Wednesday, April 5, 2017

If not for hatred...

     The pariah existence that is the neglected oceanic world of these words would long hopeless fate ago committed themselves to an unmendable timeless soon to chalk invisibly be a slit outlined nearly imaginary impression of naught but nail bitten wrists, Whose fate was designed by a G-d to whom only the most ignorantly ambitious towards altruism save the empowering greedy of all inhumanity's nurtured phrases set in every since childhood is a crime to speak your mind speeches... Yet the most revered saints are those who hated G-d, As I do!

    Wanting to see You, as much as proof of none-existence, How could this world have an hope for an equal future while we believe in miracles granted by You. Miracles of money, health and power whilst the powerless of heritage momentarily adapt to the savage earth as it sandcastles beneath their suffocating bare of ravaged flesh skinned feet accomplished is belief in a world where our best defence is a pulsing defiance to embrace ignorance. 

In lieu of our eternal slumber,
Waking to realise...