Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carve a Circle

In my flesh carve a circle
Watch it bleed as it brings hell to life
I desire myself to die
Gouge out my soul
Not a tear shed do I cry

This is the future I'm living for
The fucked up day dream
Of a life never wanted
So I can take back the emotions
Of everyone's betrayal from me

This is my tomorrow
Stand back and watch it fall
Behind a microphone I'm already gone
This life I never wanted
The feelings of unsatisfied friends
Label me shit who watched me fall into oblivion
I confess my years are spent as a slave
To the lust of hatred for your fall

This is the future
The bitch of self in my mind
Thanks for the fucking sacrifice
Of a kind word or caring touch
This is the future I never wanted
But now I lust for the anger
Thanks for everything you've given me

Fuck your faulty beliefs
And broken trigger creating a delusional reality
For my tomorrow will soon be gone
No family member of fiend will I live for
I don't care about their convinced selfish so called love
Nothing not even comfort would they sacrifice
They want to go back to the womb
The ultimate comfort from whence they came
I assure you I'd rather die
Than live with out the anger you gave me
Sit back now after reading
And cry