illustrated within to be infused with the unrecoverable diagnosis of intolerance, A city of aliens within our own walls, Where ignorance wrought from the caster is the crown!

In lieu of,
Reversing the effects,
Of the theory of labels...
Starting with the stranger in the mirror.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Riddle XII

Disassembling labels,

    Nouns holding onto the anger of unspoken adjectives, Describing the nature of another's nurture, The psalms of their heart, As if we knew their inner most intimate clockwork wasn't already repeating inaudible apologies for the rest of their descriptor!

In lieu of our vile quickness,
To label others.... To rise in anger,
To hate... Enabling the death of empathy!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Riddle XI

Welcome to disassembly town,

      Christmas came unintentionally early, On a wave of labels for everyone, With illegible names wrought of stitches on all corpse's skin, Cards that transcribe a chorus of no one but the autumn of humanity damned ever chaotic wanted, By any inspired means of hatred's forlorn death to empathy design, Harboring a toxic every trait undesirable by fate to uphold, This is the end of us all, Label's shattering any stable hands like ground to grasp, As tomorrow folds so it seems does our hope in the humanity within others we're unwanting to see... Or accept, That a thing beyond our overwhelmingly  enslave convinced perceptions could be an example of positivity, Despite our unsatisfaction in everyone outwith our label in this viciously short terminal life!

In lieu of,
Watching the mirror die!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Riddle X

Hope's disassembly,

      Occurred in convicted moment when compassion within tolerance retreated as an excuse for existing at all within the momentarily happen dying stance conviction of any strategic social scape willing to justify the fouls of bigotry when an anomaly exists outside the boundaries confining their conformity, So much for empathy... Some demon's love flowers just as much as other angels love smoking weeds, The friendship between the cult of labels and the inexcusable hatred on retail we bought ever more intense-willingly, As if the anger hiding behind our smiles survived by something other than our inability to scrub abomination out our throttle of admiration on malice...

In lieu of willingly...
Disapproving of another,
Based on another's opinion...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Riddle IX

Coma inner conscience blind,

      Slumbering mirror demographic self critic held unquestionably silent on a broken coping rarely disappearing darkness mechanism journey through this connect the spiteful seemingly inherited subconscious irrelevant lineage dots entitled life... Is but a prospective held on history with either hope... Or hatred...!

In lieu of our inspiring,
One rule or the other...
One of which,
Is a miss!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Riddle VIII

Coma blind internal...

         Subconscious multiverse in apocalypse disarray, Hope is but a dying metaphor for any and all oblivion black clouds resembling change...!

In lieu of,

Desiring the ocean,
While swimming in a puddle,
Of this incoherent hope,
Someone once called,
Is but mud,

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Riddle VII: Nothing is Figured Out!

Please hollow my mind,

        Eternally obscene distant armour, Wilt me as a dying flower in autumn away...! There be no shelter remaining to blind silence in an ever present consciousness prison mine internal third willing to accept but never blind inner unprecedented empathetic despite the dark; Eye!

In lieu of my participation in,
Nothing... EVER!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Riddle VI

Subconsciousness bliss apocalypse,

      The conscience has quit, Slumbering in miss-configured silence, Never amended hallelujah dead empathy chorus made to comatose last sentenced and accepted ending, No Templar's renowned undiscovered once slaved for pathetic unholy gadget psalm cause openly willing to alter, enhance, revise... Their fellow man's eyes... blind!

In lieu of,

Friday, July 6, 2018

Riddle... V

Despicable coma bow,

     Slumbering oceanic disease harbinger of emotions within dreams unwillingly appealing to an illegitimate present internal dehumanizing mirror too spitefully often reflected tense landscape of mine own unheard fingers are acting as a noose with vermilion bathtub chalk friendship outline bottom red painted slit kissed pill unwaking wrists...  There's nothing but a the most memorable nightmare disease about such unprecedented misunderstood most unappealing and rarely selfish disenchanted hope for anything but the tiresome woes of internalized conflict endings...

In lieu of,
That day...
The knife finds me

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Riddle IV

Despicable coma,

     Disease wherein dreams unwillingly wrought appeal to an illegitimate present internal tense landscape of mine own prescribed noose, wrist, pill... Body and soul defied unprotected against the enemy within the self: Ending, Swelling are the unfathomable intoxicating depression quaking everything drugs binding the self as the most pertinent threat on any level to defeat enemy at the bottom of our arrogantly wickedness spread too distant via greed's disease far; internal sky!

In lieu of thunder and lightning,
Our weaponized persistence,
To atone end ourselves,
As if drowning,
Or hanging...!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Riddle III

Dreaded coma,

     Memories unwillingly sought are a remedy in pretend, Bottomless foul blindness inducing mask, Hiding our most heartless silent foul abhorrent drone themed fallen into dreams... Existing within, As adored memories!

In lieu of our participation in,
Watching all that befalls us,
Without lifting a thought
Much less a finger,
Of a zombie!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Riddle II

Only wanted to be,

     The present requiem tense everything, Only one talked about... Now I swear a silent middle fledged unto the unresponsive skies finger in lieu of prayers never kept, To anyone... Ever, Save the first white true merciless unquestionable mistakes are all they truly make world!

In lieu of,
The presence of demons,
Walking as humans.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Riddle... I

Can't wait to delinquent,

     Exist as the harbinger described in hiding at very the depressed prescription intoxicated back end of your since needle to vain birth supposedly aperture blindness is the most valuable necessity we're now willingly denied, Womb confidant, Drugs... Say anything, Apparently we haven't got a lifeless clue... Only those above can prescribe the memories we're to transcribe our stamp of self onto, We're all but victims to demographic demons!

In lieu of our participation in,
Adoring the riddles of...
Fallen angels,
But human