Friday, June 29, 2012

World Awaiting (Tweets)

Appeal to the world my poetic thoughts,Hear my dreams aloud,Written words of how the broken forebear with grace the realization of status!

Appeal to the world poetic thoughts,Hear my dreams aloud,Alien transmission from the humble,Forebear with grace the thorns of imperfection!

No patience for rocket science,Marketing for monetary won't fill the void,Trade skill tools don't untilize my tongueFind my place amongst the invisible poets

No patience for rocket science,No costumes for ladder climbing,Wilted body can't trade skill bloom,Find my place amongst the invisible poets

Eaves drop upon the invisible map of destiny,Caught a glimpse but wasn't surprised,Nothing is written in the stars,Fate is choice...For most

Smile unreturned,Am I not one of your kind?Mortified vacant gasps,Obscene gestures into my forlorn face,Clapping your hands to my agony!

Return home to the rusty bars of my silent cage,Prejudice gossip ant bites riddle my flesh with toxic internal lies,Pendulum of defeat march

Entertained my heart with a positive point of view,Applaud the fire infused sand imagery for a moment,Until the mental prison cell recoiled!

Perception of self through momentary emotion,Akin to stability via monetary exchanges,Code of honour existence for equality is my only wish!

Pray for debt informed decision monetary miracles,While father's pray to be unmuted & wish to hear their child's voice after years of deaf.

Every being from proletariat to queens want love,Divinely inspired virtue survives in faded dream memories,While we're caught up in fun

Awaiting what we can no longer describe,Simple single word times nine definition,Love living no longer survives,Only as a light behind eyes.

Hate to mention myself,Someone steal me into your life,Imagine myself being whored off or trafficked across boarders,I'm not worthy to write

Lips dancing smile is the most intoxicating perfume,A performance that mends broken souls,Invoke a perfect visage response & perhaps love...

A single miracle wish,One unique moment in time,When every complexion conforms to a smile no matter whose in view,Enemy or friendly,Equality

Tonight I crave both love & the grave,Write to exist,Parasite adrift in the sea of humanity,A twig holds me intoxicated with a wooden smile!

Quasi peripheral dimension view

My words are a wishing well,Imperfect poetry broken love moral coin toss,Hopefully someone identifies with a single sentence and is renewed!

Quasi peripheral dimension view,Finding everyone world walking beautiful but my mirror's reflection,Anorexic dismantled winged angel image.

Too negative or selfish to change anything,Feed myself contempt bullshit about compassion that no one witnesses...At least not consistently.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smile (Tweets)

A poem before the apocalypse,End of all smiles,No more facial joy complexions to receive reciprocation of a happy amalgamation,Only sadness.

When society occupies your streets with isolationism,Smile & watch the citizenry do barrel rolls in heels to reciprocate,All isn't well...

Victims kept at bay by silence,Guilt analysed as disgrace as she steps onto a pedestal stand of disgrace rewind to relive & recount the rape

Clouds of inaction toxify our minds with apathy we call pacifism,Ignore the shame infused victim & award the repeat offender with medals!

Scarlet Red blacked out amidst the hyperventilative breathing,Evil hands pin her arms & care not as she bleeds amidst her own lunar cycle.

A bitter voice takes the stand,Labouring amidst habitual bouts with the madness of shame & guilt in a silent mental prison,Justice for...?

One unit confused society speaks of love yet justifies military rape response as a temperament pillar of pacifism,War is profit & rape is?

Shameful silent storm,Skies on fire traumatic memory on repeat behind your waking eyes,No peace amidst the torn fabrics of an invisible war!

Breath of fire informed my final fantasy that choices must be lived after being made in order to reverse this perverse dyslexic destiny!

Safety in acceptance of misunderstanding a pacifists mortgaged off mind becomes ignorant,Free birth apathy & acceptance of f(r)iendly fire !

Emanate what I've yet to receive,Love is an ailment of lacking emotion,No it is apathy to virtue destroyed by the ongoing dyslexic dream of an Oil infused tomorrow!

Love is an ailment of lacking emotion?No it is apathy to emanate virtue,Destroyed by the ongoing dyslexic dream of an Oil infused tomorrow!

Ashamed by our 1st world national pride inaction,The external society's are invisible or worse yet dead,Our Comfort level with apathy is...!

Relinquish the darkness that marks me,Crawl bleeding back into shadow,Echo the hollow sounds of my voice,Search yourself to survive silence!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mother May I...

Shadowless child
Opposition cleansed
Umbilical blood transit
Black fetus body bag
Nameless daughter

Mother may I
Survive the transition
From darkness to life
Failed pee tree dish cell
Double X chromosome state

Shadowless children
Opposition of ignorance
Umbilical blood severe exit
Black fetus body bags
Nameless daughters

Father may I
Be welcomed tonight
Transition to light of life
Miss read genetic monologue
Female at birth abandoned

Shadowless children
Opposition of ignorance
Umbilical blood severe exit
Black fetus body bags
Nameless daughters

Mother did I
Survived the transition
Double to triple X state
Sold into sexual trade traffic
Transactions of guiltless greed

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adreinna ( Tweets)


Mirror upon my new dawning anorexic-x anti-hero bones,What will it be that I bid farewell from my cocoon to become,A conversation with God?!

