Thursday, February 23, 2017

Take me as a mole,

      Describing the secrets of self... To everyone who'll give ear to the loneliness that's haunting the ghost only frontal cone reflected in the mirror: Never sideways, A ghost anorexically drowning, In a vision never to be manifest of self... Acceptance hiding on the other side of humanity's unknowns: Obstacles to which my hope drowns.

In lieu of our...

Ambitiously neglected altruism 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sleep talks,

     In the inaudible reflected silence of the midnight obsidian soul, Prolonged is this proverb from what my mother bed she hated me story illegitimate child - not still born prayed - time unrescued by hope told... No one ever said a moment of my existence was lovely: Only that I should be in pain; That I should bastard insecurities eternal hurt...

In lieu of lost sentiments,
Lay me down...!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Drowning vampires,

      Losing out on sourcing their own faithless anorexia fjords of vanishing blood, Ever consuming the flesh off their own own wished they were born dead hollow of hope's unrepairable  marrow tricked into existing within bones,  Compensated by the mirror's non-reflect as they wish for an eternal closure of constantly villainous seeking eyes.

In lieu of what listens,
To all our secrets in shadow

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Elusive noise,

     Message in a bottle carrying a single forget me please eternally name, Nought meant to be spoken: But just in case... Bottle up the hatred and let the ocean conquer as it washes the sand infused glass carrying the jink of abandonment away.

In lieu of,
Looking back,
To forget!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Undeniably invisible content,

      Rarely holocaust unto millions of calloused prayer folded bent will hands extended, Vampires masquerading as butterflies play a better chance at survival's existence part; Than those who exist as misshapen karma ode never kaleidoscope of any languages spoken from Eternity's unshining joy mistakes born already most maliciously not worth saving... dead!

In lieu of the loss...
Of what He never fought for.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Doubt... I

Holocaust wishes drown, 

     Karma Stalin reincarnated euphoria epidemic of fear requiem dream mongering, President of the daily everything inevitable in our lives, We're going... To submit & continue to demon's of equality seek... Ever drowning.

In lieu of our submissivocity,
In silence

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Epitome of decline,

      Self radical alignment with all that's shattered from hope's lost but possibly never found prophetic neglect, Grace's motivations were ultra goddess'impressive fashionably tangled with our marionette wishes for nought but greed, A conquest we've eternal uncontrollably been enamoured with it's every hatred day forecast of avarice on display in the mirror we willingly believe taste of... Gold.

In lieu of our appeasement, 
To all we continue to get over...!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Justified Scrambling II

Last piano extended call visit,

     Starvation hope recycled endless hymns cast hypnotic strangely dim lit kaleidoscope down never reassured humanity's heart bound secret that equality was bound to thrive in our life, Time outside spent consuming all we could justify... Nothing despicable clarity else even began to matter.

In lieu of our wishing,
Coins at a well toss...

Monday, February 13, 2017

Justified Scrambling I

Extended visit,

     Losing out on the faith provided by the anorexic overlord consuming the flesh off my bones before the mirror's malnourished kaleidoscope future grave, Compensating the scale dominated with a loathing like no spiteful other, Whispering issues like a pastor from a hope derelict pulpit straight into the starvation noose.

In lieu of,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Doubt... II

Holocaust wishful chorus drowned, 

     Amidst the after-ever-fateful-lasting karma's inevitable wicked sick institution of vengeance, Stalin reincarnated: Hitler conspiracy alive theory revitalised: Trump inaugurated amidst infinitely preached untruths, A euphoria of neglected evidence lead epidemic to a fearful requiem dream sleep mongering over our every shoulder... Until we in silence willingly submit to die, President of the daily everything inevitable now harbinger controls our half-kindred-hope-hearted lives, We're going into unbridled complacency, This is the arbiter of every regime... Our sleepography 1st global demographics to all that empowers the obscene. 

In lieu of our...
Nerves to endure! 


She knew it first,

     That our black and nineteen fifty's white relationship had relinquished the love had requiem dream switched an uncharted distance of malignant time ago, Our unmendable rudder drove fast through too many harsh incomprehensible waters alone, Whilst the other self travelled to wrestle all of the debt to sorcery oceanic mirage pay the demons momentarily away; at least keeping them another faceless memory day unrecognizable to either in hind undesigned by love's ability to appease sight's appreciation of another beyond the unfathomable bay - of solitude - Wherein drown the hope of both distinctly unique and once yet no spitefully longer unfamiliar sailing kindred who by woven hollow vow and ring of stone became unwilling unless by day to walk less than half an attempt of every pumping inch of their amputated heart's courage to crawling through the mire away...

