Friday, August 31, 2012


Perfect subject for insanity,Post secondary trauma nether,Avoided harmony on accident,F(r)iend escape precious circle of an invisible life!

Unrecoverable anorexic state of mind,Wish my scar stained skin would have self harm suicide died,Murder in a invisible knife dialogue degree

Won't be long till I hold Adelaide at my side,I wanna make up for my failed life,Recover a kiss amidst my self afflicted apocalypse,One kiss

Unholy broken self destruction devotion,God speed in the narrow path to hell prayer I fist clutch to speak,Give thanks for my monetary life.

Live as if the dreamscape of tomorrow's grey never comes again,Powerless worry imaginary wanderings keep me awake,Praise all single moments!

Relapse never wished for,An anorexic hell where my voice isn't heard again,Crushed by reflected scale number walls until my self harm end...

Pull off demoralization from the TV screen,Media thorn under the mental equality skin deluding perfection,Intoxicated self above all else...

Viral subordinate landscape,Comfort over equality or even understanding & love,Universe in decay,A serum fix yet to be found,Surprise me not

Self benefit conditions to lift a finger,Save the souls trolled by shadows of a malnourished mine field amputee generation(s) future.Hope...

Perilous voyage to breathe again,Elysium nether darling take my hand,Heart carnage of my own hands,Carry me into my eternal prison landscape

A million words in use,Implore the world exposed to my thoughts,Standing on ashen ground as darkness crumbles,Subject myself to a dead dream

Terraform my soul via power of sound,The Eternal eaves drop a pin upon my self mutilated existence solitude universe,Appease the loyalists!

Rupture my swollen lived for dream,World acknowledge what I do in the dark,Haunt the shadows of evil for equality's wake up call with poetry

Xenomprh gestation undetectable heart beat,Value of life diminished by ability to choose fate,Victims of alzheimer's no longer human beings?

Army of tolerant disregard over me,Open air Mayan self apocalyptic disappearance,Degenerate human condition villain unaccepted moral values.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Tainted dream trauma ambulance door self rebirth,Still metaphoric sighted,Vision blurred by a morphine supreme being high,Asphyxiated sorrow

Optical illusions often overlay crisis,Untrustworthy delusions of comfort,Predict the sabotage,Signs misinterpreted for misery signals,Not delayed

Ruptured heart bleeding out a virtuous red dye called love,Internal time bomb illumination of my undone light thriving in the forecast rain.

Pieces fall together daily,Smouldering dangerously as I overload my temperate measures of morality to persuade 'the civilized' to equality.

My life,An inappropriate aviary for awakening,Flight of the soul from apathy,Seven seas I walked upon to inspire compassion over disregard.

Tar sands swam by a single man,Sources say he survived,Right to die not suicide in a corporate casualty tolerance age,No waiting on the rain

White collapsed in my eyes,As I watched a death march parade,Indoctrinated don't ask we'll tell regime,Submit your identity or be a casualty

Body trapped outside my soul,Morality of virtuous compassion ain't coming back,Beyond near death,Experienced disregard pacifist subordinates

Another manic depressive lonely Sunday in poetic mayhem,Whatever Lord governs,Suppress my self declaration of death,Providence of life mine!

Cultivate an all earth call demise for profit,Nurture corporate plot line,Economic oil intoxicated dark side,Black grass oil ruined world...

Disorganized emotional falling leaf,Fading memory of someone stepped on,Over was suggested with good intentions,But bullying ruled that out.

If we will never die,Why fear the darkness of dementia,Christians what secrets in your slumber of comfortable disregard do you have to hide?

Oft religious factions reside in the duality of half the trinity,Comfort of mind is appeased,No call to act,Spirit via worship is emo-sated.

Scar tissue from the front line,Forever ash smoulders beside the oil regimes,Watch your cigarette ends,Flame a single incident for equality.

Second generation oil sibling,Nuclear trance intoxication pleading for a death toll tomorrow,Shall the earth return to naught but cold dust?

Discoloured grey fading leaf,Closing my eyes as I dance the fall,Such a poetic life as mine a worthwhile reflection as I return to nothing?

Sea sinking fleet memory,Forces guided  a lone sailor to shore,Wrought with sorrow he wrote until his imagination turned to gardens of grey!

In our minds we are forever & ever...And...Close your eyes & stress the worry of tomorrow,Arise to exist today,Forget the illusions of...

Friday, August 24, 2012


Telling poetic tales to r(evol)utionize destiny,(H)opening doors via invisible inspiration as I puppeteer metaphors to occupy the moment!