Echo my mental health inspiration amidst anorexic-x illness arms my voice,Am I recovering entity or my own demonic apocalypse self designed?

Beseech the heart of sorrow,Locked inside my unconscious prison,No walls but comfortable slumber of mind,Hide the hollow with empty eyes.

Invisible entity gawked,Swollen small town comfortable minds,Compassionate accepting hearts broken from neglect of use,Anorexia killer youth

Radio edit caption of my mirrored self,Handsome intellectual successful lad,Trending lifestyle with a pretend personality of paper...Not me!

Mother's hands,Always warm,Amidst the decay of time & starvation of life's uncivilized stature dehydration,Without covers she heats the soul

Whore me out,Pathetic Psalm mystery,Akin to a failed promise unlike water into wine,A device of the divine,Light failing in half vacant eyes

Mortgage off my point of view,Comfort dream apocalypse debt self denial,Daily we fight for the illegitimate whilst we set compassion adrift!

Earth bound arrival,Can't recall my angelic host dreams,Pages of the eternal book riddled out amidst the vacant travel to this human world!

Paper personality a hollow anorexic angel with pinned on styrofoam wings,Equivalence neglected for a photo shop image of life,Hollow & alone

Do not proclaim to believe in anyone or anything you aren't living,Believe in Christianity,Then love & accept others,Do not spread gay hate!

Rhetoric of anti-gay death slap children 'quasi Christian' camps in the 1st world boggle the mind with their prejudice,Peace is not in them!

Consequences of locking in to hatred in every singled moment of another's life is signing your death certificate to a hell full of mirrors!

Long lost sheep,Dream of heaven but forgot their lives feed off of others,They watch the world burn amidst equality's shattered dreams...!

When you can comprise what will be in your heavenly mansion before manifesting the equality peace dream by selling everything on earth....?!

Swear to any God in heaven,That all golden roads should be akin to the empty mansion walls,Only imbued with mirrors to send the hollow away!

Stand my Unholy Blight imbued villainous ground,Toxic on both sides,Not a hollow stand for equality is both before & behind me,Selfless!

When citizens unadulterated occupy every street of every nation against corporate political corruption,We shall see equivalence,Until then..

A brazen villain deserves to die upon lonely shores,Welcomed last into the matrix grey twilight haven,Taking the last train to the invisible

Stay up invisible in the aching night,Posting to save lives,Spilling myself out in words to attend to open wounds,Proclaiming all beauty!

When the monsters don't bleed,Know you're dreaming,Wake into a zombie apocalypse,Run single file & ask a cloaked warlock for directions!

Terraform your face with a single digit fist raised amidst an unrecognised phantom inequality existence,Virtue of verbal poweress over force

Death to Mirrors!

Regardless of how I look or the body dismorphia of my anorexic-x mind makes me appear in any skin wrapped over 200 pound bone mirror, I must admit that I shan't be dragged again in the routines which separate body from mind, wherein I desire thin over health and thus limit my future to null and void. Health over shape or I shall die.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Morning After (A Pill Choice)

No mourning after pill
Donor not around to blame
Woke up from the numb
One night sensation
No failsafe method
Only a trigger

Said goodbye to the world
Endorsed a hello to pleasure
Forget the social stresses
Welcomed intoxication
Of sexual endeavours
Await the aftermath
Mourning after

Short audio edit skirt
Tantalizing eye provocation
Prey upon such an easy date
Sneak out the mourning after
Awaken to an aftershock pill
Ineffective self to blame

Said goodbye to the world
Endorsed a broad spectrum hello
Sexual stress relieving pleasure
Forget the consequences
Welcome intoxication
Penetrating seizure
Orgasm achieved
Single digit sex

No mourning after pill
Donor not around to blame
Woke up bleeding out
Period drunken sex
Inception happens

Said goodbye to the world
Hello to sexually induced pleasure
Single orgasm night stress relief
Forget the consequences
Welcomed intoxication
Penetrating seizure
Orgasm achieved
Single digit sex

No mourning after pill
Wish he was impotent
Douche bag donor hero
Sponsor of a new life
He could care less

Said Hello to the world
Newly born unaborted child
Single digit orgasm night product
Pleasure induced stress relief
Live with consequence
Blessing of new life
Intoxicating curse
Her smile is...
No regrets

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Son in a Mad World

Trapped heart bruise
Worn out no where child
Walk with a half filled cup
Until I looked back
Now I say...
It was full

Dear father
Well fought
See you in heaven
Thanks again

Watch this son
Desperate monster
Artistic culture changer
Crafty poetic values
Thank for my soul

Creatively drowning
Imbued  respect robot
Didn't know I was a student
Until I looked back to see
Learn from my history
No prejudice inside
Thankful mind

Dear father
Well fought son
Future without spite
See you in heaven

Watch this son
Chivalrous anti-hero
Artistic heart changer
Crafty poetic values
Thanks for life

School yard bully lesson
Pain or nerves consume me
Diagnosed with artism
Look hymn forward
In a mad world

Watch this son
Anorexic mentally ill hero
Anti-inequality heart changer
Crafting artistic poetic values
Thanks for life's lessons

Dear father
Well fought life
Smile at our memory
Children with hopeful eyes
See you tomorrow...