Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hallelujah, I am.

Hallelujah, you betrayed me
My sonar was off, I was blind and separated
The illusion of love you claimed
Hallelujah, your all alone
Embrace the energy of will in motion
The message of yourself in control
Your energy in action is who you are

All alone you must be
Believe you can't now really fail
But can you get back on track or hold a steady course
Changing visions of wisdom like the seasons
I'm standing in a crowd screaming a message
Each man's energy in action under a supreme moral code

Hallelujah, your all alone
Can you take it, how I've treated you
All alone you must be
Can you even really feel
Hallelujah a decision not to run or hide
I'm standing in a crowd screaming with a message
Don't you ever betray your code for any comfort it might get you

Hallelujah, your all alone
Did you finally find a message
Is it stuck or can't you speak it
Your message won't go any further
If you stand by and excuse yourself
With a comfortable lie, that is,
A sore throat, or an itch behind your eye

I'm sickened by the changing
Of your morals like the seasons
You claim free will, or loss of control
Hallelujah, you betrayed yourself
But you really gave it all up
To follow the comfortable feeling
A lie of acceptance, single minded
Just to be one in the crowd

Hallelujah, I'm all alone
All alone I must be
Screaming the message in a crowd
I profess my claims of justice and fairness
Is the future we need for all!
Hallelujah, I'm all alone
Standing in a crowd without a moral code
Its a standard I'll scream until the end
Look at this world, its pleasant and accepting of you
But this place is not for me
Hallelujah, I'm all alone
All alone I must be.....?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The illusion of Mindance

You can see me physically falling
Crawling into a grave myself
The world is a painful mindance
Of my life given out for a belief
A duplication of words into reality
For a complete version human rights

Every time I'm under your judgment
They try to grab a hold of me
I can feel your verbals tearing at the soul in me
I know its either me or the whole world
Am I singly alone totally lost, or am I standing in truth,
You have yet to think about, or see?
Does your subconscious control the prejudice you have on me
Know your reality in thoughts of judgment over me

Stare into my eyes completely
You know they've claimed me, I'm totally lost
I've given myself to a different version of right
I'm completely truth or totally lost
Can you see the incoming, the strength they impose over me

In your minds
I am the great pretender with the face of an angel
A face of death awaiting to be burned alive
In your eyes of a different world
In your words
The world will hate upon me, desire my death. Burned alive!
It must have made you happy
Whenever you heard of my pride being raped
Again and again
You deny the words I speak by the past sins;
You define my whole life, by the lack of reason within.

The great pretender, defying the face of demonic angels
Awaiting my trial, preparing to reflect the truth of light
Dying inside while your stares desire my death
Why pretend I'm totally lost, pretend I'm 'this'
But I'm a reality of truth your willing to burn alive
To completely deny, whilst the truth to avoid
And remain comfortable with the materialism of your life

So bring it forth, I can see it, the flaming judgment fires that await
Lets get it over with, start the process of defining me
As I didn't agree to promote your version of 'comfortable right'
Label me in a new cataclysm of medieval witchcraft, to justify your devastation
To burn me alive in your defiling judgment fires tonight
Burn me alive....! Ending the Mindance that I could have imposed
On the comfortable ignorance of some fashion in your life

Ps Mindance a: Is the process of consciousness of a person within everything present around them in any given moment.

b: Is also the opposite of itself in that it is also: a direct (conscious or subconscious) mindset which is: the avoiding of thought on any particular subject, by justification that the subject presented need not be brought into the mind at all, which is brought about through: Judgments, destruction, verbal abuse, discrediting the source, criticism, prejudice, or labels associated not with the words or the truth they may hold, but with the speaker.

the reason both a: and b: can exist giving 2 different meanings to the same word is due to the very reason the word was created, and that is to be conscious in the moment of words. Thus when it is spoken if one knows the word at all, it is spoken as it is, both as: a means to and end(being a word having some direct or indirect path to inspire truth) and :a means to provoke thought(being the questioning as to which context the user spoke the word in).


Monday, July 7, 2008

Words of Repent

You ignore their plight, let the weak die
Bend yourself and repent
At the end you'll regret their wasted lives
Do you know how much time you've got left
Don't fool you, or you'll sink without a trace

Remember these words when your time is ending
The less you grope for the less you suffer
Revealed materialism as your temptress
She is your impasse, let others die for your so called 'blessings'
Your weeknights for TV, have no compassion
For those 3rd world feet 2 doors down from you

And then they come here
Missing arms and dying hearts
Their broken wings, wishing to be washed away
Now open your eyes, so they can go to sleep

Purifying means deny your life, give all up
Materialism in the end will hunt your soul down
Remember these words when your time is ending
The less you grope for the less you suffer
Letting it all get washed away, or else
Just a fools hope remains

And then you'll stand there, at the end of your life
You fooled yourself with words of repent
You never changed, you sat around waiting, for the final blow
When did you recall these words? I revealed your impasse
But you closed your eyes and fell asleep... for real
No consolation only an evil smile will greet you

Sunday, July 6, 2008


They look, like you want to
But they won't see, like your eyes do
Are you doomed to stare, at no one, That will ever care about you?
The rich and famous aren't bored without you!
No one can save you, or bring new life, you are your destiny
But if you'd rather believe the comfortable lie, that supernatural controls your life

Tonight I you feel like, I'm bored standing out in the rain
Yes, tonight I feel like, I've loved but wasn't adored
She breathed me in, and dried me up, but tonight
I'm in open air, and no ones around that cares.
I feel like a ripple of the tidal wave, that needed to break away!
Tonight I know, I was nothing more, than a dream in a wish....
That you had simply because you were bored

I see your reasons, I'm tall dark and handsome,(woohoo)
My mind is easily ignored, I know now, you hate who I am
You make the water warm, the tub welcomes you in heating your core
Filling your nights with dreams and visions, of the tragic famous lives in magazines That allow you to feel unbored!

Tonight I you feel like, I'm bored standing out in the rain
Yes, tonight I feel like, I've gave love, but her sleeping eyes could not recognize
She breathed me in, and dried me up, but tonight
I'm in open air, and no ones around that gives a fuck tonight
I am the ripple of that tidal wave, that needed to break away!
Tonight I know, I was nothing more, than a dream in a sleeping wish....
That you had simply because you were bored

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Material Ignorance

You praise in the name of God, while you murder again
Every moment of each hour you repent, and yet
Your ignorance is to follow blind
You won't die in the name of God, not even in your mind
The world suffers, and I see the laugh behind your eyes

You have no existence, in the future
A weakened faith dwells in your life
Your will is the dead man's state

I praise in the name of God to fight the labels of my time
Your will is to desire flesh, yes you are unpure
I see you, the ignorant that follow blind
I seek to change you, even if I must rape your mind

I am the truth bringer, the death of lies
A dagger unparalleled, that killed the ignorant bliss in your mind
While you still profess to praise in God, your ignorance murders again
You pray for your materialisms, why the innocent blood flows at night
You cry in the name of God, while their hands are vacant of food for life
I'll never dream of my God as you believe in Him
You've never believed or lived, you just follow blind!