Just a street walkin' riddle spatting villain,Chosen poetry over prose,Momentarily guised in shadow,How important is a poetic love dialogue?

What if... I spared myself the tragic soul sadness of imagination imbued images of other's tragedy I instil within my poems?What if silence?

Poetic debut stage right cat walk single walk,Illuminated run way in my mental prison,Anorexic system framed me,Mirror glass jail cell cage.

Watching myself die,Time warp system fracture,I've seen too much,All I pray for is no Anorexia & the end of corporate greed inequality wars!

I was born into a poetic existence,Extinct before trial an imaginary conclusion,Fate trapped redemption in human condition disdained moments

Abstract nuisance intoxicated with tragedy,Anorexic-x recovery status broken by the mirror image beauty I'm half accepted,By a limited self.

Please poetry I beg let me play hooky from my own head,Too long catered the anorexic mentally ill voice,Don't want to vomit or digest death!

Journey through my villainous toxic mental illness to inspire others via poetry,Painting hopeful suggestions on the other side,No accident?

Tell me I'm not qualified,To poetically describe hate or violent crimes,Intoxify the venom of truth into comfortable disregard,Our tolerance

Stay another night,As if tomorrow were forever,Or if dawn never came again,Watch the world repeat history or return to dust,Beside me,Dear.

Mortal empires fleeting dreams of immortal crumble as the board members die,Evolve no further in the dance of human progress,Greed ruins all

Will people wonder where I've gone someday,To a galaxy far far hopefully some heaven can't return via Trek teleporter home,I'm already lost.

Taste the pain of my melting flesh,As a flower upon a burning bush,Watching the flames devour me in a slow waltz,Don't ask...Well I'll tell!

Emotional prison beside my soul well,Stuck in a don't ask karma distress so I can't tell,Perplexed in my human condition ticking time bomb!

Cancer prejudice cells against every avenue of my structure,Systems offline early,Happy with the cause I poetized for,Fighting for awareness

Right of life choice designated twenty five years of prison time,No judge but an indoctrination by social elements bidding me conform or ...

Requested myself out of my own mind,Comfort over equality mental illness post anorexic state revealed apathetic lethargy signs of hate in me

No familiar faces on the passers-by as I fled life's scene,Left behind a million word message of hope for the world to come,Not afraid of...

Embraced inside my own mind,Imagine a hug as I roll my eyes blind,Deep is my human race faith,Inspire all hope as I walk into the death trap

Inferiority complex riddles the mind self worth blind,An unforetold act of desperation at the edge alone,Brink of death or fate revealed,Go!

Wanted to be one with ghosts,Mental illness arrow to the knee,Really?Aim next for my heart,Don't want to live in this anorexic frame forever

Won't pretended to be accepted,No pretence for primary modes of face value comfort,I'm a villain & deserve to self medicate in shadow alone!

Mirror dismorphia surveillance sickness,Operation over exaggerate fat,Ana's riddles plague without answer until my eating disorder grave.

Primary system load,Login to reformat blue pill intoxicated lethargy of comfort infused debt adoring social f(r)iends for universal equality

Monday, August 20, 2012

Taste of the Invisible to Come

Pass me invisibly by,Dialogue with forgotten stars,As the sun escapes no eclipse,Worthy cause no one seems to care about... Is my only dream

Taste of the invisible to come,Chrono cross overclock the remix of my mental illness,Burned down all my bridges & melted familiar faces...

Drink the fame flask,Mash the slam button it back,No journey or tale to tell,Only a harbour of self-gratification,Weak flipside viral attack

Confession of a dangerous mind,Uneasy build up of moral stance aptitude,Desensitized 1st world society motto for ignoring compassion's flame

Tally my riddle mobile corpse amongst the living dead,Walking with purpose until phoenix(ed) out,Scorch my life a concrete stain,Equality...

I see the children,Crawling hand & bone after an explosion,Imagination too strong to overcome,Bow my eyes & agree to water stain upon my lap

Embrace walls as my spine like eyes weeping lost control,Drug me to succubus seduce my imagination mass inequality instinct aware syndrome!

Took out a loan for all I wanted,Treated for a mental incapability state,My dreamscape was Equality Universal,Human, Animal & Mother Earth!

I knew in my awakening reflection,There'd never be a chance for me,I thought you knew best,Will this tragic greedy apathy last forever?

Uncertainty chills my imagination,Bone & anorexic riddle,The diet caffeine pills hurt the heart 2nd most,1st are the ghosts of children lost

Not scared of the invisible places where I belong,Shadow trance the neglected human condition of Juton,Not as deep a scar skin cut as knife!

