Sunday, November 16, 2014

Buried Pleasantries

Most people say,

     It's hard to say goodbye... But I find hello unacceptably near loss of innocence buried cage of my hope for standing again; Unbearable to take! Like waking up each beautiful tangible lost dreams of fate lies behind my mirror untold are the stories of days I shall never roam this concrete misanthropic greed jungle... Despite the revered clouds black is my heart rain, as depression unsettles my hope to live again... 

        This is the wound beyond fallen atonement wingless no depravity longer seeking hate angels grows betwixt the labels of consciousness and soul, Who beyond the status parental hand me no inheritance down quota of permissible acceptance that I have no plausible desire to fill, My cage is selective prejudice in reverse; Everyone deserves the universally golden denied rule of fate: To know what it is to care...

      To be cherish cared savoured every lucid moment for...

In lieu of our participation of,
Saving snuffed out breaths
To survive the friendless
Lonely days