Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shane's Inspired Hopeful Troll I

I have dauntingly never,

    Heard anything so once upon a post dream honest, that rang so Pandora of my sleeve's wrist box knife to skin f(r)iendship removed true... Truth is a mirage hiding behind fear, how can poetry invite your every striving to breath exist behind darkness worst super migration down the invisible abyss highway of hope, Civilians are still hiding instead of showing...

     Why, Because intolerance's anonymity still reigns, Handed inheritance down from parental foster strange with you were anonymous monsters who're coaching our contextual premise of acceptance behind their invisible hate selfish bars, We want nothing to do with... But often we never excavate the emotion heart sickness x marked wound, The ghastly malignant spot that depraves us of faith inhumanity, Providing us with a plague of memory tangible ache thoughts we readily inadvertent into accidentally rediscover daily...

In lieu of our participation in,
Inspiration, that causes us to create
Thus do I write.