Don't want it to rain inside me anymore,Tears flowing over damns of denial,Brigade of warfare syndrome truth serum floods my unwilling veins

Every day & night,I survive alone amidst shattered dreams of how I might...Be ever after invisible,An entity broken & empty,Unmatterable...

I have the words & the wisdom!Even if I too am insane, though that is a stereo type of my brain bought with much sorrow...Trauma of bullies!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Sit back & watch myself burn,Broke the silence but didn't survive the self searching unretractable violence of trauma,History repeats in me!

Deterrence of Knight by Pawn cover to block Bishop backed Rook,Roaming Queen leaves piece scars,Sow bleed out to a genocide white strategy.

WTHello self, I can even write poetry about chess... Super nerd right here? What's next comic books & super Nes!? Mario Kart FTW: Answer...!

Dear Mother & Father,When once was said I'm done,Remember me as the invisible poet,Tragedy won the rights to claim,Heart bleeds compassion!

Self imposed legion of ana-toxic-angels inside,Mental illness heavenly dislocated host,Comparison of body distorts the soul,One winged Devil

Digital manifestation of the anti-cause for distorted mentalities of trolling,Cyber grotesque verbal character rape,Silence no restoration.

Compromised don't ask don't 'you dare' tell stagnant rules of a death state prison,Equality abides by right for marriage,Now take his hand!

Grave lit by fireflies,Awkward half alive burial position,Fire via explosion molested,Distorting my face to be lidless of eye,Roll the stone

Absorb the breath of my living nightmare,Lucid dreams don't compare,Bite my lip & cut my veins to distort the mental dismemberment pains!

Half of hope instilled when in proximity to the landmine orbs,Beauty held behind your eyes,Depth of valiant character uncompromising despair

Lucid dream world break up call,My own apathetic poetic hopeless project(ile) lifeline awakens,Loneliness won't keep me from equality's call

Knife hits skin's edge,Tears roll down as I fade from the world I know,A collective agreement to say,Lost amidst an eternal alone trajectory

Facial make-up artist remix,Mirror's momentary hope before ana's dismorphia sets in,Lost in illegitimate mirror images of fat,Scale thin...!

Inescapable one eyed null,Troll on the edge of my knees,Seated upright intoxicated by un-lonely lucid dreams,Wake to ana's nightmare state.

Invisibly alone & I know why,Continued existence as a poetic life offering,Equality for the suffering via acts of pen upon page bleeding.

No one to say slow down,No one to say speed up,No one to hold my hand,Only time that comes undone,Telling me to spill my ink blood until...!

Self destructive anti-hero,One sword gauge away from a Sephiroth world apocalypse wish state,Pen is mighty & shall ever be my lonely blade!

Mirror glimpse to remember self,Ana's dismorphia torture,Sleek to slim & ugly to a fault,Akin only to a xenomorph,Granted a tale to tell...

Someone tell the mirror I'm not tragic,Truth is the overlay of anorexia is I'm overly thin,Decrepit & grotesque,Yet I arise,Equality over me

Comb the knots out of my dying hair,Shaven gaunt face,Just another anorexic mirror morph bullied tragedy,Fighting without strength for hope!

Ana set me hopelessly adrift upon a sea if mirror glass,An endless mental illness apocalypse,Slow calorie count bleed out impassable moat!

Insanity calls when the B12 needle hits skin,Riddles perplex my brain equality poetry inspiration or the razor to my neck,Arise & be...?

Awoke in a mental library of guilt pages,Journals of all the days I didn't write for hope's smile infused inspiration,A bullied ana slave.

Undead amongst the living,Mentally incapacitated & helplessly alone,Vacant lidless eyes take the world in,Inequality too rife to remain.

Lobzin became the 44th Tibetan to self-immolate since 2009, according to the CTA.China:No comment for the situation,Is it dire or satire...?

Monastery of self mutilated by a mirror morph mental adaptation of ana's illegitimate  experience,Paralysed by traumatic uncivilized memory.

Single cell parasite on a falling leaf,Soon to discolour & fade forever,Poetic excuse to exist,Flamed out dream over extinguished,Goodbye...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intoxicated Sleep

Waking myself up from blue pill living slumber,Again & again until I kneel down to fall over,Intoxicated with the pride debt sleep of greed.

Worthless pen my sceptre,Dialogue the context of insane,Hang heart upon every written word,Sleeveless tremor appendage stammers my letters!

