Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Promise to a Mermaid

Shimmering foams of blinding white
Amongst the raging torrents I hear the sounds
I'm so sorry I sailed so long mast and compass idle
You got so far ahead while I lagged behind

Only reliant source in view
Long ago sea swallowed
Oh mermaid give in the grimace
To the smile hiding behind your radiant eyes

Blinding flashes of lightning mock my iris
Crest the waves crown slowly sinking
Lost again like my soul in past times
Oh glimmering ghost on stormy nights

Only brilliant melody in my mind
I hear your bitter sweet sea song
Amongst the million manowar cloud
Oh mermaid Oh sea defender
May I join you or shall I eternally slumber
In Davy Jones' abyss locker

Mermaid God's sea daughter
Surfing amidst the foam of swells
This eve He kept his word
According to the journey
Though slow to catch you

As I did my heart began to pound
Wounds mar the mermaid's heart
Yet a cursed pirate of chivalry she found
As in the depths he struggled and drown

Only radiant light in view
Sea swallowed you long ago
As I drown I see your eyes
Let to the grimace and the shadows of the depths
Past is history save me and smile
In the magic of a promise

Raise me up from death
Stop watching the surf from the sea
Walk out from the wave's sidelines
Apart we lingered together wounded but stronger
Cured by the darkness
We fought apart
Alone each night