Thursday, October 19, 2017

Me... (un)Too... #unqualifiedtospeak II

Let's dishearteningly establish,

         A me too curfew for the inaudible howlings of our woeful truths, Withheld from testimony because insignificant defiant of equality men support the horrific notion that not even the most angelic choir can motivate a judge or jury to see that 'an invisible action unreported... isn't a crime,' Tragedies the virtuous flames of an unapologetic hell are held by shameless men in darkness as the unfamiliar faces of corpses that align an ending of fear riddled by a disclaimer of none-sense, Their ignorance and actions the true daily harbinger to our peace delinquency of a vast subordinate or else... Conscience,  Accountable unto not a single note of witch their craft whispered into action-ability unto anyone and is subsequent absolutely to blame, Wanton ingrates rife of honest abilities to recognize, That even in the most infinite flash forward or backwards fleeting illogical remote moments ruined in sleep's most unfathomable visions: They're the nightmare!

In lieu of our anticipation of,