From this life,I won't make it out alive,Shiver the pins & needles realization,Every time elapsed moment is a bleed out,Prison of doubting.

Step attempted over my own ashes scattered amidst fallen leaves,Quick sand set on fire swallowed me,Nothing can renew my pyre flame fate.

All apologies for residing too long in the dark,Advocate for 'all' equality still recovering & invisible,Suffering from multiple metaphors!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Cast

Stammer to dramatically read,Poetic verse inscribed on my insides,Written on the parts the forever lasting parts within,Impossible energy!

Memory glands blind to self existence,Chronicle of self awakening to moral awareness,Compassion is comfort cursed with apathetic neglect.

Ground work done in a stair,Bleeding amputee eyes stream tears as blood flows on concrete covering left over land mine bare feet,Compassion!

Revisit awareness,Social conformity to peer pressure normality bought into far too long,Rise to virtue & persevere with courage for equality

Rewind today to play back & reverse my selfish interactions,Don't wait up for me darling,I'll never show,Back to the future I must always go

A fan of my own life,I pretend,Not even the mirror notices me,Nor does my shadow dare reflect me honestly not even touching my bullied body.

Already realised I've lost my mind,Why not lose a lonely eyes grand exposure of time,Significant other broken ticked for my ill experience.

Redefine my fragile self system requirements to remain alive,Neglected bliss elements construct an internal depressive dream scape realm.

Body for crows,Mirror reflection sin,Shadow's take echo of life,Human unordinary condition,Staring at my anorexic image sighing in despair

Painted human shell,Exterior-skeletal anorexic angel of guilt,Omen of my desire,Porcelain dove bleeding hymns,Describing my dead appetite!

Ethereal dampened magical smile,Polariod stop motion heart pounding aloud,Fenced in by silent petri cell compliance,Forsake my wrists again.

Captive of an automated social civilized compliance dream,Debt our resigned economic manifesto,Rein in my self imbued mental prison life...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Heaven's Not Enough V 2.1

If all my memories are gone
If all I know is bliss amidst clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Stand alone
Fading slower
Each passing day
Until only shadow

Heaven's unlovely
If I find myself memory penny less
If all I know is lost forever in clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Heaven's Not Enough V2.0

Heaven's not enough
If all my memories are gone
If all I know is bliss amidst clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Stand alone
Fading slower
Each passing day
Until only shadow

Heaven's unlovely
If I find myself memory penny less
If all I know is lost forever in clouds
Breath of fate my lungs His name
Heaven's not enough if...
I sigh at life's regrets

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quest Bore Yawning

Tonight's skeletal devil dinner plan,My anorexic soul dines on hope's suicide tears,Not real suicide but all our dreams sold as merchandise!

As loneliness sets in another night again,My bones to skeletal thin soul aches as ten full grown men,Statement of self decay overwhelms me,

Living with a plagued self esteem,A courage regeneration dream inspires my daily alone chaos refresh rate of life,Hope forsook me as a dead!

Are all dreams blurred or buried by the allure of indoctrinated comfort intoxicating self gratitude for the weak willed,Television or death!

Invisible lidless wordsmith mouth of mine configures poetic infused prayer'n prose to inspire & yet I walk under shadow upon lonely shores!

A generation unconcerned with saving the earth,Disenchanted with magazine false news gossip,Dreaming of getting high or the next score.

Millions & I cannot afford a car,Auto dealer projected profits falter,Bail corporations out,Watch civilians sink into the propaganda of debt

Culture has conditioned consumerism to appear normal,Unquestioned & unchecked a series of gadgets & toys murdering our dreams with comfort!

Consumerism an illegitimate default cultural pattern,Appeal to youth digitally,Children of wealth celebrate all value of buy-toy products!

Abject toxic blue pill  delusion of subjective consciousness,Propaganda tells us how to feel,How to eat,How to spend,How to think,How to...?

War of organized greed pit against disorganized intellect,Stupidity is applauded,Contribute your hours & accept the structure of low wage(s)

Oligarchy of corporate Plutocrats building a propaganda happy ending,Tea bag my face oh party of wealth,Reinforce your theft aim interests!

Incubate my conscious until the misery signals of a death bed contrive a hostile mental take over,Hostage to my compassion,Regret my choices

Pursuit of personal liberty theft via terrorist accusements,Investigate my special issue of warrant,10th grade arrest of a bomb threat prank

Lone wolf investigates my serial connection to terrorism,Abuse of theoretical power via propaganda of inflamed bloated blind self images.

