Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thrilling Entrapment II

Aquarium of infamously dust mighty intention mongrels,

     Hovering misogynistic willingly believed psalms blind, Un-manipulated be the ever present internal witness bearing our discoloured visionless traffic inner white transient algorithmic eye, Never orphaned by the infinite forces are the followers of stigmatic weaponized lord of all liar's picturesque theme, Gorgeously silent vagabond faith bystander of eternity's potential judgement is a thrill when you wear the rich narrative!

     Sworn to follow until panic's curse is out of breath, In devlish league with a now famous entitlement is a dying man's obsolete psalm's jungle anecdotal labyrinth, A dreamt up souvenir of pride held forever in our fringe couch entertainment is interaction realm entitled heaven where our fortune pretends to live, Surviving on lust over which the vagrant opinion chorus essence of following anyone who'll silent-de-materializes the importance of love's every energy impression, A bleak keep benign hope sake unimpressionable future the contested amaurotic homeless mendicant eternally nomadic menagerie, An ensemble begging against surviving amongst the diverse horde, Desperate reverie lost apostles!

    Uncontestedly impressionable transit goal only momentary ashes of belief's divisive and half bent dishonest ascent knee cemented heritage, Undivided hymn united invisible oncoming prospective orcs whose accent is vibrant lethargic nurture based in G-d's sanity ragamuffin-humanity, Wrought in panic's universality, An eternal hallelujah chanted syndrome, Manufactured within the uncontested flood of greed's lingering self over anyone else is an molestable imp importance noel ballad centered unwittingly sung eulogy, A requiem becoming nature!

In lieu of our participation in,
Silencing our own endlessness!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thrilling Entrapment I

Dust omen orphans,

    Willfully misogynistic blind yet un-manipulated followers of stigmatic themes, Over which the vagrant opinion chorus nature of follow anyone who'll lead de-materializes the importance of love's every energy impression, There is no miscarriage for the narrative of greed in which hope shall find a single obtuse moment's forlorn countable digit reprieve.

In lieu of our participation in,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Drifter's Winter Revelation II

Weaponized silent truth's vagrant nature porcilain masculine (k)night,

     A junglized bent imp knee narrative, Arranged chorus begged for the wry gridlocked anecdote theme of manipulated fringe youth future orphans, Transient motifs of monitized derivitives, Shit status distorted malested dream's , Hiding the ashes of a flame whose energy is worn as self emphasis, On a sleeve whose hearts lost the archaic filth of absolute's importance, Love's just a matrix of wicked translucent heritage's nature to be un-nurtured-lost-nature-sanity horded pride influence to forget in overbearing traffic, Emotions use positivity alone to cause panic, Honesty's lonely cremated oceanic death ballad says nothing could be further from the dust we're formed in! 

     Truth's a f*ck we're not giving to anyone or thing other than the importantce of present gifts we're unwrapping benign boxes of guttersnipe futures, Safe from the confrontation within our incubus delusional war front of our misguided selfish mirror only influenced self emphasis impression, Souvenirs of our long dignity lost portions, Xmas perverted miracle bowed savage hearts wishing only for a larger portion, God oh 'Lord' we weaponize Your grace only for prayer's better us than them fortunes, Please... 

     Cement our impressionable eternal misharnessed savage all hive intellect products of humanity's energies honed in synonym alignment unto masculinity's higher terror owl archy view of relevance,  Thrilled at the misfortunes of mis-unplanned-alignment families whose chronological landscapes screams eternal aimlessness, Just another heritage of augmented shapes wrough of water's immenent wages are unflexible yet contracted for abused employability; A circular narrative of grime wrought by dollars, oil, G-d and The Amerikkka's intentsions to impose humanity's immenent curfew.

In lieu of...
Our buying,
Into this nature,
A breeded hatred. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Drifter's Winter Revelation

(Un)Weaponized truth,

     Awakened humanity paternal vagrant ashes of the energy worn on love's archaic dust mighty lost importance, A sleeve tattooed with two desperate british fringe imp digits held infinitely high as an eternal fuck of transient harbinger message to life's famous porcelain horded unimpressable gravity of influence from which there is no reprieve, From the evils of inherited spite infused lineage status born naratives; Held as absolutes!

In lieu of,
An Xmas f*cking miracle.