In lieu of the distance,
Between two who were once...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Angry Familiar Skies IV

Defused tolerance within project,

     Striving to empathy withhold, Stared too desirable long at inhumanity's spite, A template handed hatred down until equality's destructive vengeance purpose was beyond redemption, Thriving in our willing neglect, Avarice had nearly won without a shred of voluntary shame held towards our doubt, Thriving on a trick act we're said to have won, Greed has globally haunted our inattentive desire to manifest... Empathy, Towards our fellow; Anyone!

In lieu of our blindness,
Doubt has not forever,
Knocked us down... 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Angry Familiar Skies III

Defuse intolerance,

     Look around at your fellow willingly sleeping witnesses,  Scrapped have they the starved equality living parade mandate they have, Thriving under greed's regime of hope's doomed forever ode neglect, A song woven into their every devil's unmentionable blood advocate circulating within the letter written from the Origin to the soul from the breath of conception's end...!

In lieu of pretending,
We're better than...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Angry Familiar Skies II

Defused tolerant view,

     Looking spitefully around at the hand me template down nearly vengeance never redeemed forgotten memories desiring all humanity to break under the impressions of the kill endless joy ache that exists within us all... Day forever dreaming of equality.

In lieu of our wicked,
Greed sickness...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Angry Familiar Skies I

Denounce inequality's intolerance,

     Look shamefully around at your fellow darkened hope witness, Perusing the same arrogant scraped starving off the pavement's left remnant over living as their children starve within torn families whose single last digit parent consumes nothing for her daily meal but rage; At the unpredicted endless daily hurdles unto death she is to face! In the quiet she heaves, Throbbing temples into empty hands, Devoid of apparent humanity, Dissolved of any esteem and frantic to retrieve a moment's lost seemingly for unaided ever unto her fellow man, They're an abusive enemy: Blindly thieving of her dignity, Despicably watching in willingly blessed ignorance's curse.

     As yet... Another family crumbles into disarray.

In lieu of pretending,
All is 'ok.'

Sunday, February 5, 2017


     Giving licence to their mongering words, Lost of love & compromised by hate's every spread of cost, Belligerently adored are the demons that inspire separatist divisions, Hopeful minority death unreported toll future driven holocaust of hope decisions... Are those made by the trampling of inequality's worshipped death forget the toll feet, No number matters: Just a desired outcome. 

     White: Masculine: Contagious religion spread to everyone: Inspiring false tolerance: A regime of illegitimacy, Overcoming all too easily, A future that could... Momentarily less; Be!

In lieu of our,
Silent digression,
Into oneness  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Once Told: Twice Hidden II

Told my vampire soul,

       Pretend I never needed wings, Sell each feather for parts, Silent becoming is the immortal hiding within this ancient linear essence entitled existence as it's ruin endures devilishly on carrion parade, Leech-fucking-off the enslavement of 3rd invisible world lives never labelled yet dying as children...

In lieu of our luminescent graves,
Lit by the sea we drove from ice

Friday, February 3, 2017

Losing Others... II

Gnashing of smiles,

      A rapidity of intricate facially absent of hope contorted sadness, An internally doomed monologue of shame inspired guilt from a flightless malady starting to keep its boneless shape, Who needs a butterfly beyond the cocoon when the world has Vampires like You!

In lieu of...
Seeing G-d,
For who He is.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Losing Others... I

Grieving niche smiles,

      Malady induced sadly intricate facial chalk display outlined indescribably overtaken by a grievance beyond the mind's losing hope for life eye, No kaleidoscope of the imaginary can disguise, F(r)iends seem to grope with endlessly amended encouragements, All for the silent dread of noughts' under invisible skin pulse, Yet we're parading ourselves towards an edge...

In lieu of missing another,
Grieving & shame aren't a mistake
Acknowledge & embrace! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lump of coal for a pulse,

      Cancer is a vampire's coherent ache, Seething through every white anarchy blood driverless cell empty yet pulsing an unsolvable enigma vein, An impending hospital unisolated chalk bed outline, Shared by those who're invisibly doomed.

In lieu of the next adventure,
Where the vast nothing,
Greets us 'hello.'