Decline of consciousness,Adapt all awareness to consumerism cum-in-mouth-comforts,Swallowed as the system of governance demanded you do so!

Reclaim the organic consciousness,Rebirth out of autonomy's dire self slave unawareness state,Oppression to the anonymous C.E.O chains.

No more littering degraded guilt nowhere half stutter steps of compassion on a trip down memory you didn't raise a finger for your fellow(s)

Dump me lonely into my curse,Invisible angelic arms holding my half anorexic skeletal still,Mobile corpse,Echoes of pretend caring follow me

Self designed demons,Scavenge my ravaged self starved to death remains,Serenity must find my anorexic soul on the other side of earth's hell

Break the self silence,Find the soul's consciences for compassion alive,Champion the voyage of your eternal crown or bleed rust in eternity!

Preying under an eclipse,Sound of warfare on a hidden sabotage field,Mines illuminate the night sky as bodies beseech the moon as amputees!

Double myself,Over & over until the copy receives the implant,No longer alone my shadow marks me,A target for mischief & possible corruption

Destiny is deceptive,Choices defined by concepts of time & signals colliding with hope as misery,We allude peace of soul by attaining trends

Exit wound(E.D) life attempt self medicated shot taken at me,Digital event reconstruction stole truth & left a new found vein vacancy in me!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smooth Ending

Put a smooth edge end to a selfish self,Only regret is the slow wound finishing move,Combo breaker of life's debt indoctrinated folds...

Seek the illusion of strong flesh,Teenage immortal profit landscape of greed,Manifesto of wealth over the world's over anything else,Sadly.

One foot toe kept inside,Rest of me is lost in reverent darkness,Solitude of my so called human condition life,Can't roam society any more.

Paralysed by chains,Bleeding myself accidently dry,See the fear intoxicate your eyes,Romance isn't dead like chivalry,At least not in me...!

Persuasive charm revealed from behind blue eyes with a sparkly & hints of a smile,A wink lets you know,You're so in...Heart worship is love!

On my death bed of tomorrow I'll sing you a sweet withered serenade,Dying soul hymn,Breathing the words makes me feel a knight,Much younger!

God share the air you breath,Heaven's whispers over my death bed,Hostile room Maker to me pleasantries,I suppose it's over,I can't go back.

Chasing my dreams with a spear,Unto the sun I launch my harpoon,No seals, orchids or dolphin die by my lance,I seek the sunshine&inner peace

Praying as I foam at the mouth,Broken back under a harvest moon do I leave this place,Luca trigger my chrono micro time dial death calamity!

Self appointed ambassador of a truth disease,Intoxicating serum uploads clarity,Subconscious stir amidst the comfortable indoctrinated decay

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day To.O

Deluded perfect scale number mirror image picture,

Confirmed incompatible,An adulterer of the evolution of f(r)iendship,Clique outcast,Free & beautiful,Fighting for a decent world,To end hate

I'm a mirror morphed machine developed image,Comfort is abundant in the aftermath of technological cleverness,Yet I'm left despairing alone!

I machine think too much but the corporate violence of greed has not yet overcome nor imprisoned my compassion,Bitterness of self want pass!

Wall Street greed has barricaded our compassion,Shut us in against our fellow humanity,Violence propagates our media instead of gentleness!

I've created code & machine mechanisms that now walk the earth,Cattle conforming to military might,Brutes like our children overseas...?!?

Drink this final flast & acknowledge I'm not coming back,No battle to life resurrection for

I've created code&machine mechanisms that walk the earth,Yet without love I'm a sad face mime on street to state display in toxic loneliness

Tragic hollow zombie Chris risen with the third morning sun still rimed with the dawn's dew residue impeachment of frost,Soul or evolution?!

Seek the high flying sky wire single bullet trajectory of the heart,Altruism plague of soul overcome,Lest I remain silent in loyal denial...

The musical sounds of tragic shapes remain undignified bound to silence as the humbled go on greed treason of selfish traditions tortured...

If not muted,What horror's the Earth Mother would speak,Imbue our soul's dead inner eye with her tragic death scene, Consequence of greed...

Hands behind your eyes to silence compassion,Equality one unto anyone is to unfriend social status,Damnation ruins appearance in compassion?

38 on the street corner preaching apocalypse,Kid discovered the weaponry in between an ally,Handed it over to me whilst crying,No one died!?

Judge myself via rank, Resilience adapts my soul to incoming damage,Corpse after all stabbed into a spell arena death,Laws inhibit user fame