Sunday, April 21, 2013

If Childhood Magic Was True: Finished & Performed!

If Childhood magic were true,
Our fingers would be guns
Shooting invisible bullets...
That could never kill

If Childhood Magic were true
Our avoidance would be based on a system words
We'd have lip sinking ninjas skills... Like 'missed me'
Even though we'd totally been shot

If Childhood Magic were true
We could teleport chocolate onto dinner plates
Or change the flavour of mother's meals
And even greens would taste of sweets

If Chilhdood Magic were true
Our best friend growing up would've been Justin Bieber (bieber, Whatever)
Or his lightsabre wielding murderer, Darth Vader
Father of our imaginate master, Luke f'kn Skywalker

If Childhood Magic were true
We'd never see road kill and think of lost pets
Your favourite one , Cuddles, would simply spring back to life
In fact none of our furry friends would ever die, just like our grand parents...

If Childhood Magic were true
I'd have an abundance of wealth
To sponsor every starving child
Or I'd become a dynamic scientist
Develping  technology to solve sustainable energy
And end world poverty

But... In your case, maybe... Just maybe
If Childhood Magic were true
Your choice football team would never lose
You'd be able to play our favourite instrument, in tune
As for me I'd wish to take over the world
Or just the heart of a special someone

If Childhood Magic were true
All our prayers would get answered
Or maybe even just a few... one?
We'd all find that epic someone
Fall in love and never be lonely again

If Childhood Magic were true
I'd look more like someone else
A handsome lad made from stardust
Able to fulfill every woman's deepest wishes

If Childhood Magic were true
Sex between you and I...
Would always be top notch, unreal
We'd look forever young in the mirror
Every day we'd wake up hand in hand
As we stayed young together

Or maybe if Childhood Magic were true
We'd all dream ourselves into children again
To relive the best days of our youth
(Damn) If only Childhood Magic were true

Thank you...
I'll pod cast this soon and upload it for everyone!