Sunday, September 30, 2018

Untitled... Again!

No one,
Can out write me,
But most will... 
Outlive me.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

She... (Untitled Sovereignty III)

Most capably,
Kept me waking,
Alive from the ground,
In which I desired to be buried,
For I am and have always been; Nothing!
On the contagion upon this earth,
She had everything; On me,
I'd give any everything,
To make her smile...
Even dance!

But I am but one of the breathing, 
Yet unburied wanton death; Dying,
For which there are uncounted tragic clues,
Wishing for the remotest hope,
However resolved to die,
In love... You kept me,
For so long,

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Untitled Sovereignty II

Some things, 
Herein written,
Are meaningless,
Yet projected,
Are but dust.

I'm sorry for everything I am,
From the history of self I was wrought of,
For the manifested unlovable destiny accomplished,
By existing as a ghost upon this earth,
Within a vapid shell,
Speaking of nothing,
As if it mattered.

Some ignorant things, 
Herein pacifist hope written,
Are unintentionally meaningless,
Yet loving are the attempts; Projected,
Are the accomplishments of dust.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Untitled Sovereignty

There is nothing like the silence,
Of a forest,
That makes me want to commit suicide,
More than the utter every day,
Of existing alone...

One would hopefully think!
I'm not, but I am...
Just a pawn in my own mind,
A most believable scam,
Manifested by the unrealistic internally projected expectations of self I've never attempted,
Or managed to exemplify,
I'm waking every fateful day just to pretend once again to the mirror and everyone else...
That I'm not already dead.

Not even the most important person to my forever can change this fact.
It's not her,
It's something very utterly broken within my depths,
Possibly my head,
I'm remotely cognitive of this seemingly self destruction,
Yet despite not wanting to make the effort,
Parts of me will always with to be dead,
For in dying I'll forget all these expectations I've never met,
Whether self illustrate materialized yet imaginary to everyone but the... Self whose wanton to die,
The objectivity of any realization that the personalized kaleidoscope destiny of death is meaningless,
Is an unexplainable exposure,
To those already resigned to the substitute of expectation,
Which is a realm of living... While dying.

Because every single ambient thing on this sand castling earth,
Is more significant than any capacity of 'you,'
Me... I'm the mirror's reflected incapability,
To see any hope in the manifested,
A ghost living... Yet dying,
In front of me...!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dying Shapes VI

When all seems as asteroids,

    Distant sandcastling wishes now satellites long unforetold forgetfulness escaped, Still remnant dreaming expanses of existence are the seeming appearance black inescapable hole's marble planetoid orbs of love's most breakable whims, Dreams wrought within... Elapsing into ever hopeless meteor romantic fallen into silent loneliness is akin to death stars, We're distant constellations of the two most fortunate darling stars ever united, But a fraction of forever's spacial conjuring met in June, Under the singularity light happen-viewing-stance sun who infinite consultation blessed our hope!

In lieu of...


Friday, September 21, 2018

Dying Shapes V

When all seems sandcastling,

      As satellites amongst us collide, Still remnant dreaming of existing as love's asteroids, Elapsing into ever hopeless meteor romantic fallen into silent loneliness is akin to death stars, We're distant constellations of the two most fortunate darling stars ever united, But a most invisible significant fraction of forever's spacial conjuring are the cosmic singularity that our marriage be...

Meteors of a fallen love,

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dying Shapes IV

In Times without you,

     Even as I watch anime, Listen to music, Write poetry.... Not at work though, that is all encompassing of the self, Save when you call me on the mobile... I dream of us in the scenarios of hope, Finding you despite this world's without exception of us infinite challenge, You're every synonym of existence that makes me more! Challenging, Inspiring, Exhilarating, Exciting and encouraging,Yet all the while... Annoying!

In lieu of,
Kissing you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dying Shapes III

Dissolve the Gardener,

       Architect whose cunningly unpruned marching vines are barren deceptive addictive are but woven insecurities, Thorns... Oppression, Is the key to our possession, Hearts religious dialect strung pathetic psalm belief out on the wrung, We're unviolent pacifist naked pedals seeking the darkness to keep the unknown invisible, Beyond the knowledge of our spores, Where roses are throttled not by the vicious, But by the designs of our every.. Dying... Day... Life! Unto which our stems blind toxicity conform! As if such selfishness could rescue us... Or anyone, In a harbingers hindsight, We're already lost as the most translucent ghosts!

In lieu of our self oppression,
Unto the mirror are we frozen!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dying Shapes I

Dissolving G-d,

     Remember when I was a child, When I felt in belief to be utterly alone and that I needed 'You?' Well that pathetic prayer now goes thankfully unmissed for the psalms 'You'd' woven held maleficent measures of unwarranted intolerance and subsequent hatred.

In lieu of,
Forgetting 'You,'
A middle finger to the sky,
On my way out!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Broken Parental Riddle I

Genetic storm born sin is but a metaphor for their fear... Black harbinger unloved sheep; Pariah,

      Closet serpent wrought black apple and blue unseeing eyed original now invisible and uncaring fiend's impregnated hatred has never known such a magnificent thesis for an ignorance woven intolerant emblem now escaping the imagined hive as fists boarding a ghostly remnant gaunt haunted skeletal thin white death ship boarded ever since birth, No... Since It could sing! For nothing says 'difference,' Like a voice desiring to praise the heavens in crisis unseen!

In lieu of,
Never writing again...