Monday, February 6, 2017

Angry Familiar Skies I

Denounce inequality's intolerance,

     Look shamefully around at your fellow darkened hope witness, Perusing the same arrogant scraped starving off the pavement's left remnant over living as their children starve within torn families whose single last digit parent consumes nothing for her daily meal but rage; At the unpredicted endless daily hurdles unto death she is to face! In the quiet she heaves, Throbbing temples into empty hands, Devoid of apparent humanity, Dissolved of any esteem and frantic to retrieve a moment's lost seemingly for unaided ever unto her fellow man, They're an abusive enemy: Blindly thieving of her dignity, Despicably watching in willingly blessed ignorance's curse.

     As yet... Another family crumbles into disarray.

In lieu of pretending,
All is 'ok.'