Monday, February 18, 2008

Hate Alive

I've had enough
This hate inside
Persuades the mind
Leave the old behind

Wheels of wonder
Turn the mind
Nothing left inside
Only hate
Bold and blind

We all classify
While just passing by
TV gave us a view
Streaming with opinions
Bout those we have never knew

The hatred in hope

Its hate that defies us
Hate that blinds us
Its hate that reminds us
That hope should refine us
Hope should remind us
That its hope that binds us
But we already gave up
On hope.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Dream

The Dream

What am I doing and why am I here
Times like this I wonder why I wake
Sleepless I wonder how I fell so far

You bet I dream
That I'm who I want to be
I am no longer a fool and fearless
Life is no more a dream to me
I breath the day in, and I am free

It hurts me to see
How little you know of dignity
Treating me so, pushing me away

The odd fellow

Monday, February 4, 2008

Freedom comes

Lets watch them build their new planet
Lets make fun from a distance
Stand back from the new invention
The source of their dark deduction
As if counting back to zero
They usher a new era

While we were making fun
They took the future back
Now we're ready for the downfall
Good times gone wrong!

Watch me build a brand new planet
Lets make it better than the past
Travel to my new dimension as I demonstrate
Will, the long forgotten muse
A source of all my grand deduction
I sell the past ideas, you've got it all wrong.

As we stood and laughed they took it back
Now watch our labeled lives crumble
We were so ready for the downfall
Now we will be in their new dimension
But not part of the great intentions
Only a source of ignorant decoration.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Against the Ordinary Story!

Weakness dictates your relations
How well unknown
The two factions in your actions
In choices show your true colours
Decide, and betray the thirst for power

Dare to be faithful
and propose a toast
To the ever growing difference
Let go the ordinary story
Don't wanna be someone at home
Sinking deeper down
Coping with the pain
Of losing myself
To bitterness
Bitterness of....
The ordinary story!

Weakness dictates your reactions
How well now known
The evil faction
Outshines morality
You dream in all the colours
Of todays ordinary story
Decide, betray the thirst,
Find inner peace
In your own power.

Time, something I cannot avoid
An excuse within I feel content
Stuck in the abyss of existence
Find your own excuse
And betray the ever growing distance
Between you and I.

All your wants
Outshining all needs
Greater than morality
Bound to your infinite story
Making me bitter

The signs
Of end of the story
Infinite in thought
But somewhere forgot
Closed with a verbal assault
Leaving me bitter

Spy, betray, exhume!
The ordinary story.
So bitter, so bitter
Winners left to explain
Their so ordinary story!
So bitter, so bitter
In an ordinary story.