Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Perilous Faith(s)

Can't tell us anymore,

     But it doesn't really agitatedly matter, Because we're in denial of what does... And the only thing more perilous than our common story, Is remaining deaf to the tears we bleed out before the end of this monolith that keeps us alive.

In lieu of our participation in,
De-constructing existence

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Selling Honesty's Blood

Feel the night worm breathe, 

       Every menacing intention is a disciplined student of what's unnecessarily real, Feelings contractually inhibited of design to comply with the violence as the terror's fear enables authentic visions of overly simplistic atrocities, Woven examples of memories lived by the lesser delusionally living by hope under the greedy feet of a few.

In lieu of our implicit compliance,
Extraditing joy for gold.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Without Remedy... Only

Infectious binary roses,

       Walk blindly in decay, Towards the same escape inhumanity took, Disregarding the balance of hope for the illusive flame of greed that suckles all that remains of kindness inside.

In lieu of our participation in,
Redefining the fight... For nothing more than a smile!

Haunted roses shore,

       Found premature justice's criminal ocean infectious view explosion side, Distinctly broken, As a kaleidoscope of discarded grains of hope, Enslaved to the tide like sand, Risen from the tumultuous sea fauna, As blossoms of joy no longer isolated depths confined, A transmission sent as countless little tangent screaming things... Just to die, Intoxicated by hopelessness' ghosts, Born of a hallow extension of all that is fatal, Her name is on the winds beyond the well at the world's end, She is a sickness who befriended grief as to ruin the sorrows woven of its discipline, Inflamed was forgiveness before the end... As shouting stole the silence from the sky, An inspired culmination of ingredients spoken by the very last thing.

In o...f.....

. . .